JUNE - 2015

Newspaper No 333 30 June 2015

Familiar and new faces for hosts SUE & KAMRAN and KAMRAN was soon away with 50 SHADES OF GREY to which BANJO JOHN replied I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE to which CHRIS toasted with NETTLE WINE evocative of summer holidays. In more traditional mode JAN reminded us of the FACTORY GIRL while CARL, unusually a cappella, took us back to COAL TOWN DAYS before newcomer DAN in a beautiful pure, clear voice commented that was all YESTERDAY. Great to see him after all his automobile travails ARTHUR revealed his true feelings with IN HIS HEART FOREVER and sailor ROB was off on his favourite GREY FUNNEL LINE before ROD told us LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE by that Bolton group, Th'Eagles. No wonder it reminded MARK of the ROUT OF THE BLUES and ED of a CITY LAMENT but FAIR PLAY soon cheered us up with WINDMILLS. Then CHRIS sang RÜDIGER, Knopfler's song about an annoying autograph hunter, and BANJO JOHN had his own tuning troubles and Ed giving him the wrong words for AFTER YOU'VE GONE before DAN gave us another great song TELL ME WHY by Neil Young. Rolling toward the interval CARL sang THE KISS and JAN gave us one of her favourite LAWRAD LLANAMWR (spelling?) before ARTHUR protested radioactively with WILL YOU GLOW, DAISY, GLOW?
An interesting raffle started seasonally for the heatwave with a Hot water bottle won by Kate before the Red wine went to Martin, the Buck's Fizz to Diane, Measuring spoons to Christine and the DVD Singin' in the rain (Yawn) Martin again, but he does buy lot of tickets.
We were soon back on the go with KAMRAN telling us THINGS THAT MATTER and ROD going country with CRYSTAL CHANDELIER before ED became ERNIE, THE FASTEST MOBILE LIBRARY IN THE WEST, a song about depravity and libraries to the tune of Whiskey In The Jar. This brought FAIR PLAY to the floor with a BLACK MOUNTAIN LULLABY and in similar mood MARK played us off to THE DARK ISLAND on recorder before ROB asked us to FATHOM THE BOWL. Unable to pin him down DAN was HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE as JAN & MARK were GOING TO JACKSON and CHRIS was taking the LAST TRAIN & RIDE and ROD was indeed that ROCKET MAN. Coming back down to earth FAIRPLAY played us two tunes, CAPTAIN MAGUIRE and DENNIS MURPHY POLKA but KAMRAN was soon off left side with the BALLAD OF PATCH-EYE AND MEG by Michelle Shocked and ED took us back to basics with THE FLUSHERS so it was left to ROB to begin the big finish with us all singing THOUSANDS OR MORE followed by ARTHUR with his own ALL THE WAY FROM DONEGAL and a great bonus from DAN who definitely wasn't on the outside of the CIRCLE (Ocean Colour Scene) to end as great night.

Newspaper No 332 23 June 2015

After a good start from ROBIN with DENVER the duplicitous BANJO JOHN gave us two interpretations of SHINE which gave JIM just enough time to CATCH THE WIND. It also made PHIL decide to THROW DOWN THE SWORD just before SUE declared her weakness for BLACK JACK DAVY as ROD headed for the Mississippi for a ride on the PROUD MARY. Next DAVE BOULTON verbalised PETE ROBERTS' -ist joke from France as follows! 

"Couple of friends fly fishing in a river beneath a bridge, an excellent hatch and the trout are avidly feeding. A hearse and accompanying cars pass over the bridge on the way to a funeral, Fred looks up, reels in, removes his hat and stands head bowed. Bloody hell Fred that's not like you to be so utterly respectful! Well tomorrow would have been our 50th wedding anniversary" 

before going on to sing THE FUNERAL SONG. After recovering from that JO declared he's NOBODY'S DARLING BUT MINE which DAVE CASHELL thought must make him her DREAM LOVER echoed by GEOFF with ONLY YOU. For KAMRAN it was a matter of JUDGEMENT BLUES as PAUL turned a blind eye and went off on THE SLOOP JOHN B and BANJO JOHN wistfully declared THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE which greeted by PHIL with the SOUND OF SILENCE. Then it was good to see JIM in the guise of a HIGHWAYMAN as JO confessed to taking life ONE DAY AT A TIME as CHARLIE returned again this week with his guitar to play his own instrumental CHARLIE'S SONG. This brought SUE to her feet for a sad sounding DEAD FLOWERS whereas DAVE CASHELL more upbeat about the GYPSY WOMAN and HARRY jumped up with MOCKINGBIRD. Then it was obviously party time as KAMRAN invited us to COME ON IN MY KITCHEN as we went into the break.

The Raffle saw Ellie win the Red Wine; Jim took the knick-knack holder (for his knick knacks of course); Jill won the Beauty Box and some lucky visitors got the necklace. 

Starting the second half, however, for DAVE BOULTON it was just a question of MIND OVER MATTER but any way up GEOFF said I only WANT TO SEE THE BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT to which PHIL replied with some TIME PASSAGES. For ROD it was ALL OVER NOW and HARRY added so WHY WORRY (Dire Straits) which was certainly true on the IRISH ROVER with JIM. With the voice of doom DAVE CASHELL then prophesied THERE'S A BAD MOON RISING as KAMRAN went into Tom Rush's REMEMBER SONG and ROD urged us to THINK IT OVER and GEOFF & SUE together LABOURED WITH LOVE which stirred something in DAVE BOULTON who came back with IF I HAD MY TIME OVER AGAINa nd in HARRY who asked WHERE DID THE CHILDREN PLAY? All this brought an excellent evening to a close when PAUL led Jam-time with JESUS ON THE MAINLINE followed by FENCES, the brilliant song by Arthur Marshall.   


Newspaper No 331 16 June 2015

It was a slow start but a craicing night in the end as FAIR PLAY broke the ice with LET THE MYSTERY BE by Iris Dement to whom ROBIN said MEET ME ON THE CORNER. Quite what PAUL was thinking when he sang DAVY, DAVY NIC NAC but ROD was quite clear IT NEVER RAINS IN CALIFORNIA as FAIR PLAY were off to OWENSBORO with Natalie Merchant. All this lead DAVE to wish IF I HAD A HAMMER as he returned to the club after quite a while and ROBIN to speculate YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL but PAUL was too busy HARD TRAVELLING. Coming up on the blind side HEATHER then delighted us with THE TITANIC by Les Barker as ROD went for the Stones and JUMPING JACK FLASH and FAIR PLAY went after the WEAVER’S DAUGHTER. This made DAVE think of a PEARLY SHELL as PAUL set out on the OLD “97” but HEATHER still had humour in mind with Les Barker’s NOBODY HUGS A HEDGEHOG. Next CHARLIE, Paul’s neighbour, played his own CHARLIE’S TUNE which had ROBIN heading for the STREETS OF BALTIMORE and RICHARD telling us the STORY OF MY LIFE. Still upbeat ROD had us rocking with LAY DOWN SALLY before FAIR PLAY steadied the ship with an a cappella version of BRIGHT MORNING STAR. Still in jokey mood DAVE gave us his JELLIED EELS but MIKEY took us to the interval with the BIRD OF PARADISE.

With plenty more to come RICHARD contemplated EVERY GRAIN OF SAND and PAUL & ROBIN swore to do better on THE NEXT GO ROUND as HELEN set about laying A GHOST IN THIS HOUSE with Nancy Griffith. Now on a canine tack HEATHER explained training methods with Les Barker’s STAY, GO AND FETCH which was a brief respite before ROD had us singing away with JOLENE as did ROBIN & PAUL who were off with ME AND BOBBY McGEE. Back down to earth DAVE was TRAVELLING LIGHT as FAIR PLAY gave us THE BALLAD OF DAN MOODY and MIKEY climbed the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. The somewhat philosophically RICHARD declared EVERYBODY’S GOT TO LEARN SOMETIME as ROD disappeared in a TEQUILA SUNRISE leaving FAIR PLAY by the BANKS OF THE OHIO and PAUL & ROBIN boarding the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS down to the sea taking everyone with to end an excellent evening.

