OCTOBER - 2018

Newsletter No 498 30 October 2018

A first rate celebration of Halloween was started by PAUL RILEY with his own WEREWOLF WORRIED MAN BLUES followed by PAUL McD with the story of BILLY TYLER and BANJO JOHN who returned to sing THIS OLD HOUSE. On the other hand MARK TAYLOR took himself off to FIDDLER’S GREEN and with the closeness of Remembrance Sunday KEVIN remembered with a great song, TOMMY’S LOT. On the avant garde side BEN sang CHICKEN STEW in French while back home ANDY was DANCING AT WHITSUN and visitor ANDY sang his own song MINSTREL FAIR accompanied by his excellent 12-string. On the lighter side ED swore his Mum wished she’d never ‘AD ME, a humorous dig at Facebook, before HELEN was a poor WAYFARING STRANGER and ALLEN delivered the first hanging in McPHERSON’S RANT and DON & HEATHER delivered the second by hanging DANNY DEEVER. No wonder JAMES sang THINGS HAVE CHANGED before he formed RACING DEMON with SIMON for POCAHONTAS (Neil Young) just as BANJO JOHN said I GOT MY MOJO WORKING to which PAUL McD advised DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER and MARK warned there’s a BAD MOON RISING as we reached the break.
In the raffle Ben won the Wine, Jackie won the Roses, Andy won the Christmas Pudding and Allen won the Hand cream before PAUL RILEY introduced THE PHANTOM FOLK SINGER and KEVIN commented it must be a PICTURE IN A FRAME. Then suddenly BEN blurted out MORPHINE IS THE DEATH OF ME but TONY calmly picked up his twelve string and sang his own COME HOME TO ME and ANDY turned to CALEDONIA (Dougie Maclean). Still seeing the funny side ED walked THE BLOODY TOWER while HELEN was BLUE AROUND THE MORNING MOON and ALLEN sympathised with THE WORKER’S SONG. Reaching another high JAMES got the COCAINE BLUES and in another way SIMON did the same with a TOWER OF SONG before DON & HEATHER pointed out the target for the caravan in Honduras was THE BORDERLINE. Going for a big finish ANDY led us in singing the WILD MOUNTAIN THYME followed by ALLEN with THE GOLD WATCH BLUES and HELEN with THE WATER IS WIDE and SIMON & JAMES with the FOLSOM PRISON BLUES as we headed into the night. Sweet!!

Newsletter No 497 23 October 2018

A cracking evening jam-packed with music and songs began with PAUL RILEY with JOHN THE REVELATOR followed by KATH & STAN and the WAYFARING STRANGER before ED went down with the SS ROYAL CHARTER which, as CHRIS sang, had definitely reached the TERMINUS. Next PAUL McD gave us a totally different interpretation of CORRINA and MARIAN went over to Norfolk to HORKSTOW GRANGE before JOHN over from NZ/OZ went back in time for A LONG TIME AGO which PETE reckoned was all part of THE CIRCLE GAME (Joni Mitchell). With his own Shakespearean interpretation ALLEN sang ALMOST SONNET 18 before ANN went Country with HARPER VALLEY PTA and, still the US of A, DON & HEATHER celebrated the HONKY TONK MAN of Clint Eastwood & Marty Robbins. Also with his own composition PAUL RILEY told us it was A NOODLING LIFE FOR ME. On the other hand CHRIS pleaded LET ME DOWN EASY while PAUL McD headed for the BLUE CLEAR SKY before ED gave his opinion of the BLOODY ORKNEYS and KATH & STAN set out on THE GOODNIGHT LOVING TRAIL. Back on the darker side of life OZZY JOHN sang of THE DYING BUSHMAN, MARIAN sang of the TAVERN IN A TOWN and ALLEN told us THE WAY OUT OF MANCHESTER was in the pub on every corner. Coming to the break PETE cheered us briefly with some SHOPPING JOKES before ANN sang the sad BALLAD OF LUCY JORDAN and DON, HEATHER & PAUL touched on the life of the DIAMANTINA DROVER.
In the Raffle Jill won the Bottle of Wine, Paul won the Box of Biscuits,Miki won the harmonica, Jackie won the CD and Joyce won the scarf before CHRIS opened the second half with AUTUMN LEAVES and ANN was following MR PUNCH & JUDY MAN. With a bit of strife ALLEN next asked WHAT’S IT TO YOU and ED, STAN & KATH chased after the BLACKLEG MINER and OZZY JOHN sang of LADY DIAMOND and the kitchen boy both dying in the action. No wonder PAUL McD started to DREAM, MARIAN thought forward to HALLOWEEN and KATH & STAN led an a cappella version of BRIGHT MORNING STAR before PETE had us smiling at MORE SHOPPING JOKES. With more a cappella PAUL RILEY & OZZIE JOHN led a vigorous shanty BULLY IN THE ALLEY and DON & HEATHER had us singing along with ROLL ON THE DAY as did CHRIS who had us singing YOU WON’T MAKE OLD BONES by Jez Lowe. Coming to a climax ED then had us all laughing with ERNIE and his fastest mobile library in the west but ALLEN had us joining in his FAREWELL TO SICILY before DON, HEATHER & PAUL completed the set as we sang our way in to the street with STEAL AWAY.

