The legendary Merseyside Folk Band zoe mulford pictures

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After the residents Cockney Eric, Carl Corbett and Don & Heather, Zoe Mulford provided the perfect platform for this concert. Her brilliant musicianship and beautifully crafted songs put the audience in the best frame of mind by first insisting that we do not save things for best but use them all the time in Elegy as she did with her grandmother's cut glass. Accompanied by her own sensitive guitar playing Zoe was the ideal foil for The Tom Topping Band who then gave us an absolutely superb evening of songs and humour.

This supremely talented and professional group from Birkenhead started appropriately enough wih a great rendition of Roll Alabama Roll about the ship built in the town by Jonathan Laird for the Confederate Navy in the USA. It combined wonderfully clear three part harmony singing, both a capella and with excellent musical backing, which was the formula for their whole programme. The wreck of the Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers swiftly followed as did many others only to be broken by Tom's continuous patter which all reaches of self-deprecating Liverpudlian humour mostly not heard before by the predominantly Mancunian ears. Even the occasional tuning gave him an opportunity for levity.