Newsletter No 302 25 November 2014

It was a bright, lively evening to the end of November with ROBIN & PAUL ensuring a great time for everyone. ROBIN got the ball rolling on to DENVER and JIM & LYNN were soon on their travels with the LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL as IAN shot over to the Wirral for WHISKY ON A SUNDAY. Next PAUL invited us to WALK RIGHT IN because as GRASSROOTS said we are STANDING ON THE EDGE OF ETERNITY but as far as SUE was concerned she was off with BLACK JACK DAVY. On a different level PETE said he wanted to MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE but again JO was off with a WAYFARING STRANGER but CHRIS was at least steadfast in being a PIPER TO THE END. Another lady a bit wayward was MARIAN who claimed to be THE FEMALE SMUGGLER but GEOFF was more testosterone fuelled with ARTHUR McBRIDE as DON & HEATHER settled it all down with permission from Arthur Marshall to sing his FENCES. Describing how some of us felt ED gave us the details of his BRONCHIOLE DILATOR BLUES but ARTHUR just kept his eye on the HORIZON, another of his sensitive songs, before JIM & LYNN razzed it up with THE WILD ROVER. After this it was no wonder JO fancied THE SOUND OF SILENCE but KAMRAN wasn't sure with the HESITATION BLUES, however, CHRIS said get on with it 'cos YOU WON'T MAKE OLD BONES. Singing another version of a great song SUE hit us with Dylan's WAGON WHEEL just as GEOFF went off after a LADY OF PLEASURE to take us nicely to the interval.

The Raffle saw Sue return for the Wine, Rosalyn take Nuts & nut crackers, Marian wisely fancy the winter Wind Screen Cover and Ian go home with the Christmas Pudding before GRASSROOTS get us restarted with I WISH I KNEW HOW TO BE FREE. Going solo JIM sang the very romantic PLAY ME as IAN was equally sentimental about trains with the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS and ARTHUR was in similar mood HOW I LOVE THE LITTLE CHILDREN until we realised he liked them in a stew. No wonder PETE then came up with WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT but KAMRAN immediately thought Beatles with I'VE JUST SEEN HIS FACE and MARIAN saw the funny side with WHAT SHALL I WEAR TO THE WEDDING. Thinking of migrant workers DON & HEATHER reckoned they are always thinking of when they will be ROLLING HOME and on a similar tack PAUL gave us THIS LAND IS MY LAND and ROBIN was in the same mood with IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN. It must have been catching because GRASSROOTS insisted on BRINGING ON BACK THE GOOD TIMES before CHRIS broke the spell with Mark Knopfler's THE TRAWLERMAN'S SONG. Getting towards that time GEOFF asked, of no one in particular, SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME to which SUE replied that she was an URBAN SPACEMAN and KAMRAN exclaimed OH GLORY HALLELUJAH. Finally PETE confessed he had a HEART LIKE A WHEEL before DON, HEATHER, PAUL & ROBIN told us ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PAST AND GONE so we needed to hit the road and return next week when it will be December and a month of non-stop partying in Sale folk Club!!

Newsletter No 301 18 November 2014

A quieter start but 40 songs later everyone was rolling home with FREE SPIRITS. Our hosts were DON & HEATHER who set the tempo with GALWAY GIRL followed in fine style by GRASSROOTS with a brilliant version of AUTUMN LEAVES sung by JANICE BELL accompanied by MICK HARE with some excellent guitar work. JIM & LYNN were then after the HIGHWAYMAN as JO was looking for the BEALE STREET PAPA and PHIL was catching up with remembrance day in THE GREEN LEAVES OF FRANCE. On the subject of war POET DAVE commemorated the SHIFTING WHISPERING SANDS in Kuwait while ROBIN told us how he sang SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH for up to a thousand people on his cruise to Oslo to which DAVID COWE replied with a A NONSENSE POEM. Delighted to see him on the mend EDDIE was a cappella with NED OF THE HILL until his wrist is back in use and FAIR PLAY gave WAGON WHEEL the full band treatment. JIM with LYNN then claimed to being the KING OF THE ROAD to which JO invited them with BABY WONT YOU PLEASE COME HOME (Bessie Smith) and PHIL commented IF (only). All DAVID COWE could say was NOW WHAT and DON & HEATHER reckoned it was the DIMMING OF THE DAY after all with EDDIE saying there was plenty of FOGGY DEW about. Being a bit political POET DAVE gave us LONDONDERRY, his parody on London Danny, while ROBIN simply wanted to be a COUNTRY BOY again and not, as FAIR PLAY sang, a LAZY JOHN who was in the middle of KAMRAN's LAZY DAYS. Still on his feet KAMRAN continued with the BIG ROAD BLUES as GRASSROOTS (Janice & Mick) were having TROUBLE IN THE FIELDS as the interval loomed.

