APRIL - 2014

Newsletter No 274 29 April 2014
A bit slow to gather but a quality audience saw a wedge of talented performers swiftly arrive at the appointed hour as KATH, RUTH & STAN were on hand to host the evening. DAVE BOULTON started the ball rolling with PADDY LAY BACK to be followed by CHRIS singing THE MAGINOT WALTZ and FAIR PLAY telling us THE WATER IS WIDE. Next ROBIN was extolling the virtues of WATERMELON WINE and CARL told us about THE BOYS OF BELLY ROW before JO went WW2 with HELLO HANS. With a nod to Sting JIM took us to the FIELDS OF GOLD to which ED responded by crossing the Atlantic to the STREETS OF BALTIMORE and for some reason PETE was all HURT. This stirred POET DAVID to tell us his own tale of LARNE LOUGH and GORDON to tell of BOGEY'S BONNIE BELLE before YOGA PETE gave us a song, a story and cannibalism with A SHIP IN DISTRESS. In a more workaday mode FAIR PLAY were all about the HEDGER & DITCHER and DAVE BOULTON was on THE FINAL TRAWL but CARL found himself SAFE IN THE HARBOUR at last. Coming up to the interval CHRIS sang TERMINUS and before she went JO pleaded COME KISS ME LOVE as GORDON wandered off down BLACKWATERSIDE. Not giving a damn ED admitted I GOT STONED AND I MISSED IT leaving ROBIN to ask ROCK MY CRADLE ONCE AGAIN after which YOGA PETE led us all in MARTIN SAID TO HIS MAN and JIM claimed he only had MEMORIES OF LOVE. 

A bumper raffle saw JIM win the wine, ALAN take the port, MARIAN take away the Buck's fizz and KATH grab the CD kindly donated by Dave Boulton who was half of His Worship and the Pig.
Starting at a lick PETE set us off with a WILD FLYING DOVE and getting in the swing POET DAVID recited his own FROM A MIS-STANCE about the conflict between the two Irelands. Then DAVE BOULTON had us all singing to TOM'S GONE TO HILO while FAIR PLAY wondered HOW WILL I EVER BE SINGLE AGAIN and JEAN FINNEY'S answer was DON'T GO TO A FOLK CLUB to find out. PAUL agreed and said he had the GOIN' FISHIN' BLUES and ROBIN was sad NOW THAT THE BUFFALO'S GONE leaving CARL to celebrate by SINGING THE AGES DOWN. More traditionally GORDON gave us the THE AULD TRIANGLE while JIM mused on THIS OLD GUITAR and CHRIS was philosophical with THE SEAGULL. Too serious reckoned ED who told us the story of THE WIDOW'S MOOR and JEAN responded with the classic Joyce Grenfell DANCING BUST TO BUST but PETE wasn't for being cheered up with AIN'T GOT NO HOME. Going for a big finish PAUL had us DRILL YE TARRIERS DRILL and FAIR PLAY took us out into the MOONSHADOW where CHRIS asked us ARE YOU RECEIVING ME before DAVE BOULTON had us singing into the ctreet with HERE'S TO YOU TOM BROWN.

Newsletter No 273 22 April 2014

Some new faces and new combinations were the order of the day when hosts KAMRAN & PETE opened the evening and PETE took to the floor with Elton's YOUR SONG swiftly followed by BANJO JOHN with the COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER and then the new duo of BRIAN and SUE BENTHAM clutching at THE NEARNESS OF YOU. Without more ado JO was off with her RAMBLING BOY but MIKE COSGRAVE reckoned YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE HARLAN ALIVE, another coal mining song, just as PHIL presented a different view of Jesus' life for Easter with THE OUTLAW. Then it was newbie time when local man ALAN sang and played the lovely lilting Graham Miles song WHEN THE SNOWS OF WINTER FALL to which DAVE BOULTON replied with THE WEDLOCK OF EDWARD WOPP. For some reason this gave KAMRAN the DEEP ELLUM BLUES but for MICK & JANICE, fresh from their "tour" of Heart Le Pool, it seemed THERE WAS A STORM COMING. Despite that JOHN CHILCOTT claimed I ALWAYS THOUGHT I'D SEE YOU AGAIN and unsentimentally ED tried to send us off with the LIVERPOOL LULLABY as CARL shot off to THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR. Then we had the novelty of PETER merging yoga with the blues in respect of the claim that Libya was where ST GEORGE SLEW THE DRAGON by singing lying on the floor which had COLIN shaken TO THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL leaving DAVID to tell a story from Denis Law's autobiography. JO then rose for her second and told us I LIVE NOT WHERE I LOVE and BANJO JOHN posed the question IS IT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT DIXIE and no one claimed they could dipute it as we took the interval.

