APRIL - 2018

Newsletter No 472 17 April 2018

The room was already swollen with massive talent before DON & HEATHER light-heartedly kicked off with MACK THE KNIFE from the Threepenny Opera. With a song inspired by Ruth Powell, GRASSROOTS told of an ORDINARY DAY before PAUL had us sha-la-la-ing with BROWN EYED GIRL only for ARTHUR to remind us THERE’S ALWAYS MONEY FOR A WAR. In the deep south BRIAN came up with the TENNESSEE WALTZ while TIM was all TANGLED UP IN BLUE before PHIL introduced us to ADAM AND THE BEASTS by the tragic Alasdair Clayre so no wonder IAN came up with the MISSISSIPPI BLUES. Delightfully and brilliantly poet OLIVER then treated us to THE FOX and THE PAY PHONE from his published works before his uncle ROGER sang his own song RITA TAKES THE DAY in tribute to his mother’s life. ANDY then suitably diverted us with WON’T YOU MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE as did HILARY with some more of her hilarious ONE-LINERS which nicely set up ANN to sing the lovely VAIR ME O, RO VAN O. Next and with a topical song PETE’S THE KING pleaded with us to TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME while BEN more philosophically sang I CAN’T LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND by Josh Ritter. CARL was also in philosophical mood with his own MAGICAL SKY whereas ED was miraculous with THE HERMIT which left GRASSROOTS to sing Mick’s song FOR STEPHEN LAWRENCE to take us to the break in sombre mood.

The interval raffle saw Ian win the Bottle of Red Wine, Andy win the Chocolates, Hilary win the Handwash and Dave win the Shower Gel before ARTHUR had us purring with AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF THE ECONOMY (with kittens) while BEN was still in war mode with SOLDIER, SOLDIER. With another of his interests TIM sang about his latest musical creation, MISS HAVERSHAM, which had PETER swearing off the GREY FUNNEL LINE whereas PETE KING was absolutely on TOP OF THE WORLD with his latest new song. Talking about being on top of the world, CARL treated us to the BALLAD OF BILLY KERSHAW and BRIAN sang Kurt Weill’s SEPTEMBER SONG before IAN gave us a brilliant interpretation of GEORGIA on my mind. Then it was time for poet OLIVER with two more gems HANK WILLIAMS v THE CHELSEA BUNS and THE PACT which stimulated PETE’S THE KING to remember JEAN McPHERSON in the first song he ever wrote. Another gem! Also suitably enthused ANDY sang his own interpretation of I WILL by the Beatles which encouraged ROGER to sing his own 2 PARTS ALCOHOL 1 PART SORRY before PHIL came up with CADENCE AND CASCADE. Going for a long distance big finish to an incredibly top quality evening PAUL kicked off with the saucy FISHING BLUES before HILARY had tears running down our cheeks with more ONE-LINERS and PETE KING unveiled another new song, SKETCHES IN BLUE. There were no illusions when ED was caught TEACHING MY WORM HOW TO SWIM which left DON, HEATHER & PAUL to lead everyone in a great rendition of WAGON WHEEL to end a class night of verse, music and mirth.

Newsletter No 471 10 April 2018

A very enjoyable evening was ahead of those who dropped into Sale Folk Club when hosts Heather Kenyon and Paul Riley opened the proceedings with PAUL himself surprising us by starting with AIKEN DRUM on the accordion, a children’s folk song which probably has its origins in a Jacobite song about the Battle of Sheriffmuir (1715). BANJO JOHN quickly followed with APRIL SHOWERS, which could have been dedicated to those on holiday, so no wonder PETER decided to just WALK ON BY. For MARK, returning from a while ago, IT WAS BETTER TO BUILD BRIDGES THAN WALLS, his own song, and DAVID also took an optimistic stance with two poems from Doris Siddons, LIFE FOR ALL and BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. Surely neither ALLEN nor the workers were satisfied with a POUND A WEEK RISE and still with the workers, CORRIE, a new visitor, sang a hauntingly beautiful unaccompanied song of her own, JOHNNY, about the Pretoria Pit disaster of 1910 which was in Over Hulton. TIM then sang ANNIE’S SONG and KATH & STAN sang about THE FORSAKEN MERMAID before NAOMI & PHIL played RUE DE PARIS on the Flute and Guitar. PHIL then sang a whaling song LEVIATHAN before BEN unveiled his new 12-fret guitar for CALIFORNIA and PETER & CATHY, part of the band Flotsam, told us they were just BOUND TO GO SAILING. Something then set JAMES off MAKING WHOOPEE before he was joined by Simon to become RACING DEMON who were DOWN TO SEEDS AND STEMS which made PAUL, due to no singing voice, think of reciting his own poem about THE WIZARD OF THE EDGE. Striding up to the front BANJO JOHN then paid his money for the Threepenny Opera and sang MACK THE KNIFE which for some reason gave PETER the WEEPING WILLOW BLUES and led MARK to comment THAT’S THE WAY IT GOES, with his own song. This led to a few more observations on life with DAVID reading Tom Snee’s poem FRIENDS AND LOVERS and ALLEN singing his own song, IT’S A SHAME, before CORRIE took us to the interval with RECOGNITION her own song about a mother’s Dementia accompanying herself with her Baritone Ukelele.

