Newsletter No 535 30 July 2019
With some great regulars and some esteemed newcomers DON & HEATHER threw down the challenge with NO HOPERS, JOKERS & ROGUES quickly followed by KATH, BRIAN & JOHN PAUL aka SETENTA who picked up the baton with A-ROVING HECKLER & KESH JIG followed by BRIGHT BLUE ROSE. Without hesitation PAUL RILEY was fired up on the MOBILE LINE before IAN had us singing with the WAYFARING STRANGER before ANDY cautioned I HOPE THAT I DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU (Tom Wait). Next HILARY treated us to AN ODE before another newcomer CAROLE ISIS sang two of her own songs YOU ARE THE DIAMOND and ONE MILLION RISING and ED went UP TO LONDON to see the Queen. ANN next was traditional with THE SKYE BOAT SONG which we all sang and HEATHER tried to find her CAMOUFLAGE NET before RICHARD found one of his own songs LAY DOWN EAS. Back from France PETE ROBERTS turned to Dylan’s GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY whereas PAUL had his BLUES IN A BOTTLE and ED had just STARTED TO LEARN THE GUITAR. This left SETANTA with WISHING CHAIR & 2 tunes, MAPLE LEAF & MAN OF ARRAN, and CAROLE ISIS, with FOREVER YOUNG, to take us up to the break. In the interval raffle Richard won the bottle of Red Wine, Carole won the Bumper Box of Tea and Joyce won the Super Shower Gel before IAN took us HALF WAY HOME followed by ANDY for who his HEART NEEDS A HOME. For PETE there were NO REGRETS followed by RICHARD with his life history as a LINCOLNSHIRE ROVER and ANN with the deadly dangerous LORELEI. We were again singing along with DON & HEATHER and their DANCES FOR DOLLARS followed by CAROLE with IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FIFFERENCE WOULD IT MAKE and THIS IS THE TIME FOR REMEMBERING before PETE called for A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS. Rising to a crescendo PAUL kicked off at the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN but ED confessed I LOVE MY WIFE before SETANTA razzed it all up with THE DUTCHMAN, YE JACOBITES and THE MAN FROM CONNEMARA for a rousing finish to end a terrific night.

Newsletter No 534 23 July
We blinked and in no time at all it kicked off with MARK celebrating a SUNNY AFTERNOON and JAN asking don’t it make my BROWN EYES BLUE but for PAUL McD it was all about CORRINA, CORRINA before he asked ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME? Out in the countryside ED was up OLD PENDLE before exploring the MASTERS OF WAR (Dylan) whereas KATH & STAN caught the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND before concluding YOU’VE JUST SAID YOUR LAST. In good voice ANN sang like the SWEET NIGHTINGALE followed by HEATHER with AMNESIA from Les Barker before joining DON who was PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE before following the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN. Next HELEN asked IF IT BE YOUR WILL (Cohen) and then rejoined SOME DAY SOON before CARL was at his very best with his own MAGICAL SKY and his own odyssey THANKS FOR THE DAY. Coming to the break JAN sang about MY LAGAN LOVE and ED was IN MY LIVERPOOL HOME before KATH & STAN sang THE BALLAD OF DAN MOODY.
In the interval raffle Lin won the Bottle of Red Wine, Kevin won the Box of Thornton’s Chocolates and Margaret won the Hand wash before MARK sung about SAM THE SKULL the GLASGOW CAT and PAUL McD told us TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Off on their travels DON & HEATHER were at the ROSEVILLE FAIR while CARL sang PAPER SUN and ANN sang of THE TROUT. Philosophically, HELEN sang I’VE GOT NOTHING BUT TIME while MARK & JAN were off on LUKEY’S BOAT before ED went topical with THE POLITICIAN’S SONG before PAUL McD struck off with MY GIRL and HELEN urged DON’T THINK TWICE IT’S ALRIGHT. With a Jez Lowe favourite CARL then dug for BLACK DIAMONDS before HEATHER did some HOME IMPROVEMENTS with Les Barker before DON & HEATHER hit a sombre note with their FLOWERS ON THE WATER. Finally, building to a climax ANN led us with LOWLANDS AWAY followed by KATH & STAN with DINK’S SONG and ED with RICKETY TICKETY TIN before PAUL McD, tongue in cheek, warned of a soon to arrive WHITE CHRISTMAS. Then DON & HEATHER suggested we lay down the borrowed guitar for ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD before MARK AND JAN chased after Charles Robert Darwin singing WE’LL HUNT HIM DOWN to end a great time. A great night.