The raffle saw Wine go to Joan; Fruit cake to David Cowe; Coasters to Mick; and Baz get the Tambourine until his wife and carer took it off him for persistent overuse, however, not before he stayed on his feet to play with DON & HEATHER for RARE OULD TIMES. The delightful I WILL next came from GRASSROOTS followed by DAVID COWE hoping for a kind WINTER before things got serious with PHIL singing ROCKS IN THE OCEAN about a failed relationship. POET DAVE then confessed to being MR ANOMALY as PAUL uncorked a BOTTLE WINE and from G & S EDDIE told us about A POLICEMAN'S LOT before ROBIN waxed lyrical about the STREETS OF BALTIMORE. Critically FAIR PLAY reckoned he AIN'T NO SWEET MAN as KAMRAN told us about the SWEET DIABETES BLUES while on a sad note GRASSROOTS said THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER SUNSET. In a turn about EDDIE sang the NYMPHS REPLY TO THE SHEPHERDS but PAUL was concerned about his CORN BREAD AND BUTTER BEANS just as ROBIN was interested in the lady in the LONG BLACK VEIL. Coming to the end of a great evening EDDIE offered us a PARTING GLASS to which PHIL responded with LUCKY MAN as Stan with Kath & Ruth aka FAIR PLAY were LEAVING ON A JET PLANE which prompted KAMRAN to come up with DAYDREAM BELIEVER. Suitably performed and entertained to a standstill DON & HEATHER with ROBIN & PAUL finally had everyone singing into the street with yet another ROLLING HOME, this one by none other than Status Quo. Top night.

Newsletter No 300 11 November 2014

A superb evening of remembrance and celebrating Diane's birthday was hosted by JAN & MARK who started the ball rolling with 2 minutes silence of Remembrance followed by ROUT OF THE BLUES from MARK. Bouncing back and forth between remembrance and not JIM & LYNN next introduced us to the GYPSY ROVER before PETE flicked back with his own song BEAT THE DRUM. That old romantic BRIAN then came out with THREE TIMES A LADY before we went back to it with JAN singing MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES as ANDY went off to the GREEN FIELD OF FRANCE. Amusing us with UKELELE, a parody of Hallelujah, came SUE before BAZ bid a fond FAREWELL TO CARLINGFORD and ROBIN had us singing WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Then PHIL came up with an instrumental JESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING as KAMRAN sang us a WHISKY LULLABY and GEOFF told us that ROY ROGERS IS RIDING TONIGHT. Livening things up with an interactive GALWAY GIRL then came DON & HEATHER before RICHARD more seriously told us about THE LAST GREAT WAR to which MARIAN said they are ONLY REMEMBERED as JUDE celebrated the end of war with CARRY ME BACK TO BLIGHTY.

A rousing "Happy Birthday" greeted Diane as she treated us to a great buffet with fresh chips and lots of chat, craic and a bumper raffle of wine, chocolates, duplicate playing cards, oven glove and a vanity case. All of this had PETE out KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR while the still romantic BRIAN admitted THERE I'VE SAID IT AGAIN as JAN & MARK asked DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE and by the fire CARL & JOHN admired the NORWEGIAN WOOD. With another of his own PETER KING sang FOOL'S PARADISE as MARIAN was walking THROUGH GREEN FIELDS AND MEADOWS and PAUL was down to his last TWO DOLLAR BILL. Back with love ANDY confessed I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING I OWN but SUE & GEOFF were off on the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS while JUDE returned to war with THE PARTISAN. Espousing faith RICHARD said it makes him SOLID AS A ROCK as PHIL went back in time to THE COLDEST WINTER IN HISTORY and KAMRAN sang about WILLIE MAE. For JIM & LYNN they had the FOLSOM PRISON BLUES before FREE SPIRITS told that after war there is always a VACANT CHAIR and JOHN  commented on the carnage of war with SCARECROW. Finally JAN & MARK rounded it off with NO USE CRYING which lifted spirits for the homeward journey.

Newsletter No 299 4 November 2014

It quickly developed into a very good evening as KAMRAN & PETE were greeted by a large audience as performers rolled up in a steady stream. PETE kicked off with a joke and SUNNY AFTERNOON followed by DON & HEATHER who explained what happens when she wears BLACK CLOTHES which were suitable attire for BANJO JOHN'S tribute to Acker Bilk with STRANGER ON THE SHORE. As far as JO was concerned via Iris Dement YOU'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG as newcomer SUE exclaimed FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE (Cure) and CHRIS with DON & HEATHER sang THE TRAWLERMAN'S SONG. In good form FAIR PLAY then played and sang WHERE RAVENS FEED as KAMRAN asked WHAT DID YOU LEARN AT SCHOOL TODAY (Paxton) and MARIAN demanded WHAT SHALL WE DO? No answer came from ARTHUR who had got a WRONG NUMBER but CARL was more certain as he was SINGING THE AGES DOWN as was JOHN CONDY reported that the CAVES OF JERICHO were collapsing. JO next sang Blackmore's Knight's GHOST OF A ROSE followed by a request for FLOWERS ON THE WATER from DON & HEATHER and then RICHARD GRAY singing a new song NO PLACE LIKE HOME before another new song from PETE KING took us up to the interval with his latest song NEVER IN MY LIFE.

A bumper raffle saw Jackie win the wine, Linda win the Christmas Pudding, Kamran take the scarf home, John Condy win the car CD holder, Kath win the chocolates and Barry win the Hand wash.

PETE then started us again with his own SUNSETS before FAIR PLAY sang us a BLACK MOUNTAIN LULLABY and SUE came back with BACK AGAIN (Allan Taylor). On his feet again CHRIS went for NANA'S SONG (McTell) and MARIAN introduced us to THE RECRUITED COLLIER and KAMRAN was warning a friend away from his wife with YOU RASCAL YOU. From way back GEOFF was FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN and indeed RICHARD agreed with his own DON'T BE AFRAID OF LOVE as JOHN CONDY gave us one of his favourites BROTHERS IN ARMS. Rising to a climax PETE KING sang another of his own BEATING TIME as CHRIS sang FIRST SONG and GEOFF with SUE sang LABELLED WITH LOVE and FAIR PLAY bid a LAST GOODBYE before DON & HEATHER had us singing into the street with STEEL AWAY to end a sublime evening.


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