plus special guest Geoff Chaucer Junior

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Every December, three of the finest folk performers go around the Country with their magical Christmas tree! The tree is full of songs and tunes from everywhere and the audience pick an envelope off the tree and effectively make a blind choice which then is added to the list of songs for the night! It is a fun and spontaneous night for everyone - especially Maggie, Chris and Pete -who quite literally don’t know what they are going to do next…but they did it brilliantly!!!

From rare carols sung a cappella, to Maggie's step dancing, to Pete's air dancing and juggling, and to Chris' marvellous take off of a typical pub singer they did the lot all mixed in with some lovely serious music and songs.
The audience loved this very entertaining start to Christmas.

Pete Morton"not only impressive but a revelation......totally original" The Guardian
Maggie Boyle" ..a voice the angels would kill for" Rock 'n' Reel
Chris Parkinson"probably the best accordionist in the world....and he's touring with us" Maggie and Pete www.chrisparkinsonmusic.co.uk
Geoff Chaucer Junior The Middly-English singer & dancer, Rock 'n' Roll bard



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