Newsletter No 548 29 October 2019

A fairly full house greeted Ed & Sue as they first welcomed KATH & STAN to kick off Sale Folk Club’s 11th Birthday Party with WATERBOUND swiftly followed by PAUL who was that JOHN THE REVELATOR as HEATHER hunted round for her CAMOUFLAGE NET. Together DON & HEATHER then washed their hands in MUDDY WATER whereas ANDY had the EMPTY POCKET BLUES and ARTHUR spent a QUIET NIGHT IN THE OLD TOWN before PETER took the LAST TRAIN AND RIDE out of town. As usual HILARY had us laughing at her series of ONE-LINERS before SIMON & JAMES got serious with PANCHO & LEFTY which left JAMES with the lesser known SENOR (Bob Dylan) and ANN with the story of mother love in SONNY. Next ED extolled the feats of the BANTAM COCK and KATH & STAN praised THE MAN IN THE MOON before PAUL lifted the lid on the PHANTOM FOLK SINGER and ARTHUR advised don’t go to THE FUNERAL until you know the person is dead. In contrast PETER confessed to DOIN’ MY TIME and HEATHER revealed the first to reach the South Pole was SPOT OF THE ANTARCTIC before together DON & HEATHER led the diddly diddly chorus in the GALWAY GIRL. Closing in on the Chips and Sarnies Buffet ANDY sang Jackson Brown’s THESE DAYS followed by SIMON with JAMES confessed SEE HOW I MISS YOU (Bruce Cockburn) before JAMES had us singing an old favourite EVERYDAY by The Everlys.
A bumper Birthday Interval Raffle saw Malc win the Bottle of Wine, Rosalyn win the Box of Chocolates, Kevin win the Xmas Pudding, Warren win the Box of Tea and Chris win the CD before ED started the second half with the LOGGER LOVER. Always in vogue ARTHUR was current with his GOVERNMENT SONG which PAUL reckoned would RAISE A RUMPUS TONIGHT leading DON & HEATHER to restore calm with their FLOWERS ON THE WATER. Any way up PETER decides to WALK ON BY (Leroy Van Dyke) while HILARY keeps us amused with more ONE LINERS before KATH & STAN gave us shock horror in THAT’S WHAT WE’LL DO WITH THE BABY. It’s getting late now so ANDY bids us FAREWELL, FAREWELL (Fairport Convention) and ED is off on the town with JACUZZI JOE the gigolo and JAMES is off to SHIMMY LIKE MY SISTER KATE. Finally the end is in sight just like SIMON & JAMES with AMELIA EARHART’S LAST FLIGHT and ARTHUR takes advantage of the lull to have us sing his great song, FENCES, before one last band up sees DON, HEATHER, ED & PAUL tell us ALL THE GOOD TIMES are passed and gone until next week. Magic!

Newsletter No 547 22 October 2019

Another quality night kicked off by PAUL McD with TOM TRAUBERT’S BLUES (Tom Waits) followed by CHRIS with THE FERRYMAN (Ralph McTell) and PETER with the observation NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOWN AND OUT. Next HEATHER commented that it is also tough when you have AMNESIA (Les Barker) and even tougher when you are PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE reckoned DON & HEATHER but life is tougher still at the end of it sang ED with HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (Dave Bolton). Upping the tempo ALLEN took us to BYKER HILL AND WALKER SHORE leaving PAUL R to give us a Gospel Medley starting with THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE and PAUL McD to apply some PERSUASION and CHRIS to turn to THE HANDS OF JOSEPH. Returning to the fray PETER sang WINNIE’S RAG (Ralph McTell} and DON & HEATHER WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY but for ALLEN IT ALL SEEMS A LONG TIME AGO. Back to the future ED introduced RAMONA (Bob Dylan) and PAUL R led us in another gospel medley with O WHEN THE SAINTS followed by PAUL McD who reckoned it was no BED OF ROSES. The build up to the interval saw CHRIS sing his FIRST SONG (Ralph McTell), PETER sing ROUT OF THE BLUES of the broad sheet and DON & HEATHER head down south with WAGON WHEEL.

