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Newsletter No 294 30 September 2014

A completely different mix of people with guests even from Perth in Western Australia and several locals threatening to return with instruments and songs to sing as PAUL & ROBIN hosted in great style. First PAUL conducted us all in MAMA DON'T ALLOW followed by PETER who sang ST PAUL'S SONG and BANJO JOHN who shouted out HEY MR TAMBOURINE MAN! Then JO led us all in singing AMAZING GRACE before ROBIN celebrated the anniversary of Sir Walter Scott with JOCK O'HAZELDEAN while JIM & LYNN had those FULSOME PRISON BLUES. Taking centre stage after a few weeks ANN again delighted us with LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY MISTER which for some reason gave ED some CHILDHOOD MEMORIES to which DON & HEATHER replied he's obviously PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE. Not so PETE who explained how a young lady brought out the BEST IN ME and BANJO JOHN went off on one with ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN leaving JO to coyly announce I LIVE NOT WHERE I LOVE. No doubting where JIM & LYNN got to with I GOT STRIPES or PAUL who was eulogising over STEWBALL the racehorse but for ROBIN the BATTLE IS OVER. Coming up to half time DON & HEATHER reckoned we're all SAINTS AND SINNERS even ANN'S UNCLE TOM COBLEY and definitely ED'S FLUSHERS down in the country's sewers.

A bumper raffle saw Chris win the Olive Oil, Jackie won the Cadbury's Roses, Pete had the wine, Alan got the Dairy Milk Chocolate and Rosalyn took the biscuit(s) before PAUL swore that THE SINGING WILL NEVER END as HELEN played with THE MARVELLOUS TOY and JIM & LYNN were off to Ireland to see the FORTY SHADES OF GREEN. In a bluesy frame of mind PETE then shot off to KANSAS CITY and to welcome our Antipodean friends DON & HEATHER went down to SOUTH AUSTRALIA while ED remained on the farm with TREAT MY DAUGHTER DECENT. Meanwhile ROBIN nipped over to the US of A for FRAULEIN as JIM & LYNN were tasting that RARE OLD MOUNTAIN DEW and PETE was celebrating his HEART OF GOLD. Not so ROBIN, PAUL, DON & HEATHER who were down DARK AS A DUNGEON and ED was saying we should FLOG 'EM, FLAY 'EM AND HANG 'EM to which DON & HEATHER replied just like in the RARE OULD TIMES then. Seeking to reach a climax PAUL, ROBIN, DON & HEATHER first had us all rueing the presence of FENCES courtesy of Arthur Marshall and then ED joined PAUL, ROBIN, DON & HEATHER tell us that ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PAST AND GONE so we all hit the road home after a very satisfying evening.

Newsletter No 293 23 September 2014

An almost full house came in out of the rain to have a great night of top class music hosted by JAN & MARK who lit the fuse with their excellent version of THE BLUE COCKADE. Swiftly ROBIN bade us all a LAST FAREWELL before JOHN CHILCOTT told us a foxy story with REYNARDINE and in sinister vein MIKE DIXON told us SOME MAY CALL IT RUE. Next CARL CORBETT sang John Gorka's great song I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR before DAVE CINNAMOND confounded some of us with is YES KNOWS NO HIDING PLACE which led DON & HEATHER to think of the SMUGGLER'S SONG. Eager to shore John Tams' SCARECROW, JOHN CONDY took to the floor followed by PAUL RILEY with HARD TRAVELLING and DAVE HOWARD & MIKE COSGRAVE telling about how another FOX WENT OUT ON A WINDY NIGHT. A welcome back for YAN presented us with A LOVE SONG by Dave Evans before JIM, who was Lynn-less, sang COME BACK PADDY RILEY and STEVE HIGGINSON had us all grafting with a sea shanty LIBERTY'S SWEET SHORE. Not satisfied skipper ROB WHITE gave us more work with another sea shanty ROLL ALABAMA ROLL, KAMRAN giving his opinion with CHUMP MAN BLUES as MICHELLE HOLDING unveiled a great version of ANNABELLE. Racing toward the break MIKE COSGRAVE was PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE as were most of the convicts aboard THE LADY PENRHYN sung by LAWRENCE HALL and it took longer to reach Australia than the 15 DAYS in the song by ESTHER BRENNAN & IAN BUCHANON.

A bumper raffle saw Andy win the wine, Joan take the Chocolate Bar, Alan win the Celebration Chocolates, Mark walk off with the scarf, Ann snaffle the Thorntons, Joan take the After Eights and Jim go home with the Room Perfuser.