Glasses were recharged and the raffle saw Joyce win the wine, Colin win the Hot Toddy, Brian win the Fancy Soaps and Novelty Corkscrew drifted into the mists of time before PETE pleaded that everyone should TAKE IT EASY. Using a favourite format MIKE COSGRAVE then sang COL CALLAN followed by a Cittern instrumental MUNSTER BUTTERMILK
 and ALAN delighted us again with WHERE RAVENS FEED before BRIAN declared I'LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVE YOU IN A SONG. Still in creative mood PETER then sang his own funny FRACKING SONG as COLIN claimed he was a DESPERADO and DAVE claimed he had a BLACK HORSE. All serious PHIL then played us A STUDY IN A and KAMRAN claimed he knew all about THINGS THAT MATTER and before the month could end JOHN CHILCOTT just got in APRIL COME SHE WILL. We then hoped that we would make it in time as CARL took us off through THE NORTH WEST PASSAGE but of a more serious mind ED told us I LIKE MY WOMEN A LITTLE ON THE TRASHY SIDE and even more seriously JANICE & MICK sang the great song she wrote about her son FLEETING CHANCE followed by her excellent STRONGER to close a superb evening. 

Newsletter No 272 15 April 2014

With ED & SUE at the helm there was no chance of a quiet night as BANJO JOHN opened with MR BOJANGLES which brought a comments from Colin in the naughty corner of another stolen song but ED certainly didn't steal his song AL BOWLY as COLIN was invited up to sing COME MY LITTLE SON followed by our friend GORDON from Withernsea who was visiting us again all the way from the East Ridings of Yorkshire and he gave us DIESEL AND SHALE. Then another delightful surprise was when Rob brought BERNICE along following her spell in hospital as she is unable to drive at present. It was lovely to see her again and especially to hear her version of SETH DAVY. Next KAMRAN had us all smiling with his REMEMBER song and we all joined in with JO when she sang WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN followed by JOHN CHILCOTT who came a long way so could only stay until the break but he treated us to a lovely rendition of BARBARA ALLEN. Following on ROB sang COME WRITE YE DOWN and PETE, probably with his broken down car in mind, sang I SHALL BE RELEASED accompanied by John Condy on guitar which JOHN immediately used to give us STAY YOUNG. Next PETER chatted to us all as usual and finally sang ROCK ME GRANDMA for which he was given a standing ovation!! ROBIN also gave a long introduction to his version of Wind in the Willows or should it have been Bread & Fishes?   No – maybe Wind in the Willows?   Or perhaps Bread & Fishes!  Anyway, he also got a standing ovation for daring to follow Peter. Indeed BRIAN also rose to the occasion with a very accomplished guitar instrumental of the Beatles' AND I LOVE HER as did KATH & STAN who gave us a Ruth-less LAST GOODBYE. As the quality escalated DAVE BOULTON sang his latest funny from Saturday, GREAT BIG SAUSAGE SARNI and also left everyone with a smile upon their face as we went up to the interval.

