Newsletters 2019


Newsletter No 555 17 December 2019

A lively evening with PAUL McD kicking off with I RECALL A GYPSY WOMAN swiftly followed by KATH & STAN with DINK’S SONG and PETE ROBERTS and HEART OF GOLD. Then never too soon for JIM & LYN who stepped up with the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN and PETER BRIDGE with HONEY BABE BLUES and CHRIS wishing us THE THINGS YOU WISH YOURSELF. Next HEATHER put a strong case for the role of THE OSTRICH at Christmas (poem) before with wider issues in mind DON & HEATHER touched on the migrant problems with ACROSS THE BORDERLINE. It was good to have EDDIE with us again as he sang the unusual BOAR’S HEAD CAROL before HILARY had us laughing at her CHRISTMAS CRACKER JOKES (e.g. what did the dog get for Christmas? A mobile bone!) followed by ED with the off the wall Kid’s view of Christmas presents etc in SCARLET RAY GUNS. Then PAUL McD thought it was time for a little PERSUASION as PETE ROBERTS came up with HARVEST MOON and KATH & STAN set out on the GOODNIGHT LOVING TRAIL so no wonder PETER BRIDGE saw the funny side of THE FOLK CLUB by Richard Stillgoe. With the break in sight JIM & LYN introduced THE BELLE OF BELFAST CITY and CHRIS asked WOULD I LIE TO YOU before DON & HEATHER took us off to the ROSEVILLE FAIR.

The Interval Raffle saw Stan win the wine, Vic win the Box of Quality Street, Pete win the Feet Warmers, Ken win the Luxury Candle and Heather K win The 50 Sheds of Grey before EDDIE started the second half with SILENT WORSHIP, Handel put to words. Soon off to France PETE ROBERTS lustily sang I SHALL BE RELEASED followed by HILARY with MORE CHRISTMAS JOKES like who hides in the pantry at Christmas Mince Spies and ED gave us the slightly risqué MURGATROYD by Les Barker. Next it was nice to be reminded by PAUL McD that YOU ARE NOT ALONE just as PETER BRIDGE also reminded us with STREETS OF LONDON that some people are alone. On a lighter note CHRIS played Bert Jansch’s ANGIE followed by KATH & STAN leading the singing of BRIGHT MORNING STAR, DON & HEATHER with MAY YOU NEVER, EDDIE with THAT’LL BE THE DAY and JIM & LYN with THE GYPSY ROVER. Heading toward a big finish ED had us chanting MI HUSBAND’S GOT NO PORRIDGE IN HIM before latecomer RICHARD GRAY had us singing THE VIRGIN MARY HAD A BABY BOY followed by PAUL RILEY with Arthur Marshall’s FENCES, PAUL McD with SILENT NIGHT & WHITE CHRISTMAS and finally PAUL RILEY and RUDOLF THE RED NOSED REINDEER. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Newsletter No 554 10 December 2019