Opening up DON & HEATHER told how she DANCES FOR DOLLARS with MARION declaring I'm LANG AWA' TO THE HIGHLAND HILLS just as KATHIE TAYLOR & JOHN CONDY were getting all TANGLED UP IN BLUE. Undaunted STEVE HIGGINSON was away with to war with the LANCASHIRE LADS while CARL gave us a SONG OF JOY DOWN THE RIVER TO THE SEA and JIM sang the song his dad used to sing to his mum, I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN KATHLEEN. All heavy PAUL then came out with the LONG BLACK VEIL but ESTHER & IAN were more cheerful remembering school days with YOGURT POTS before LAWRENCE had us all singing again with 12 GOOD MEN AND TRUE. Still in "L" plates ROB was again COURTING TOO SLOW but YAN was soon off to BUDAPEST and MICHELLE was back in the last century with THE ELEPHANT SABU BOY as KAMRAN & KATHIE celebrated JELLY ROLL. Coming up to a grand finale ROBIN with HEATHER, PAUL & DON sang his new song PIPER TO THE END and MIKE COSGRAVE again recruited DAVE HOWARD for THIS LOVE WILL CARRY before JAN & MARK closed a great night of music and craic by having us all RUNNING LIKE A TURKEY. Magic!!

Newsletter No 292 16 September 2014

Another surprising evening as many friends old and new came to enjoy a JANICE & DAVE hosting a lot of top talent. They invited BANJO JOHN to tell about MY BABY and KATH & STAN to sing DINKS SONG followed by ROBIN wishing he was BACK HOME. With their own story DON & HEATHER sang about the failed love life of ROMANY JACK before DAVE COWE recited Mike Harding's LOST EMPIRES and PAUL RILEY threatened to TELL OLD BILL. Then JANICE also sang her own EAGLE WING quickly followed by IAN & GARRY with HURT and ED explaining why the LOGGER LOVER stirred his coffee with his thumb. Unimpressed JIM & LYNN were off after the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN as CARL gave us the story of the BATTLE TRAFALGAR. In country mood JAN & MARK were then off to JACKSON TOWN as JO was over in Ireland with the GALWAY SHAWL and ARTHUR mused on THE DEATH OF REV. IAN PAISLEY. A new departure then saw KAMRAN telling about 10 FINGER JOHNNY as BANJO JOHN returned to show us the CAROLINA MOON and IAN & GARRY returned with DAVE who sang SUMMERTIME. Rising to a climax IAN< GARRY & DAVE did a great version of THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE before JO went a cappella with ONCE I HAD A SWEETHEART as DON & HEATHER marvelled at the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS, DAVE COWE celebrated the DRUNKARD and JANICE sang about her WONDERWALL to take us to the break.

ROBIN opened the second half with a PEACEFUL EASY FEELING before KAMRAN told us it was NO ONES DIRTY BUSINESS as KATH & STAN went off with the WAYFARING STRANGER. This led ED to give us all a laugh with SHUT UP before JAN & MARK sailed off on the BONNIE SHIP THE DIAMOND and ARTHUR asked us ANYTHING FOR AN OLD ? JM & LYNN then shot of to California for MUIRSHEEN DURKIN and PAUL RILEY stayed in the USA for NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU'RE DOWN AND OUT as did KAMRAN with the DEAD SHRIMP BLUES and DON & HEATHER at the ROSEVILLE FAIR. Back home DAVE COWE gave us another Mike Harding in ODDS AND SODS but ED went back to that great singer AL BOWLY before ROBIN, PAUL, HEATHER & DON jumped up as FREE SPIRITS to sing WAGON WHEEL. Coming to a great finish JAN, MARK & KATHY got up together for at long last to play and sing I'LL TELL ME MA as IAN & GARRY & DAVE returned to sing LOVE POTION NO 9 leaving KATH & STAN to get GOING ROUND THE WORLD BABY MINE to end a fine evening. 

Newsletter No 291 9 September 2014

BAZ'S BIG BIRTHDAY BASH was celebrated in fine style with some very talented performers sharing their wares with a full house. DON & HEATHER set the tone by greeting all the SAINT AND SINNERS (David Francey) before PAUL got down and dirty with the BLACK BOTTOM BLUES which set up FAIR PLAY ethereal MOONSHADOW. Then ED tried to calm everyone down with the LIVERPOOL LULLABY, first sung by Kate's Mum, and BANJO JOHN responded by admitting I GET THE BLUES WHEN IT RAINS (1929) all of which had JO off BLOWING IN THE WIND which had us all singing along. JAN & MARK were in no doubt that it was the END OF THE LINE as probably did the BOYS OF BELLY ROW as sung by CARL and it was certainly true for THE GYPSY ROVER from JIM & LYNN. Fortunately STEVE found himself in NOT SUCH A BAD PLACE as MICHAEL BURNS sang his own song about his grandfather surviving WW2 with PEASE PUDDING & DAHL and MARION admitted she was SORRY THE DAY I WAS MARRIED, we don't think so! Also with his own composition PETE told us how FRIENDS sometimes aren't what they seem before COLIN gave us his great rendition of MR BOJANGLES, new strings and all, and KAMRAN celebrated our latest bit of SUMMERTIME. Surely not being serious BANJO JOHN then told us you're MEAN TO ME which we didn't believe as DON & HEATHER revealed some of the paradoxes of the illegal immigrant with ACROSS THE BORDERLINE. Coming to a climax PETER KING gave a brilliant performance of DESPERADO (Eagles) and JO went Beatles with ALL MY TRIALS before JIM & LYNN returned to the tradition for the SPANISH LADY.