Newspaper No 330 9 June 2015

A well rounded group of performers and listeners who came along to what was to be a very pleasant evening with MARK & JAN were the night and starting off with Johnny Cash’s discourse on matrimonial harmony, JACKSON, followed by ROBIN who was asking PADDY RILEY to come back. PHIL was up next with his version of Genesis’ AFTERGLOW and JO then sang a favourite of many, THE GALWAY SHAW and IAN followed up with his beautifully melodic version of SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES. DAVE CINNAMOND recited his interesting take on a round of golf with his poem FROM A DISTANCE and PAUL RILEY was asking us to WALK RIGHT IN. Then ANN sang the lovely but haunting LORELEI and DAVE HOWARD, in similar sombre mood, related the demise of BILLY JOE McALLISTER on, or rather off, the Tallahatchie Bridge! JAN then sang the beautiful AR LAN Y MOR as latecomers, Marian, Kamran and Colin sneaked through the doors, not unnoticed. As MARIAN needed a beer before she sang it was great to see and hear COLIN give us his lovely version of MR BOJANGLES followed by KAMRAN with DIDDY WA DIDDY before MARK unseasonally sang Harry Robertson’s LITTLE POT STOVE about life in the now derelict Leith Harbour whaling station on South Georgia, their winter, our summer! PHIL was up next and interestingly enough he’d taken a cruise in the South Atlantic in March and had visited the old whaling station. He sang the LAST SUPPER and was followed by JO with RAMBLING before IAN’S second instrumental SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS. Completely different DAVE CINNAMOND was next with another recitation, THE WHITE PRINCESS and THE MAIDENS. Coming next ROBIN sang Alan Bell’s BREAD AND FISHES with KAMRAN then for once without clutching a musical girder, sang the entertaining lament of TEN FINGER JOHNNY and his inevitable demise through systematic limb loss after a series of self inflicted explosions! ANN then asked LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY, MISTER followed by DAVE HOWARD riding on THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS and MARIAN, after having been suitably refreshed, with a traditional song, JUST AS THE TIDE WAS FLOWING which took us into the interval.

After the fun and excitement of the raffle PAUL kicked off the second part of the evening with BROWN’S FERRY BLUES and then JAN, accompanied by MARK, gave us Sandy Denny’s WHO KNOWS WHERE THE TIME GOES with IAN up next with an interestingly named THE SPIDER AND THE WOP! The interestingly new combination of ROBIN, ably assisted by ANN, were next with a hastily rehearsed medley PRETTY FRAULEIN, BLACKBOARD OF MY HEART and THE WILD SIDE OF LIFE. Traditionally MARIAN then sang ONLY REMEMBER and DAVE HOWARD went the same way with the lovely MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE before PETE KING, who arrived very late and without further ado, played a fine instrumental, THE FOX’S TAIL. PAUL had the ‘Sale Gospel choir’ (us) bouncing along with JOHN THE REVELATOR but PHIL confessed he was ONLY SLEEPING setting up KAMRAN who tried to send us all of to the land of Nod with SO RELAX, some may remember this from the old Inter City adverts, before MARK & JAN wound up the evening with their blues jam along version of LITTLE RED ROOSTER. Needless to say a great time was had by all! Magic!!!

Newspaper No 329 2 June 2015

A brilliant almost full house greeted ED & SUE with forty + through the door and some members returning after a very long break for example Ian with the toaster amplifier and his friend Dave Howard and even Michael arrived after over a year’s absence! BANJO JOHN started the first round with the old number MAKIN' WHOOPEE with everyone making an effort to join in so that we were all in the mood for a good old singaround. DAVE HOWARD then played a wonderful instrumental of ANGIE and it was nice to see him back after so long away as it was CARL returning after a short break to sing a new Jez Lowe song AUSTERITY ALPHABET before PHIL played quite a different version of WOODSTOCK. Then IAN came up with his familiar little toaster amp and played an excellent instrumental version of DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME, wonderfully setting up KAMRAN & KATHIE for Ida Cox’s ONE HOUR MAMA (1939) which was brilliant before KATHIE stayed on stage with her plumbing, the flute, Mum & Dad joining her with MARK playing guitar and JAN singing YOUNG BILLY BROWN. Going back to the 60's PAUL then treated us to WHEELS ON FIRE as SUE armed herself with her guitar to sing the U3A ANTHEM leaving ED to bring a smile to faces as many related to his OLDEST SWINGER IN TOWN. Also back in town ROB, amidst his customary giggling, sang his GOOD SHIP CALABAR which left GEOFF to bring us all back with a lovely soft and romantic version of SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME and MICHAEL to bring us back to earth with HOW CAN A POOR MAN STAND SUCH TIMES AND LIVE? Also on top form FAIR PLAY took us TEN THOUSAND MILES away before MARIAN sang the unaccompanied and sad song SILKI OF SULE SKERRY, a sad song of a seal as explained by DAVE BOULTON before when he sang THE POTTER'S ALPHABET which cheered everyone up again. Next RICHARD GRAY, who had recently returned from abroad and because of poor plane connections had found it necessary to stay overnight in Paris, told us he had met a girl from Morocco and they had walked together down the Seine and continued on to the Eiffel Tower which inspired him to write his next song EIFFEL TOWER.  It also encouraged lots of speculation from the women in the audience who started to grill him and ask questions about the outcome of his romantic night in Paris!! Of course, Richard remained cautious in his response and little was revealed and nobody had brought their thumb screws! Returning to the front BANJO JOHN told us he was still WAITING FOR THE ROBERY E LEE and another early leaver KATHIE just had time with KAMRAN to sing I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE before CARL sang ALL AT SEA, not literally of course. Now in full flow PAUL sensed we were ready to join in with WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL as ED pleaded TREAT MI DAUGHTER DECENT and SUE & GEOFF openly declared THIS IS THE LIFE so quite why PHIL confessed I TALK TO THE WIND (McDonald & Simpson). Returning as a double act MARK & JAN then took us over the border for YE JACOBITES BY NAME and DAVE HOWARD gave us JORDY to which RICHARD replied IT AIN'T RIGHT. Maintaining the top quality of the night IAN played a perfect AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' and MARIAN sang unaccompanied again for THE GENTLEMAN SOLDIER but FAIR PLAY went continental for EL CONDOR PASA. Employing shock tactics ROB, together with actions, performed COCK ROBIN which had the newcomers in the audience in hysterics! Fortunately MICHAEL calmed things down with two waltzes from the 1920’s, SWEETHEARTS and another by George Formby’s father, and DAVE BOULTON finished the second round by playing the melodeon and singing IT'S NOUGHT TO DO WITH ME.

Going for a big finish KAMRAN chose to play and sang the STOLE RIDER BLUES (Blind Willie McTell) and CARL sang his new and beautiful ANNIE IN BLUE and MARK & JAN had us all RUNNING LIKE A TURKEY to end a very successful night on a high note.

MAY - 2015

Newspaper No 327 26 May 2015

A massive welcome was given to Chris Ross upon her long awaited return to the club and it was good to see her looking well and enjoying the Party Night hosted by JANICE (with David Cowe) and she started the ball rolling appropriately with DREAM A DREAM. Then ROBIN took us back with JOCK O'HAZELDENE as did DAVID CINNAMOND with his vision of war in THE BOX but CHRIS was more relaxed with Knopfler's TRAWLERMAN. For SUE she wanted to be BACK AGAIN as BERNARD hoped the GAS MAN COMETH but HEATHER McNEILL was more serious with her own THE BIG ISSUE. Seeking to be more laid back FREE SPIRITS sought that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING before DAVE COWE went all Irish verse with BOGLAND which prompted ED to sing OH NO NOT THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY. Next a big clash of cultures saw our Cornish visitors DAVE & LINDA go across to America for when they DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN whereas DAVE BOULTON stayed at home for his own HEAR ALL, SEE ALL, SAY NOWT before GEOFF went all romantic with I ONLY WANNA BE WITH YOU followed by PAUL RILEY revealing his feelings with FOREVER AND A DAY. This all brought a reaction from KAMRAN with TRIAD which gave PETE the ST JAMES' INFIRMARY BLUES before DON & HEATHER took us to the interval with BLACK CLOTHES.

After a superb buffet the raffle saw Alan's grandson win the CD stand, Robin win the wine and Pete win the Chocolates before PETE KING arrived with a new song WITHOUT YOU as he does. KAMRAN responded with the DOWNTOWN BLUES and preserving his voice GEOFF played the beautiful HECTOR'S LAMENT making ROBIN remark that it was GOOD TO BE BACK HOME. Deciding on a good old sing song CHRIS told us we won't make OLD BONES to which SUE replied THERE'S A KIND OF HUSH as BERNARD was ringing for a BIG YELLOW TAXI. Back down to earth HEATHER McNEILL then sang another of her own THE MEETING AND PARTING SONG before PETE took us on the LAST TRAIN AND RIDE. Back seeing the funny side DAVE BOULTON gave his take on life with WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S RELATIONS but PAUL RILEY seriously requested MAKE ME DOWN A PALLET ON YOUR FLOOR and PETE KING told us what it was like to be BEATING TIME. Coming to climax FREE SPIRITS led a club band up with WAGON WHEEL and our Cornish guests DAVE & LINDA sent us home happy with FLOW RIVER FLOW.

Newspaper No 326 19 May 2015

They came from near, they came from far, they filled up every pew and a great night of music ensued with lots of talented performers many being new to the club. KAMRAN was more than happy to be back in harness with PETE who was back from his travels and kicked off with THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. In hot pursuit was BANJO JOHN down the RED RIVER VALLEY and FAIR PLAY looking for the WILDWOOD FLOWER whilst ROBIN was seeking the ROSE OF ALANDALE. Then a rare visitor ALAN from the north east sang Graham Miles' WHEN THE SNOWS OF WINTER FALL as PHIL sang his longest song, TRAINS, and newcomer BRENDAN came all the way from Germany to sing I AIN'T GOT A HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE (W. Guthrie). Next JAN was a delight with FOLLOW THE HERON HOME to which MARK suggested we DON'T THINK TWICE IT'S ALL RIGHT which led SUE to take off after BLACK JACK DAVEY with her new stick dulcimer. Another newcomer ROGER declared a liking for THE RED SHOES before DAVE BOULTON went back to his childhood days with his own BLACK HILLS NO MORE and then we were blown away with newcomer JOHN's brilliant cover of Nic Jones' CANADEE-IO. Then KAMRAN was THE MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT (Dylan) before ANN recommended a ride with her in THE SHABBY OLD CABBIE but STEVE declared I WISH I WAS IN LANCASHIRE and CHRIS wished MAY YOU NEVER leave your bed out in the cold to take us to the interval.

