Newsletter No 513 26 February 2019

On a night pre-celebrating St David’s Day with Home Made Welsh Cakes, Daffodils and Leeks KATH & STAN opened with BANJO PICKING GIRL and DON & HEATHER followed with a dubious connection to theme LITTLE POT STOVE, a whaling song. For ALLEN it was all about PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE whereas PAUL McD called for WHEELS to take this boy away and PAT & CHRIS, aka PATCH, boarded the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. In a roundabout way HELEN went for the CIRCLE GAME by Joni Mitchell and PAUL went off to MY SWEET CAROLINA where ED came across RAMONA (Bob Dylan). With a song of migration SIMON & JAMES asked HOW DO YOU KEEP ON MOVING followed by JAMES who was SINGING THE BLUES before HEATHER gave the Polar Bear’s side of the Titanic Tragedy by asking HAVE YOU ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG? For PETE it was a question of LEAVING LONDON and for RAY it was back to CALEDONIA before CLAIRE gave us food for thought with a great rendition of ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Another sorry tale came from KATH & STAN with the BALLAD OF DAN MOODY and from DON & HEATHER with a story from New Zealand, FAREWELL TO THE GOLD. Rising to the interval ALLEN sang his own WILD EYE before PAUL McD had us all singing away to ALBERTA and RICHARD related his own STUFF.
In the interval Raffle Vic won the Bottle of Wine, Helen won the Box of Chocolates, Chris won the Selection of Jams and Paul won the Leeks before PATCH opened the second half with their own THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN while HELEN had a LONG RIDE HOME and PAUL was off with SPENCER THE ROVER. In great contrast ED had a tough time with traffic ON MY WAY TO WORK while JAMES came up with tales of Yankee Power in SENOR but more simply SIMON asked WHY DON’T YOU TRY ME. With the current good weather PETE was thinking SUNSETS but RAY couldn’t forget the cold with his WINTER SONG leaving KATH & STAN to consider relationships in DINK’S SONG. Coming to a climax DON & HEATHER took us ACROSS THE BORDERLINE while ALLEN took us to a skirmish in Bonnie Scotland with ERIN GO BRAGH and RICHARD had his own take on a FORGETFUL HEART before PAUL had us all LYING IN THE ARMS OF MARY as another great evening came to a close. Magic!

Newsletter No 512 19 February 2019

With three dozen in the audience host PAUL RILEY kicked off slowly with TWO DOLLAR BILL but was quickly raised up by BANJO JOHN with SUCH A NIGHT and co-host PAUL McD with EIGHTEEN YELLOW ROSES. This set up BEN for his latest creation BELINDA and ERIC also raised the ante saying he was on THREE NIGHTS AND SUNDAY DOUBLE TIME before PHIL sang about ARMADAS which made HEATHER wonder about DEJA VUE with a philosophical Les Barker poem. Keeping up with the times DON & HEATHER sang the MOVING ON SONG as PETE chased the GIRL OF THE NORTH COUNTRY and ED was off to the WHIP JAMBOREE. Then it was the perfect time for HILARY and some excellent ONE-LINERS before EDDIE undressed his cello for the very sad GREEN EYE OF THE LITTLE YELLOW GOD and ANN kept the mood with THE BALLAD OF LUCY JORDAN. In fine instrumental fettle IAN played SEPTEMBER SONG and with his own great song CARL sang YOUNG ANNIE IN BLUE before PETER BRIDGE had us shantying with NEW YORK GIRLS. With some rock-a-billy JAMES was out in his RED CADILLAC AND BLACK MOUSTACHE and BANJO JOHN went off down the RED RIVER VALLEY.
In the interval a bumper raffle saw Margaret win the Tin of Roses Chocolates, Eddie win the Bottle of Red Wine, Ann win the Litre of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Andy win the Tin of Biscuits and Chris win the Body Lotion before PAUL McD insisted you TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. On a serious note BEN sang about GRAVE CLOTHES and PHIL played an instrumental version of MATILDA by Al Stewart before PETE brought us a SUNNY AFTERNOON so no wonder ERIC found himself THREE DRUNKEN MAIDENS from the Isle of Wight. Another instrumental of AUTUMN LEAVES was then played by IAN before ED wanted to get back to LAKE CHARLES. Then EDDIE mused, you were ALWAYS ON MY MIND and luckily HILARY was on hand with some more cracking ONE-LINERS before ANDY sang HUMAN by the Killers. Changing direction DON & HEATHER got everyone singing with their own DANCES FOR DOLLARS before CARL sang FATHER’S SONG and JAMES had had us all rocking to THE GLORY OF LOVE. With a big finish in mind PETER reckoned THE PARTY IS OVER but ERIC sang WE’LL RANT AND WE’LL ROAR a bit more with the sea shanty and ED brought in the fastest librarian in the West in ERNIE RIDES AGAIN before Paul had us all LEAVING ON A JET PLANE at the end of a top night. Till next week for more Sale Magic!!

