Newsletter No 464 20 February 2018

As people flooded through the door DON & HEATHER thought we were in for some RARE OULD TIMES but who knows what BANJO JOHN was doing BLOWING BUBBLES whereas it was clear when PAUL asked us to WALK RIGHT IN. In need of more excitement PETER took us off to SIN CITY (Parsons) while KATH & STAN bade fare thee well my honey with DINK’S SONG but PETE was simply HURT written by Trent Reznor and half- inched by Johnny Cash some people think. Next ED teased us with WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE ME AS A FRIEND and CARL intrigued us with THE BIG FEAR by Jez Lowe which left HILARY to tickle us with some of her ONE-LINERS. Going back to the old country LIN & JIM met the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN and MARK followed instrumentally with two tunes SONNY’S MAZURKA and JOHN RYANS and JAN sang about COLCANNON IN THE LITTLE SKILLET POT. With poems from Doris Sydenham, DJ DAVE gave us BROKEN MARRIAGES and in memory of a good friend CLARE turned to Anthony John Clarke for MAYBE THE GOOD DIE YOUNG before PETES THE KING took us off to a BEACH BAR. In good form MARIAN remembered WHEN I WAS NOBBUT SWEET SIXTEEN and BANJO JOHN told us MY BABY JUST CARES FOR ME before PETER came up with Ralph McTell’s TEQUILA SUNSET. Heading for the interval newcomer ERIC blew our minds with his great flute playing in SOUTH WIND and THE BUTTERFLY with Clare also giving it some whistle before PAUL had us eating CORNBREAD AND BUTTERBEANS and CARL celebrated Jake Thackray’s birthday with SISTER JOSEPHINE.

A big raffle saw Penny take the Champagne, Banjo John win the Box of Tea, Joyce win the Bouquet of Roses and Margaret win the Perfume before JIM aided by LIN insisted I’M AN ORDINARY MAN. On the other hand PETE was A MINER FOR A HEART OF GOLD and before his last bus ERIC brilliantly played his flute for THE LARK IN THE MORNING AIR and PARTING OF FRIENDS and ED explained the complications of romance with GEORGINA BAILEY. More complexities of the world came from JAN & MARK with CLOUDS (J. Mitchell) and from DJ DAVE with THE PRICE OF A PINT by Doris Sydenham before PETES THE KING on a CYCLE RIDE with his dog went for audience participation. Then the roller coaster ride started with MARIAN and the tragedy of the BLANTYRE EXPLOSION followed by the utopia of KATH & STAN with FIDDLER’S GREEN and the humour of HILARY and her ONE-LINERS before CARL had us back on track with his own YOUNG ANNIE IN BLUE. For JIM & LIN it was all about the HIGHWAYMAN by Willie Nelson while PAUL was SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD and PETE reminisced about returning to Ireland with his own ALEXANDER LIGHT. It was all too much for JAN & MARK who slumped down in Bob Dylan’s EASY CHAIR and ED confessed to having an ANTI-SOCIAL PROBLEM before PETES THE KING lifted us with some JOKEY OBSERVATIONS. After a superb evening KATH & STAN found themselves WATERBOUND before DON & HEATHER suggested we lay down the borrowed guitar and sing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD and go home on a high!!

Newsletter No 463 13 February 2018

Treating us to another sublime evening of music and good humour KATH & STAN set off with SHAKE SUGAREE and with Valentine’s Day in mind ALLEN sang his own NEARLY SONNET 16 before PAUL told YELLOW IS THE COLOUR of his true love’s hair. In similar vein TIM sang SWEET SIR GALAHAD and DON & HEATHER sang Robbie Laing’s BLACK CLOTHES before CARL stepped up a gear with his own ALL AT SEA about a female sea captain and PETE followed with RABBIT HILLS, a song of the sea by Michael Chapman. Back with the romantic theme MARIAN was in fine form with the SQUIRE OF TAMWORTH but Simon & James, aka RACING DEMON, shot off with the DRUGSTORE TRUCK DRIVING MAN before HILARY rose with some of her deadly ONE-LINERS. Next BEN was pleading RICKY DON’T LOSE THAT NUMBER as JAMES returned with VALENTINES DAY and KATH & STAN celebrated the BRIGHT MORNING STAR before PAUL told us I’M WILD ABOUT MY LOVIN’. In the same vein ALLEN claimed MADAM, I’M A DARLING and TIM paid tribute to SUZANNE before DON, HEATHER & PAUL sang of love flourishing at THE ROSEVILLE FAIR but alas it was unrequited when CARL sang I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR.