A bumper crowd braved the weather to make the Christmas Party a great success with HEATHER & DON welcoming all the NO HOPERS, JOKERS & ROGUES to entertain and be entertained. KATH & STAN turned up with the NEW YORK GIRLS and CHRIS brought MRS ADAMS ANGELS (R McTell) before EDDIE unsheathed his melodeon with JOY TO THE WORLD, DING DONG MERRILY AND JINGLE BELLS. Following this lead PETE sang ST PAUL’S SONG, PAUL sang MARY’S BOY CHILD, JIM & LYN told us the FAIRY TALE OF NEW YORK and STEVE had us crooning with WHITE CHRISTMAS. Next JAMES returned to his favourites for NOWHERE MAN and SIMON crossed the Atlantic for some FOLSOM PRISON BLUES before we returned to theme with HEATHER from the TURKEYS point of view, ED from out of this world when A SPACEMAN CAME TRAVELLING and CATHY & PETER who went all traditional with THE HOLLY AND THE IVY. Back in the real world HILARY then gave us some MARITAL ONE-LINERS and MIKE got rid of the PIDGEON IN THE CHIMNEY leaving ANDY to give his experience as a serial raffle prize winner in RAFFLE PRIZE LAMENT. As we raced towards the Chips and Sarnies Buffet we found IAN with his CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE and EDDIE following THE SNOWMAN and KATH & STAN in the BAY OF BISCAY-O.
The interval Raffle saw £100.00 go to the North West Air Ambulance Charity based in Altrincham when Jim won the Bottle of Red Wine, Heather Kenyon win the Christmas Pudding, serial winner Andy win the Box of Biscuits and every performer win a CD of their choice. PAUL opened the second half with his CHRISTMAS CAROL 1st Verse Only MEDLEY followed by PETE with SISTER SONG and STEVE with O CHRISTMAS TREE, JINGLE BELLS & SILENT NIGHT. Next ANDY reminded us that many will be A DOLLAR SHORT OF CHRISTMAS before IAN & CHRIS formed a new duo for an AUTUMN LEAVES instrumental duet which left MARTIN muttering I WANT A CD for performing in SALE before PETER & CATHY went off A-WASSAILING. Getting back to normal JAMES had us rocking to KANSAS CITY as SIMON celebrated AMELIA EARHART and MIKE remembered the WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD. With a brief nod to Christmas EDDIE told us SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TONIGHT before DON & HEATHER headed down south with WAGON WHEEL and KATH & STAN boarded the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND. Briefly on a sombre note PAUL touched on the subject of depression in life and in the song PEOPLE PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN by John Prine before JIM & LYN had us singing with RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER and DON & HEATHER had us carry on into the street with ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD. A brilliant start to the festive season. Next week mince pies.

Newsletter No 553 3 December 2019

There was a big welcome for GRASSROOTS with Janice well again and in harness with Mick to kick off THE FINAL TRAWL which PETE followed with BIG GIRL NOW and then JIM & LYN with I GOT STRIPES. Posing a question ANDY asked DID SHE MENTION MY NAME and HEATHER mentioned many areas of the city in A MANCHESTER CHRISTMAS before DON & HEATHER confessed needing us at the DIMMING OF THE DAY. In good form IAN celebrated THE WAY WE WERE and then DAVID celebrated LONDONDERRY before CARL reminded us that some are NEARER TO NETTLES. On the other hand SIMON told us some have PALACES OF GOLD while TONY told us that with love we all could feel WONDERFUL TONIGHT whereas MICK on RAGLAN ROAD wondered if love was enough. Next PETE said GOODBYE TO THE OLD while JIM & LYN were hot in the RING OF FIRE before IAN was laid back with GEORGIA ON MY MIND. Coming to the break ANDY was in conflict with GENESIS HALL before DON & HEATHER sang their requested DANCES FOR DOLLARS before SIMON picked up some EASY MONEY.
The interval raffle saw Vic win the Bottle of Red Wine, Andy take the Box of Biscuits and David win a Christmas Pudding before GRASSROOTS opened the second half with FINISTERRE followed by CARL looking for BLACK DIAMONDS and HILARY with a cheeky LITTLE VERSE. Philosophically, TONY wondered what will be WHEN I’M SIXTY FOUR while JIM & LYN were away with THE HIGHWAYMAN and MARTIN gave us his own poem IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME IN CAIRO STREET. Back in dreamland IAN took us to FIELDS OF GOLD as ANDY mused IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND and PETE polished up his RAMBLIN’ SHOES before DON & HEATHER remembered WHEN I WAS A COWBOY. Coming to a climax CARL had us smiling at SISTER JOSEPHINE, TONY was thinking of ELEANOR RIGBY and SIMON speculated on the BIG DARK SEA before GRASSROOTS sent us home with THE WAY THAT I FEEL. A quality night.