Newsletter No 533 16 July

PAUL McD started the ball rolling with a visit to ALBERTA and HELEN went off to THE BANKS OF THE OHIO which inspired PETE MINERS to roll out his tribute to DEBRA WINGER. In need of a laugh we turned to HILARY for some of her ONE-LINERS and “Three Wise Men? You must be joking!” she scoffed as another feminist HEATHER explained DEJA VU a la Les Barker before she was joined by DON who swiftly claimed I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. Going back to the Jug Band era PAUL RILEY invited us to WALK RIGHT IN before co-host PAUL McD returned to pick WILD MOUNTAIN THYME before slightly latecomer MIKE covered the Eagles LYING EYES. Fulfilling a request HELEN then sang the beautiful FATHER’S SONG before PETE confessed I STOLE THE SONG THAT MITCH WAS WORKING ON which HILARY thought was funny but not like her ONE-LINERS and didn’t have the pathos of HEATHER’S next Les Barker special HAVE YOU ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG? Fortunately DON came up with some diddly diddly music in the GALWAY GIRL and PAUL RILEY gave us some more JUG BAND MUSIC before MIKE explained how to get rid of A PIGEON IN THE CHIMNEY to which PAUL McD replied ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME? No wonder TONY said he was LEAVING ON A JET PLANE as the break arrived.
Interval music broke out with such like as Bad Moon Rising which prompted people to run into the street to catch the eclipse as it was in progress before the raffle in which much to her delight Hilary won the Box of Yorkshire Tea, Helen won the Bottle of Red Wine and Kate won the Red Roses before HELEN began the second half philosophically by asking WHY DO THEY CALL IT FALLING followed by MIKE with his PET’S CORNER BLUES and TONY for who it was JUST ANOTHER DAY. In the same vein PAUL McD told us to TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL before HILARY rose spontaneously some more ONE-LINERS followed by DON & HEATHER who sang Robin Laing’s great song BLACK CLOTHES. Still cooking with gas PAUL R related the story of KC MOAN and HELEN didn’t mean to be unkind with LAST THING ON MY MIND and TONY was certainly reticent about WHEN I’M 64. Coming to a big finish MIKE took us to THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE and PAUL McD sang YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE before DON & HEATHER wrapped it all up by suggesting we should all LAY DOWN THE BORROWED GUITAR so
we all headed home howling at the moon which was still being eclipsed! A truly great a night with great people!

