MARCH - 2018

Newsletter No 467 13 March 2018

In memory of Ken Dodd and in the tradition of the club BANJO JOHN started us off with HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS as we launched into our pre-St Patrick’s celebration before DON, HEATHER & PAUL went traditional with the BLACK VELVET BAND and PAUL followed up with the story of BELFAST MILL. On theme PHIL then sang GREEN ANTHEM and PETER BRIDGE went with THE FERRY MAN by THE DUBLINERS before PETE sang his own FRIENDS. Then it was a delight to see and hear old friend MICHAEL BRACKEN who took us back in time with PEGGY O’NEILL & MY WILD IRISH ROSE and ALLEN delivered the interesting story of ERIN GO BRAGH (Ireland Forever). All this had KATH & STAN going off TEN THOUSAND MILES and POET DAVID telling us he was soon going back to Armagh where he will pass the two light houses in his poem THE LIGHT HEARTED PRINCESS before CARL sang ALICE and ED moved TO WELCOME PADDY HOME. Way over in the USA SIMON & JAMES had the FOLSOM PRISON BLUES and JAMES was under BUCKETS OF RAIN (Bob Dylan) and BANJO JOHN turned to Nat King Cole saying MY BABY JUST CARES FOR ME. PHIL then came up with a nice version of FOTHERINGAY by Fairport Convention before MICHAEL BRACKEN sang here’s to the unifying of IRELAND’S 32 counties. Finally KATH & STAN sang about DAN MOODY and CARL sang about the dog SINATRA AND I as we reached the interval.

The Bumper Raffle saw Paul win the Chocolates, Sue win the CD, Barry win the Gladioli Bulbs, Joan win the Bailey’s Irish Cream, Stan win the Guinness, Pete win the Steam Train DVD and Allen win the Steam Train DVD before PAUL takes us all ALL THE WAY FROM DONEGAL with the great song from Arthur Marshall. On theme ED treats us to the BARREL OF BRICKS as PETE takes the LAST TRAIN AND RIDE and MARIAN celebrates women’s week with THE FEMALE DRUMMER. Seeking alternative solace JAMES gets the COCAINE BLUES and PETER BRIDGE goes of dancing the polka with some NEW YORK GIRLS as ALLEN turns to Donovan’s COLOURS whereas DON & HEATHER go back to the Emerald Isle and THE GALWAY SHAWL. SIMON then sang an IVORY JOE HUNTER song before PHIL delighted us with an guitar instrumental BOURREE by BACH and CARL wished a HEALTH TO THE COMPANY which left KATH & STAN with JOHN LOVER and JAMES with I WILL to take us over the line to end a super night brilliantly stewarded by Ed & Sue.


Newsletter No 466 6 March 2018
Another tip top evening smoothly guided by Kamran and PETE who started us off with YOUR SONG and soon it was High Noon with BANJO JOHN BROWN and DO NOT FORSAKE ME before ED continued the cowboy scenario with THE GAMBLER. This left CHRIS to surprise us with AUTUMN LEAVES in the first round of the toaster wars before DJ DAVE again amazed us with another DORIS SYDENHAM POEM and equally stirred WILF led us in UNITED WE STAND. Enough cried KAMRAN as he gave us his own version of 50 SHADES OF GREY as KATH & STAN greeted that WAYFARING STRANGER and PETE gave us the first part of his INTERVIEW WITH TESCO which for ALLEN brought back the GOLD WATCH BLUES. Then we had a trip round the globe as ANDY searched the North West Passage with LORD FRANKLIN and IAN went looking for somewhere WINDY AND WARM, with Chet Atkins, and CLARE told how BETSY BELL was searching for a man. No wonder PAUL thought of JOHN THE REVELATOR and DON & HEATHER opened a bottle of SPANISH BURGUNDY after which BANJO JOHN had us all singing with WHEN YOU’RE SMILING with a burst of HOLD THAT TIGER in the middle which left CHRIS to tell us what THE TRAWLERMAN wanted when he got back to the dock.


In the bumper Raffle the Rose Wine was won by Kath, the Gladioli bulbs went to Kamran, the Belgian chocolates went home with Pete The King, the Hand wash was Dave’s and the Decades of Steam DVD Box Set went home with Dolan which left PETE to SHOWER THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE in consolation. WILF, however, went further with TELL LAURA I LOVE HER and PETE completed his Interview with TESCO but we never found out if he got the job! All serious again ALLEN summed up a bit of contumely with WHAT’S IT TO YOU and ANDY addressed human conflict with GENESIS HALL (Thompson) before DAVE gave us another DORIS SYDENHAM POEM of real life. Then it was back to the music with a KAMRAN band up for LITTLE RED ROOSTER followed by ED who was LEARNING TO PLAY “ROMANZA” ONTHE GUITAR whereas IAN was on THE ROAD BACK HOME and STAN & KATH were WATERBOUND which is just as bad as snowed in. Very generously PAUL invited us to COME ON UP TO THE HOUSE but CLARE said I WANT TO LIE DOWN and DON & HEATHER were equally inactive singing about THE BEGGAR. Fortunately, WILF revived us with CLEMENTINE and CHRIS got busy with JOSEPH’S HANDS which led ALLEN to TRY FOR THE SUN. Coming to a climax ANDY sang FOOLISH YOU and KATH & STAN had us singing about BLACK WATERS and IAN exclaiming my BABY’S COMING HOME. Then to well and truly finish us off PETE sang a Joni Mitchell song followed by CLARE with an IRISH WHISTLE TUNE which set up THE “THREE” SPIRITS who sent us home with ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD dancing around in our heads!! Magic!!!


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