Newsletter No 552 26 November 2019

They filled up nearly every pew as DON & HEATHER welcomed NO HOPERS, JOKERS & ROGUES before ALLEN got down to business with a hanging in MACPHERSON’S RANT and we extended an even bigger welcome to old friends JIM & LYN and SPANISH LADY. Next PETE ROBERTS announced he was LEAVING LONDON just as KATH & STAN were off to the HORNCASTLE FAIR which left HELEN to declare I DUG UP A DIAMOND just before HILARY commented on THE FUNNY SIDE OF MARRIAGE which made CHRIS think of BRIDGES by Ralph McTELL. Following a Safari holiday in Kenya HEATHER then came up with ACROSS THE PLAINS OF AFRICA, a parody by Les Barker, followed by PAUL McD with GIRL’S TALK and MIKE with the BRICKLAYER’S LAMENT. Next ANN was that SWEET NIGHTINGALE before JAMES sang EVERY NIGHT off PAUL McCARTNEY’s first solo album and SIMON joined him as THE TICK TACK MAN. From ED came a serious comment on how we treat our soldiers after war with AL BOWLY’S IN HEAVEN AND I’M IN LIMBO NOW and TONY agreed IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY before CHRIS sang NANA’S SONG also by R. McTELL. Coming up to the interval PAUL McD pleaded HANDLE ME WITH CARE but JIM & LYN were off with THE WILD COLONIAL BOY and ALLEN related a bit of contumely in ERIN GO BRAGH.
The Raffle saw Heather win the Quality Street, Ann win the Bottle of Red Wine, Helen win the Ladies Leather Gloves and Jackie win the Couch Organiser before KATH & STAN opened up with two tunes, THE WATER OF TYNE & SIR JOHN FENWICK followed by HELEN who said, IF THIS IS GOODBYE. Fortunately, HILARY had some MORE MARRIAGE JOKES and PETER had NO REGRETS as ANN went fishing for THE TROUT. Next there was nothing funny in MIKE’s PART WORN TYRES but for TONY it was all WONDERFUL TONIGHT as JAMES came out with BUCKETS OF RAIN and SIMON asked, WHY DON’T YOU TRY ME TONIGHT. Joyfully ED was then out ALONG THE VERDIGRIS before DON & HEATHER were experiencing the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS and JIM & LYN were all at sea on the IRISH ROVER. Rising to a climax CHRIS asked, MAY YOU NEVER and PAUL McD questioned, WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW to which JAMES answered, EVERYDAY. Sadly SIMON was DOWN TO SEEDS AND STEMS again but KATH & STAN were off to OWENSBORO before DON & HEATHER invited us to lay down the borrowed guitar and sing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD as we went homeward. A top night,

Newsletter No 551 19 November 2019

Possibly due to a clash with a certain must see TV debate the number of performers was reduced but the quality was not diluted as performers were invited to give us TWO items repertoires with MARK & JAN paradoxically starting off with THE END OF THE LINE followed by PETE ROBERTS with HEART LIKE A WHEEL and NORTH COUNTRY MAID before welcome visitor IAN WHITE rosined up his bow and gave us THE BOAT TO INVERAY, MAIRI’S WEDDING and an IRISH AIR. Rising to the challenge ROB WHITE then launched into SOUTH AUSTRALIA followed by the demise of THE ALABAMA. Next HILARY regaled us with her jokes about marriage before ANDY sang about HEART OF A SATURDAY NIGHT and IN BETWEEN LOVE before PETE MINERS gave us some of his WORD PLAY to many groans & giggles. This brought back JAN at the DIMMING OF THE DAY and MARK saying it’s a DIRTY OLD TOWN, With a quick turn round ANDY was a DESPERADO who took Kate Wolf’s THESE TIMES WE’RE LIVING IN to heart and PETE replied with OXFORD TOWN followed by RABBIT HILLS. Then MAGGIE IN THE WOOD & EGAN’S POLKA were played by IAN WHITE before ROB WHITE borrowed a guitar and sang WHIP JAMBOREE and then gave us a lesson in life with THE GAMBLER to which PETE MINERS added more WORD PLAY to savour taking us to the interval.

The interval raffle saw Kate win the wine, Pete win the tea & Andy win the hand wash which he said could be his birthday present for tomorrow nicely teed up JAN to tell us what she would do IF I HAD A HAMMER to which ANDY responded LOVE IS OUR CROSS TO BEAR, Then, his memory returned, PETE did a short reprise of RABBIT HILLS and then his own composition THE BEST OF ME before finally IAN laid down his fiddle and borrowed Mark’s guitar to sing about NEW YORK GIRLS. Building to a climax HILARY returned with more ONE-LINERS and ROB borrowed a guitar to tell us IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU and PETE MINERS gave us more PUNS before MARK & JAN ended a fine evening by washing their hands in MUDDY WATERS followed by a traditional favourite WILD MOUNTAIN THYME. Magic!

