AUGUST - 2018

Newsletter No 490 29 August 2018

Continuing the run of great music, songs and good social interaction in Sale Folk Club’s Weekly Acoustic Folk Nights PAUL McD created a theme with NO ONE CAN MAKE MY SUNSHINE SMILE (Everly Bros) and BANJO JOHN jumped on the band wagon with THE SUNSHINE OF LOVE (L. Armstrong) and KATH & STAN were not to be left out as they told us to KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE. Breaking away for a moment ANDY sang that it was a SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE but for ANN it was a somewhat miraculous return as she finally found her lost voice to sing UNCLE TOM COBLEY followed by ALLEN with one of his favourites from a sunny clime in war time, FAREWELL TO SICILY. Instrumentally IAN pleaded CRY ME A RIVER and PETER requested BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER before BEN sang a song based on a friend’s poem, SERPENTINE. Next ED was out with McALPINE’S FUSILIERS before JANET re-ran her YORKSHIRE ROMANCE from last week and everyone who was here last week could join in the gaps with the right place names. CARL was then serious with I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR and COLIN introduced a big favourite, MR BOJANGLES, before RICHARD sang his mosaic of Dylan titles, PEACE IN OUR TIME. This left PAUL RILEY to go HOPPING DOWN IN KENT and PAUL McD to remind us AND BOYS CRY TOO which left BANJO JOHN to have us RUNNING WILD up to the break.
KATH & STAN started the second half with BYE BABY BYE followed by latecomer MARIAN who introduced BETSY THE SERVING MAID and ANDY who introduced ALISON (Elvis Costello). It then made sense for PETER to sing HEART LIKE A WHEEL and COLIN to sing ELEANOR RIGBY complete with the missing un-recorded verse he wrote with Paul McCartney on the beach in Liverpool! Hmmm! No wonder BEN decided to give us his take on NEW YORK GIRLS, Can’t You Dance the Polka, and ED went all Yorkshire with WILLY OIL LAD but ANN came back with another of her greatest hits, PUNCH AND JUDY MAN. Back to the sunshine theme, IAN treated us to SUNNY followed by ONLY YOU from JANET and SOLID AS A ROCK from RICHARD before ALLEN commented IT ALL SEEMS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO and MARIAN retorted WHEN FISHES FLY. Heading for the door and a big finish KATH & STAN told us HEAVEN’S A BAR and ED claimed to be THE OLDEST SWINGER IN TOWN before PAUL McD said for goodness sake BRING ME SUNSHINE to end a great night.

Newsletter No 489 22 August 2018

To prove nothing stays the same in SALE FOLK CLUB we did NOT commence the evening with Banjo John AS USUAL, we had a change and heard from a famous performer with the same initials on his jacket as Banjo John - JB - James Brown!  Although he was a moving, plastic, battery powered, singing version, his performance standing on the bar, went down a treat with the audience! So many people wanted to take him home for their wives that we are thinking of offering him as a raffle prize at some future stage when his battery has been re-charged! 

However, the real BANJO JOHN soon followed on and went down equally well with SHE WEARS RED FEATHERS AND A HOOLIE HOOLIE SKIRT before ALLEN came up next to sing ERIN GO BRAGH and IAN was instrumental in some RAG PICKING. Maybe it was the time of year but PETE had us all singing HARVEST MOON and on his first hosting night PAUL McD asked everyone to waltz when he played ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME followed by JOHN who sang Jimmy Driftwood's BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS. Next with another, where does he get them from, ANDY started a romantic spell with DARLING GIRL by Mandolin Orange followed by ED with Bob Dylan's RAMONA and JANET talking us through A YORKSHIRE ROMANCE where the audience was invited to fill in the blanks. This left JAMES to sing another Bob Dylan number SENOR followed by SIMON accompanied by James singing PANCHO AND LEFTY by Townes Van Zandt and HILARY completing the round by telling us some more of her HILARIOUS ONE-LINERS. James Brown declined the offer of another performance, so BANJO JOHN BROWN took his place and came up with SOMEDAY YOU’LL BE SORRY followed by ALLEN with his own NEARLY SONNET 18 self-penned to include words by Shakespeare and Victor Meldrew and PAUL McD sang QUITTING TIME by Mary Chapin Carpenter. This left JOHN to sing a song from his very first appearance at Sale, FIDO (Faeces Intake Disposal Operation), before IAN played a flawless SCARBOROUGH FAIR to take us to the break in which we had the raffle.

