September 2013

Newsletter No 246 24 September 2013

After a couple of quieter weeks they filled up every pew last night with MARK & JAN in great form starting us off with a good old singing of FIDDLER'S GREEN followed by PAUL RILEY telling us THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND and CARL CORBETT asking us to MEET ME ON THE CORNER. Sadly KATH & STAN couldn't make it as they were WATERBOUND and neither could KAMRAN because HE'S IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW and DON & HEATHER were up to their eyes in it KNEE DEEP IN A RIVER. Thank goodness for a moment of sanity when COLIN RUDD admitted that FROM THE MOMENT I SAW HER he was smitten before Poet DAVE reminded us of wars with SHIFTING WHISPERING SANDS. Next JO skipped off to the SCARBOROUGH FAIR as JIM & LYNN confessed that PEGGY GORDON was their darling and IAN gave us his latest solo guitar interpretation of MOON RIVER. From his country repertoire ROBIN then filled his jug with some WATERMELON WINE as DOREEN celebrated an AUTUMN MORNING before MIKE COSGRAVE took us from GALWAY TO GRACELAND. Still in singing mode DAVE had us all trilling to KING OF THE ROAD before IAN FORSHAW took us SHIPBUILDING with Elvis Costello and DAVID COWE gave us a lesson in relativity with IN TENEBRIS by Thomas Hardy. Fresh and vibrant as ever, RICHARD KNOTT gave us his SCARECROW BLUES as JAN held up the FIERY CROSS to people invading the countryside but thankfully JOHN CONDY was on THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET and JANICE with MICK HARE sang her own autobiographical WHAT DIDN'T KILL ME MADE ME STRONGER to take us up to the interval.

After a whiff of oxygen and a lie down JAN & MARK bemoaned the passing of the THIRTY FOOT TRAILER and COLIN sang how he learned that ILLNESS ISOLATES YOU before IAN took us off to STRAWBERRY FIELDS and CARL was reminiscing about SMALL TOWNS. Poet DAVE contrasted the fortunes in LONDONDERRY while JIM & LYNN saw the whimsical side in the IRISH ROVER as did RICHARD with his philosophy when things go wrong to GO RIGHT BACK AND START OVER AGAIN. Meanwhile DOREEN was still in a DREAM sequence but KATH & STAN were off to OWENSBORO as KAMRAN was warning us about WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS as was ROBIN who questioned, YOU SAY THAT THE BATTLE IS OVER? On a different level JANICE with MICK HARE told us I THINK IT'S GOING TO RAIN TODAY as DAVE explored regrets with EMPTY CHAIRS. DAVID COWE then gave us RIDE MAN RIDE which prompted IAN to come up with FREIGHT TRAIN & BYE BYE BLACKBIRD and PAUL to lead us in RAILROAD BILL. To reach a rousing climax JOHN CONDY introduced us to WARM LOVE and MIKE COSGRAVE sang his own story of MOLLY DARCY before DON & HEATHER explained how they were glad to be back with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT ALL to cap a great night of music and craic.

Newsletter No 245 17 September 2013

With a nice group of birthdays to celebrate KAMRAN & PETE greeted the assembled throng and started of with PETE saying GOODBYE TO THE OLD which BANJO JOHN ignored to sing RICOCHET attributed to Joan Regan while MIKE went to KATIE (McCarthy). IAN then played something based on a Nick Harpur tune as CARL pleaded RICKY DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER and JO bemoaned ALL MY TRIALS. LORD. Soon on the scene GED treated us to DUNCAN AND BRADY while ROB was KNOCKING 'EM DOWN, THE OLD PUBS and DAVID was HOMEWARD BOUND. Very appropriately JAN sang THE BELLS OF ABERDOVEY followed by MARK with LITTLE RED ROOSTER and JANICE, in matching blue guitar and dress, had us all singing away with JOLENE. To end the round KAMRAN chose the very suitable DEATH LETTER BLUES, where does he get them from. Far from going early BANJO JOHN was then off WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME prompting the poem JUNE BUG ON A STRING from DAVE while PETE set off ALL ALONG THE WATCH TOWER. Then JO was still after that RAMBLING BOY as we all sang a rousing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ROB, DERRICK & PETE.
After the break the raffle saw Dave take the flowers home, Carl accepted the wine, Janice took a Folk NorthWest Magazine and Pete a bookmark.
As the birthday boy who treated us to chips and sarnies ROB started the second half with A PROCESS MAN and MIKE took us to THE SESSION while MARK & JAN were LONG GONE. We didn't believe it of him, but DAVID was next THE BOXER while CARL was shouting UP THE 'POOL, about Blackpool, while DAVE claimed to be JEREMIAH BROWN. This all had GED off on the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL with JANICE saying, I THINK IT'S GONNA RAIN TODAY but KAMRAN still reckoned it was a WONDERFUL WORLD. It's all about FEELINGS was IAN'S response as JAN & MARK set about Charles Darwin with WE'LL HUNT HIM DOWN which MIKE claimed put them PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE. This thought brought the poem FROM A DISTANCE to DAVID'S mind and prompted JANICE to claim I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR while CARL was looking for ANOTHER TRAIN. Heading to suitable climax DAVE told us about THREE ROOMS AND A PATH while IAN claimed BABY'S COMING HOME with GED ending it all by saying HOW CAN A POOR MAN STAND SUCH TIMES AND LIVE. 