Newsletter No 550 12 November 2019

Another bumper night with KAMRAN & PETE who started off with-MENDICINO followed by KATH & STAN with a WAYFARING STRANGER and PETER BRIDGE with ENGLAND 1914 (McTell). Continuing the Armistice Day theme ANN sang NO MAN’S LAND (Celtic Thunder) whereas ALLEN decided TO TRY FOR THE SUN and HELEN got rid of the TEXAS BLUES. Next MATT admitted I NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD, with KAM backing him up, but ROD just retorted TAKE IT EASY as PAUL McD insouciantly sang I RECALL A GYPSY WOMAN. Even HILARY saw the funny side with SOME TIM VINE JOKES but KAMRAN had those DEEP ELLUM BLUES and JAMES announced he was the NOWHERE MAN and with SIMON as RACING DEMON reckoned THERE’S A HEARTACHE FOLLOWING ME. Returning after many moons DAVE CINNAMOND gave us A POEM BASED ON A DONOVAN SONG & one known as THE BOX. As all these performers rolled in it was no wonder ED exclaimed I CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER WHERE I’M BOUND before RICHARD brought us up sharp with HARD RAIN and PAUL RILEY had us singing JAMBALAYA. Coming to the interval ARTHUR MARSHALL reminded us of the seasons with AUTUMN LEAVES before KATHY & PETE went traditional for WILLIE McBRIDE and CARL turned to favourite Jez Lowe for YOU WON’T MAKE OLD BONES.
The interval raffle saw the Red Wine won by Gillian, the Soap won by Simon and the Big Box of Tea suitably won by tea drinker KAMRAN before KATH & STAN went down to WESTERDALE. Going back in time ANN was next at the WIDECOMBE FAIR before ALLEN saluted the veterans in FAREWELL TO SICILY leaving MATT to sing the anti-war MY SON JOHN before PAUL R was undaunted with his WWII SONG MEDLEY. Fortunately HILARY was around to lighten the mood with SOME JOKES and PETER diverted attention going AROUND THE WILD CAPE HORN to which JAMES replied THINGS HAVE CHANGED and with SIMON as RACING DEMON mused SINCE I MET YOU BABY (Ivory Joe Hunter). Hopefully HELEN claimed PEACE WILL COME to which PAUL McD blurted out DARLING and returner ROD pleaded DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD. Coming to a climax KAMRAN was seriously HURT, while KATHY & PETE were BOUND TO GO SAILING and CARL was a PIPER TILL THE END and ED celebrated ERNIE, THE FASTEST MOBILE LIBRARY DRIVER IN THE WEST before RICHARD paid his last respects to the LAST GREAT WAR to close another remembrance themed night. Finally, with Don & Heather in Kenya, KAMRAN was going to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight but reckoned his trousers weren’t a tight enough fit for the high notes. A top night of great talent.

