JUNE - 2016

Newsletter No 384 28 June 2016

Another KATH & STAN special evening with lots of songs, tunes and good craic was kicked off by our hosts with OWENSBORO just before BANJO JOHN boarded the MIDNIGHHT SPECIAL and PHIL went out poaching with his LONGDOG (Show of Hands). HELEN then continued to remind us that THE TREES THEY DO GROW HIGH as DON, HEATHER & PAUL told of the delights DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL and SIMON asked WHAT’S SO FUNNY ABOUT PEACE LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING before JANET took us back in time for a HOUSEWIVE’S CHOICE. No wonder PAUL asked us to COME ON UP TO THE HOUSE and JOAN gave us A DAY TO REMEMBER from her Mum’s Memoires before ED gave us an example of rough justice for CALEB MEYER who attempted rape and was killed by his potential victim for his trouble. KAMRAN told us he was OUT OF TIME, not literally, and JONATHAN told us about a ONE MAN GUY followed by KATH & STAN with two tunes THREE AROUND THREE & COME TO THE CEILIDH before BANJO JOHN confessed he had the SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES. Having only a few days earlier heard the original by Zoe Mulford on Facebook JANET surprised with MIDSUMMER HYMN but still PAUL had the BLACK BOTTOM BLUES and HELEN thought was THE GOOD THING. Certainly SIMON agreed at THE DIMMING OF THE DAY as JOAN gave us more REFLECTIONS ON LIFE by her Mum and JONATHAN went with Bruce Springsteen and MARY QUEEN OF ARKANSAS. Roaring up to the interval break ED celebrated with RED HEADED ANNE and PHIL introduced a WIND OF CHANGE before DON, HEATHER & PAUL went for migration ACROSS THE BORDERLINE.

The usual bumper raffle saw the Wine go to Heather; the Roses go to Jackie; the Foot Cream go to Ed; the Chocolates go to Joan; the CD go to Paul; and Rub and Lick off Cream give Simon some inspiration. KAMRAN then started the second half with a visit to ST JAMES’ INFIRMARY prompting KATH & STAN to sing the BALLAD OF DAN MOODY which set HELEN off singing like THE LARK. As hinted earlier SIMON was inspired to sing about SIN CITY in celebration of his raffle prize so no wonder PHIL was found WALKING BACKWARDS DOWN THE STAIRS which PAUL with HEATHER & DON agreed when it is DARK AS A DUNGEON. Then out of the blue in walked ED with JACUZZI JOE and his Funky Concertina causing KAMRAN to go off with the TRAVELLING RIVERSIDE BLUES (Going down to Roseville) and SIMON to go CROSSING MUDDY WATERS and PHIL away with his BROTHERS IN ARMS. Heading to a sing along finish KATH with STAN was that BANJO PICKING GIRL as PAUL, DON & HEATHER treated us to STEWBALL followed by the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS to send us trilling into the night. Excellent!

Newsletter No 383 21 June 2016

On this fine June evening a modest group of people assembled for what was to be a fine evening of song, stories and music. Kate was a little delayed as she had a nasty tumble at home but, despite not being 100%, came along with Heather to take the money on the door and we wish her a speedy recovery.

MARK & JAN started the evening with a Newfoundland song, LUKEY’S BOAT followed by ED keeping up the maritime theme with I’M SAYING GOODBYE TO THE FISHING to which SUE could only reply WHEN ALL I GOT IS A HAMMER. Unusually for PHIL he turned to Loudon Wainwright III for I’M ALRIGHT, a ‘non blues’ blues, as BRIAN sang about ME AND THE ELEPHANT before BANJO JOHN came up with THE CURSE OF AN ACHING HEART from the Laurel and Hardy film Blotto whose in-car music system from the film “Busybodies” is a “must see. Then who else but JOAN could follow that and have us laughing at the courting exploits of her sisters written by her mother. No wonder GEOFF decided to sing ALL BEFORE as JO was taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME and JAMES was BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. All this made CHRIS became a PIPER TO THE END and HELEN tell us it was NO USE CRYING leaving JONATHAN & CHARLIE to settle for a TEQUILA SUNRISE and PAUL to end the first round out IN THE EARLY MORNING RAIN. With ages before pumpkin time BANJO JOHN started the second round on the ROBERT E. LEE and upwardly mobile JAN sang the lovely Corrine Polwart song FOLLOW THE HERON HOME just before BRIAN asked WHAT IF I TOLD YOU to which quick as a flash JO told him YOU’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG. JAMES, however, was SO SAD but PAUL advised him to DON’T THINK TWICE IT’S ALRIGHT.

Then it was strange how the first raffle ticket drawn out of the box by Jan was Mark’s but enough said as there were plenty of prizes to be had before ED started the second half by telling us I’VE AN ANTI-SOCIAL PROBLEM which brought back many happy memories for those of us who were privileged to have know Joan Gallimore. Continuing her rise to the stratosphere of folk HELEN then plundered her extensive repertoire for HEART OF MY HOMELAND before leaving JOAN to relate her mother’s story of how hard it had been for their family to move to Carrington from Trafford Park. GEOFF recommended the train by riding on THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS but CHRIS philosophically gave us Jez Lowe’s OLD BONES which brought A KIND OF HUSH from SUE. Quite why but this gave PAUL the GOOD MORNING BLUES and ED was also unhappy with his BRONGHIO-DILATOR BLUES. You’ve got to be a MAN OF THE WORLD then observed PHIL and GEOFF & SUE seem to qualify as he asked her WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP TONIGHT? As long as he had his guitar and twelve fingers CHRIS certainly didn’t care as he brilliantly played two tunes NAKED LADIES and ELECTRIC RAGTIME as we headed for a big finish. JAMES led the spontaneous band-up for COCAINE BLUES followed by PAUL with CORRINA. CORRINA and then MARK & JAN with dark portents for Thursday in the form of BAD MOON RISING for another very pleasant evening in Sale Folk Club.