The second half began with much hysterical laughter and joking, once again, for the umpteenth week on the run, Andy won the first prize - the Bottle of Red Wine, and Helen won the Show of Hands CD, Hilary won the bottle of Bucks Fizz and Fran won the box of Mints. Meanwhile Ed and Fran had set up her keyboard and accessories so that we were able to enjoy FRAN singing and playing her self-penned IF ONLY and then a beautiful WHO KNOWS WHERE THE TIME GOES? On a different slant ED sang GREASY GRIT GRAVY AND GIZZARD GREENS which for some reason helped PETE get his voice back for MELLOR ROAD BOOZING BLUES. It was good to see JANET back for the night and to hear her sing SCARLET TOWN followed by SIMON & JAMES playing and singing 1952 VINCENT BLACK LIGHTENING before ANDY sang Gordon Lightfoot's CAREFREE HIGHWAY. Then we tore into round 3 with JOHN leading us with YELLOW BIRD followed by ALLEN and his self-penned PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE and PAUL McD playing his own tune without a name which he called BLUFFING so it was good that FRAN was on hand to give them her own KISS OF LIFE. Without her it could have been more of JANET’s song THE GRAVE and not IAN’s tune BABY’S COMING HOME or even PETE’s song ALEXANDER LIGHT. Heading for a big finish to a great night HILARY had us all laughing again with her many ONE LINERS and ANDY had us singing along with WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW and SIMON accompanied by James told us what happened to AMELIA EARHART and JAMES closed the evening with a MEDLEY of ROCK AND ROLL SONGS where we could all join in with gusto. Magic!!

Newsletter No 488 15 August 2018

With a bumper crowd filling up the seats KATH & STAN stepped up to the plate with SHAKE SUGAREE swiftly followed by BRIAN with the TENNESSEE WALTZ as PAUL invited everyone to COME ON UP TO THE HOUSE. With quite original poetry OLIVER gave us two of his works BYE THE BYE and STARING INTO THE EYES OF JOHNNY MATHIS IN A SUE RYDER and also original we then welcomed RICHARD KNOTT with his own START OVER AGAIN which nicely set up CASSIDY & friend ADRIAN to play SNOWDROP with banjo and guitar. BEN then came up with THE MANCHESTER TREE to which ED replied PUT ANOTHER LOG ON THE FIRE followed by COLIN with COME MY LITTLE SON and I’ll tell you about my life. For HELEN it was SUCH A SIMPLE THING and for ROGER it was SUCH A LITTLE LIFE and for MARIAN it was the tale of TWO SISTERS before PETER gave us some amusing ANECDOTAL NOTES ON THE ROCK INDUSTRY before CARL told us what he saw in his MAGICAL SKY. Any way up it was 900 MILES away for KATH & STAN and even more for BRIAN who had GEORGIA ON MY MIND and even further for PAUL who had the UKULELE BLUES. It was that OLIVER then had us smiling with his poem NAN vs TV vs THE WORLD before RICHARD KNOTT hit the bottle with his DRINK A LITTLE WHISKY and CASSIDY tore into his own VASTOPOL RAG which left BEN with A FEAR OF MOUNTAINS as we reached the break.
In the raffle Pater won the Jam, Margaret won the Table Mats, Brian won the Wine and Andy won the Mulling Syrup before ED got trapped under the FAT LADY’S BOTTOM. No wonder COLIN asked WHERE DID YOU GO TO MY LOVELY and HELEN replied I’m an ANGEL FROM MONTEREY and ROGER admitted IT STONED ME. Next MARIAN chased after THE GREY MARE before PETER gave us some more amusing ANECDOTES as a prelude to THE BALLAD OF BILLY KERSHAW from CARL. Building to a big finish RICHARD KNOTT introduced THE MAN WITH THE LONG BLACK CLOAK which KATH & STAN said could have been the MOONSHADOW but surely not in the SUMMERTIME reckoned BRIAN. Hitting the heights RICHARD confessed I’M IN LOVE WITH MY SHRINK which had CASSIDY reaching for his VASELINE MACHINE GUN before PAUL cried, YOU’VE GOTTA MOVE, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and had us all singing into the street at the end of a terrific night of music.