Newsletter No 496 16 October 2018

On their return MARK & JAN went back to the Peninsular war for OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY whereas PAUL RILEY went over to America for a TWO DOLLAR BILL and CHRIS HEARN implored MEET ME ON THE CORNER and PAUL McD pleaded HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Further North ALLEN turned to Robert Burns for NOW WESTLIN WINDS while up to date PHIL sang of the FOOTBALL HERO and HELEN brandished a SILVER DAGGER. In need of a shanty PETER went off to YARMOUTH TOWN to which ROB responded with I WISH I WAS BACK IN LIVERPOOL and WILF commented EVERY TIME YOU GO AWAY. Going back to basics ANDY sang us a SONG OF FREEDOM while CHRIS CALDWELL lamented a loved one with BLACK IS THE COLOUR. At the other end of the scale DON & HEATHER sang his Dad’s song, FLOWERS ON THE WATER, while IAN was instrumentally ALMOST HOME and SIMON advised TRUE LOVE TRAVELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD. Coming to the interval JAMES swore SHE BELONGS TO ME before CARL took us back in history with his philosophical trip DOWN IN THE DALE.
In the raffle Helen won the Wine, Chris & Barry took the Biscuits, James walked away with the Christmas Pudding, Andy won a Necklace and Earrings set, Allen won a CD and Simon got himself a new Beanie. Starting again JAN & MARK found each other’s BROWN EYES BLUE and CHRIS CALDWELL with PAUL McD found SHE GIVES ME CRAZY LOVE while alone PAUL McD had that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING. No wonder PHIL needed a little DIVERTISSEMENT with two tunes. HELEN was losing a friend in FOR A DANCER while PETER was in SIN CITY and WILF was a ONE MAN BAND before RICHARD unleashed his latest gem of a song, NON-PHENOMENAL BLUES. With a Mark Knopfler special CHRIS HEARN sang THE TRAWLERMAN’S SONG and CARL sang his own FROM THE ARMOURY TO THE CROWN followed by an instrumental from IAN which gave us the MISSISSIPPI BLUES which to ALLEN was all just LIFE, DON’T YOU KNOW. With a convoluted love story ANDY sang of JESSIE while JAMES was escaping it all as the RIDER IN THE RAIN whereas SIMON was more upbeat as he offered WHY DON’T YOU TRY ME? With a climax to a great evening in mind DON, HEATHER & PAUL led a band up for I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER and ROB shantied with ALABAMA which set up PAUL for his sing-along KUMBAYA to THE SAINTS medley leaving MARK & JAN to sing us into the street. Top night!!

Newsletter No 496 9 October 2018

With the holiday season still upon us 7 performers took it upon themselves to entertain a great audience of 14 guided by DON & HEATHER in the chair who first took to the water of the ERIE CANAL. Next ALLEN told us the GOLD WATCH BLUES made famous by Donovan was actually written by Mick Softly who hardly got a penny out of it. BRIAN followed with the other version of ONLY YOU before HILARY had us chortling with her ONE-LINERS and KATH & STAN took us off to the SWEET SUNNY SOUTH. Making a welcome return IAN summed up his current existence with his MYSTICAL DIABETIA (where Diabetes comes from) before DON & HEATHER confessed they had NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT ALL and ALLEN warned that we shouldn’t try too hard to emulate his PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE followed BRIAN who had a different warning in UKELELE LADY. Fortunately HILARY lightened us up with more ONE-LINERS as KATH & STAN slipped away to the WILLOW GLEN and IAN told all the singers who shun microphones, WE CAN’T HEAR YOU. Keeping up the momentum DON & HEATHER went for some diddly-dee music and the GALWAY GIRL before ALLEN sang a song about A POUND A-WEEK RISE for miners which was written by Ed Pickford. At the time he was a 15 year old lad working down a coal mine in the North East. Equally poignant was BRIAN with ACROSS THE BORDERLINE before HILARY lifted us again even more ONE-LINERS. With the interval in sight KATH & STAN burst out with two tunes, 3 AROUND 3 & COME TO THE CEILIDH, and IAN told us of his friend who was just a WHISKY IN THE JAR KIND OF GIRL before PAUL, coming straight from another gig, advised KEEP YOUR LAMPS TRIMMED AND BURNING.