Ann, Marina and Sue won the raffle with Ann very kindly sharing her box of chocs with the whole of the club as we embarked upon another round with COLIN, as we suspected he may leave early, and he sang and played a wonderful COUNTRY GIRL before BERNICE continued the tradition of nicking a song with GALWAY GIRL. There was no chance of BANJO JOHN having his songs pinched as he had everyone singing along to his FATS WALLER MEDLEY making us realise that we are all a lot older than we would like to admit! ED then put on his best Lancashire accent and sang MONDAY HER DOES ALL 'ER WESHING before GORDON rose to sing another Cyril Tawney song PULL THE STRING before he left for his long journey back to the North Sea Coast. Thanks for coming Gordon. Next there was a surprise as KEITH, who came purely as audience, was persuaded by Sue to impersonate Elvis with ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’ and it was certainly difficult to distinguish it from the real thing. Another surprise was ROB unsheathing his guitar and hammering out RING OF FIRE before KATH & STAN played and sang DINKS SONG and DAVE sang a serious THE SOUTH GOODWIN LIGHTSHIP. By way of a change BRIAN then played John Lee Hooker’s BOOM, BOOM, BOOM as PETE rose to sing HEY JOE and PETER sang WILD MOUNTAIN THYME. Also in good voice ROBIN sang the old favourite JOCK '' HAZELDEAN before KAMRAN sang a lengthy titled SALLY TELL ME WHERE D'YOU GET YOUR LIQUOR FROM DOWN TOWN and JOHN CONDY finished the round with another number from the same part of Eire, GALWAY GIRL. With just enough time for a handful more performers before the end of the evening BERNICE sang a very moving blast from the past, ONLY YOU as did KATH & STAN with DIRTY OLD TOWN and PETE with ROLLIN' IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS. With another of his own huge repertoire DAVE sang HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, which he wrote with his dear Mum in mind, and ROB completed the evening with the Scented Breeze song or better known to us as the Centipede Song or actually I WISH I WAS BACK IN LIVERPOOL with the whole audience increasing the numbers in the bed automatically.

Newsletter No 271 8 April 2014

An absolutely bonzer night with a capacity audience in Sale Folk Club drew in some mega talent which DON & HEATHER led off with A SONG FOR THE LIFE and this was the life as they coaxed the best out of the assembled throng and we are quoting Arthur Marshall. BANJO JOHN was first very topical with his medley of APRIL SHOWERS, RAINBOW ROUND MY SHOULDER, AVALON and RED, RED ROBIN before the gauntlet was laid down by our first newcomer the wonderful Louise Jordan who raised the bar to the sky with her version of SHULE-A-ROO setting the tone for a wonderful evening.
DAVE BOULTON responded magnificently as did the audience with ALL FOR MY GROG followed by ARTHUR MARSHALL with his a cappella CLOSE THE COALHOUSE DOOR and COLIN RUDD with his amusing treatment of WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY. 
Currently in good form JO took us out on THIS OLD ROAD and BRIAN replied THERE I'VE SAID IT AGAIN as ROBIN prepared us for THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE. Next FAIR PLAY took us sailing with SWEET THAMES FLOW SOFTLY before another newcomer STEVE HIGGINS told us about THE TWA RECRUITING SERGEANTS and LAWRENCE sang his own THE FACE OF ENGLAND. With nice harmonies more newcomers ES & CHRIS then told us about CAPTAIN WEDDERBURN'S COURTSHIP before ERIC unleashed his new THAT WAS THEN and MIKE COSGRAVE amazed us with cittern playing as he sang I CAN HEAR THE WHISTLE BLOWING. Still on transport ROB reminded us he is a sailor with THE GREY FUNNEL LINE and IAN reminded us he has 12 fingers with his own TUESDAY NIGHT TUNE as CHRIS sang about McTell's MICHAEL. Next JOHN CONDY urged us to STAY YOUNG KEEP YOUR WHEELS IN MOTION before BANJO JOHN gave us a fiscal lesson with IF YOU ROLL A SILVER DOLLAR and LOUISE JORDAN summed it all up with her own ENRAPTURED. 

