Bob Fox

Bob FoxTwice Nominated BBC Radio 2 Best Folk Singer of the Year

Bob Fox from Seaham near the City of Sunderland on the North East coast of England brought his special eclecic song mix and 12-finger guitar playing for a full and varied repertoire of traditional and modern songs with plenty of good 'crack'.

Dance With Your Daddy, Galway Shawl and Big River were typical of the range and the like of Ewan McColl was favoured for his radio ballad about the HGV Drivers and Jez Lowe with the song he wrote specially for him.

A mind bendingly stunning evening from a man who has been at the heart of folk music for many years.




Garva gave us a mixture of well chosen songs both traditional and contemporary ranging from Song for A Life, Keg Of Brandy, Fairly Represented to The Orange And The Green and Reconciliation even breaking out into Jigs and Reels at the drop of a hat in the fashion of The Chieftains thereby reinforcing their reputation as one of the best Irish Bands in the North West of the U.K and beyond.

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Ruth Fuga & Ken Powell

Ruth Fuga & Ken Powell 

Ruth & Ken emerged on to the folk scene with completely different lineups, Ruth having a successful Radio career and Ken in a highly acclaimed duo with Christine Collister. They joined forces 16 years ago in the widely acclaimed trio "Risky Business" with a combination of predominantly contemporary music and it was with great pleasure we saw them return as a duo after a short period of recuperation and personal development with a completely new repertoire.

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Flossie Malavialle

Flossie MalavialleThe Beautiful French Chanteuse

A Fabulous evening was spent with Fossie who went through the whole range of her repertoire from Piaf to Brel to jazz to folk and enthralled a near capacity audience after a brilliant opening from Cockney Eric Carl Corbett and Mick & John aka Pepper Street.

Flossie Malavialle
is a French singer who started getting involved in the British folk scene in 2000-2001 while she was on a teacher exchange in the North East of England.

How it all started...
After 12 years of teaching English full time in secondary schools in the South of France, she decided to apply for a job as a French teacher in England, as she felt it would boost her English to live abroad for a year. She got one in Stockton-on-Tees and was living in Darlington at the time (great part of the world to improve your English, like ).
She had also been singing for years in France before that and that's why she found it quite natural to turn up at the Darlington folk club one night to meet the locals and sing a song... She didn't realise then that this was going to be the beginning of a new life in England for her.

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If you want to form a great band then you take a rock, like rhythm guitarist Steve Ritchie, and lean it against another, like bass player Al Parrish, and then you add a great singer, multi-instrumentalist like Terry Young and if you are lucky a brilliant violinist and singer like Sandra Swannell and back it up with a keyboard player such as Robert Graham. In time you find that they all play brilliantly, write songs and sing harmonies. Then you have TANGLEFOOT. Furthermore, you invite them to your folk club for a knockout, sell out gig on their last ever tour when a sudden flash of inspiration comes on hearing that Rob is a Stoke City fan and since they avoided relegation and are still in the Premiership you realise that they may have to come back next year after all so he can see a game and you get in quick with a request for a gig on their reunion tour when it comes about because you cannot believe that such a talented bunch of people do not want to continue playing together.

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Jez Lowe

Northumbrian Singer Songwriter
Nominated BBC 2 Folk Singer of the Year 2008

with Special Guest

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