In the raffle big spenders Martin won the CD, Steve won the Chocolates, Alan won the bottle of wine and Joyce won the other Chocolates before PAUL gave us all the KEY TO THE HIGHWAY in celebration of BB King's life as we started the second half. MARIAN then commented it was BONNIE AT MORN as ED & STEEL FRY PAN aka Fair Play assembled for the BLACK LEG MINER before FREE SPIRITS went even bigger with the SFC Choir and the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS. Then it was time for ROGER to come back with the FORTUNATE ONE and for BRENDAN to sing his own HUMAN TRAFFIC to launch SUE & GEOFF into WAGON WHEEL again with the SFC Choir. Again invoking Graham Miles ALAN took us OVER YONDER BANKS as STEVE was even further away sailing to LIBERTY'S SWEET SHORE (John Doyle) before FAIR PLAY re-assembled for YOUNG MARY. Another vision of life in the Potteries then came from DAVE BOULTON with his interpretation of thunder and lightning as a child represented by HORACE HOSKINS' lorries tipping their bricks at the colliery. Returning, JOHN told us the story of THE GREAT ESCAPER to which MARK & JAN replied IT'S ALL RIGHT before ANN related the sad story of THE FOLK SINGER. Quite why PHIL then told I WISH YOU WERE HERE but it could have been because CHRIS was SAILING TO PHILADELPHIA but according to ED nothing had an effect on JACUZZI JOE and his funky concertina or, as FREE SPIRITS related, on the train they called the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS as Robin, Paul, Heather & Don boarded it to the Gulf of Mexico to end an absolute belter of an evening.

Newspaper No 325 12 May 2015

An absolute cracker of an evening this week led by DON & HEATHER who kicked off with STREETS OF LONDON for Baz & Chris followed by BANJO JOHN being MEAN TO ME and CHRIS with WINNIE'S RAG (McTell). No wonder JOHN CHILCOTT came out with TAKE A MESSAGE TO MARY followed by EDDIE with a powerful delivery of ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND, with his temporary ping pong ball fingernails, and DAVE BOULTON with his own warning EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD. Next we had another powerful performance of the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER by PHIL and the classic WATERMELON WINE by ROBIN before ANN blew us away with VAIR ME ORO VAN O. Then before we knew it MICK in super dominant form brought the house down with his version of BLOWING IN THE WIND before CHRIS came back with YOU WERE MY FIRST SONG and SUMMER LIGHTNING (McTell) before another tour de force from RICHARD GRAY with his own SWEET MUSIC. All this left ED claiming he definitely wasn't ALL USED UP and neither was BANJO JOHN with the PANAMA RAG nor JOHN CHILCOTT with his LONG BLACK VEIL. At this point we spotted that shrinking violet BAZ had snook in with a guitar but thinking he had been overlooked he quite rightly needed the love and adoration of the crowd who obligingly chanted "We want Baz" to be rewarded then with an excellent rendition of WALKING ON SUNDAY. Quite why but this prompted PHIL to sing LICENCE TO STEAL about lawyers and ROBIN to scoot off to DURHAM TOWN. Coming up to the interval DAVE BOULTON surprised with his tale of A HARD LIFE ON THE POTS to which BANJO JOHN paradoxically responded WHEN YOU'RE SMILING before PETE KING sang his latest and brilliant song COME ON BLUES with some of ever the best guitar accompaniment heard in the club. Mega!

A suitably big raffle saw Rosalyn win Chocolates; Helen win Wine; Joyce win a Torch; Vic the Shortbreads and Helen take the Handcream before MICK reminisced about his favourite pub at the BEND IN THE RIVER so no wonder RICHARD GRAY speculated WHERE HAVE THE GOOD TIMES GONE. Down the river according to ANN with her LORELEI and down even deeper with 
PHIL and the BLACKLEG MINER leaving PETE KING to sum up the efforts of the greatest performers with his SIMPLE SONG. Grabbing his melodeon EDDIE had us galloping to the WILLIAM TELL overture leading ROBIN to muse that THE BATTLE IS OVER and DAVE BOULTON to ponder that it TAKES MORE THAN BRICKS AND MORTAR to make a house a home. By special detest ED was asked to organise THE ROYAL VISIT and DON & HEATHER remembered their dads with FLOWERS ON THE WATER before 
RICHARD GRAY & PETE KING cheered us all up with DON'T THINK TWICE IT'S ALRIGHT. Entering the final furlong PETE KING sang another of his fine songs AFTER YOU before MICK again delved deep for DO RE MI (W. Guthrie) and DAVE BOULTON had us all a cappella ON THE CUT leaving ED to take us all for a memorable booze up on THE MANCH to end a fantastic night. 

Newspaper No 324 5 May 2015

Another busy evening in the expert hands of FAIR PLAY aka Kath, Ruth & Stan who welded 22 performers into great entertainment for an equally large audience. BANJO JOHN was invited to start us off with Arthur Askey's silly SEAGULL SONG but EDDIE immediately put us back on the straight and narrow with MICHAEL TURNER'S WALTZ & MARGARET'S WALTZ and FAIR PLAY continued with E. McColl's SWEET THAMES FLOW SOFTLY. A big welcome next for the return of Cornwall's TERRY and his great interpretation of COLOURS to which JO added YOU'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG (I. Dement) which made GRASSROOTS wish they had Joni Mitchell's RIVER to sail away on. In a more cheery vein FREE SPIRITS were on the road with ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOO as CHRIS described HANDS OF JOSEPH (McTell) and ANN explained the dangers of THE LORELEI. Another welcome returner ALLEN sang his own warning to youngsters not to try to emulate PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE before DAVE BOULTON sang his own excellent tribute to SNOWDONIA and GORDON took us all off to THE HIRING FAIR. Then newcomer DENNIS also sang his own song TWO ROOMS ON PARK AVENUE about his mum and dad as JIM went all classical with Bill Caddick's JOHN O' DREAMS set to a tune by Tchaikovsky before CARL sang his excellent new song about the female "Postie" ANNIE IN BLUE. A quick burst of trad was next from ED with his POOR DITCHING BOY before ARTHUR went a bit political with his own HERE'S TO OLD GUY FAWKES and POET DAVID gave us his take on LONDONDERRY. Then was PAUL with HESITATION BLUES which made DON & HEATHER think he might be PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE as BANJO JOHN was out looking MR TAMBOURINE MAN as the interval loomed.

The raffle saw the Wine go to Robin; the Olive Oil to Barbara; and the Chocolates go home with Eddie before FAIR PLAY started the second half with a new song, THE BALLAD OF DAN MOODY, followed by RICHARD GRAY with his own EVERY GRAIN OF SAND as TERRY also unfurled one of his WHEN I WAS VERY YOUNG before CARL turned to Jez Lowe for THE LONE BADGER. Still with homemade creations GRASSROOTS sang Mick's latest WHEN I LEFT MY HOME as did ARTHUR with his 27 ROADS and ALLEN with another take on youth with WHAT'S IT TO YOU. Then continuing her advancement as a performer ANN treated us to THE FOLK SINGER from the charts in 1963 before DAVE BOULTON sang another of his own GIVE IT TIME and GORDON gave us BOGIE'S BONNIE BELLE. A busy night for ROBIN continued with the LAST FAREWELL as EDDIE unsheathed his new melodeon for the ballad of ANDREW ROSE and RICHARD GRAY remembered it was CLOSING TIME by Mary Asquith. Finally as the curtain was falling on a great evening of original and excellent music ED got the devil in him with THE WIDOW'S MOOR and FREE SPIRITS took the devil of a train ride on THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS down to the Gulf of Mexico. Top drawer!!


Newspaper No 323 28 April 2015

As usual a lively and interesting evening with MARK & JAN who themselves started us off with KING OF THE ROAD swiftly followed by BANO JOHN who was that MR BOJANGLES which was enough to make JOHN CHILCOTT sing I'LL BE YOU BABY TONIGHT and JIM to warble I LOVE YOU AS I NEVER LOVED BEFORE, one of his dad's favourites. Becoming a welcome regular ANN then sang the lovely ERISKAY LOVE LILT as DON & HEATHER set off ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE which DAVID CINNAMOND contemplated FROM A DISTANCE as did JAN the VERDANT BRAES OF SKREE. Turning to Dylan ED hit us with RAMONA just as JO pleaded COME ALL YE FAIR AND TENDER LADIES but PHIL took to the air with SEAGULL. This left EDDIE who was SINGING THE BLUES and ROB was bemoaning the loss of THE OLD PUBS. Fortunately BANJO JOHN lifted the tempo with JOHNNY B GOODE before JIM waxed lyrical about the FIELDS OF GOLD leaving MARK & JAN off RUNNING LIKE A TURKEY through the corn. ED then had us all singing about his PALACE VISIT to see the Queen as JO was musing WHEN I WAS IN MY PRIME and JOHN CHILCOTT was contemplating the FOUR STRONG WINDS.

