Newsletter No 502 27 November 2018

With much talent coming through the door DON, HEATHER & PAUL made a lively start with the GALWAY GIRL and PAUL RILEY had us joining in with TELL OLD BILL before KATH & STAN shot off 900 MILES from their home and PETE was even further away KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S DOOR. Next, in full traditional mode, STEVE, with his autoharp, sang of LOVELY MOLLY and ALLEN asked WHAT’S IT TO YOU as CHRIS went off with the SULTANS OF SWING. Then, time for some humour with HILARY and some of her hilarious ONE-LINERS. Pardon the pun. ANDY was next LOOKING FOR THE MOON and IAN played MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE before more fun from HEATHER with Les Barker’s EARWIG-O with much joining in. Unabashed BEN sang his own upbeat song MELANIE and PAUL McD informed us PEARL’S A SINGER (Elkie Brooks) leaving ED to relate BOB DYLAN’S DREAM before KATH & STAN went off to the BAY OF BISCAY-O. Heading to the break PAUL RILEY had us SINGING YOUR BLUES AWAY and PETE took us back to ST JAMES’ INFIRMARY all of which gave STEVE the URGE FOR GOING (J. Mitchell).
In the interval Raffle Margaret won the Bottle of Red Wine, Allen won the Christmas Pudding, Andy won the Chocolates and Pete won the Oven Glove before DON & HEATHER got the second half rolling with their own ROMANY JACK and PAUL McD responded, HOPE YOU HAD THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. Following with his guitar IAN played AUTUMN LEAVES before ALLEN remembered the human tragedy of wars with his own great song PASSCHENDAELE. Talking to the birds BEN told us WINTERS COME AND GONE as HILARY came back with more ONE-LINERS and CHRIS told the story of FIRE AND RAIN by James Taylor. As he often does ANDY delved deep for TILL IT SHINES by Bob Seger as ED went back in time to the GRESFORD DISASTER before further back STEVE went OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY. For ANDY it was a case of SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN before PETE went back for MARY OF DUNGLOE and ALLEN bemoaned the POUND A WEEK RISE for miners. Finally, ED’S BAND summed up the evening with ALL THE GOOD TIMES are passed and gone as we headed for the door.

Newsletter No 501 20 November 2018

A brilliant evening of interesting music, song and good crack saw co-host PETE ROBERTS open with his own STORM RISING followed by PAUL RILEY with BLACK-EYED SUSIE and CARL with his own excellent ALL AT SEA. Slowing the pace PAUL McD sang his Mum’s favourite HE’LL HAVE TO GO and PETE gave us part 1 of his amusing RUSTY RED PARK BOX whereas JOHN REED came up with his children’s favourite THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND and KAMRAN demanded HOW LONG has this been going on? With pure tradition ANN sung about THE TROUT and topically ARTHUR demanded MAKE ‘EM GO HOME before RACING DEMON sang John Hiatt’s tragic song CROSSING MUDDY WATERS followed by JAMES with SWEET LITTLE MYSTERY and DON & HEATHER with MAY YOU NEVER by John Martyn. Coming to an interval climax JOHN REED sang his own RESTING PLACE and PETE gave us part 2 of his RUSTY RED PARK BOX before PAUL McD sang another of his Mum’s favourites, THE ROSE, and CARL celebrated Jake Thackray’s bloody funny non SISTER JOSEPHINE.

In the interval Raffle the Bottle of Red Wine was won by Vic, the Amaryllis won by Margaret, the Box of Shortbread won by Jackie and the gold Necklace won by Ken as PETE ROBERTS went off DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL and ARTHUR celebrated MY GRANDFATHER’S FERRET again with his melodeon. ANN followed with the story of LORELEI while PAUL RILEY confessed it was THE NOODLING LIFE FOR ME and RACING DEMON told us that TRUE LOVE TRAVELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD (Nick Lowe). Following with the Beatles JAMES sang FOR NO ONE before KAMRAN, with a little mental preparation only, made up and sang his new song NORTHERN SKY as we listened before DON, HEATHER & PAUL headed off to THE ROSEVILLE FAIR. With another of his own JOHN REED sang SHE CRIES whereas CARL chose I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR by John Gorker before PETE explained the problems of walking his dog on a CYCLE RIDE. Looking on the bright side PAUL RILEY sang BRING ME SUNSHINE whereas more reservedly PAUL McD asked WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW as, on the same theme, PETE ROBERTS sang of lost love in RABBIT HILLS. Sensing a big finish RACING DEMON pointed out SOMETIMES SHE FORGETS but JAMES thought SOMETHING TELLS ME I’M INTO SOMETHING GOOD and ARTHUR certainly was with his DRINK before we all sang into the night appropriately with THE THREE SPIRITS (Don, Heather & Paul) and I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER and ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD. Top class!!

