OCTOBER - 2014

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Newsletter No 298 28 October 2014

A brilliant party night to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Sale Folk Club was well stewarded by Kath, Ruth & Stan aka FAIR PLAY who got things rolling with WILDWOOD FLOWER followed by BRIAN who was down in Pete Abbott's WINDY HARBOUR while ROB was off to SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Also travelling JAN & MARK were GOING TO JACKSON while PAUL wanted to RAISE A RUCKUS but JO was concerned about her FAIR AND TENDER LADIES. Next JOHN CONDY came up with a great song from The Band, CAVES OF JERICHO, and ZOE MULFORD told us about the SAUSALITO FIRE (Malvina Reynolds) but KAMRAN was off with a TICKET TO RIDE. Celebrating  Raphael Ravenscroft's sax solo in BAKER STREET were CARL & JOHN as DON & HEATHER told of the hard life of the DIAMANTINA DROVER which sent PHIL scurrying to Cream's WHITE ROOM and PETE ROBERTS off OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY. Not seen for a long time PAUL BAINES then stepped up with his HARMONICA MEDLEY of RULE BRITANNIA & THE PRINCESS ROYAL after which CHARLES took us DANCING AT WHITSUN before PAUL DEARDEN went classical with PRELUDE No 1 (Villa Lobos) and MARIAN sang of the BAILIFF'S DAUGHTER OF ISLINGTON to take us to the interval.

A big raffle saw prizes go to Baz - Wine; Sue - Blanket; Heather - Chocolates; Joyce - Biscuits; Joe - Tea bags; Janet - Toiletries; Peter - Millar Make-up and Rosemary - Novel.

Kicking off with the entries to the Songwriting contest won by no one in particular PAUL had us singing away with DRILL YE TARRIERS DRILL before FAIR PLAY pointed out the BRIGHT MORNING STAR which Poet DAVE could see FROM A DISTANCE. Commenting on the clash in the USA between creationists and science JAN & MARK explained the pursuit of CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN and as PETE observed THE WAR DRAGS ON before ZOE MULFORD rose to say her goodbyes as she sets off back across the "Pond" to continue her transatlantic lifestyle with THE PARTING GLASS. Fortunately we shall be seeing her when she returns. BRIAN made his feelings known with EMBRACEABLE YOU and CHARLES dreamed a dream for LOWLANDS AWAY as KAMRAN raced to catch the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. Returning, PAUL BAINES then played his own GUITAR COMPOSITION as JOHN CONDY & KATHY went the formula 1 route with THE CHAIN but MARIAN stayed traditional with THE BLACKSMITH. Next PHIL polished up the GENIE ON THE TABLE TOP with ROB trying to put out the RING OF FIRE leaving CARL & JOHN CONDY to admit we're STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU. Another famous classical piece from PAUL DEARDEN came in the form of SCHERZINA MEXICANA (Ponce) before DON & HEATHER had us all banding up for the SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES. Coming to a climax FAIR PLAY asked us WHAT'LL WE DO WITH THE BABY and PAUL had the BROWN FERRY BLUES but JAN, KATHY & MARK took the biscuit as they all ran off crying I'LL TELL MY MA to end a fantastic evening. 

Newsletter No 297 21 October 2014

Fortunately the wind did not deter many as JANICE BELL & MICK HARE aka GRASSROOTS started us off with FACTORY GIRL swiftly followed by MARK TAYLOR playing his sweet sounding banjo for SADDLE THE PONY & BARNEY PILGRIM and then JO who was down IN THE GHETTO which DON & HEATHER thought was ACROSS THE BORDERLINE. Turning to the spoken word POET DAVID told us YES KNOWS NO HIDING PLACE as BANJO JOHN went back in time with AIN'T SHE SWEET and JAN TAYLOR went even deeper into the tradition to meet THE BLACKSMITH. Next ED brought us up to the present with THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER as did DAVE COWE with the ROCKING GRAN BLUES and CARL with FATHER'S SONG before MICK explored the seedy side of American healthcare with his BREAKFAST IN MEXICO. He was followed by JANICE who told it was NOT 'COS I WANTED TO before JAN & MARK were off ROLLIN' IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS as it was back to nature with ANN singing THE TROUT which has BANJO JOHN celebrating with WHEN YOU'RE SMILING. Late arrival MARIAN then lamented the loss of her BUNCH OF THYME just as POET DAVID told us about THE WHITE PRINCESS and THE LIGHTHEARTED MAIDEN. Realising an earlier mistake DON & HEATHER confessed they had washed their hands in MUDDY WATER as JO sang about her BROTHER and DAVE COWE was off RIDING IN A RAILWAY TRAIN. On earlies CARL then told us CURSED BE THE CALLER with his knock, knock, knock as ED was off on his VINCENT BLACK LIGHTENING but BANJO JOHN went back to Fats Waller for a medley highlighted by I'M GONNA SIT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER. ANN, however, asked us to let her be A LADY FOR TODAY and MARIAN celebrated with LORD OF ALL as we approached the break.
The raffle in the interval saw Mick win the wine, Rhonda win the box of tea, Alan take the biscuits and newly announced writer David win the novel before JANICE took us all off to the GREENFIELDS OF FRANCE. More humorously ED had us laughing at the LITTLE GROCER MAN as JAN & MARK settled DOWN IN THE EASY CHAIR and DAVID told us it was all FOR THE LOVE OF A BEAUTIFL MAID. However, love flies out of the window when POVERTY KNOCKS reckoned DON & HEATHER even in SUMMERTIME sang ANN and even down in MARTHA'S VINEYARD said DAVE COWE. Next on the agenda was MARIAN with ROGER THE MILLER just in time to catch CARL'S 17.10 and JAN TAYLOR singing AR LAN Y MOR bilingually. MARK than managed not to forget THE REMEMBER SONG as MICK remembered all the ORSON STREET GIRLS from his past but ED concentrated on giving words of wisdom to the ladies with THE LIFE IN YOUR MEN. After a great night of music, song and verse DON & HEATHER were requested to lead us with THE BORROWED GUITAR and GRASSROOTS reached a fitting climax with BRINGING ON BACK THE GOOD TIMES which they certainly had.

Newsletter No 296 14 October 2014

Hosts ED & SUE organised the many performers in to a great show for a great audience who were rapt from the first minute when they had everyone involved with GOODNIGHT IRENE. This fooled late arrival ROB who thought his watch had stopped. BANJO JOHN then picked things up with WHISTLING RUFUS as JIM & LYNN shot off with the URBAN SPACEMAN and KEVIN sung about THE PLAINSMAN. With one of his own ARTHUR then told of MR FAULKS and ROBIN sung about OLD DOGS AND CHILDREN AND
HELEN shouldered her concertina to play a RUSSIAN FANTASY. On his feet at last ROB told of the ELLEN VANNIN to which JAN responded IF IT'S TRUE (Anais Mitchell) with CARL recalling that THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATHILDA. Next PAUL jumped up with JACKAROO followed by GRASS ROOTS aka Janice & Mick with MA GHILE MA, DAVE COWE with A WITCH'S TALE and DON & HEATHER with their own STREET CHILD. Coming back BANJO JOHN took us all down the ROCK ISLAND LINE as JIM took us all down the mine with A WORKING MAN AM I before HELEN went all French with
CHANSON D'AMOUR. All philosophical 
ARTHUR told us about his THE CLOCK ON THE WALL while YAN went back to his youth in Italy with QUE SERA and KEVIN was off ringing the BELLS OF RUMNEY. Coming up to the interval ROBIN asked us to ROCK MY CRADLE as ROB celebrated the CHEERLY MAN and ED had us all drunk doing THE MANCHE.

The usual bumper raffle saw prizes go home with Arthur, a rose bush, Heather Kenyon, chocolates, Mick, wine, and Dolan, the CDs.
Then FRANK HIVES was a wonderful surprise guest with IF I WERE A CARPENTER and 
CARL rolled back the years with his own MAGICAL SKY before DAVE told us WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS - SOONER OR LATER. After this PAUL swore he had the KEYS TO THE HIGHWAY while DON & HEATHER quickly recruited him for their trip on the WESTERN PLAINS leaving GRASS ROOTS to sing out LOVE YOU FOREVER (Beatles). Again in band form ROBIN with PAUL, DON & HEATHER for WAGON WHEEL that had everyone singing along as did JIM & LYNN with A MON LIKE THEE leaving them to marvel at ARTHUR singing WHEN THE SACRED GIN MILL CLOSES (Dick van Ronk). ED then got to sing his favourite Dylan, DREAM, as CARL did the same with one of his Jez Lowe favourites I'VE NEVER BEEN NEARER TO NETTLES and PAUL with JUG BAND MUSIC. This left GRASS ROOTS to only get STRONGER with Janice's composition as DON, HEATHER, ROBIN & PAUL shot off with the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS and FRANK as his OKLAHOMA HOME get blown away before ROB had us all ROLLING HOME. A great night! 

Newsletter No 295 7 October 2014

They came from near they came from far to give a warm welcome to STEVE from Bath as DON & HEATHER kicked off by confessing they may not have ALL THE ANSWERS to which ARTHUR MARSHALL replied IF YOU HOLD MY FALSE TEETH I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO DANCE. Undaunted STEVE then rose to respond to the challenge brilliantly with Huw Williams' favourite ROSEMARY'S SISTER followed by JIM & LYNN who told us BLACK IS THE COLOUR just as JO was LEAVING ON A JET PLANE. Next ROBIN came up with a new one in MEET ME TONIGHT IN LAREDO to which PHIL replied with a couple of tunes WELCOME and THE CLOWN as JOHN CONDY donned the gear of THE HIGHWAYMAN. A work in progress saw PAUL sing GOOD MORNING BLUES before KATH & STAN told us that there is NO TELLING WHAT A LOVE SONG CAN DO prompting ED to tell us the story of the insatiable WIDOW ON THE MOOR. Slightly late but ever welcome CARL treated us to BLACK DIAMONDS before STEVE returned with the SONG FOR THE BOWDOIN, a tribute to the Arctic exploration schooner by Larry Kaplin. ARTHUR'S only response was that IT'S AFTER MIDNIGHT as JO embarked on the traditional COME KISS ME LOVE while JOHN had BOATS TO BUILD. MARIAN then told us ALL THINGS ARE QUITE SILENT and JIM & LYNN said YELLOW IS THE COLOUR but ROBIN was off to DURHAM TOWN as CARL responded to the request for Jake Thackray's ON AGAIN ON AGAIN. Winding up a great half PETE KING sang his own love song COME OUT OF THE RAIN.

In the interval there was the usual bumper raffle with Carl winning the tin of Chocolates and immediately passing them round, John Condy won the wine, Jim took the virgin olive oil and Kath left with Philomena the novel. PAUL then started us with EVER YOUNG, dedicated to birthday girl HEATHER KENYON just as PHIL set out for THE FIELDS OF FRANCE (Al Stewart) and ED challenged us with the BALLAD OF A CRYSTAL MAN (Donovan). Next KATH & STAN told us there was a TRAIN ON THE ISLAND and MARIAN sang of THE SWAN before PETE KING suggested LET THERE BE LIGHT. With a very old song STEVE invited us to COME OVER THE WATER TO CHARLIE just as JIM & LYNN suggested we go NIGHT VISITING but ROBIN would have us on THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE and PHIL would have us meet the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN. However, JOHN threatened his harmonica with KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, as it gradually moved away from him in its harness, but CARL helped us regain our composure with another request I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR just as KATH & STAN were off into the SLEEPY DESERT. Building to a climax ARTHUR sang his own tribute to Seamus O'Hendricks with HEY CLANCY just before ED was sat on by THE FAT LADY'S BUM and no wonder PAUL responded with DON'T GET TROUBLE ON YOUR MIND. Fortunately, we had PETE KING to bring back a touch of class with his own thoughts on the BLUE BEDROOM of a young lady across the street. Magic!!