Newsletter No 492 11 September 2018

Slow in starting but the flood gates soon opened not long after PETE started to sing GOODBYE TO THE OLD followed by PAUL RILEY with CORRINA, CORRINA and IAN with a nice instrumental version of IF by David Gates before BRIAN razzed it all up with BROWN-EYED HANDSOME MAN, Chuck Berry in the style of Tony Joe White. Must request that again! Keeping the ball rolling PETE then threw in SOME TWO-WORD SWAPS before PAUL McD went all Tchaikovsky with JOHN O’DREAMS and ANDY sang LA CIENGA by Ryan Adams. For JOSH it was then a case of THE STORM RAGES ON but for KAMRAN it was plainly THE NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE before it was a big welcome back for HILARY who gave us some of her very funny ONE-LINERS. Next up were RACING DEMON aka SIMON & PAUL with FOOTSTEPS FALL which left JAMES on the stand to declare I’M ONLY SLEEPING (Beatles) followed by newcomer NICK who posed us THE RIDDLE (Nick Kershaw). All ways round this set up JONATHAN & CHARLIE for WILD WORLD and BEN for SNACK ATTACK (for his father-in-law who just had a jaw operation) and ARTHUR with THE TREE STILL FALLS to take us crashing into the Interval Break.

The Raffle saw the Bottle of Wine won by Brian, The Box of Chocolates won by Jackie, the Daffodil Bulbs won by Paul McD and the 1940s CD donated by Dianne won by Hilary and gifted to Kamran, thanks Hilary, before PETE took us all off to WOODSTOCK. Latecomer RICHARD then slipped in with EVERY GRAIN OF SAND before CHARLIE & JONATHAN conjectured BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX (Glen Campbell). In the same vein PAUL RILEY was on that MOBILE LINE just as ANDY teased us with NEXT TIME, THIS TIME before BRIAN took us to the DARK END OF THE STREET. In relief JOSH (et al) banded up for WAGON WHEEL before IAN went into those FIELDS OF GOLD and HILARY wheeled out some more of her ONE-LINERS and PAUL McD rather pointedly asked IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM? On a serious note BEN sang THE MANCHESTER TREES, about the anniversary of the arena bombing, NICK came back with TAKE ON ME and KAMRAN had the CHUMP MAN BLUES before RACING DEMON sang SINCE I MET YOU, BABY. Left alone JAMES then came up with UNKNOWN LEGEND by Neil Young as ARTHUR returned with his song of the week EVERYBODY’S BROKE BUT BORIS and RICHARD sang of the MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT. This nicely set up a big finish with BEN off with the NEW YORK GIRLS, newcomer NICK going off THROUGH THE BARRICADES with Spandau Ballet, JOSH going off RIDING MY THUMB TO MEXICO and PAUL McD asking us to SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME before getting off UNDER THE BOARDWALK to end a craicing evening of music, songs and loads of banter. Magic!!

Newsletter No 491 4 September 2018

With a fairly full house PAUL RILEY got us all aboard the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and KATH & STAN took us away TEN THOUSAND MILES before CHRIS declared his CRAZY LOVE. For JAN it was a case of EVERYTIME YOU SAY GOODBYE just as PAUL McD declared I’M A FOOL TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK and PETER BRIDGE came out with some WORD SWAPS. Then, back after a while, JOHN REED came up with one of his own HONEST JOHN after which poet OLIVER took us to the GRAND MALL HOTEL AT THE SAVOY FOR RICHARD HARRIS. Somewhat further away MARK had us in SAMMY’S BAR and PETE ROBERTS transported us to OXFORD TOWN with Bob Dylan. For BRIAN it was all a bit SOMEWHERE BETWEEN and ROGER sang about the FORTUNATE ONE which contrasted sharply with JONATHAN & CHARLIE who requested, HANG ME OH HANG ME just as SIMON & JAMES came on with L. Cohen paying his rent to the TOWER OF SONG. On the other hand JAMES told us I’VE JUST SEEN A FACE and for CARL it was a case of FURTHER before ANN sang about the temptation of LORELEI. Coming up to the break after a storming first half PAUL had the OLD WALKING BLUES while KATH & STAN reckoned WE COULD FLY as sadly CHRIS had the BREWER’S DROOP.

In the interval raffle Rosalie won the Bottle of Wine, Margaret won the Plant, Ann won the Box of Maltesers and CDs won by Jackie, Roger and Brian before PAUL McD declared I NEED YOU NOW and JAN & MARK agreed WELL, IT’S ALRIGHT but for JOHN REED it was all about DEPENDENCE. Poet OLIVER was then truly philosophical with HOW MANY DEATHS DO YOU HAVE TO DIE BEFORE YOU CONCEDE TO LIFE and PETE ROBERTS dug deep for RABBIT HILLS before BRIAN skipped off to GEORGIA and ROGER got CAUGHT OUT LIKE CLINTON. Next and with one of his own great songs CARL was ALL AT SEA and SIMON & JAMES climbed aboard the COOKSFERRY QUEEN before JAMES went off to a GARDEN PARTY. This somehow set the trend and PAUL McD hit it up with LYING IN THE ARMS OF MARY before KATH & STAN recounted the BALLAD OF DAN MOODY which left MARK & JAN to up the tempo with BAD MOON RISING and PAUL RILEY to razz up a band and STEP IT UP AND GO to finish the night on a high note. Magic!



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