Newsletter No 565  10 March 2020

With no fear of the corona virus PETE sang of the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN which for PAUL McD meant a HAZARD while ALLEN reckoned IT ALL SEEMS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO. In a different direction ED was THE PILGRIM (Kris Kristofferson) while HEATHER gave us all AMNESIA (les Barker) before together DON & HEATHER explored the concept of mother’s love in SONNY. Then traditionally MARK sang of THE LAST PIT IN THE RHONDDA as KAMRAN went through FIRE AND RAIN before PAUL RILEY had us appeal to JOHN THE REVELATOR. Next HILARY came up with an hilarious version of ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT followed by some ONE=LINERS before STEVE brought us up to date with TODAY to end the round. Rising to the challenge of "Ireland until eternity" ALLEN sang ERIN GO BRAGH and PAUL McD observed SO SAD TO WATCH GOOD LOVE GO BAD before ED treated us to BOB DYLAN’S DREAM and PETE sang his WHOLE LIFE THROUGH. Then for MARK it was a trip to FIDDLER’S GREEN followed by DON & HEATHER & PAUL with the message not to was your hands in MUDDY WATER which made HILARY laugh with more ONE-LINERS. Heading for the break PAUL R introduced BLACK-EYED SUZIE and STEVE presented PETER VON GHERKIN which left KAMRAN to comment on the virus crisis with THE SWOLLEN SINUS (Woodstock Taylor).
The interval Raffle saw the Box of tea won by Heather, the Bottle of Red Wine won by Otto and the Body Butter won by Steve before KAMRAN formed us into a circle and kicked off a sing around with TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS followed by HILARY with more ONE-LINERS before MARK got us back on track with IT TAKES A WORRIED MAN and STEVE swore ME AND THE ELEPHANTS we’ll never forget you. For ALLEN a POUND A WEEK RISE was definitely inadequate followed by DON & HEATHER with a GYPSY WOMAN and PAUL hearing the K C MOAN and ED chasing THE BLACK LEG MINER. With a final round PETE went off to KANSAS CITY and KAMRAN celebrated the BROWN EYED GIRL before MARK took off on the SLOOP JOHN B and STEVE drank to ABSENT FRIENDS. Coming to a climax ALLEN sang the GOLD WATCH BLUES whereas DON & HEATHER exclaimed ROLL ON THE DAY (Allan Taylor), PAUL R had us SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD before ED brought us to a close with BLOODY ORKNEY which brought the riposte: 
Captain Hamish 'Bloody' Blair

Isnae posted here nae mair
But no-one seems tae bloody care
In bloody Orkney.

A superb night.

Newsletter No 564  3 March 2020 

KATH & STAN greeted a steadily bourgeoning crowd by taking them on the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND followed by a CHEROKEE SHUFFLE. Next PAUL RILEY offered ONE MAN’S HAND and PETE gave us THE BEST IN ME and ANDY claimed WALTZING’S FOR DREAMERS. Then urgently on behalf of the polar bear HEATHER asked us HAVE YOU ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG (Les Barker) and then DON & HEATHER took off to the ROSEVILLE FAIR before PAUL McD admitted NO-ONE CAN MAKE MY SUNSHINE SMILE. Luckily HILARY was on hand with a bunch of her ONE-LINERS to lighten the mood before SIMON confessed I AIN’T GOT NO HOME IN THIS WORLD ANY MORE and IAN sang it’s THE WAY WE WERE. Next ED was a tease with GEORGINA BAILEY and KATH & STAN played us 2 tunes on fiddle and whistle, PRINCESS ROYAL & PRINCE WILLIAM, followed by PAUL R said he didn’t like PEOPLE PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN (John Prine). Still in heavy mode PETE sang HURT and ANDY introduced ALISON which left DON & HEATHER completely PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE. On a different level PAUL McD said you’re ALWAYS ON MY MIND and JAMES invited us to WALK RIGHT BACK or go sailing with SIMON who replied IF I HAD A BOAT. In fine form IAN again solo-ed with FIELDS OF GOLD before ED confessed I GOT STONED and I missed it, along with Dr Hook.
In the bumper interval Raffle the Red Wine was won by Barry, the Box of Tea was won by Margaret, the Jewellery won by Andy and the Toiletries taken home by Ian before KATH & STAN set out as a HEDGER & DITCHER leaving PAUL R with nothing but HARD TRAVELLING. Certainly PETE had NO REGRETS (WE ONLY CRY AGAIN) and for ANDY he thought that LOVE IS A LASER GUEST all of which left DON & HEATHER unable to see the wood for the trees as they were KNEE DEEP IN A RIVER and dying of thirst. No wonder PAUL McD that with WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THIS WOULD BE and HILARY reached for more hilarious ONE-LINERS as JAMES caught out IN THE EARLY MORNING RAIN. With the answer to a difficult question SIMON & JAMES responded HOW CAN YOU KEEP ON MOVING and not migrate whereas IAN had GEORGIA on his mind and ED had the BRONCHIO-DILATOR BLUES. This left KATH & STAN with 2 more tunes, BRIGHTON CAMP & SOLDIERS JOY, before they had PAUL R off GOING DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BAD which left DON & HEATHER to close the show with a GYPSY WOMAN followed by an invitation to lay down the borrowed guitar at the end of a superb evening and sing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD.