July 2010

Newsletter No 90 - 27 July 2010

A sick note on Facebook from the Bailey Sisters didn't stop the flood gates opening again as we filled up quite nicely for Don & Heather to set the ball rolling with The Roseville Fair where they danced all night. Banjo John then kept toes tapping with Fats Waller's I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate and Merdy also had us dancing with Black Jack Davy singing through the green, green trees leading to Sonny's Mazurka and the Cricket Marched over The Salt Box, two tunes from Mark. Jan then shunned accompaniment for The Raven and The Hare which sent John Condy Rocky Mountain High but Robin only wanted to euphemistically Lay You Down. Then Leadbelly arrived in the guise of our Ged who took us down The Rock Island Line which had us all singing as we went Safe In The Harbour with Carl. The nimble fingers of Isobel next played the Newly Rigged Ship and Lady In The Boat followed by Brel's La Chanson de Jackie, performed superbly by Eric, and Let The Mystery Be from Ruth, Kath & Stan who still get better by the week. Ed was Hanging On In To The End, resisting the retirement home and the pillow (in Joke), as was Derrick with Sparky's Magic Contraceptive and debutante Jean with The Island Of Dreams, come back soon, but for another Marian, All Things Are Quite Silent. Bob then told us Last Night I Had A Lovely Dream but Colin pointed out that Illness Isolates You, Even if it is only addiction to folk music? Merdy then continued with Bob Jensen's Your Favourite Song and John Condy went 10,000 Miles followed by Ruth, Kath & Stan's Birds and Ships before Banjo John sang Take My Hand Precious Lord Lead Me Home to take us to the interval as he packed up his instrument and put on his coat leaving his raffle ticket for Sue to later claim his first prize.

Starting us all off on the right foot after the break, Robin doled out the Bread and Fishes. Eric, however, reckoned he Should Have Known Better, Beatles, and Ged agreed cos he was just a Desperado Waiting For A Train. Jan & Mark bemoaned Who Knows Where The Time Goes, as we hurtled towards 11 o'clock, and Isobel slipped in Ally Bain's Waltz and Carl sang about The boys of Belly Row. Marian then came back with Lord Lenore and latecomer Richard Gray blew us away with his own Solid As A Rock before Derrick again had us laughing with Why We Love Children which reminded Bob of the Whopping Great Flopping Great chorus song. Colin was then another Desperado, this time of The Eagles, before Ed's nursery rhyme, Rickety, Tickety Tim, led us to our climax. John Condy kicked off the singing with Boatman, Richard kept it going with Don't Worry Be Happy and Eric said "It ain't all plain sailing mate" with his Mina. Colin picked us up again with I Gave You The Best Of My Love and Carl kept us rolling with Scarborough Fair paving the way for a rousing Rose Of Allandale from Robin to send us into the streets on a high. Wonderful!

Newsletter No 89 - 20 July 2010

Last night every seat had a bum on it. Good job we are not in America because that would be misinterpreted. It means we were full to the gunnels! Ed & Sue stewarded the proceedings brilliantly right from Ed's claim that he wasn't All Used Up, and indeed no one there was, as people proved time and time again. Banjo John kicked off with Tishomingo Blues from Spencer Wiliams in 1917 followed by Jonathon Beech with Merle Travis' Guitar Rag and Robin who told us We Gotta Walk Our Own Road. Richard Sails next related The Molecatcher, that we first heard sung by Ewen McCall, Adam came Down By The Train, we always thought he walked here, and Merdy said I come In My Own Tme. Stella was over in The Curragh Of Kildare but Don & Heather shot off to South Australia and Rob was over in the USA on the Bulgine Run. Carl told us what he would do If Wishes Were Fishes and Brian confessed hIS feelings for Bobby McGee before The Bailey Sisters, all three of them, came up with a lovely version of Plaisir D'Amour. A bit of light relief came from Jean Finney who swore 20,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong including claims that Swedes loved their Lemming Meringue Pie washed down with a Bitter Lemming. Then Bob went back to fishing for Shoals Of Herring, Ruth (guitar), Kath (mandolin) & Stan (banjo) plumbed Black Waters but Pepper Street asked Ain't It Hard? Ann Cojeen was that Female Drummer who announced the arrival of our first world premier with Zoe's The Humboldt County, a cracker for the next CD, quickly followed by Banjo John who was Making Whoopee. Isobel again left us wondering how such a lovely tune comes to be called Da Socket Light and Colin stunned us with his When I was A Child, very thought provoking, after which Dave went instrumental with South Devon Atmospheric.

