Continuing the unbroken run of great evenings of music & mirth PAUL McD & MARGARET CARROLL took the reins this week when they took off to ALBERTA this week before DON & HEATHER brought us back to the STREETS OF LONDON but WILF still sang GIVE ME A TICKET FOR AN AEROPLANE whereas EDDIE preferred WALKING IN THE AIR. No wonder ED turned to ABSENT FRIENDS and MIKE recalled GIRL by the Beatles and JAMES was simply WILLIN'. Next PAUL McD asked WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SATURDAY NIGHT but DON & HEATHER informed us THE DIAMANTINA DROVER could never make up his mind. Finally WILF celebrated the DEATH OF A CLOWN, EDDIE sang MICHELLE, MIKE sang about the MAD WORLD, which left ED to sing MY MOTHER SAID SHE WISH SHE NEVER 'AD ME and JAMES was jubilantly INTO SOMETHING GOOD.

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