A bumper raffle in the interval saw JOYCE take the bottle of wine; ALAN take the box of tea; BILL'S mate won the BUBBLY and BRIAN won the chocolates which he promptly passed round. This left ROB to kick start the second half with MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN and PHIL to go for CADENCE AND CASCADE before ANN asked let me be your LADY FOR TODAY. It was EDDIE, however, who was that SAUCY SAILOR and DON & HEATHER who had the PEACEFUL EASY FEELING but PAUL addressed more basic matters with CORN BREAD AND BUTTER BEANS. Then a star in his own right SAM, a renowned busker, sang his own SKINNY LOVE to which ED ironically responded with THE JOGGER. On a serious note JIM lauded THE TOWN I LOVE SO WELL as PHIL turned to the SISTERS OF MERCY but ANN was just glad it was SUMMERTIME. This had no influence on ROB who took off for the RAWTENSTALL ANNUAL FAIR and DON, HEATHER & PAUL went off with the DIAMANTINA DROVER before gave EDDIE us a master class with THE MAPLE LEAF RAG & PIG ANKLE RAG. As you would expect JIM extolled the virtues of the ORDINARY MAN before PHIL bade us GOODBYE and FAREWELL to which BUSKER SAM replied with his own DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO EXPLAIN as ROB set out on yet another MILL OUTING leaving MARK & JAN to close another excellent evening of music and craic.

Newspaper No 322 21 April 2015

Incredible craic this week in the club with ED & SUE in the driving seat as BANJO JOHN chose a fine time to leave us with LUCILLE. Then PHIL took the floor with a GUITAR MEDLEY including GREENSLEEVES which PETE ROBERTS confessed was the LAST THING ON MY MIND and ED was seriously ON THE SIDE OF A HILL (P Simon) all of which prompted ALAN to rise to his feet with MEMORIES OF CHILDREN'S RHYMES. With an old favourite CARL explained why THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATHILDA as did PAUL who was PUTTING ON THE AGONY before DON & HEATHER remembered the sad times of a HONKY TONK MAN. Then SUE brought a new one in 74/75 to which GEOFF replied YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND and JO appeared as the GHOST OF A ROSE. This left ROBIN to revive us with BREAD & FISHES (Alan Bell) and DAVE & PETE to form a new band FOR FOLK'S SAKE to sing their own BIG BELLY BLUES before MARIAN ran off with the DARK EYED SAILOR. Next saw the return of DAVE who asked us to meet MR DREAMSELLER as ANN entreated OH SUSANNAH as BANJO JOHN remembered the ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ by Kay Starr. Heading to the break PETE ROBERTS sang his own THE BEST IN ME as JO told us SHE MOVES THROUGH THE FAIR undoubtedly toward the interval raffle.

Chocolates, wine and olive oil all found good homes in the raffle as we embarked on the second half with DAVE pleading MAKE ME AN ANGEL (John Prine). Investigating a dimension of family relationships DON & HEATHER had us all singing with SONNY before CARL had us all laughing madly to Thackray's THE KISS and PHIL had us cold as ice in ANTARCTICA. Still after a man MARIAN was singing BILLY ARMITAGE just as SUE & GEOFF were seeking THE CURE and ED unfolded his difficulties ON MY WAY TO WORK. Back in the US of A ROBIN invited us to meet him tonight in LAREDO while ANN was off to WIDDECOMBE FAIR and PAUL had the MORNING BLUES. Still building their repertoire FOR FOLK'S SAKE tried us with another two songs YOU'RE GONE and LYING EYES as DAVE went a cappella with the MOVING ON SONG which had PETE ROBERTS away KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR. Aiming for a big finish FREE SPIRITS exhorted to STEAL AWAY then wheeled away with WAGON WHEEL to have us leaving on a high.

Newspaper No 321 14 April 2015

A sublime evening with a load of friends performing great music started with FAIR PLAY perversely singing THE LAST GOODBYE but BANJO JOHN was having none of it as he launched into PAPER DOLL and JOHN CHILCOTT swore it was MORNING AGAIN. This set JIM & LYNN thinking IT'S A WORKING MAN I AM and JO telling us it's TO ANOTHER TOWN I'M BOUND before PETE ROBERTS reckoned it was all FIRE AND RAIN. Thank goodness for IAN's instrumental medley of GLORY OF LOVE, FREIGHT TRAIN & BLACKBIRD before JAN & MARK set out for JACKSON and JOHN CONDY was off as the HIGHWAYMAN. All this prompted PHIL to say it was all like THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL which had ROBIN off NORTH TO ALASKA and CARL suddenly romantic with I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR. A note of warning next came from CHRIS with YOU WON'T MAKE OLD BONES before DAVID became philosophical with his poem IN A DISTANCE and PETE KING sang us a new one of his own songs SATURDAY MATINEE. Returning to the fray JO had us BLOWING IN THE WIND which had JOHN CHILCOTT confused as the NOWHERE MAN but BANJO JOHN was in no doubt as he ripped into the TIGER RAG so it was no wonder FAIR PLAY asked WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN to take us to the break.

The interval raffle saw the wine go to John Condy; the roses go home with Ian; the Shortbreads go with Alan; the Chocolates go home with Chris and the Argan Oil Handcream be won by Brian. FREE SPIRITS then kicked started the night with the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS whereas JOHN CONDY had BOATS TO BUILD and JIM & LYNN were celebrating the GALWAY SHAWL. Next PETE sang DARCY FARROW which was a candidate for the oldest folk song in America before they realised it had truckies in it and to prove they're a strange lot over there PHIL sang Mmmm X 4 (Brad Thomas) which was a bit weird so it was relief to hear IAN playing my BABY'S COMING HOME. In a fit of comradeship CARL then had a need to play something with JOHN and the result was NORWEGIAN WOOD but even further away CHRIS explained why after a major fraud there would be no POSTCARDS FROM PARAGUAY while ROBIN was more emotive when he explained the origin of THE SNOWS OF NEW YORK. Equally emotional was PETE KING with his Leonard Cohenesque DON'T EXPLAIN and JAN & MARK were also very interesting with ROTTERDAM OR ANYWHERE whereas PAUL was more straightforwardly RIDING ON A NEW RIVER TRAIN. Gathering momentum JOHN CONDY then had us banding up for THE MIGHT QUINN as PHIL took off with THE BOLD REYNARD and ROBIN sang a trilogy of FRAULEIN, BLACKBOARD OF MY HEART & THE WILD SIDE OF LIFE before IAN had us all WINDY AND WARM and PETE led us out with YOUR SONG to end a fine evening.

Newspaper No 320 7 April 2015

Another evening of great music and good craic hosted by Janice & Mick aka GRASSROOTS who started the ball rolling with one of Mick's greatest songs, THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER SUNSET. More topically BANJO JOHN was out in the APRIL SHOWERS as ED marvelled at the HANDSOME CABIN BOY and JANET made her debut very well with THE HOUSEWIVE'S LAMENT. Not to be stuck indoors DON & HEATHER were out on the WESTERN PLAINS while DAVID was back in LONDONDERRY with his own poem recently performed on the local radio there. SUE then told of the ROSE TATTOO as PETE celebrated the SUNNY AFTERNOON we had just had and even more dramatically CARL pointed to the MAGICAL SKY. Then DAVE COWE turned to Ogden Nash for MEL ALAN MEL ALAN MEL ALAN LEND ME YOUR CLICHE as ROBIN hit the STREETS OF BALTIMORE before DAVE BOULTON reported the story of LONG PRESTON PEGGY's exploits. Going all a cappella ANN sang THE TROUT and PAUL revved us all up with JOHN THE REVELATOR before GEOFF calmed us down by asking WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW. Then instrumentally EDDY played us two seasonal tunes O SACRED HEAD & THE GREEN BLADE RISETH NOW and KAMRAN sang the really touching FADE INTO YOU and GRASSROOTS had us all emotional with the JAR OF HEARTS. This left BANJO JOHN to lead us with the legendary UNCHAINED MELODY before he went home early.