A cracking raffle with Robin winning a Prince Charles look-alike egg cup gave us respite before Jean started the second half by giving us all a smile with her Men. Bob was down in St James Infirmary, not put there by Jean, while Jonathon was having Great Dreams Of Heaven and Adam swore Jesus Gonna Be Here. Ann next came back to lead us all in chorus with Lamorna, Carl told about the Lone Badger in The Big Fear by Jez Lowe and toward the end Rob asked us to Fathom The Bowl. Ruth, Kath & Stan started the climax with John Lover, Brian paised Marilyn with Candle In The Wind, Isobel took a Trip To Highgate and invited us to dance the Kesh Jig, Richard Sails sang a favourite "Thank You Ma'am" says Dan and Robin lifted us with an excellent From A Distance. Dave Pugh certainly was not The Clown as Pepper Street road The City Of New Orleans before our second world premier My Neighbours Are In Love came from Zoe, another for the CD, and Colin followed it up with his own tale of how it can all lead to Misery. Still raising the tone The Bailey Sisters then delighted us with The Bells Of Tallinn, their own world premier. Cracking. How to finish. Not difficult with a bumper crowd as Don & Heather led everyone in The Borrowed Guitar rolling into Gypsy Woman to send everyone home singing. Can it get any better? Not till next week. See you then.

Newsletter No 88 - 13 July 2010

And still they were rolling in close to half time. A craicing start by Pepper Street, with Mick leading, saw them Killing The Blues and soon Banjo John had us all Marching Through Georgia. Dave, the Wythenshawe Cowboy with his CD on sale, was true to form with Coward Of The County and Ed was in great voice, is he having lessons, with The Handsome Cabin Boy. The Bailey Sisters next came in with The Cuckoo and Carl was definitely not All At Sea with his own composition. Martin, on his second visit and after reading about our Canal Boat Social, then sang Barges by Ralph McTell followed by Bob with his own version of Away My Yellow Girls and Merdy with the tragic story of a boat with two captains in The Ballerina of The Bay. Derrick waxed lyrical about Oswaldtwistle if that is possible and Don & Heather sang about what happens when a mother hangs on to her Sonny when his daddy has sailed away. Finally, Follow Me Home came from Ruth, Kath & Stan, aka Stan, Nan & Gran after Ruth's recent change in status, to end the round.

Boats To Build from Pepper Street, this time led by John, fired up the second round nicely and Dave followed with Candle In The Wind before Banjo John assumed the cowboy image with The Gambler. The lovely Anna Lea came from the by now Hell's Grannies, aka Ruth, Kath & Stan, and Carl came up with The Golden City by his other hero Eric Bogle before Ed sang The Liverpool Lullaby. Bob roused us again with Lost John - Long, Long Gone and The Bailey Sisters did the full version of Sweet Thames Flow Softly. Soon after drifting in Eric was called upon and delivered with I Saw Her Standing There complete with a scream which reduced John's harmonic solo to a fit of the giggles. Attempting to follow that Don & Heather went back to the old stand Let Your Banjo Ring by Steve Tilston which continued the strong chorus singing and Martin capitalised on it with Here Comes The Sun.