Newsletter No 511 12 February 2019

A terrific evening of great quality transpired as much talent crossed the threshold to be organised by KAMRAN and PETE the latter kicking off with Dylan’s BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER. Back with us BANJO JOHN straight way took us back in time for a James Cagney hit, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY, followed by ANDY who was LATE TO THE PARTY (Katie Musgrave) and BRIAN who was MAKIN’ WHOOPEE. Paying attention to the Valentine’s theme JAN TAYLOR was down by the seaside with LAWR AR LAN Y MOR and STEVE sang LITTLE BIRD before SIMON told us of the WEAPON OF PRAYER accompanied by Brian. With his own song JOHN insisted on being positive with SUPERMAN whereas HEATHER recognised possible pitfalls in life with Les Barker’s DACHSHUNDS while IAN went back to romance with THIS GUY’S IN LOVE WITH YOU. Stepping up KAMRAN then had us tooting like saxophones down BAKER STREET as MARK turned to Dylan and LAY, LADY, LAY and CARL went back to WWll for Harvey Andrews’ HANS. Also going back in time PAUL turned to Donovan’s COLOURS and KATH & STAN went round and round with Alan Bell’s WINDMILLS. Coming up to the interval ED touched on love in all its forms in GEORGINA BAILEY whereas DON & HEATHER enthused YOU SAY IT BEST WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL before BANJO JOHN bade us farewell waiting for his beau while LEANING ON A LAMP POST.

The Valentine’s Raffle saw the Chocolates won by Heather K, the Roses won by Paul to take home for wife Jen, the Pink wine won by Brian and the Romantic CD won by Mark by PETE shouted up the BIG YELLOW TAXI. No wonder BRIAN mused, I WONDER WHO’S KISSING HER NOW while for the broken hearted ANDY sang there is always the HANDY MAN but as JOHN sang, not if they are wearing a LONG BLACK VEIL. Off theme JAN & MARK then went off RUNNING LIKE A TURKEY THROUGH THE CORN before IAN played SKYLARK in answer to a request by his fans leaving ED to return to reality with THE FLY. With the evening rising to a climax KATH & STAN played two tunes TWIGLET and BODMIN RIDING before leading us for BRIGHT MORNING STARS which set up KAMRAN for his excellent rendition of DELIA and for CARL who dug deep for I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR. The big finish was led by STEVE and WALTZ OF THE ANGELS followed by PAUL with WILD ABOUT MY LOVING before THREE SPIRITS (Paul, Don & Heather) closed in on the ROSEVILLE FAIR before heading down south with WAGON WHEEL. A top night!! 

Newsletter No 510 5 February 2019
A great party night started well with PAUL inviting everyone to COME ON UP TO THE HOUSE and ALLEN wanted TO TRY FOR THE SUN before CHRIS cried it’s more than my JOBSWORTH. No wonder PETE MINERS came out with some JOKES as EDDIE undressed his cello for a quick KENTUCKY WALTZ while down to earth HELEN exclaimed I WISH IT WOULD RAIN. Time then for HILARY and some more ONE-LINERS before RICHARD chilled with WINTER SONG and ED sang SILVER TONGUED DEVIL by Chris Christopherson. On his uppers PETE ROBERTS was DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL as CARL sang MOTHER’S DAY by Jez Lowe and KATH & STAN insisted we KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE. Inspired by Mary Black ANN sang SONNY before CLAIRE RIGBY sang ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG by Anthony John Clarke and DON & HEATHER sang SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS by John Prine. This left HEATHER to go solo with COSMO, the fairly accurate knife thrower by Les Barker and CARL to sing his latest revision of his song DOWN IN A DALE. Reaching a climax RAY on a return visit sang THE TOWN THAT I LOVE SO WELL before HELEN erected the BARRACADES OF HEAVEN before PAUL went off on the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL.
This heralded an excellent buffet with superb double fried chips to celebrate Don’s Birthday followed by a Champagne Raffle before DON & HEATHER kicked off again with WHEN SHE WEARS BLACK CLOTHES followed by EDDIE with WHEN I’M CLEANING WINDOWS somewhat downsized with his Ukulele. On a serious note CHRIS was all FIRE AND RAIN with James Taylor and RAY came back on WINGS by Brian Bedford before HILARY had us smiling at her ONE LINERS. To ALLEN it was LIFE, DON’T YOU KNOW whereas RICHARD reckoned THERE’S A PLACE FOR US in the West Side Story which left us with PETE MINERS and his JOKES. With his own song PETE ROBERTS faced a STORM RISING before CLAIRE was traditional with BETSY BELL and ED turned to Les Barker for MY HUSBAND’S GOT NO PORRIDGE IN HIM, his parody of Goldilocks and the three bears. Ending a top night KATH & STAN claimed WE COULD FLY while CARL went into a rant about THE BRIGADIER by Jake Thackray before ED, PAUL, DON & HEATHER banded up to tell us ALL THE GOOD TIMES were past and gone. Luckily we all left on a high!!