Newsletter No 549 5 November 2019

A fairly full house with lots of performers, some old and some new greeted KATH & STAN who paradoxically started with THE LAST GOODBYE. Then PAUL McD picked up the pace with LUKA (Suzzane Vega) whereas ERIC relaxed with ALE IS PHYSIC FOR ME before PHIL went political with LICENSED TO STEAL which left HEATHER looking for her OCCASIONAL TABLE which sometimes was a chair. Together DON & HEATHER were metaphorically KNEE DEEP IN A RIVER AND DYING OF THIRST while PAUL RILEY had TROUBLE IN MIND before JAN sang a beautiful Welsh song, BUGEILIO’R GWENITH GWYN, the sad unrequited love story of Ann who belonged to a wealthy farming family and Wil who was only a farm labourer and rejected by her family. Fortunately, MARK struggled to overcome his current handicap of only three good fingers after damaging his left hand to cheer us up with DIRTY OLD TOWN before ARTHUR brought some parliamentary reality with his own HERE’S TO OLD GUY FAWKES. Next PETE was a welcome sight on his return from France and sung IF NOT FOR YOU followed by HILARY with THE BUNNY POEM & LIKE YOU OULD from Pam Ayres before ALLEN took us down his ROAD TO PASSCHENDAELE. A word of advice next from ED with THE GAMBLER before CHRIS gave us a touch of reality in I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT before STAN introduced his new violin with KATH and her concertina for two tunes PRINCESS ROYAL & PRINCE WILLIAM. Continuing the eclectic mixture PAUL McD gave us a great version of THE WEIGHT before ERIC was very traditional with LISH YOUNG BUY-A-BROOM while PHIL sang Al Stewart’s most requested song about Alexander Solzhenitsyn, ROADS TO MOSCOW. Coming to the break DON & HEATHER gave a nod to the coming Armistice Day with Alan Brydon’s CALLING DOON THE LINE before PAUL RILEY had us SING MY BLUES AWAY.
The bumper raffle saw the Bottle of Red Wine won by Helen; the Big Box of Biscuits won by Sue and the Big Christmas Pudding won by Margaret before MARK & JAN told us YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE and ARTHUR gave us a more peacefully minded angle in his own ARMISTICE DAY. Continuing the swings in mood PETE announced SHE BELONGS TO ME before HILARY lightened the mood with OH NO I GOT A COLD & THE CURLER’S POEM by Pam Ayres and ALLEN told us how THE WAR DRAGS ON. Next ED was caught TEACHING MY WORM HOW TO SWIM (not poaching) while CHRIS thought IT’S GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS and for KATH & STAN it was a case of JOHN LOVER is dead. In fine form PAUL McD had us CRYING IN THE RAIN and then ERIC had us laughing at THE LOBSTER MAN before PHIL downed the mood with THE COLD HEART OF ENGLAND. Finally the end was in sight as DON & HEATHER sang their DANCES FOR DOLLARS and PAUL RILEY requested MAKE ME DOWN A PALLET ON YOUR FLOOR before JAN & MARK took us OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY leaving ALLEN to look toward retirement and the GOLD WATCH BLUES. A truly eclectic night of folk music, song and humour. Magic!

OCTOBER - 2019

Newsletter No 548 29 October 2019

A fairly full house greeted Ed & Sue as they first welcomed KATH & STAN to kick off Sale Folk Club’s 11th Birthday Party with WATERBOUND swiftly followed by PAUL who was that JOHN THE REVELATOR as HEATHER hunted round for her CAMOUFLAGE NET. Together DON & HEATHER then washed their hands in MUDDY WATER whereas ANDY had the EMPTY POCKET BLUES and ARTHUR spent a QUIET NIGHT IN THE OLD TOWN before PETER took the LAST TRAIN AND RIDE out of town. As usual HILARY had us laughing at her series of ONE-LINERS before SIMON & JAMES got serious with PANCHO & LEFTY which left JAMES with the lesser known SENOR (Bob Dylan) and ANN with the story of mother love in SONNY. Next ED extolled the feats of the BANTAM COCK and KATH & STAN praised THE MAN IN THE MOON before PAUL lifted the lid on the PHANTOM FOLK SINGER and ARTHUR advised don’t go to THE FUNERAL until you know the person is dead. In contrast PETER confessed to DOIN’ MY TIME and HEATHER revealed the first to reach the South Pole was SPOT OF THE ANTARCTIC before together DON & HEATHER led the diddly diddly chorus in the GALWAY GIRL. Closing in on the Chips and Sarnies Buffet ANDY sang Jackson Brown’s THESE DAYS followed by SIMON with JAMES confessed SEE HOW I MISS YOU (Bruce Cockburn) before JAMES had us singing an old favourite EVERYDAY by The Everlys.
A bumper Birthday Interval Raffle saw Malc win the Bottle of Wine, Rosalyn win the Box of Chocolates, Kevin win the Xmas Pudding, Warren win the Box of Tea and Chris win the CD before ED started the second half with the LOGGER LOVER. Always in vogue ARTHUR was current with his GOVERNMENT SONG which PAUL reckoned would RAISE A RUMPUS TONIGHT leading DON & HEATHER to restore calm with their FLOWERS ON THE WATER. Any way up PETER decides to WALK ON BY (Leroy Van Dyke) while HILARY keeps us amused with more ONE LINERS before KATH & STAN gave us shock horror in THAT’S WHAT WE’LL DO WITH THE BABY. It’s getting late now so ANDY bids us FAREWELL, FAREWELL (Fairport Convention) and ED is off on the town with JACUZZI JOE the gigolo and JAMES is off to SHIMMY LIKE MY SISTER KATE. Finally the end is in sight just like SIMON & JAMES with AMELIA EARHART’S LAST FLIGHT and ARTHUR takes advantage of the lull to have us sing his great song, FENCES, before one last band up sees DON, HEATHER, ED & PAUL tell us ALL THE GOOD TIMES are passed and gone until next week. Magic!

