Anthony John ClarkeAJC came on for his first spot and he commented on how quiet we all were as an audience and how far away we seemed. However he soon got us all to participate in his songs by joining in the chorus or the girls singing without the men and vice versa and it certainly worked a treat. AJC was his usual enjoyable self and he soon established a friendly relationship with the "now not so quiet" audience. With all his own songs AJ couldn't fail to absolutely delight the audience. A true professional.

Eric was brilliant as a compere and the concert was off to a good start with Mick and John singing three numbers in front of the stage. They got a good reception from a much appreciative audience. Carl got up to sing and play two numbers in front of the Mike and he didn't seem nervous at all although we knew he was. He was really quite professional and he sang one of his own numbers first - The Armoury to the Crown, and then Jez Lowe's Old Bones and everyone sang along enthusiastically with that one. His lovely voice sounded even better through the microphone. He was pleased that he had made his debut now before doing the warm-up for the Jez Lowe Concert.

Terry sang three numbers and he went down a bomb. We think it was the best performance ever for Terry. He sang Corn Bread, Raglan Road and Down in Mississippi. Of course, Raglan Road was absolutely perfect and quite moving and even Anthony John Clarke complimented him on his wonderful voice. Terry inspired a lot of cheering and whistling at the end of his spot.