Newsletter No 382 14 June 2016

PAUL made a suitable start to Martin & Hilary’s pre-nuptial party with WILD ABOUT MY LOVIN’ before BANJO JOHN asked somewhat obliquely IS IT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT DIXIE before MARK & JAN told us LOVE AND HAPPINESS is all it takes. Surely in agreement CHRIS chipped in with SMART ASS as HILARY declared it a CELEBRATION with her solo guitar and CARL wondered whether they would make OLD BONES. Our old friend MICHAEL then popped up to explain WHY DO WE BUILD THE WALL and hope that poverty never afflicts Hilary & Martin for whom JANET sang the hymn WHEN A KNIGHT HAS WON HIS SPURS. More to the point and period MICK added P.S. I LOVE YOU and SIMON chipped in with AT THE DARK END OF THE STREET before HELEN brought us the ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY (J. Prine) to which DAVID commented IS THIS LOVE? Surprise guest JOHN CONDY added his own song YOU ARE YOUR WORLD to which FAIR PLAY added 2 tunes TWIGLET and BODMIN RISING before ROBIN took us all over to DENVER. This left BANJO JOHN to put a spanner in the works by admitting I’M CONFESSING THAT I LOVE YOU and JANET amusingly read the WEATHER FORECAST which was useful to JAN & MARK who were off on the BONNY SHIP THE DIAMOND. Quite what the new bride-to-be made of HILARY’S guitar piece INSIDE BLUES but MICK’S EIGHT DAYS A WEEK was straightforward as CARL took us over to BAKER STREET but MICHAEL’S UNHAPPY ANNIVERSARY and BANJO JOHN’S declaration I WANT A GIRL clouded the issue as we went in to the interval.

After a bumper raffle PAUL had us SINGING MY BLUES AWAY and FAIR PLAY had us tilting at WINDMILLS before JOHN C pleaded STEAL MY HEART AWAY (Van Morrison) and DAVID added TAKE ME I/M YOURS by Squeeze. HELEN then took the floor with BOBBY’S SONG and SIMON warned of ALIMONY as ROBIN took to the STREETS OF LAREDO. On a more serious note MARK & JAN had us singing the Chicken Song I FELL IN LOVE to which JOHN C replied THANK YOU by Led Zeppelin and FAIR PLAY tootled 2 more tunes THREE AROUND THREE and COME TO THE CEILIDH. A final warning to the couple came from SIMON who explained how we are in trouble without the DO RAY ME (Woody Guthrie) and DAVID followed that with his ALLOTMENT SONG before MICHAEL had us singing the romantic PEGGY O’NEILL and HELEN was even more poignant with IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND. Finally with all agreeing it was a great send-off PAUL, on hearing of flooding in Lymm where Martin has a house, led us all into a dry Sale night with Sir Rod Stewart’s SAILING to end a great evening!

Newsletter No 381 7 June 2016

Hosting an evening which went very well GRASSROOTS started of the great music and song with THE BUTCHER BOY to which BANJO JOHN replied with CHANGES. After a week with his grand children it was a no brainer for PAUL to come up with THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE to which SUE & GEOFF’S version of LYIN’ EYES was a complete non-sequitur as KEVIN shared his COMPANIONS BY THE SEA. Then the first of the new names LESLIE sang for us THE DUNN SONG followed by ANN who led us to chorus with ME ORO VAN O before DAVID sang LIVING THING (ELO?). Next JO was out and about in her LONG BLACK VEIL and SIMON was bidding us all ADIEU, ADIEU. This brought JOSN to the front for TO GOLDIE, a reading from her Mum’s writings, after which DICK felt SAFE IN THE HARBOUR TONIGHT before ROBIN took us off to THE SNOWS OF NEW YORK. This prefaced the arrival the young mega talent DAN on only his second visit to the club which he claimed was THE LAST THING ON MY MIND which caused our JAMES to rise to the occasion with MAY YOU NEVER and likewise CHRIS to pull out all the stops for MERMAIDS AND SEAGULLS. Also stepping up GRASSROOTS returned with that great song I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREE which to BANJO JOHN meant doing the CHARLESTON and to JO it meant more SUMMERTIME and to SUE it meant REAL HOPE. Back down to earth SIMON told us that THE VERY THING THAT MAKES YOU RICH MAKES ME POOR, a sober thought, as JAMES settled for the GLORY OF LOVE and JOAN went for THE POWER OF WORDS leaving us to settle back and listen to DAN’S superb version of AMERICA with some great guitar accompaniment. After checking the number of Dan’s fingers, PAUL followed with RAMBLING ON MY MIND and DICK reached for A GLASS OF WATER but for ANN everything was AS DARK AS A DUNGEON. Slightly more traditional LESLIE told us ONCE I HAD A SWEETHEART and GEOFF unfolded the story of the unfortunate SIR PATRICK SPENS which led ROBIN to comment appropriately that THE BATTLE IS OVER and it certainly was for Sir Patrick. Still in lyrical mood KEVIN looked forward a little early to MY LADY OF AUTUMN and CHRIS appropriately warned us to WEATHER THE STORM as DAVID confessed WE DID IT ALL. This left us time for a grand finale and DAN was invited to see us out in to the night which he did with two great songs, HANG ME, OH HANG ME and ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS which left us craving more so next week in the same place it is. A great night of varied entertainment.


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