Much socialising later we raffled and Janet took home the wine, Kamran won a box of teabags and Baz went off with a big bag of bulbs before GEOFF announced that ROY ROGERS IS RIDING TONIGHT. Then performing a favourite of Pete Morton's CARL vowed to CARRY IT ON and JANET was equally serious with DONNA DONNA before ED maintained the mood with SAYING GOODBYE TO THE SEA by our own Dave Boulton and with several others saying they were also going to cover it. With a complete change of mood KAMRAN took us all down to BROWNSVILLE as ANN yearned for the SUMMERTIME and ROBIN felt the same about COUNTRY ROADS. Then late arrival MARION told of the RECRUITED COLLIER before DON & HEATHER responded to a request to sing their DANCES FOR DOLLARS and SUE with GEOFF sang an interesting version of BAD MOON RISING. In lighter vein than earlier EDDY sang Buddy Holly's EVERY DAY followed by DAVE COWE with a couple of short poems WHOOPS & THE PERFECT CRIME and DAVE BOULTON asked us to STRIKE THE BELL. Heading for a big finish PETE announced that TONIGHT I'LL BE STAYING HERE WITH YOU to which MARION asked WHAT WILL WE DO and GRASSROOTS responded I THINK IT'S GONNA RAIN TODAY to end a very satisfying evening.


MARCH - 2015

Newspaper No 319 31 March 2015

Slightly fewer brave souls as our hosts KAMRAN & HEATHER invited a full band up as a tribute to John Renbourne WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN which encouraged BANJO JOHN to pick a medley of BANJO TUNES and SUE to sing the UKELELE BLUES with Geoff playing bass. Multi-instrumentalist EDDIE then took his Melodeon for a DOUBLE LEAP THROUGH towards a DARK GIRL DRESSED IN BLUE as JO was chasing a TRAVELLING SOLDIER and FAIR PLAY were chasing WINDMILLS. Any way up ROBIN asked them MEET ME ON THE CORNER and with ROB as usual COURTING TOO SLOW, despite his appearance on Facebook aboard a racing Ducati, GEOFF decided to take the train called the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS. In good spirit DON & HEATHER wished them all the best with MAY YOU NEVER before ED explained the hidden meanings of SCARBOROUGH FAIR and CARL gave us a warning about war with WILLIE MCBRIDE. This left JO to return to the STREETS OF LONDON and BANJO JOHN to tell the secrets of the ACE IN THE HOLE and SUE to explore the mysteries of the gypsy gentleman BLACKJACK DAVIE. Coming to the interval FAIR PLAY gave us one of their shocking songs, NAUGHTY BABY, and CARL dug out one of his saddest, THE BOYS OF BELLY ROW, which sent some to the bar for a stiff drink.

The raffle brought Chocolates for Martin which handed round; Wine for Alan which he took home; Ramekins for Carl; and a Glen Campbell CD for Geoff as KAMRAN unveiled the STACK O'LEE BLUES and ROB was that CHEERLY MAN. After years of trying EDDIE finally got to sing A WEEK BEFORE EASTER a week before Easter but ROBIN was in protest vein with Buffy Sainte-Marie and NOW THAT THE BUFFALO'S GONE. Late arrival on the night MARIAN then became the FEMALE DRUMMER at the Siege of Valenciennes as DON & HEATHER reflected on THE DIMMING OF THE DAY and GEOFF lifted us all with a great version of BACK IN THE HIGHLIFE AGAIN (Winwood). To ED it made everyone a WINNER as ROB was invited to tell us about the THINGS IN GRANDAD'S ATTIC, bloody hell, as ROBIN was swept away by FOUR STRONG WINDS. Then no secrets were disclosed when KAMRAN said SHE'S FUNNY THAT WAY and GEOFF trilled ALL BEFORE and we could think what we liked with EDDIE and the Everly's DREAM. There was, however, no mistaking ED's sentiments with FLOG 'EM & FLAY 'EM & HANG 'EM and thankfully FAIR PLAY & EDDIE were on hand with the tuneful BUTTER PEAS and WINSTER GALLOP before they got sentimental about Salford with DIRTY OLD TOWN. Determined to go out on a high DON & HEATHER had us lifting the roof to THE SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS and then singing our heads off to ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD otherwise known as the borrowed guitar to end a cracking night.

Newspaper No 318 24 March 2015

An evening of great variety from the traditional to the latest new born and one day old song from PETE KING they were gently coaxed from the assembled talent by PAUL & ROBIN who started the ball rolling with
PAUL's invitation to WALK RIGHT IN. Quickly JOHN CHILCOTT introduced the BALLAD OF A TEENAGE QUEEN as GEOFF celebrated BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT and PHIL sang the GREEN ANTHEM. This prompted GRASSROOTS to open a JAR OF HEARTS as JO was out CALLING MY CHILDREN HOME before EDDY went European with WOODEN HEART. Enough seriousness said DAVE BOULTON as he explained how to convert a SPRINKLE TO A SQUIRT and SUE was also full of levity with her UKELELE Hallelujah parody before DON & HEATHER contemplated the BORDERLINE. Also very serious GRAEME did full justice to SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN as ROBIN was off being trapped into matrimony in DENVER and JOHN CHILCOTT was getting hooked up with THE MIGHTY QUINN. Still impressed by the eclipse RICHARD GRAY remembered his own FOUR BLOOD MOONS while MICK was looking for a PAIR OF BROWN EYES and JO was seeking that BEALE STREET MAMA but nothing compared with PHIL's LONLIEST PLACE ON EARTH. When asked what he thought DAVE BOULTON replied TIFFANO while PETER KING was out in the MORNING RAIN with his latest song hot off the press before EDDIE turned to the cruel story of ANDREW ROSE.

In the raffle Gill won the soap; Alan took the Lynx aftershave; Dave B had the Tea; Joyce Railway won the book by Portillo and Aimee won the wine before 
PAUL had us ROLLING IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS and SUE & GEOFF had us singing JAMBALAYA. With another new song GRASSROOTS came back with LIES prompting RICHARD to sing his own IRISH LAMENT before GRAEME sang another greatest country hit FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN. Then DON & HEATHER were over in Australia with the DIAMANTINA DROVER to which ROBIN said it was GOOD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN before PETER KING was also on his travels with his SONG OF THE SEA. All this made EDDIE think of HARD TIMES and DAVE BOULTON to conjecture that you are ONLY AS OLD as the woman you feel while PHIL was a bit ironic with SAFE AS HOUSES. Coming to a big finish GEOFF went for FOTHERINGAY and RICHARD was also heavy with TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE which had DON & HEATHER thinking of ALL THE GOOD TIMES and GRASSROOTS saying I WILL to end a cracking good evening.

Newspaper No 317 17 March 2015

They came early and they came quickly as more than fifty filled the room for FAIR PLAY to start the evening with their BROWN EYED BOY. Another favourite was then ED as the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER as was BANJO JOHN with OLD MAN RIVER just as JO & ANN beautifully sang AMAZING GRACE. However this didn’t stop CHRIS taking the LAST TRAIN AND RIDE as DON & HEATHER celebrated St Patrick with the RARE OULD TIMES as CARL turned to the equally beautiful ALICE. Delving into the archives ROBIN next came up with those LYING EYES as JIM & LYNN celebrated the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN and PETE sang his own song in praise of his home town with BALLYRIGAN FAIR. Then DAVE BOULTON was unable to resist the story of the barrel of bricks in SICK NOTE and MARK TAYLOR treated us to LOFTUS JONES before KAMRAN blew us away with STONE RIDER BLUES. Traditionally MARIAN told of THE OLD MINER as BANJO JOHN invited HAVE A DRINK ON ME and FAIR PLAY sang us a BLACK MOUNTAIN LULLABY. Coming to a climax toward the interval RICHARD GRAY sang one of his greatest hits THE DIAMOND ROSE as for JO it seems THE CARNIVAL IS OVER but still with the Irish DAVE BOULTON  explained how PADDY STOLE THE ROPE before PETE sang his own tribute to KERRY.

A bumper crowd deserved a big raffle and Jillian won the Cava, Steve won Fair Play’s CD, Mary took the Easter Egg, Heather Kenyon took the Chocolates and Jim went home with the Coffee.
Then it was all systems go as JIM & LYNN sped off on THE IRISH ROVER but more leisurely CARL told of THE BLACKSMITH AND THE TOFFEE MAKER and DON & HEATHER remembered THE GALWAY SHAWL. Wrapping his tonsils and fingers around another McTell classic for CHRIS it was all SWEET MYSTERY as MARIAN mourned THE BONNIE LIGHT HORSEMAN as and MARK explained the need for an INTERGALACTIC LAXATIVE. Still in blues mode KAMRAN sang about WILLIE MAE as ROBIN went Country for THE CRYSTAL CHANDELIER and RICHARD in sentimental mood said IF YOU SEE HER SAY HELLO. Next ED was reminded of the rebel song THE FOGGY DEW as in a romantic frame of mind PETE told us the HEART IS LIKE A WHEEL but this left JIM & LYNN running off crying I’LL TELL MY MA. All this led DAVE BOULTON to sum it up as EXCEPTIONAL TIMES IN IRELAND to which FAIR PLAY replied BEAUTIFUL leaving DON, HEATHER & ROBIN to have us all singing into the street with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT ALL which certainly was not true of this wonderful night. 