Newsletter No 500 13 November 2018

On opening hosts GRASSROOTS convinced us that IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE but it did for the soldiers said BANJO JOHN as he sang LILI MARLENE but for PETE ROBERTS a pair of BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER were his wish. Lighter footwear for JIM & LYN who told us WE DANCED A REEL IN THE SHIMMERING LIGHT so PAUL RILEY had no need to ask WHERE IS THE LOVE as PETER went off piste with his PHANTOM INJURY BLOW ADDS TO UNTITLED’S WOO WOOS Pt 1. No wonder HEATHER whimsically claimed the first to the South Pole was SPOT OF THE ANTARTIC before DON & HEATHER then set off for SOUTH AUSTRALIA. For PAUL McD it was an invitation to LAY DOWN SALLY but for KATH & STAN a trip to the WINDMILL as JAMES cried HEY YOU’VE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY and SIMON & JAMES were looking for a place to hide with THE WEIGHT. For JONATHAN it was case of THE DOLPHINS whereas RAY had a LONGING IN MY HEART FOR DONEGAL before RICHARD analysed THE LAST GREAT WAR. Coming up to the break GRASSROOTS spent some time CROSSING THE BAR before BANJO JOHN remembered his uncle from WWll with ROSES IN PICARDY & WE’LL MEET AGAIN before KATH & STAN took the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND.
In the interval Raffle Sue won the Amaryllis, James won the Bottle of Red Wine, Richard won the Box of Tea and Joseph won the Stollen Cake. Then JIM told LYN I am AN ORDINARY MAN and PETE ROBERTS sang he had a HEART LIKE A WHEEL and PAUL RILEY sang he was as GOOD AS I’VE BEEN TO YOU and JONATHAN declared he was a ONE MAN GUY. Next HEATHER certainly had that JE NE SAIS QUOIS before DON & HEATHER related the story of the PETERLOO MASSACRE and PAUL McD warned HANDLE WITH CARE. This was certainly needed when PETER continued with PHANTOM INJURY BLOW ADDS TO UNTITLED’S WOO Pt 2 followed by RICHARD with his YOU WERE THE HEART AND SOUL and visitor RAY sang Phil Coulter’s great hit THE TOWN THAT I LOVED SO WELL. Finally heading for a big finish SIMON & JAMES got us rocking with SHE’S NO LADY after which JAMES nailed it with ROUTE 66 as all hit the road!

Newsletter No 499 6 November 2018 

With more audience than the 18 performers KATH & STAN first took us off to HORNCASTLE FAIR and BRIAN warned of BAD BREATH before HEATHER & DON introduced the remembrance theme with CALLING DOON THE LINE by Alan G Brydon. In romantic mood PAUL McD complimented YOU LOOK WONDERFUL TONIGHT before PHIL sang Steve Knightley’s ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT and PAUL RILEY led a singalong with LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY, PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES and BLUEBIRDS OVER THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER. In addition PETE decided to BEAT THE DRUM and CHRIS was a PIPER TO THE END and COLIN RUDD asked WHY NOT I. Another slant came from HELEN about the man good at being a soldier but NEVER ANY GOOD WITH MONEY by Martin Simpson whereas PETER BRIDGE was back in ENGLAND 1914, ANN sang the favourite LILI MARLENE and ED went back to the occasion when the fighting stopped on Christmas day with GERMAN SOLDIER. MARIAN then asked us to ONLY REMEMBER for what we have done and even after the event JONATHAN & CHARLIE pointed the aftermath with STILL FIGHTING THE WAR. Breaking away from the major theme KATH & STAN took us to the break with MOONSHADOW while BRIAN was LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO FALL APART as HEATHER & DON followed the exploits of ROMANY JACK and PAUL McD was TALKING ABOUT MY GIRL.
In the Interval Raffle Jackie won the Bottle of Red Wine, Helen took the Box of Biscuits, Marian won the Handwash and Brian won the Necklace before PHIL appropriately played STUDY No 10 entitled PEACE and PAUL RILEY took us peacefully DOWN BY LAGGANSIDE while PETE calmly said TALK TO ME OF MENDOCINO. With new guitar in hand CHRIS continued with NANA’S SONG before JONATHAN & CHARLIE warned IF YOU TOLERATE THIS YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT. No wonder HELEN got the URGE FOR GOING and PETER BRIDGE was SOMEWHERE ALONG THE ROAD before ANN came back to NO MAN’S LAND. With another song of peace ED sang NANCY followed by MARIAN and THE WIFE OF USHERS WELL, KATH & STAN THE FORSAKEN MERMAID and PHIL with THE CROW ON THE CRADLE by Sydney Carter. Approaching the end of a great evening PAUL McD had us rocking with the BROWN EYED GIRL, BRIAN had us dancing to theTENNESSEE WALTZ and ED had us marching with THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER before CHRIS played the instrumental NAKED LADIES AND ELECTRIC RAGTIME. To cap it all DON, HEATHER & PAUL had us all singing into the street with THE SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS. Magic!


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