If you want to form a great band then you take a rock, like rhythm guitarist Steve Ritchie, and lean it against another, like bass player Al Parrish, and then you add a great singer, multi-instrumentalist like Terry Young and if you are lucky a brilliant violinist and singer like Sandra Swannell and back it up with a keyboard player such as Robert Graham. In time you find that they all play brilliantly, write songs and sing harmonies. Then you have TANGLEFOOT. Furthermore, you invite them to your folk club for a knockout, sell out gig on their last ever tour when a sudden flash of inspiration comes on hearing that Rob is a Stoke City fan and since they avoided relegation and are still in the Premiership you realise that they may have to come back next year after all so he can see a game and you get in quick with a request for a gig on their reunion tour when it comes about because you cannot believe that such a talented bunch of people do not want to continue playing together.

The evening was littered with songs like Boot Soup about the survival of a priest in a blizzard by cooking his seal skin footwear, Lunenburg Skies about the wonderful music festival there, Seven a Side about an ice hockey game, Emmeline about the fiddle playing wife of the lighthouse keeper who lived and brought up her kids in a lighthouse and ended up keeping the light by herself on the death of her husband and sitting by the light at night playing away and finally Abigail Becker The Angel of Long Point who was a 6' 4" woman who couldn't swim but waded into Lake Erie to rescue shipwrecked sailors and was ultimtely awarded a medal in New York for her heroics.


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