A bumper raffle in the break saw Brian win the wine, Heather Kenyon win the Christmas Pudding, Kate win the after shave, Vic win the bulbs, Paul take hom eht e roses for wife Jen and Rob win the pen and pad before in the second half PAUL invited us to WALK RIGHT IN followed by DON & HEATHER who invited us away with the RAMBLING BOY before KATH & STAN told us JOHN LOVER was dead. It was not much better for BRIAN betrayed by the BLACK VELVET BAND but ALLEN made JOSIE a promise (Donovan). HILARY then gave us the last of her ONE-LINERS as PAUL set of down COUNTRY ROADS and BRIAN sang an unusual funeral song, I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS. By special request DON & HEATHER remembered a friend who DANCES FOR DOLLARS but ALLEN was at war again and WILD EYED before peacemaker PAUL suggested MAKE ME DOWN A PALLET ON YOUR FLOOR. Then it was time for UNCLE BERNARD, another tune from KATH & STAN, and a burst from BRIAN entitled the FIVE FOOT TWO medley followed by the story of ERIN GO BRAGH by ALLEN. Finally a quick thank you and a few pats on the back ended a great evening with PAUL, DON & HEATHER fulfilling the request for FENCES by Arthur Marshall who at that moment was making a break for freedom on the canal to Marple. Superb!

Newsletter No 495 2 October 2018

A superb evening to celebrate 10 years of Sale Folk Club was had by all thanks to hosts Simon & Kamran with KAMRAN asking SALLY, WHERE’D YOU GET YOUR LIQUOR FROM followed by JOHN CONDY, one of the originals, who had BOATS TO BUILD and not helped by BRIAN who was full of TENNESSEE WHISKEY. It was a good job IAN calmed things down with a cool NO-NAME FINGERPICKING TUNE before PETER got warlike with the MAGINOT WALTZ and PAUL got the BLACK BOTTOM BLUES. This time we were lifted by HELEN strolling through FIELDS OF GOLD and ANDY who told us WALTZING’S FOR DREAMERS (Thompson) before ED told us how tough it is in real life with THE COWBOY SONG (Brookes). Then more hard life from ANN - LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY by Rosie Hardman to which JAMES agreed with A FOOL SUCH AS I and dittoed with Simon as RACING DEMON and PANCHO AND LEFTY (Townes Van Zandt). Complete with his folding guitar and Ian’s mini amp BEN suffered a SNACK ATTACK as we approached the interval buffet as DON, HEATHER & PAUL were first in Australia with the DIAMANTINA DROVER and then on the way to North Carolina with WAGON WHEEL.

Three trays of Sandwiches and great double fried chips preceded the Bumper Raffle in which the Wine was won by JOYCE, the Chocolates won by serial winner IAN, the packets of Biscuits taken home by JILLIAN, the Yorkshire tea won by HEATHER, a CD won by PETER, the Block of French Chocolate won by DIANE and the Spinning toy won by HELEN after which we were exhausted. ED, fortunately, had enough energy to become THE PILGRIM as JOHN boarded the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS and HELEN sang the SMUGGLER’S SONG (Kipling). Quite why but BEN suddenly got the ELVIS PRESLEY BLUES but IAN was OVER THE RAINBOW as ANN related the story of THE FOLK SINGER. Philosophically ANDY asked WHO KNOWS WHERE THE TIME GOES whereas pragmatically BRIAN gave the TERMS OF MY SURRENDER to his departing spouse which was totally opposite to PAUL who was ROLLING IN MY SWEET BABY’S ARMS. Luckily KAMRAN was that HANDYMAN as JAMES & PAUL sang DON’T THINK TWICE IT’S ALL RIGHT and PETER took the LAST TRAIN AND RIDE just in time as RACING DEMON were DOWN TO SEEDS AND STEMS AGAIN by this time. No wonder ED was feeling like THE HYPOCHONDRIAC and he was joined by DON, HEATHER & PAUL to compound matters with ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PAST AND GONE which was completely untrue as we shall all be back next week for another top night of songs, music and great craic!!


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