In the break we had a Huge Raffle with Super Prizes of 2 tickets to the PITMEN POETS Concerts at the Brindley and the Sale Waterside won by Helen & Andy and Ed & Sue followed by Allen taking the Bottle of Wine and Peter winning Allen’s CD. Then we had a band up of THE ELDERLY BROTHERS (Peter/Paul Mc) for DREAM and kicked off the second half proper when ROY & KIM sang IT’S A WORKING MAN, I AM (Rita MacNeil) followed by CHRIS who was THE BOXER and ED who complained EVERYBODY IS MAKING IT BIG BUT ME. This left ALLEN on THE ROAD TO PASSCHENDAELE (his own). With quick turn round ROY & KIM went back to THE ROVING COUNTRY LIFE while PAUL R went for a WADE IN THE WATER and PAUL McD asked LORD, WON’T YOU BUY ME A MERCEDES BENZ. After all the excitement DON & HEATHER had us sing about Dublin in THE RARE OULD TIMES as PETER speculated about dancing to the MAGINOT WALTZ and ED had the HYPOCHONDRIAC BLUES leaving ALLEN to scoff at THE POUND A WEEK RISE. Closing with a big finish ROY & KIM treated us to THE BLUE ROSE while CHRIS sang YOU WON’T MAKE OLD BONES before DON & HEATHER sang their DANCES FOR DOLLARS which left PAUL to close the night and STEP IT UP AND GO. Terrific!

Newsletter No 546 15 October 2019

After a slow start came the rush and appropriately MICK started with it was MEANT TO BE and as PAUL McD sang it certainly wasn’t QUITTIN’ TIME more like KATH & STAN’s song HEAVEN’S A BAR but still PAUL RILEY was left asking WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL to which we replied, “It’s done broke down!” HEATHER then told us the Polar Bear’s perspective in Les Barker’s TITANIC asking HAS ANYBODY ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG before joining DON in Amsterdam at the RED ROSE CAFE. Old friend MICHAEL then went back to his SCHOOLDAYS whereas for CHRIS it was all FIRE AND RAIN before CARL knocked us out with his MAGICAL SKY. Still recovering well JAMES went to The Beatles for I WILL then joined SIMON for a TOWER OF SONG before HILARY had us laughing at her ONE-LINERS. No wonder MICK returned IN A HURRY - BEFORE THEY CLOSE THE MINSTREL SHOW as sung by KATH & STAN. Next PAUL RILEY invited TICKLE ME while MICHAEL sang the life story of NANCY MILES and PAUL McD had the SATANIC BLUES. Next CARL thought it was FURTHER but we were coming up to the interval as DON & HEATHER headed down south with WAGON WHEEL and SIMON & JAMES gave us Richard Thompson’s version of a SALFORD SUNDAY.
A bumper Raffle for the big turn-out saw Mick win the Bottle of Red Wine, Hennie from Holland win the Silver Clock donated by Vic who was rewarded by winning the Box of Tea before Kath won the Hand Wash. Starting the second half CHRIS gave us memories of student work experience with THE FACTORY GIRL followed by HILARY with more ONE-LINERS. For MICK it was a matter of LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT which made JAMES comment YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND and PAUL McD to add LET IT BE ME. Often the result of such liaisons KATH & STAN asked WHAT’LL WE DO WITH THE BABY and MICHAEL asked TWO SWEETHEARTS and ARE WE TO PART LIKE THIS, BILL? In the end we all have to part sang DON & HEATHER with their FLOWERS ON THE WATER followed aptly by PAUL RILEY with TAKE ’EM AWAY and CARL with his BLUE GUITAR. On a happier note SIMON & JAMES were sampling TUPELO HONEY but for some reason JAMES was SO SAD which could also have applied to KATH & STAN who were WATERBOUND. This left PAUL McD to reminisce about the SUMMER OF ’69 before DON & HEATHER had us singing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD on the way home. A top night!

