JANUARY - 2019

Newsletter No 507 15 January 2019
A quality night was started by hosts GRASSROOTS with THESE HANDS followed by PAUL RILEY with WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL and BRIAN with LOVING YOU MAKES ME A BETTER MAN. Coming next PETES the king sang his own BONNIE OLD UP NORTH followed by PHIL with MAN OF THE WORLD and ED, on a visit to see the Queen, with MONDAY ‘ER DOES ALL ‘ER WESHING. The welcome return of DAVID meant we heard his poem about war, THE BOX, before for JAMES, THINGS HAVE CHANGED whilst as Racing Demon, with SIMON, it was a TOWER OF SONG. In romantic mood PETE ROBERTS told us MY LADY’S A WILD FLYING DOVE before HILARY gave us of her own special HILARITY and PAUL McD asked HAVE YOU SEEN THE RAIN? Another welcome guest MIKE COSGRAVE sang UNICORNS followed by CLAIRE RIGBY with FOLLOW THE HERON HOME and RICHARD GRAY with STUFF THAT WORKS. Completing the round CARL treated us to THE BIG FEAR by Jez Lowe leaving GRASSROOTS to sing Mick’s latest song MEANT TO BE. This propelled BRIAN forward ALL THE WAY TO THE RIVER and PAUL RILEY to demand TAKE AWAY THESE CHAINS FROM ME before PHIL played TWO TUNES HORIZONS and STUDY No 10. With his stalking song ED came up with IT’S ME AGAIN MARGARET before PETE ROBERTS sang GOODBYE TO THE OLD and PAUL McD sang SO SAD TO WATCH GOOD LOVE GO BAD. Next PETE’S the king told us HERE’S GOOD NEWS FOR THE LADIES (jokes) and JAMES admitted I SHIMMY LIKE MY SISTER KATE before SIMON joined him for some TUPELO HONEY. Also doubling up CLAIRE was joined by MIKE for NIGHT OWL who remained solo for PAT RAINEY before HILARY gave us some more ONE-LINERS. Reaching a climax CARL started with THANKSGIVING followed by RICHARD with MILLIONAIRE and GRASSROOTS who topped the lot with DIAMONDS AND RUST to end a fun night.

Newsletter No 506 8 January 2019
A top night brilliantly stewarded by KATH & STAN who opened with THE MAN IN THE MOON followed by BANJO JOHN with CARELESS LOVE and ALLEN with his excellent version of McPHERSON’S RANT. Next GRASSROOTS sang its THE WAY THAT I FEEL and for EDDY YOU WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND whereas for PAUL it was CORRINA, CORRINA on his mind before JAN sang the lovely AR LAN Y MOR and MARK took us to Malta and SAMMY’S BAR. Next HELEN was insightful with FOR A DANCER but ROD had ALREADY GONE when PETE the king told us SOME of his RESOLUTIONS for 2019. For PETE ROBERTS it was just A COUPLE MORE YEARS by Dr Hook as SIMON & JAMES went with PANCHO AND LEFTIE followed by JAMES with ELEANOR RIGBY and PAUL McD with IT TAKES A LOT TO LAUGH. However, CARL was heard SINGING THE AGES DOWN and ANDY sang WE’RE GOING TO THE SALES where ED sang I BOUGHT YOU THIS POINCETTIA. Then CLAIRE confessed she was THE NIGHT OWL and MARK played an AIR & GIGUE by John Dowland before BANJO JOHN rocked up with ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN leaving GRASSROOTS to take us to the interval with HE THINKS HE’LL KEEP HER.
In the raffle the TEA was won by KEN. The WINE by ANDY, the DATES by CHRIS and an ART BOOK by JACKIE before KATH & STAN opened the second half with BEAUTIFUL. Then ALLEN followed with WHAT’S IT TO YOU and EDDIE played the WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE before PAUL RILEY asked WHERE IS THE LOVE. There is always a lot in Sale Folk Club as MARK & JAN said YOU AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE and HELEN told of the ELFIN KNIGHT but still ROD cried PLEASE DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD. No confusion with PETE the king and his REVERSES of PETE ROBERTS and his DEPORTEES or SIMON & JAMES in THE STREETS OF BIKERSFIELD before JAMES came back with FOREVER YOUNG. Building to a climax PAUL McD sang the STATESBOROUGH BLUES and ANDY was the JANUARY MAN before ED was the devil in THE WIDOW’S MOOR. This left CLAIRE with THE SWIMMING SONG and PAUL RILEY to signal leaving time with STEP IT UP AND GO to end a great night.



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