Then after a hearty "Happy Birthday" we were treated to an excellent buffet by Lin and Baz and in the Raffle the wine went home with Peter, the Chocs disappeared with Simon, the Toiletries went off with Heather Kenyon, the Handcream took to Paul and the Ouzo hit the spot for Chris & Barry.

The second stretch was set off by MARK & JAN with their rousing version of CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN before FAIR PLAY told us how to deal with a NAUGHTY BABY and ED introduced us to GEORGINA BAILEY. A bi of anti-social behaviour turned up in PAUL's version of STAGGER LEE and in a similar way STEVE's own song HAD ENOUGH involved a bit of contumely whereas MARION reminded us that there is no glory in war with ONLY REMEMBERED. Any way up KAMRAN had got the FISHING BLUES while CARL was happy to be SAFE IN THE HARBOUR at last and PETE was also looking for peace in his anti-war song BEAT THE DRUM. A couple of his lovely tunes, MISS JOAN SHORROCKS & BARBARA AND BILL, were the played by MICHAEL BURNS as PETER KING treated us to his own THE BEAT RAN WILD and PAUL had us all singing away with CORRINA CORRINA. Coming to the end of a great night FAIR PLAY told us it a all PIE IN THE SKY before ED, PAUL, DON & HEATHER banded together to tell us ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PASSED AND GONE.

Newsletter No 291 2 September 2014

Another excellent Acoustic Folk Night was started off in his own inimitable style by PETE with a "seasoned veteran" joke followed by BIG GIRL NOW (Dylan) which nicely set up FOR EMILY from JOHN CHILCOTT and ELLE VANNIN from ALLAN. By way of a change JOHN CONDY gave us A MODERN MAN, a monologue by Carlin, which suitably introduced TERRY GODSEN, who was visiting us from Cornwall, to sing THE MINSTREL (Pratt) in his lovely deep, resonant voice followed by a big welcome back for ARTHUR and his own CLOSING TIME. Also after a short break we were delighted to see ROBIN even though he brought us THE SNOWS OF NEW YORK (De Burgh) and also just as welcome was RICHARD KNOTT with his suggestion LET'S GET DRUNK AGAIN which immediately made PAUL think of THE OLD '97. Next up was ED with the ROYAL CHARTER and another interesting suggestion from KAMRAN who said LET'S ALL TALK DIRTY IN HAWAIIAN (Prine) and it was a relief when GILLIAN, a new singer from Bolton with a lovely haunting voice, and her friend STEVE, who played the bodhran, got up to sing THE WAYFARING STRANGER. It was equally good to see and hear JIM & LYNN who pronounced I'M ALWAYS GLAD TO SEE A MON LIKE THEE before COLIN was inspired by Terry to sing one of his best songs THE COAST IS MY COMMANDER as JOHN CHILCOTT rose to sing THE PONY MAN which left TERRY GODSEN to take us to the interval with GO TO SLEEP AND DREAM, written for his son.

A bumper raffle break saw the White wine go home with Barry, the Red wine depart with Jen who was with Terry, the Teapot taken away by Lynn, the Bracelet find a home with Anne and the CDs disappear with Allan before PETE kicked us into action again with WHOLE LIFE THROUGH. This prompted ROBIN to think of a nice song about a nice place, DENVER, and ARTHUR to think of his funny song about his life, ASS, before JIM & LYNN went chasing after THE BLACK VELVET BAND. All this led ED to sing out IT'S GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS with JOHN CONDY finding himself in a BLACK MUDDY RIVER and ALLAN finding himself in OLD BOSNIA to which KAMRAN could only suggest AIN'T WE CRAZY. That is THE QUESTION sang RICHARD KNOTT as we all joined in the refrain which definitely gave PAUL some TROUBLE IN MIND before GILLIAN, a cappella, told us THE WATER IS WIDE. Enough of the sentimental stuff reckoned ARTHUR who then gave us his own HEY, CLANCY claiming its inspiration from Hendrix with much loud chorusing. Well done Arthur. Back to his youth JOHN CONDY pleaded (let me be your) TEDDY BEAR with us all singing along as did ALLAN with YE JACOBITES BY NAME and JIM & LYNN with PEGGY GORDON. Going for the big climax TERRY GODSEN had us all going with SALLY FREE AND EASY as did RICHARD KNOTT with SUGAR FOR SUGAR before GILLIAN had us all singing away with THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN.
Both Gillian and Terry commented on the friendliness of the club & their warm welcome, and said that they would return, which would be a good thing!!