Newsletter No 244 10 September 2013 

A quieter night but of supreme quality and voted by some as the best we have ever had in Sale Folk Club. The evening was opened by FAIR PLAY singing BYKER HILL after which ROBIN was selling BREAD AND FISHES. Then, accompanied by JOHN CONDY, BANJO JOHN stirred himself to perform a great ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN leaving JOHN to tell us I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS before IAN, with cold hands, played RAG PICKING. Next up PETE told us that THE BLUES RUN THE GAME before, as if through a mist, RICHARD GRAY appeared to sing his own unaccompanied sea shanty, HEAVE AWAY HAUL AWAY when it was time for BANJO JOHN to sing again and he chose I AM BLUE. Coming up on the rails FAIR PLAY then took to their tune book for BUTTERED PEAS and WINSTER GALLOP and ROBIN sang of THE STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN followed by ISOBEL with THE RIGHTS OF MAN. Spinning round at great speed we then came to JOHN CONDY who gave us a lovely performance of BEES WING followed by IAN who both wrote and performed BLUES. PETE then told us I SHALL BE RELEASED followed by RICHARD’S own BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER before JOHN C sweetened us up with HONEY PIE whilst ROBIN and ISOBEL were at THE SPINNING WHEEL. On his third lap BANJO JOHN sang us MAME’S BLUES followed by FAIR PLAY with Graham Mile’s WHERE RAVENS FEED and PETE who gave us his song SUNSET SAYS GOODNIGHT. Then RICHARD GRAY told us about his own experience in Israel with his song ELLEN MORE before IAN finished the first half by performing his own composition THE WOP, as he calls his cat.


In the interval raffle Champagne went to Helen and Andy, the Beer was collected by Heather no doubt for Derrick, the Chocolates went home with Isobel and Pete won the scarf.


Bravely starting the second half, ANN sang the unaccompanied WIDECOMBE after a visit to the Tom Cobleigh Pub, ISOBEL played HEWLETT while IAN was HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. Now in the mood JOHN C next gave us THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILE followed by two more tunes from FAIR PLAY, BEAR DANCE and HORSES BRAWL. Performing his own composition, RICHARD GRAY was in THE LAST GREAT WAR which for PETE was in the DAYS GONE BY long before ROBIN with JOHN C and great singing from the audience gave us ME AND BOBBY McGHEE. Taking the floor again IAN told us BABY’S COMING HOME and ISOBEL played SALLY GARDENSS CHURCH STREET, BONNY KATE and ANOTHER just as RICHARD became A LINCOLNSHIRE ROVER. Then submitting a complaint PETE told us I AIN’T GOT NO HOME so ROBIN performed the LAST FAREWELL before a request had JOHN C on his feet for Richard Thompson’s PHAROAH. Then FAIR PLAY ended a cosy-friendly evening of staggering quality with the NIGHT VISITING SONG. We were few but performed five songs each and it was GREAT!!

Newsletter No 243 3 September 2013

Another good turn-out greeted hosts ED & SUE who invited FAIR PLAY aka Kath, Stan & Ruth to open the evening with THE WEAVER'S DAUGHTER followed by COLIN who sang one of his best songs THE COAST IS MY COMMANDER and IAN, the finger picking guitarist, who gave us a beautiful interpretation of IT HAD TO BE YOU. Next a good sing along came from JO in the form of BLOWING IN THE WIND and CARL also had us trilling away to Jez Lowe's BLACK DIAMONDS before KATE took the floor with her true story of FOLLOWING A COMPLETE STRANGER at 70 mph up to Lancaster when all she wanted was the pub car park in Fleetwood which had everyone aching with laughter. Another welcome sight and sound was ARTHUR with his own WHERE ARE THE PONIES NOW closely followed by ROB with old favourite GREY FUNNEL LINE and young ROBIN wishing to be a COUNTRY BOY again.  LYNN & JIM then stepped up with the WHISTLING GYPSY ROVER and LYNN stayed on to accompany ED with McCALPINE'S FUSILIERS only to be superceded by PAUL'S one man band and THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN with great chorusing. JOAN then related a lengthy story of working for the CAB and Manchester Soup Kitchens, Gay Village and feeding the homeless, followed by her song STREETS OF STOCKPORT with apologies to Ralph McTell This was swiftly followed by KAMRAN with his FISHING BLUES and then IAN FORESHAW, on his second visit to the club, who sang VAN DIEMAN'S LAND and DAVE with BACHELORS' HALL.

Round 2 again had FAIR PLAY on their feet for BLACK MOUNTAIN LULLABY and ARTHUR came ALL THE WAY FROM DONEGAL before COLIN observed SHE ALWAYS WORE BLACK. Then PETE, who at first was a shrinking violet, borrowed a guitar for LIGHT MY FIRE which he certainly did as he gave ROBIN that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING and reminded ED of the WIDOW ON THE MOOR. Picking away on his guitar IAN next had us drifting OVER THE RAINBOW while KAMRAN was off with those BIG ROAD BLUES and DAVE was musing ONE DAY. A rare Beatles song YOU SAY YOU WILL LOVE ME from IAN was short but very sweet which as well with PAUL up next PUTTING ON THE AGONY before LYNN & JIM ran off with THE HIGHWAYMAN.  

Round 3 saw ROBIN away to ROCK MY CRADLE followed by FAIR PLAY with DIRTY OLD TOWN and KAMRAN with LAZY DAYS before ARTHUR MARSHALL sent everyone home happy with his all time favourite FENCES to close the evening brilliantly.


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