A big raffle brought cries of fix when Mick took first prize but with eight more nobody was disappointed as Pepper Street, led by Mick, made a Good Noise, Isobel played Si Bheog Si Mhor and Dave Pugh sang From Clare To Here. In the interval Karen quickly wrote a reprise to Derrick's Dachshund story called Magic Carpet which gave us all a smile and then she came back in a new team to sing a delightful version of Carolina Moon with some very appropriate chord inversions from Banjo John. Ruth, Kath & Stan then came up with Hedger and Ditcher to complete their set and Martin pleaded Let Me Down Easy, a McTell classic, before Carl had us all humming the solo to Baker Street, a Gerry Rafferty classic. Ed extolled the virtues of the opposite sex with She Is Woman and skilfully avoided the fling brickbats and Merdy was again down Chris de Burgh's Freedom Road listening to The Mill Girl's Lullaby by The Bailey Sisters and Isobel's Haste To The Wedding and Off She Goes. Don & Heather contemplated The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness before Bob wished Irene Goodnight and Dave Pugh summed it all up perfectly when he sang Allan Taylor's We Must Journey On and the great man himself will be with us in April 2011.

Newsletter No 87 - 6 July 2010

In aerobic terms we went for the "Burn" tonight with 43 outpourings from the incredible talent that inherits Sale Folk Club. The appropriate Rambling Boy from Don & Heather had everyone flexing their vocal cords and Robin followed suit with Rock My Cradle and Kath & Stan with Wildwood Flower. Zoe Mulford, not too philosophically, next said Gone Is Gone and Carl was even more graphic with Eric Bogle's Mirrors. Bob was also none too subtle with Hares On The Mountain and Ged laid it on the line in East Virginia before Derick became all nostalgic about Grandmother's Apron. The Bailey Sisters then started a grammar and punctuation frenzy with Tidy The Cow which Pepper Street eschewed with Lydia and Rob ignored with The Mill Outing by Trevor Morton.

A mother's plea to Sonny from Don & Heather prefaced the Bailey Sister's Cradle Song by Minnie O'Shirva before Ged's Ain't Got No Place To Go as The Trains Go Rolling By. Carl, with his nice sounding hand made guitar, next had us Singing The Ages Down as Zoe prepared for The Princess and The Frog and Bob was winding himself up for Cock Robin. Stan then surprised us by going solo with Eldorado but he won't find it without Kath. Robin next admired the chimney so tall in The Belfast Mill, Pepper Street warned everyone to Keep Your Distance and Rob sung The Good Ship Calabar in memory of a great day on the Bridgewater Canal last Sunday. To bring us up to the interval Isobel played The Waterloo Dance, Dave Pugh sang Martyn Wyndham Read's song about the life of a Bushman and Richard Sails treated us to The Mower because the first line starts with as I went out on the 14th of July.

The raffle was a fiddle as usual but with some excellent prizes as we launched into the second half with Pepper Street who took us to the Black Muddy River and the Bailey Sisters took us to The Back of Rare's Hill while Kath & Stan were Waterbound. Richard then jumped in with a new one for him in Biddy Mulligan before Ged gave us some sanity with When The Moon Go Down And Vanish Away. Then a surprise came from Rob's friend Christy with Pink Floyd's I Wish You Were Here, a nice thought. Next Rob brought out old favorite, Courting Too Slow, before Derrick explained how circumstances can alter cases with Les Barker's Dachshunds With Erections Can't Climb Stairs. A similar theme came from Carl with Greek Lightening but Cockles and Mussels from Bob gave us a clear message before Robin brought the house down with his spirited rendition of Johnny Cope. A special request brought the Crystal Glass from Zoe, a delightful tale of not saving things for best, before Elizabeth Clare came from Isobel and Sally Wheatley from Dave Pugh.

Going for the orgasmic climax Ged road the Vincent Black Lightening and Carl had us singng Time Is A Tempest. Zoe then led us in her stadium-style chant with Love Is The Water That Wears Down The Rock before Pepper Street hit us with Arranmore. To finish Robin returned for Rose Of Allandale which left us all reluctant to leave.


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