Newsletter No 545 8 October 2019
A splendiferous evening this week celebrating Heather Kenyon’s birthday was kicked off by DON & HEATHER with GYPSY WOMAN before ARTHUR lit the after burner with a parody of PLEASANT AND DELIGHTFUL in which he claimed was the real version was ‘The Larks they hate Melodeons’ and ED and the bonfire was well and truly lit when parodied IF as applied it to Politicians. Now we were rolling PAUL boarded THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and HELEN sang THE LOW ANTHEM - TO OHIO before t’other HEATHER told us she had AN INFINITE NUMBER OF OCCASIONAL TABLES. Next PETER BRIDGE had those FOLSOM PRISON BLUES and JAN & MARK complained THEY TOOK THE TREES AWAY before HILARY had us laughing at a series of ONE-LINERS commenting on marriage. Back from a nice holiday ANN was pressed into service for THE FOLK SINGER and ALLEN was back to Scotland in the old days with ERIC GO BRAGH before ARTHUR returned with JUST ONE MORE SONG. Next a word of advice for Heather came from ED when he told her YOU’RE ONLY AS OLD AS THE MAN THAT YOU FEEL before PAUL told us he had the BOLLINGER BOATMAN BLUES and HELEN dismissed it as JUST A SIMPLE THING and PETER pleaded LET ME DOWN EASY. Next JAN sang about COLOURED GOATS in Welsh and MARK shot off to THE TOWN OF OSWALDTWISTLE while ALLEN sang NEARLY SONNET 18 one of his few love songs before DON & HEATHER led us in singing happy birthday to Heather Kenyon followed by one of her favourite songs WHEN SHE WEARS BLACK CLOTHES.
This nicely took us to the interval in which Heather treated us to a traditional Sale Folk Club Buffet of delicious Thick Chips and Sarnies. Here’s to many more, Heather. In the interval Raffle Heather got instant payback by winning the Bottle of Red Wine, Jan won the Box of Tea, Allen won the hand wash and Lin won the aftershave before ARTHUR blew our minds with two more parodies WHO’LL COME A-WALTZING THE BULLDOG WITH ME and I’M GOING TO DROWN MY CAT (All around my hat). Next ALLEN was critical of the POUND A WEEK RISE but PAUL was optimistically FOREVER YOUNG before PETER gave us a political comment from Johnny Cash in THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS THE ONE ON THE LEFT. On the other hand MARK was after DAI THE MOTOR BIKE MAN and JAN advised girls not to wed a DANDY MAN and HELEN was just a WAYFARING STRANGER. In his own way ED had to admit, I LIKE WOMEN A LITTLE ON THE TRASHY SIDE, before HILARY came up with a few more ONE-LINERS and ALLEN sang his own WILD EYED. Now it was time for the last round up with ARTHUR leading with his FENCES then PAUL who went HOPPING DOWN IN KENT while HELEN was easily pleased with IT SUITS ME WELL. With more Welsh culture JAN sang the delightful DY BACH TWT and together with MARK led us in WHEN JONES’ ALE WAS NEW before PETER was again blue with CORRINE WHAT MAKES YOU TREAT ME SO? This took us to a climax which DON & HEATHER capitalised on with a McCalmans’ special ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD which had us singing into the street at the end of an excellent evening. 

Newsletter No 544 1 October 2019 

A select group gathered this week hosted by DON & HEATHER who set the tone with bottles of SPANISH BURGUNDY before KATH & STAN went off singing a NIGHT VISITING SONG whereas HELEN had the TEXAS BLUES and for PAUL it was DARK AS A DUNGEON way down in the mine. On his return and in a positive frame of mind BRIAN told his woman you have ACES UP YOUR SLEEVE and JAMES was equally positive up a LAZY RIVER which for HEATHER, in National Poetry Week, was a case of DEJA VU. Next DON & HEATHER took us all down to the RED ROSE CAFE and KATH & STAN had us KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE before HELEN sang I WISH IT WOULD RAIN. NO wonder PAUL decided to change the mood down COUNTRY ROADS and BRIAN reckoned YOU’LL NEVER KNOW and JAMES showed his sensitive side with TILL THERE WAS YOU and consummation had already taken place in KATH & STAN’s DINK’S SONG so HELEN concluded ALL OF HIS SONGS WERE LOVE SONGS (Zoe Mulford). Then PAUL promised to be better on THE NEXT GO ROUND and BRIAN asked us to HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME before JAMES summed it all up with SWEET LORRAINE as we reached the interval.
In the half time raffle Chris & Barry won the Bottle of Red Wine, Vic won the Box of Tea, Andy won the Roses Chocolates and Brian won the Hand Wash before DON & HEATHER kicked off with NO HOPERS, JOKERS AND ROGUES. Straight away HEATHER KENYON took us BACK IN THE DAY and HELEN confessed I WISH I HAD A RIVER (Joni Mitchell) before PAUL reminded us of the WRECK OF THE OLD 97 and JAMES gave us THE STORY OF LOVE. A request then had DON & HEATHER lead the singing in I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER which continued as KATH & STAN celebrated the BANJO PICKING GIRL so no wonder HEATHER KENYON thought we should know the PC WAYS TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN. With a sad song HELEN gave us NO NAMES (K Rusby) but more cheerfully PAUL was ROLLING IN MY BABY’S ARMS and JAMES was lucky to have a BUCKET OF RAIN (DYLAN).


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