Newspaper No 316 10 March 2015

A sublime evening led superbly by JAN & MARK and topped by the appearance of the wonderful GRASSROOTS & ZOE MULFORD. Our hosts started the rout with ROTTERDAM followed by GRASSROOTS with ALL THE LIES THAT YOU TOLD ME and JOHN CHILCOTT with THE DIVE. This hade PETE ROBERTS remembering DAYS GONE BY and GRAEME telling us he is going back to school to learn Italian in Rome no less with BELLA CIAO to which COLIN replied with WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY. All of this had PAUL off SINGING MY BLUES AWAY and JO off with a WAYFARING STRANGER and ROB sailing THE GREY FUNNEL LINE. Even deeper in the memory ED brought back good old AL BOWLLY and after going back for his forgotten banjo BANJO JOHN gave us HOT TIMES and KAMRAN was ALABAMA BOUND. For a change DAVE BOULTON said he SWIMS THE SEAS IN FREEDOM, the whale that is, as DON & HEATHER greeted THE DIMMING OF THE DAY and ZOE went in search of a QUALITY SHOE leaving MARIAN to seek THE NORTH WEXT PASSAGE. Returning JOHN CHILCOTT himself went searchi8ng but for ANNIE as BANJO JOHN swore I AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' as he was MAKIN' ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE as MARK did when we all joined in with LITTLE POT STOVE.

In the raffle Rosaleen won the wine; Dave Boulton won the roses; Alan won and passed round the chocolates and Jackie won the Coffee for Vic before GRASSROOTS pleaded YOU CAN'T FAIL ME NOW. Not surprisingly ED then confessed IT'S HARD TO BE HUMBLE before JAN went all Welsh with OES GAFR ETO and DAVE BOULTON he was going to HEAR ALL, SEE ALL AND SAY NOWT. Quite from where ZOE told us how to get A MUCH BETTER VIEW OF THE MOON as indeed did DON & HEATHER with SONNY and MARIAN who HEARD THE CURLEW CALLING. Still PAUL this time had the BLACK BOTTOM BLUES and for KAMRAN he was after the BAD BAD LEROY BROWN but ROB was up the valley to the RAWTENSTALL ANNUAL FAIR. None of this, however, could beat PETE ROBERTS' SUNSETS before MICK went solo with a new song COUNTED UP TO TEN and ZOE returned to sing one she heard from her Mum JOHNNY BUILT A HOUSE. To finish DAVE BOULTON told us his brush with a LISH YOUNG BUY A BROOM and PAUL, HEATHER & DON celebrated Arthur Marshall's great song FENCES and MARK & JAN rounded off a cracking evening with RUNNING LIKE A TURKEY.    

Newspaper No 315 3 March 2015

This was a top class evening from start to finish with a wide variety of talent performing brilliantly for an almost full house. ED & SUE invited BANJO JOHN to get the ball rolling and he introduced us to FANLIGHT FANNY so all our senses were alight and they were not disappointed. In great form COLIN RUDD sang HELLO IN THERE as FAIR PLAY set off for SANTA GEORGIA and MICK had to confess I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD. Meanwhile a breathless JAN was after RUNAROUND SUE while more sedately JO confided WHEN I WAS IN MY PRIME before PETE gave us a chilling reminder with HURT (Johnny Cash & Nine Inch Nails). Soon on the ED ED was next off along the VERDIGRIS (Paxton) and still over there JIM & LYNN had got STRIPES which had ROBIN giving his LAST FAREWELL. On the trail of the baddies CARL told us of the BIG FEAR (Jez Lowe) just as PAUL decided to STEP IT UP AND GO but still DON & HEATHER had that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING. However, BANJO JOHN went all religious with JUST OVER IN THE GLORY LAND (Gospel) as JO was out walking ONE MISTY MOISTY MORNING and COLIN was looking for a BETTER PLACE TO BE. Reminding us of the old days CARL advised RICKY DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER and ROBIN also seeking a rendezvous suggested MEET ME TONIGHT IN LAREDO guided no doubt by FAIR PLAY with their BRIGHT MORNING STAR as JAN encouraged them with HIT THE ROAD JACK.

Another bumper raffle saw Joyce win a CD; Paul take the Wine; Heather win the Olive Oil; Marian go home with the Chocolates; and Joseph take another CD before JIM & LYNN gave us all a warning with MAIDS WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG and MICK also cast a shadow with YOU'VE GOT YOUR TROUBLES I'VE GOT MINE before PAUL put the tine lid on it with DARK AS A DUNGEON. Nothing, however, fazes ED who was EASY AND SLOW as DON & HEATHER set out on the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS and PETE remembered his first trip to Ireland with his own ALEXANDER LIGHTS. After a few weeks MARIAN returned with POLLY PARKER and COLIN said that most of it is MAKE BELIEVE and ROBIN asked ROCK MY CRADLE ONCE AGAIN. Still in good fettle JAN took us off to BUDAPEST as MICK was off saying I WILL but CARL was away flying KITES. In a more bluesy frame of mind PAUL pleaded CORRINA, CORRINA won't you please come home but it seems ED had no trouble attracting TRASHY WOMEN whereas PETE complained he AIN'T GOT A HOME IN THIS WORLD ANY MORE. Heading for a climax JIM & LYNN said all we need is some RARE OLD MOUNTAIN DEW but FAIR PLAY were away on the BANKS OF THE OHIO as FREE SPIRITS combined to have us singing into the street to WAGON WHEEL to end a thoroughly enjoyable evening.



Newspaper No 314 24 February 2015

A totally sublime evening as new faces mingled with old and lapped up the great social mix and excellent entertainment hosted and started off by DON & HEATHER as they confessed they may not have ALL THE ANSWERS. In a world of his own BANJO JOHN was off to the RED RIVER VALLEY while JIM & LYNN were away with PEGGY GORDON and ROBIN was inviting COME HOME PADDY REILLY to come home. More to the point JO asked COME KISS ME LOVE which had PETE running for the FREIGHT TRAIN and SUE blatantly saying DON'T MARRY HER HAVE ME. Quite why but this had GEOFF off and FALLING LOVE AGAIN which made ED think of THE GAMBLER and DAVE BOULTON fantasise about a lady called THE FLOWER OF NORTHUMBERLAND. On a different tack DON & HEATHER had us thinking of the Mexicans trying to get ACROSS THE BORDERLINE into the USA while back home BANJO JOHN was busy CLEANING WINDOWS and GEOFF was musing with the lovely tune HECTOR THE HERO. Running late RICHARD GRAY fell through the door and was immediately invited to perform and he responded with his own MAIN STREET RANT and even JO was somewhat demented with Iris' CALLING FOR YOU as was PETE with his own MELLOR ROAD BOOZING BLUES after the flat he used to live in. Just in time to cheer us up SUE pleaded BRING ME SUNSHINE and JIM & LYNN threatened to TELL MY MA but ROBIN was happier with the true love of JOCK O' HAZELDEAN. Then as we approached the interval with a mini climax DAVE unsheathed his concertina for LORD FRANKLYN and to his amazement was followed ED who had always planned to sing about the amusing antics of JACUZZI JOE (and his funky concertina) to which RICHARD might have replied Lawdy Lawdy but instead sang OH SUSANNAH.

A big raffle of 9 prizes saw a lot of smiling faces before another late arrival PAUL come up with a little known Dylan song GOOD AS I'VE BEEN TO YOU and DAVE sang a song inspired by his elderly Mum, I'M HANGING ON HERE TO THE END which had a good few of us thinking. Fortunately, GEOFF & SUE struck a diverting note with their LADY OF PLEASURE as did ROBIN in a different way with LONG BLACK VEIL and JIM & LYNN who were off after the SPANISH LADY. With his own solution PETE said I'm just waiting for the day when I SHALL BE RELEASED which appealed to RICHARD who was stuck in traffic on his way to the folk club and ROLLING DOWN IN IDLE before ED had everyone marvelling at his BANTHAM COCK which certainly had no time for the TROUBLE IN MIND that PAUL then sang about. Again transporting us, this time to Australia, FREE SPIRITS told us of the DIAMANTINA DROVER while RICHARD reminded us that YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND which didn't stop JIM & LYNN saying goodbye to MUIRSHEEN DURKIN and heading for the gold rush. More leisurely SUE & GEOFF headed off on the SLOOP JOHN B whereas at the altar ED was told to TREAT MY DAUGHTER DECENT and DAVE gave us clear warning not to become ALLERGIC TO WHISKY. A brilliant night!  

Newspaper No 313 17 February 2015

A bumper crowd turned out to help Ann celebrate her birthday with the usual great buffet of excellent sandwiches and chips. JANICE & MICK galvanised the many performers into providing fitting entertainment by leading off as GRASSROOTS with GOING BACK and KATH & STAN responded with DINK'S SONG before EDDIE unveiled his new cello for the FLORAL DANCE. Soon on her feet JO told us of MY LOVELY SON as DAVE BOULTON took to the highlands with LIZZIE LINDSEY and SUE & GEOFF also departed with I'LL FLY AWAY. On the contrary we welcomed back ZOE who invited WON'T YOU COME ON IN just time for ARTHUR'S protest song about the rich THREE LITTLE PIGGIES and to see ROB off to SOUTH AUSTRALIA. For ROBIN it was all BREAD AND FISHES as JOHN CONDY was playing THE HIGHWAYMAN to which BRIAN responded NEVERTHELESS it's a living. DON & HEATHER were metaphorically KNEE DEEP IN A RIVER and dying of thirst as DAVE COWE saw the funny side in THE RAILWAY CARRIAGE DWELLING but PAUL was off to SWEET CAROLINA and GRASSROOTS uprooted to GEORGIA. Coming up to the interval KATH & STAN chased after the WAYFARING STRANGER as JO talked about FAIR AND TENDER LADIES and ARTHUR went dewy eyed over MISS JONES.