The interval Raffle saw David win the Bottle of White Wine, Kath & Stan win the Bottle of Red Wine and Peter win the Chocolates before KATH & STAN took off for OWENSBORO and TIM responded WE SHALL OVERCOME. Next NAOMI & PHIL were CARDIN OWT followed by PHIL singing THE OUTLAW and PETER & CATHY were with the wind in the willows singing about BREAD & FISHES. Then it was time for BEN to play his new guitar with BOTH HANDS as RACING DEMON went searching for AMELIA EARHART and JAMES went looking for SWEET LORRAINE. Still without singing voice PAUL continued his new career as a poet with his recently written EAR-WORM which had PETER wanting to ROLL IN MY SWEET BABY’S ARMS but it just made MARK just LONESOME. Coming to big finish ALLEN then took us down the ROAD TO PASSCHENDAELE so no wonder CORRIE found it HARD TO BELIEVE and BEN shot off to LONDON TOWN leaving KATH & STAN to have us all singing with GOING AROUND THE WORLD BABY MINE. Then finally it left to RACING DEMON with SINCE i MET YOU and PETER & KATHY with TEACH YOU CHILDREN WELL to end a great evening with plenty of buzz and some powerful performances. Paul's poems can be found on https://aplaceofpoetry.wordpress.com.


Newsletter No 470 3 April 2018

A slow starter but they kept on coming as KATH & STAN first took the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND and IAN decided to SHOW A LITTLE TENDERNESS and PAUL turned on LAZY JOHN. For his first ALLEN decided he would CATCH THE WIND as ED was away with THE PILGRIM and HELEN also had the URGE FOR GOING. On the other hand ANDY showed no favourites as the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER before surprise and very welcome guest VIRGINIA KETTLE from Folk Band Merry Hell delighted us with her own GROWING, GROWING GONE. No wonder KATH & STAN suddenly thought WE COULD FLY and IAN went SUDDENLY instrumental and PAUL got the HOW LONG BLUES. Slightly late PETER nearly decided to STEAL AWAY as ALLEN mused IT ALL SEEMS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO but not for MURGATROYD AND MATHILDA sang ED. Then, in her own sweet way, HELEN sang FAITH’S SONG which made ANDY think OH, MY SWEET CAROLINA before VIRGINIA returned with THE BUTCHER AND THE VEGAN which set up HILARY for some more of her hilarious ONE-LINERS. Building nicely to the interval KATH & STAN sang MONDAY MORNING and IAN played a great version of Sting’s  FIELDS OF GOLD before another late-comer DAVE blew us away with TAKE ME INTO YOUR ARMS and PETER took us traditionally to the break with PEGGY GORDON.

In the Raffle John won the Cava, Helen won the Guitar Stand and Martin won the Picture Frame before PAUL sang YOU AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE and ALLEN sang THE WORKER’S SONG. Then in a menacing mood ED threatened TREAT ME DAUGHTER DECENT and HELEN went DANCING UNDER THE GALLOWS so no wonder ANDY was that DESPERADO. Fortunately VIRGINIA calmed things down with SWEETLY SLEEP NO MORE and DAVE chipped in with I NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD before PETER said we should BIDE A WHILE. For his last contribution IAN was HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE as KATH & STAN decided on two tunes, BEAR DANCE & HORSES BRAWL, with the fiddle and whistle which gave ALLEN those WILD EYES he is famous for. Coming to a climax ED had us laughing when he got sat on by the FAT LADY’S BUM before VIRGINIA was all serious with NOBODY KNOWS and PAUL had us singing into the street with a TWO DOLLAR BILL to bring a slow start to a big finish. Sweet!!


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