Newsletter No 547 22 October 2019

Another quality night kicked off by PAUL McD with TOM TRAUBERT’S BLUES (Tom Waits) followed by CHRIS with THE FERRYMAN (Ralph McTell) and PETER with the observation NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOWN AND OUT. Next HEATHER commented that it is also tough when you have AMNESIA (Les Barker) and even tougher when you are PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE reckoned DON & HEATHER but life is tougher still at the end of it sang ED with HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (Dave Bolton). Upping the tempo ALLEN took us to BYKER HILL AND WALKER SHORE leaving PAUL R to give us a Gospel Medley starting with THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE and PAUL McD to apply some PERSUASION and CHRIS to turn to THE HANDS OF JOSEPH. Returning to the fray PETER sang WINNIE’S RAG (Ralph McTell} and DON & HEATHER WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY but for ALLEN IT ALL SEEMS A LONG TIME AGO. Back to the future ED introduced RAMONA (Bob Dylan) and PAUL R led us in another gospel medley with O WHEN THE SAINTS followed by PAUL McD who reckoned it was no BED OF ROSES. The build up to the interval saw CHRIS sing his FIRST SONG (Ralph McTell), PETER sing ROUT OF THE BLUES of the broad sheet and DON & HEATHER head down south with WAGON WHEEL.

In the break we had a Huge Raffle with Super Prizes of 2 tickets to the PITMEN POETS Concerts at the Brindley and the Sale Waterside won by Helen & Andy and Ed & Sue followed by Allen taking the Bottle of Wine and Peter winning Allen’s CD. Then we had a band up of THE ELDERLY BROTHERS (Peter/Paul Mc) for DREAM and kicked off the second half proper when ROY & KIM sang IT’S A WORKING MAN, I AM (Rita MacNeil) followed by CHRIS who was THE BOXER and ED who complained EVERYBODY IS MAKING IT BIG BUT ME. This left ALLEN on THE ROAD TO PASSCHENDAELE (his own). With quick turn round ROY & KIM went back to THE ROVING COUNTRY LIFE while PAUL R went for a WADE IN THE WATER and PAUL McD asked LORD, WON’T YOU BUY ME A MERCEDES BENZ. After all the excitement DON & HEATHER had us sing about Dublin in THE RARE OULD TIMES as PETER speculated about dancing to the MAGINOT WALTZ and ED had the HYPOCHONDRIAC BLUES leaving ALLEN to scoff at THE POUND A WEEK RISE. Closing with a big finish ROY & KIM treated us to THE BLUE ROSE while CHRIS sang YOU WON’T MAKE OLD BONES before DON & HEATHER sang their DANCES FOR DOLLARS which left PAUL to close the night and STEP IT UP AND GO. Terrific!

Newsletter No 546 15 October 2019

After a slow start came the rush and appropriately MICK started with it was MEANT TO BE and as PAUL McD sang it certainly wasn’t QUITTIN’ TIME more like KATH & STAN’s song HEAVEN’S A BAR but still PAUL RILEY was left asking WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL to which we replied, “It’s done broke down!” HEATHER then told us the Polar Bear’s perspective in Les Barker’s TITANIC asking HAS ANYBODY ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG before joining DON in Amsterdam at the RED ROSE CAFE. Old friend MICHAEL then went back to his SCHOOLDAYS whereas for CHRIS it was all FIRE AND RAIN before CARL knocked us out with his MAGICAL SKY. Still recovering well JAMES went to The Beatles for I WILL then joined SIMON for a TOWER OF SONG before HILARY had us laughing at her ONE-LINERS. No wonder MICK returned IN A HURRY - BEFORE THEY CLOSE THE MINSTREL SHOW as sung by KATH & STAN. Next PAUL RILEY invited TICKLE ME while MICHAEL sang the life story of NANCY MILES and PAUL McD had the SATANIC BLUES. Next CARL thought it was FURTHER but we were coming up to the interval as DON & HEATHER headed down south with WAGON WHEEL and SIMON & JAMES gave us Richard Thompson’s version of a SALFORD SUNDAY.
A bumper Raffle for the big turn-out saw Mick win the Bottle of Red Wine, Hennie from Holland win the Silver Clock donated by Vic who was rewarded by winning the Box of Tea before Kath won the Hand Wash. Starting the second half CHRIS gave us memories of student work experience with THE FACTORY GIRL followed by HILARY with more ONE-LINERS. For MICK it was a matter of LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT which made JAMES comment YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND and PAUL McD to add LET IT BE ME. Often the result of such liaisons KATH & STAN asked WHAT’LL WE DO WITH THE BABY and MICHAEL asked TWO SWEETHEARTS and ARE WE TO PART LIKE THIS, BILL? In the end we all have to part sang DON & HEATHER with their FLOWERS ON THE WATER followed aptly by PAUL RILEY with TAKE ’EM AWAY and CARL with his BLUE GUITAR. On a happier note SIMON & JAMES were sampling TUPELO HONEY but for some reason JAMES was SO SAD which could also have applied to KATH & STAN who were WATERBOUND. This left PAUL McD to reminisce about the SUMMER OF ’69 before DON & HEATHER had us singing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD on the way home. A top night!