Ann & Brian provided the great birthday buffet and in a special raffle Rosaleen won the White wine; Paul won the Prosecco; Sue & Geoff took the Pancakes & lemon; Heather got the Mascot and Gillian went home with some Thorntons Chocolates before JOHN CONDY chased after the GALWAY GIRL. Back to basics ZOE then told us about the ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES to which FREE SPIRITS said it would all be different ON THE NEXT GO ROUND which of course is what genetics is all about. Next our reluctant heroine ANN took the floor with LET ME BE YOUR LADY and GEOFF was quite stern with HE'LL HAVE TO GO before EDDIE celloed the tune HORSE'S BRAWL. Back on form ROB then had us all back in LIVERPOOL TOWN as DAVE BOULTON told us of his fighting dog CHAMPION HE WAS A DANDY and DAVE COWE told us two stories THE SWORD SWALLOWER & WHOOPS. In a flash SUE was up with her ukelele for COUSIN JACK and GRASSROOTS with the link between ENGLISH RAIN and LOOKING FOR THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER. In determined mood PAUL said I AIN'T GONNA BE TREATED THIS WAY and ROBIN was off as a COUNTRY BOY leaving DAVE BOULTON to tell of the Wager in which he nearly lost his LITTLE GREY 'OSS. Coming to a grande finale ZOE was in the BIRDHOUSE, FREE SPIRITS had absolutely NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT ALL as KATH & STAN led us aboard the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND to take us all home.

Newspaper No 312 10 February 2015

A nice surprise greeted the regulars this week when they arrived to find they were celebrating Dave Boulton’s birthday as PETE go the ball rolling with ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS (Dylan) and JOHN CHILCOTT went all modern with the HAZY SHADE OF WINTER (P Simon) leaving BANJO JOHN to dig in the archives for SWEET GEORGIA BROWN. Another moment in history came from PHIL who was enjoying the best fare at FRANKLYN'S TABLE as JIM & LYNN took us across the sea for the GALWAY SHAWL and even JO had us all LEAVING ON A JET PLANE. Then it was KAMRAN’s turn with a new arrangement of YOUR CHEATING HEART as MARK rocked us with LAY DOWN SALLY before JAN came up with MOLIANNWN. In more lyrical mood CARL had us all humming along with IF WISHES WERE FISHES before KEVIN went a cappella with the story of LORD FRANKLYN but PAUL was more to the point when he sang NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU'RE DOWN AND OUT as was DAVE BOULTON when he told us what happens when POVERTY KNOCKS. Next COLIN sang one of his favourites CUT ACROSS SHORTY (Cochran) as did DON & HEATHER with their own pre-celebration of Valentine’s Day I WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY while RICHARD GRAY was more circumspect with his IF. Heading for the interval the early birds got a second shot and BANJO JOHN gave us all the SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES and JO was equally sombre with WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN before JOHN CHILCOTT took us up to the break.

Along with the buffet thanks to Dave and Marina the raffle saw the Prosecco go to Alan who gave it to Dave for his birthday who then donated it for next week’s raffle; the Jumping Jacks to Barry; Chardonnay to Joan; the Moisturiser to Heather; the Chocolates to next week’s birthday girl Ann; the CD to Alan and the Water Bottle to Paul. 

Who better to start the second half then COLIN with his own ALL THE WAY FROM VALPARAISO (I will watch you when you go) and LYNN & JIM responded well with A MON LIKE THEE as did PETE with his own WHOLE LIFE THROUGH. Again KEVIN was brilliant with his a cappella GREY FUNNEL LINE as was DAVE BOULTON with his own dietary advice 5 A DAY and KAMRAN played up a storm with DEATH LETTER BLUES. Again with his own song RICHARD sang about the LADY OF THE MORNING as JAN & MARK chased after the little RED ROOSTER which left PHIL trying to CATCH THE WIND to which PAUL replied MAY THE ROAD RISE TO MEET YOU. There was no road, however, when the three spirits HEATHER, DON & PAUL set out on THE WESTERN PLAINS and it was probably a boreen green where LYNN & JIM were with the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN and DAVE BOULTON with his own dedication to the sessions THE MUSIC & THE CRAIC. Reaching for a fine finish JAN & MARK hit the spot with the rousing BONNY SHIP THE DIAMOND followed by PHIL with THE WELL and the three spirits HEATHER, DON & PAUL rounding up the flock with THE DIAMONTINA DROVER. Top class evening and thanks again to Dave & Marina.

Newspaper No 311 3 February 2015

Despite the cold weather 4 dozen people turned out to have a good time with ROBIN & PAUL who hosted at least 20 performers to entertain even more listeners as ROBIN headed down the road with BOBBY McGEE. With even older material BANJO JOHN took us back with SHINE as did JIM & LYNN with YELLOW IS THE COLOUR before PHIL gave us one of his historical songs about the Middle East in LEAGUE OF NATIONS. Deep in the tradition FAIR PLAY went for the NIGHT VISITING SONG as JO claimed he was KILLING ME SOFTLY with his song before GRASS ROOTS sang about ELIZABETH. After discovering one in his garden EDDY celebrated with THE FOX and GEOFF & SUE celebrated the SUMMERTIME just as PETER announced TONIGHT I'LL BE STAYING HERE WITH YOU which we were all grateful for. Again going back in time GRAEME treated us to his interpretation of STACK-O-LEE just as DON & HEATHER were deciding they were PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE and ERIC was claiming JE SUIS CHARLIE. Then MICK came out alone searching for MR TAMBOURING MAN as PAUL boarded the OLD 97 and BANJO JOHN had us all joining in with the ST LOUIS BLUES. All this brought JO to her feet for the SOUND OF SILENCE and EDDY unbuckled his melodeon for the HUNTSMAN'S CHORUS leaving FAIR PLAY to say GOODNIGHT LOVING TRAIL.

After a great raffle all donate to "Help for Heroes" ROBIN opened the second half with THE BATTLE IS OVER before JIM & LYNN explained when AN OLD MAN CAME COURTING as ERIC tried TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE but I'm not interested SUE said WHEN I'M CLEANING WINDOWS. From back in 1983 PHIL then came out with SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY (U2) as GRASS ROOTS turned in anticipation to AUTUMN LEAVES and EDDY turned to O'CAROLAN'S DRAUGHT leaving GRAEME to delve deep for his SUGAR PUDDING & RAG MAMA. Next PETER claimed it's NOT FOR YOU but DON & HEATHER went ahead with their own DANCES FOR DOLLARS and GEOFF led a band up for ONE FOR THE ROAD as MICK claimed SHE BELONGS TO ME. Finally we could feel the crescendo as PAUL invited us to TAKE 'EM AWAY followed by FAIR PLAY with NOWHERE MAN and GEOFF & SUE rightly claiming THIS IS THE LIFE which left GRASS ROOTS to set about BRINGING ON ALL THE GOOD TIMES which they well and truly did as we whistled our way into the street.

JANUARY - 2015

Newsletter No 310 27 January 2015

The house was full with a great bunch of people who came to celebrate Heather's Birthday in style so thanks to them all and to FAIR PLAY, aka Ruth, Kath & Stan, who conducted the proceedings brilliantly. Asked to start the singing DON & HEATHER were soon PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE but JOHN CHILCOTT remembered WHEN WE WERE GOOD as FAIR PLAY went even further back to see THE WEAVER'S DAUGHTER. Next DAVE BOULTON after chatting with Mike Cosgrave remembered his own song THE SESSION SLIPS AND SLIDES but still BANJO JOHN had those DALLAS BLUES before CARL brightened things up with GREEK LIGHTENING. Still sombre JO went back in time for THE GALWAY SHAWL but GEOFF & SUE insisted PLEASE DON'T TELL ME HOW THE STORY ENDS and even POET DAVE can only hope for peace in LONDONDERRY. For the next one JIM was sol as he greeted the JANUARY MAN and the welcome return of COLIN had him singing a Harvey Andrew song ABOUT A DUCK before EDDIE played the melodeon for PLANXTY IRWIN & FANNY POWER by O'Carolan. Back from Fuerteventura Janice with Mick aka GRASS ROOTS came up with a nice version of FACTORY GIRL and PAUL had singing along with TELL OLD BILL followed by CHRIS with THE TRAWLERMAN'S SONG. Next ROBIN had us drinking WATERMELON WINE and DAVE COWE told us of WINTER by R Burns but ED frightened the daylights out of us with THE HAGGIS HUNTER. Coming to a climax PETE was WILLING but RICHARD GRAY, after leading us in "Happy Birthday" told us LOVE IS A GAME but more sternly MIKE COSGRAVE sang us MICK RYAN'S LAMENT.