In the interval a bumper raffle saw Ken win the Prosecco, Kath win the Belgian Chocolates, Chris win the Valentine’s Bunch of Flowers and Penny win the Pancake Kit and kindly promptly give it to Hilary who particularly was hoping to win it and, therefore, actually did. Hitting the road again PETE noticed a STORM RISING making it for RACING DEMON a BLUE, BLUE DAY but luckily for MARIAN there was A TAVERN IN YONDER TOWN before BEN came up with a warning for DAISY (Karin Polwart) to be careful with her affections. A few more ONE-LINERS from HILARY lightened the mood and JAMES was optimistic with YOU’VE GOTTA FRIEND as were KATH & STAN as they went off to WESTERDALE and ALLEN who had found THE WAY OUT OF MANCHESTER. A bit more solitarily TIM was UP ON THE ROOF before CARL told how Jake Thackray’s LODGER was in demand. PAUL then came across as BIG, BAD BILL but DON & HEATHER reckoned they had PASSED THE POINT OF RESCUE and PETE was DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL. Coming to a climax BEN sang SOLDIER, SOLDIER would you marry me before RACING DEMON aka Simon & James covered everything with TUPELO HONEY. Sweet!


Newsletter No 462 6 February 2018

An excellent birthday celebration was superbly orchestrated by HEATHER KENYON and KAMRAN who gave us a very lively start with BIG ROAD BLUES before PAUL was consigned to be down DARK AS THE DUNGEON and ALLEN was back teaching us about body image with his PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE. No wonder KATH & STAN were off to the BAY OF BISCAY–O and HILARY shot us a few ONE-LINERS and ANDY insisted that WALTZING’S FOR DREAMERS before IAN stepped out with his own TODMORDEN TROT. This inspired BRIAN to successfully attempt the v.diff SEPTEMBER SONG by Kurt Weill before DJ DAVE introduced us to BABY, the work of a new poet DORIS SYDENHAM before LYN & JIM went off with the FULSOM PRISON BLUES. Next SIMON introduced us to the conundrum of EMILIA EARHART’S LAST FLIGHT and ARTHUR floated another insoluble with his HOUSING PROBLEM before DON & HEATHER defined the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS. Also breaking new ground PAUL introduced us to the “Cumberland Gap” tuning for VINCENT BLACK LIGHTNING before IAN gave us an excellent interpretation of Dylan’s MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE and ALLEN swore JOSIE I WON’T FAIL YOU. Coming to the interval buffet HELEN was hoping for PASTURES OF PLENTY but all JIM & LYN got ON A MONDAY was Stripes.

In the Raffle the Box of Biscuits was won by Ian, the Hand Wash was won by Alan, the Red Wine was won by Allen and the Room fragrance was taken home by Ann before SIMON & KAMRAN teamed up with SYLVIA’S MOTHER and BRIAN was worried my BABY’S GOING TO KICK me out. Then late comer PETE KING sang his own, and Don’s favourite, FOOL’S PARADISE before DJ DAVE gave us NON-ENTITY, another by Doris Sydenham, and ARTHUR topically gave us THE IKEA SHOWROOM BLUES. Thank goodness for HILARY who cheered us with some more ONE-LINERS and ANDY who insisted A HEART NEEDS A HOME just before HELEN was OUTWARD BOUND. Closer to home DON & HEATHER sang his Dad’s song FLOWERS ON THE WATER but for KATH & STAN it was HEAVEN’S A BAR and for PETE KING it was an Eagles request for DESPERADO. Back to his roots ALLEN told the story of ERIN GO BRAGH while JIM was LEANING ON A LAMPPOST and ANDY was with ALISON which somehow turned SIMON into THE WEREWOLF. Ever resourceful IAN then played SOMETHING WHAT HE MADE UP which left HELEN smelling the MAGNOLIA WIND and BRIAN unhappily retorting DAMN THIS TOWN. Fortunately KATH & STAN escaped being WATER BOUND as ARTHUR was calling for just ONE MORE SONG which DON, HEATHER & PAUL were happy to provide in the form of their own DANCES FOR DOLLARS to end an absolutely splendid birthday night!! 


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