Newsletter No 532 9 July 2019

A supreme evening superbly stewarded by Simon and KAMRAN who set the evening alight with a masterly version of SWEET BABY JAMES followed by ALLEN with MACPHERSON’S RANT and KATH & STAN who were WATER BOUND whereas PETER found himself with the ST JAMES INFIRMARY BLUES. Flying solo JAN TAYLOR celebrated the VERDANT BRAES OF SPRING while STEVE was DOWN IN THE SALLY GARDENS but for PAUL McD someone is ALWAYS ON MY MIND. In PAUL RILEY’S hands old STAGGER LEE got shot dead whereas in PHIL’S hands The Who enjoyed every minute of every day in BLUE, RED AND GREY so no wonder HILARY came up with some brilliant ONE-LINERS. Next SIMON rose to his feet with WEARY BLUES FROM WAITING but for MARK it was a SUNNY AFTERNOON before ED responded to Mick’s request for RAMONA (Dylan) before MICK himself sang his latest and brilliant new song MEANT TO BE. Coming to the interval MIKE & JEAN were FOREVER YOUNG before HEATHER explained the problems of DASCHUNDS WITH ERECTIONS and together DON & HEATHER warned of the dangers of SPANISH BURGUNDY.
The bumper Raffle saw the Bottle of Red Wine won by Simon. The Box of Yorkshire tea won by Peter, the Table lamp won by Heather and the Shower gel won by Jean before ALLEN opened the second half with THE WORKER’S SONG. Next STEVE came back as OLD SLEW FOOT with KATH & STAN down in OWENSBORO but for PAUL McD it was SATURDAY NIGHT and PETER had the WEEPING WILLOW BLUES whereas MARK & JAN were off for a lively time GOING TO JACKSON. Luckily a moment of quiet contemplation followed with PHIL’S guitar piece which was a STUDY IN A. Then MIKE sang his own song BELLE VIEW SUE followed by SIMON who was IN THE PINES and ED who was at the WHIP JAMBOUREE. Completing the round MICK sang HERMLESS by Michael Marra and KAMRAN had the DEAD SHRIMP BLUES before DON & HEATHER recalled a GYPSY WOMAN. Steaming into the last round ALLEN felt IT ALL SEEMED SUCH A LONG TIME AGO while KATH & STAN were off down the WILLOW GLEN and PHIL was celebrating the work of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE in the Crimea. On the other hand MIKE told us what it was like IN OUR FRIDAY NIGHT CHOIR and PETER reckoned it was a long way FROM CLARE TO HERE and JAN & MARK needed us at THE DIMMING OF THE DAY. Any way up time was as fugit-ing and for STEVE it was TIME IN A BOTTLE before DON & HEATHER urged us all to STEAL AWAY at the end of a wonderful evening. Top class!!

Newsletter No 531 2 July 2019 

Glad to be back in the club DON & HEATHER celebrated with a SONG FOR THE LIFE before, on his return BANJO JOHN treated us to a couple of Fats Waller’s songs, WRITE MYSELF A LETTER and AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ and PAUL McD took us sailing on a SHIP OF FOOLS by Bob Seeger. Still a bit nautical ALLEN found SALLY, FREE AND EASY before PAUL RILEY sang his own really good song YOU MEAN MORE THAN ANYTHING and PETE MINERS tickled our fancy with a few from his JOKE BOOK. Then HELEN told us how to make Moonshine in a COPPER KETTLE and HEATHER explained why I DON’T LIKE MY BOOMERANG before ANN pleaded LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY, MISTER by Rosie Hardman. Having just returned from Kythera, DON & HEATHER sang their song SOUTH AUSTRALIA about the migration from that Greek Island before BANJO JOHN went all emotional about MY GRANDFATHER’S CLOCK and HELEN skipped off to SCARBOROUGH FAIR. With another of his own songs PAUL RILEY sang IT’S A NOODLING LIFE FOR ME before ALLEN responded with his own NEARLY SONNET 18 and PAUL McD turned to Bill Caddick’s JOHN O’ DREAMS. This left TONY who was LEAVING ON A JET PLANE and MIKE telling us about when PART WORN TYRES LET ME DOWN as we limped round to the break.
The bumper interval raffle saw Lynn win the Bottle of Red Wine, Heather K win the Luxury Candle, Mike win the Hand Wash and Ann take home the Box of Chocolates before DON & HEATHER kicked off the second half with the lively NO HOPERS, JOKERS AND ROGUES and PETE MINERS returned with more from his JOKE BOOK. Next it was the Beatles for TONY with ELEANOR RIGBY and Bruce Springsteen for MIKE up to his neck in THE RIVER before we were all punctured by COSMO THE FAIRLY ACCURATE KNIFE THROWER by HEATHER. For HELEN it all happens at the DIMMING OF THE DAY before ALLEN asked WHAT’S IT TO YOU, Jimmy?? Before more gently ANN sang about SONNY’S DREAM and PAUL turned was out in Gordon Lightfoot’s EARLY MORNING RAIN. Next we got a choice from PAUL McD but we were greedy so he sang both LET IT BE ME and PEACEFUL EASY FEELING followed by TONY with WHEN I’M 64 and MIKE with his PET’S CORNER BLUES. With the evening coming to a close DON & HEATHER took us ACROSS THE BORDERLINE and then we lay down the borrowed guitar and headed home singing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD. Magic!