With the buffet and chips coming in on time much craic, viewing of birthday cards and opening of gratefully received presents took place before the raffle saw BAZ win the Wine; EDDIE win the bag of nuts; PAUL win the Olive Oil; and HELEN take home the Chocolates.

JIM & LYNN then led us out for the second half with THE LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL and FAIR PLAY took a quick CENSUS before GEOFF told us it was TWILIGHT TIME which left RICHARD with the SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES. Hope for Greece leaving the EU had COLIN proposing A TOAST TO FIDEL but GRASS ROOTS quickly claimed IT AIN'T ME BABE and for PETE they might just as well be DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL but for SUE there's a KIND OF HUSH certainly in Europe at the moment. Well done the Greeks!! Next we had Elvis turning in his grave as EDDIE brilliantly grabbed his hit DON'T BE CRUEL for the melodeon which also had PAUL of somewhere SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD but MIKE COSGRAVE was celebrating another birth in the family with his WONDERCHILD. Still with Burns DAVE COWE recited OUR HOLY WILLIE to which ROBIN responded with the ROSE OF ALLENDALE and CHRIS seemed to feel the same about NAOMI. To bring a great evening to a close and Heather saying it felt like a real birthday DAVE BOULTON celebrated JOHN BLUNT as ED was trying to learn to play the guitar with ROMANCE but to send everyone into the streets singing DON, HEATHER & PAUL called on Arthur Marshall to return soon as they sang his FENCES with strong chorusing.

Newsletter No 309 20 January 2015

Continuing with another room full of talent new and old to entertain the eager audience hosts MARK & JAN first took everyone off in their 30 FOOT TRAILER. Next up PAUL asked to tell him WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL before BRIAN enquired WHAT'LL I DO as PHIL set off to find the NORTH WEST PASSAGE. Much closer to home FAIR PLAY were in

BYKER HILL but ED was in Ireland with the story of RED HEADED ANNE but JIM said LET IT BE. On a different level BANJO JOHN told the story of the woman who said I WANT A BUTTER AND EGG MAN and newcomer GRAEME McGRATH responded by saying IT AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS BUT MY OWN. Then ROBIN came up with some MEMORIES OF MARYLAND before KATHIE and MARK with flute and whistle played a great duet of the SPANISH CLOAK before DAVE BOULTON bade FAREWELL TO TARWATHIE, Jim Clarke's favourite song. POET DAVE, with THE LIGHTHEARTED MAIDEN, then celebrated the lighthouses at Larne just as DON & HEATHER suggested MAY YOU NEVER and EDDIE was ON OLDHAM'S BURNING SANDS. Another newcomer, GEORGE, then bemoaned THE COST OF A RING in his own song and CARL told us of the female ship’s captain who was ALL AT SEA leaving VINCENT to perform a brilliant WALKING BLUES and ERIC to give us his latest JE SUIS CHARLIE as BANJO JOHN lined up HELLO DOLLY before FAIR PLAY said the LAST GOODBYE before the interval.

A grand raffle had lots of prizes before EDDIE unsheathed his melodeon for the PRIMROSE POLKA. BRIAN then invited us to TIE A YELLOW RIBBON but FREE SPIRITS were on the road with WAGON WHEEL as was PHIL after chasing the BLACK VELVET BAND. Delighted with the audience singing GRAEME went for the LAST THING ON MY MIND and GEORGE sang a friend’s HOLBECK BLUES FAIR before KATHIE blew us away with SUMMER WINE. Equally moving was JIM’s version of PERHAPS LOVE but ED’s POISON was a rather alarming tale leaving JAN to put things right with LAGGAN LOVE. Back in his old stamping ground CARL was at THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR, a pub, while PAUL was in America with STAGGER LEE but DAVE BOULTON decided to treat us to his own NIGHT THE ROYAL CHARTER WENT DOWN. Coming to a climax VINCENT went off to the MOTION PICTURES, ERIC went to sea with THE ANCIENT MARINER, FREE SPIRITS were off with the RAMBLING BOY before MARK & JAN tidied things up with THE END OF THE LINE to end a cracking evening. 

Newsletter No 308 13 January 2015

Another full room greeted hosts ED & SUE with Terry and his entourage up from Cornwall and newcomer Vincent all receiving a great reception.before BANJO JOHN amazed us with his rendition of the TIGER RAG for full orchestra in three different keys all supplied by the master himself. This prompted PETE to want to SHOWER THE PEOPLE while TERRY was off to CALEDONIA and JO was in sympathy with the RAMBLING BOY. Somehow this triggered CARL to remember SISTER JOSEPHINE with PHIL fancying the BROKEN FREEDOM SONG with his croaky voice and ROB dedicating MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN to keeping his namesake awake. There was a fairly new one for ROBIN was MEET ME TONIGHT IN LAREDO as LYNN & JIM quietly stole the LONG BLACK VEIL from him but PAUL was the pacifist inviting everyone to COME ON UP TO THE HOUSE. This was too far to come for SUE & GEOFF who were off on the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS as it was for JAN & MARK who were in ROTTERDAM but DON & HEATHER were up for it at the DIMMING OF THE DAY. Then a wonderful surprise came when first timer VINCENT gave us a great REASON TO BELIEVE which had RICHARD GRAY suggesting LET'S START OVER AGAIN but BANJO JOHN with BARRY on harmonica went for the CAROLINA MOON and JO decided to hit THIS OLD ROAD. Heading to the break TERRY was THE HIGHWAYMAN as PETE celebrated it bringing out THE BEST IN ME.

The usual bumper raffle saw wine, CD's, magic candles etc flying in all directions before VINCENT confessed he had the BAR STOOL BLUES and RICHARD told us he was COMING IN FROM THE STORM to which ROB told us ALL'S WELL, Trevor Morton's Mill Outing. Sneaking up on the quiet side GEOFF then gave us his own excellent version of IN MY LIFE by the Beatles which had JAN & MARK hurtling of to JACKSON and ROBIN searching through the annals for just another WINTER'S TALE. Back to his roots JIM with LYNN were supping WHISKY IN THE JAR while PHIL was in the PALACE OF VERSAILLES but CARL was underground seeking BLACK DIAMONDS. Unhappily PAUL sang of CARELESS LOVE but DON & HEATHER countered with Robin Laing's happy love song to his wife, BLACK CLOTHES. A big finish in view MARK & JAN enlisted for the BLUE COCKADE while TERRY sang his song for his son, RYAN'S SONG, as LYNN & JIM were with the NIGHT VISITING SONG. A little known Pete Morton song from CARL was THANKSGIVING before PETE played the legendary YOUR SONG by E John and DON, HEATHER & PAUL explained how they washed their hands in MUDDY WATER.

Newsletter No 307 6 January 2015

A great full house which was jammed to the doors with visitors from as far away as Paris, the Algarve and spiritually from the west coast of Ireland so a brilliant night was kicked off under protest with STREETS OF LONDON from DON & HEATHER which paradoxically received great vocal support and got everyone in the mood. JIM & LYNN then told us that BLACK IS THE COLOUR as DAVE BOULTON ran off with SALLY WHEATLEY but BANJO JOHN was disinterestedly LEANING ON A LAMPOST. No wonder ROBIN declared IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN and CARL was off SINGING THE AGES DOWN but BRIAN was saying SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD. It needed no guessing what was on PAUL'S mind with MAKE ME DOWN A PALLET ON YOUR FLOOR and FAIR PLAY were clear with DIG'S SONG as was SUE when she sang IF FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE. In reply GEOFF reckoned he had seen it ALL BEFORE but DAVID hoped it would different in LONDONDERRY and KAMRAN had enough on his mind as he was GOING TO BROWNSVILLE. That was too far for MIKE COSGRAVE & CLARE RIGBY who were AT THE IRISH SESSION followed by a tune THE TEETOTALLER as BANJO JOHN replied with SOME OF THESE DAYS which PAUL said SOUNDS SO SWEET. Not always warned DAVE BOULTON who explained the useful wiles of women in THE DEVIL AND THE FEATHERY WIFE but in what was a man's world CARL sang his own song about THE 1710 train before JIM & LYNN took us to the break with the FOLSOM PRISON BLUES.

Much chat and a big raffle later FAIR PLAY got us underway with WATER BOUND with ROBIN claiming to have that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING which according to KAMRAN you get if you TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL but not the same as JOYCE THE LIBRARIAN sang BRIAN. Just then SUE lifted everyone even higher with BRING ME SUNSHINE and GEOFF confessed he was OVER MY MOUNTAIN and MIKE & CLARE proceeded to STEP IT UP MARY followed by the SWEETNESS OF MARY on the flute. GEOFF was reminded of the BROWN EYED GIRL but PAUL was still talking to JESUS ON THE MAINLINE as JIM & LYNN were following the GYPSY ROVER. Further afield ROBIN was in DENVER and FAIR PLAY were 500 MILES away but KAMRAN was describing his week starting ON A MONDAY. Building to a climax MIKE & CLARE needed ROOTS but DAVE BOULTON said LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE which is what DON & HEATHER did as they led a great choir of us singing into the street to STEAL AWAY home.



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