Needless to say the interval flew by as Ian won the roses, Alan took the Easter Egg, Es & Chris won the Chocolates and the wine by AN Other before FAIR PLAY opened the second stretch with AIN'T NO SWEET MAN. Next ROB had us FATHOM THE BOWL which according to BRIAN gave us a FUNNY, FAMILIAR FORGOTTEN FEELING to which COLIN confessed it was SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH. But not CARRUTHERS claimed ERIC, more likely ANDERSON'S GHOST reckoned ES & CHRIS as STEVE HIGGINS embarked upon HENRY TAYLOR'S SONG. Undaunted IAN wrapped his fingers round MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE as JOHN CONDY embarked on AMAZON RIVER OF DREAMS and LAWRENCE had us singing and acting out his own SHANTYMAN. Returning to the floor ROBIN bade his LAST FAREWELL to which DAVE BOULTON responded by saying older years I MISS MY MIND whereas ARTHUR MARSHALL in a romantic vein admitted YOU ARE STILL ON MY MIND. Recognising some primeval urge MIKE COSGRAVE then took the initiative by lunging towards a climax with a brilliant rendition of THE RAGGLE TAGGLE GYPSIES leaving LOUISE JORDAN to blow us all away with THE TWO SISTERS followed by her own WORLD WEARY and the Carole King classic WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW which we all agreed we certainly would.

Newsletter No 270 1 April 2014 

A nice gathering was in for a treat as HEATHER & PAUL led slightly fewer performers to enjoy more of their individual repertoires before a very receptive audience. PAUL started the ball rolling with RAMBLING ON MY MIND just as JIM & LYNN were after the BLACK VELVET BAND and PHIL was embarking on a CLASSICAL MEDLEY. Then there was a welcome return for JEAN who tried to fend off the request, DO YOU DO ANY DYLAN? On the other hand JO promised WE SHALL OVERCOME and FAIR PLAY were seeking a WILDWOOD FLOWER as CARL celebrated the doggy relationship of SINATRA AND 1. Next an interesting memory lapse saw DON & HEATHER switch to the DIMMING OF THE DAY before PETE gave us his interpretation of GONE TO BE WED TO ANOTHER as KAMRAN pointedly asked WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT and POET DAVE explained the origin of his LONDONDERRY, YOU'RE A REAL SAD CITY. A nice departure from DAVE BOULTON resulted in the seafaring FAREWELL TO TARWATHIE with JIM & LYNN declaring BLACK IS THE COLOUR to which JO replied I'm LEAVING ON A JET PLANE with great chorusing from the crowd. In good form JEAN then treated us to LOVELY ANN and ADD ME while PHIL came back to sing McTell's WATCHING THE BOATS GO BY which prompted FAIR PLAY to observe that THE SUN IS BURNING IN THE SKY. In a humorous vein CARL told us the Geordie version of IT'S A CHAMPION LIFE as PETE came up with the CROPPY BOY while KAMRAN felt LOVE'S IN VAIN making DAVE BOULTON exclaim GOOD LORD DELIVER ME.

A big raffle saw Carl win the wine, Joan win the Chocolates, Chris & Barry take the Biscuits and Kath win the Chocolate Eclairs as PAUL prepared us for the second half with DON'T GET TROUBLE ON YOUR MIND. Then DON & HEATHER finally remembered their own SOUTH AUSTRALIA as FAIR PLAY set out on the ROAD TO ELDORADO before JEAN took us back in time for her SIR THEOBOLD'S PARTY monologue. Next PHIL came up with a delightful guitar piece SEAGULL as CARL responded with the request for Pete Morton's FURTHER and KAMRAN asked WHAT DID YOU LEARN IN SCHOOL TODAY? Then PETE jokily came up with THE SHORTEST POEM IN THE WORLD and THE FADING OUT LIMERICK before DON, HEATHER & PAUL washed their hands in MUDDY WATER. Singing one of his favourites PAUL then told the story of STEWBALL and FAIR PLAY gave us the advice on WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE BABY before JEAN sang her own SUMMER IS OVER. Starting the grand finale PETE had us singing LIVERPOOL LOU while KAMRAN celebrated LAZY DAYS and PHIL was off to FIDDLER'S GREEN. Then CARL had laughing with SISTER JOSEPHINE and DAVE BOULTON celebrated NAPOLEON BONAPARTE before DON, HEATHER & PAUL led a band up for WHISKEY IN THE JAR to end a great night of forty songs.


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