Newsletter No 487 7 August 2018

Back from his sojourn in France PETER ROBERTS kicked an excellent social and musical evening with a POEM called ADAM’S NEEDLES about a garden plant but for BRIAN it was amazing HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY but in ALLEN OGG’s case he was the one slipping away to THE MINGULAY BOAT SONG. Still on the water PAUL RILEY developed the BROWN FERRY BLUES as ANDY sang that superb song, TALK TO ME OF MENDOCINO before KATH & STAN crossed the continent to OWENSBORO. Next we welcomed JOHN of Girth, Wind and Tired to sing his own SUPERMAN before IAN went CRAZY by Willie Nelson on a different guitar than the usual Taylor which left us to welcome back CASSIDY with SUNFLOWER RIVER BLUES written by John Fahey and played on the guitar. All of this prompted ED to come up with a new song WAITING FOR A TRAIN by Jimmy Rodgers which for some reason made RACING DEMON think of ST JAMES’ INFIRMARY and JAMES, flying solo, to think BUCKETS OF RAIN by Bob Dylan and we could hear it had just started. 

This brought PETER ROBERTS to his feet again with Lowell George’s WILLIN’ followed by BRIAN with another Willie Nelson composition AN UNWEATHERED FRIEND and ALLAN to rise with his own PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE. Most modern PAUL RILEY then sang SWEET CAROLINE by Brian Adams which he introduced as being a 21st century song but still folk in his eyes and definitely a good song. ANDY also came up with a true-ism in that A GOOD TIME MAN LIKE ME HAS NO BUSINESS SINGING THE BLUES followed by CARL playing his new OCTIVE MANDOLA and singing the AUSTERITY ALPHABET by Jez Lowe so no wonder IAN somehow got GEORGIA ON MY MIND which sent us up to the break in a good mood.
In the raffle James won the Bottle of Rose Wine, Brian won the Box of Shortbreads, Andy won the Ouzo, Sue won the Novel and Brian won the Tuning Pipes before 
KATH & STAN started the second stretch with BRIGHTON CAMP. This was swiftly followed by JOHN leading us with ME & BOBBY McGEE nad then CASSIDY with a SPANISH DANCE, another John Fahey composition, and ED with HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Reunited sangas RACING DEMON, SIMON & JAMES a Bruce Cockburn song SEE HOW I MISS YOU before JAMES went CRAZY for the second performance of this song but this time with lyrics. Hey ho! To this CARL responded with OLD BONES by Jez Lowe with his new Octave mandola which PETER said brought out THE BEST IN ME, one his own songs, before BRIAN went even further with the FACE OF GOD. Suddenly ALLEN remembered a POUND A WEEK RISE by Ed Pickford which made PAUL think of life in those times as DARK AS A DUNGEON which for ANDY THAT'S THE WAY it was. KATH & STAN were not having any of it and took the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND and IAN said I certainly AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' to which JOHN responded with the QUESTION SONG, which had us all laughing. Finally as we came up to a big finish CASSIDY gave us a wonderful rendition of MY LADY JAZZ, on a new banjo he’d only had a few days, and RACING DEMON had us all singing into the street with FOLSOM PRISON BLUES. 


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