Newsletter No 545 8 October 2019
A splendiferous evening this week celebrating Heather Kenyon’s birthday was kicked off by DON & HEATHER with GYPSY WOMAN before ARTHUR lit the after burner with a parody of PLEASANT AND DELIGHTFUL in which he claimed was the real version was ‘The Larks they hate Melodeons’ and ED and the bonfire was well and truly lit when parodied IF as applied it to Politicians. Now we were rolling PAUL boarded THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and HELEN sang THE LOW ANTHEM - TO OHIO before t’other HEATHER told us she had AN INFINITE NUMBER OF OCCASIONAL TABLES. Next PETER BRIDGE had those FOLSOM PRISON BLUES and JAN & MARK complained THEY TOOK THE TREES AWAY before HILARY had us laughing at a series of ONE-LINERS commenting on marriage. Back from a nice holiday ANN was pressed into service for THE FOLK SINGER and ALLEN was back to Scotland in the old days with ERIC GO BRAGH before ARTHUR returned with JUST ONE MORE SONG. Next a word of advice for Heather came from ED when he told her YOU’RE ONLY AS OLD AS THE MAN THAT YOU FEEL before PAUL told us he had the BOLLINGER BOATMAN BLUES and HELEN dismissed it as JUST A SIMPLE THING and PETER pleaded LET ME DOWN EASY. Next JAN sang about COLOURED GOATS in Welsh and MARK shot off to THE TOWN OF OSWALDTWISTLE while ALLEN sang NEARLY SONNET 18 one of his few love songs before DON & HEATHER led us in singing happy birthday to Heather Kenyon followed by one of her favourite songs WHEN SHE WEARS BLACK CLOTHES.
This nicely took us to the interval in which Heather treated us to a traditional Sale Folk Club Buffet of delicious Thick Chips and Sarnies. Here’s to many more, Heather. In the interval Raffle Heather got instant payback by winning the Bottle of Red Wine, Jan won the Box of Tea, Allen won the hand wash and Lin won the aftershave before ARTHUR blew our minds with two more parodies WHO’LL COME A-WALTZING THE BULLDOG WITH ME and I’M GOING TO DROWN MY CAT (All around my hat). Next ALLEN was critical of the POUND A WEEK RISE but PAUL was optimistically FOREVER YOUNG before PETER gave us a political comment from Johnny Cash in THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS THE ONE ON THE LEFT. On the other hand MARK was after DAI THE MOTOR BIKE MAN and JAN advised girls not to wed a DANDY MAN and HELEN was just a WAYFARING STRANGER. In his own way ED had to admit, I LIKE WOMEN A LITTLE ON THE TRASHY SIDE, before HILARY came up with a few more ONE-LINERS and ALLEN sang his own WILD EYED. Now it was time for the last round up with ARTHUR leading with his FENCES then PAUL who went HOPPING DOWN IN KENT while HELEN was easily pleased with IT SUITS ME WELL. With more Welsh culture JAN sang the delightful DY BACH TWT and together with MARK led us in WHEN JONES’ ALE WAS NEW before PETER was again blue with CORRINE WHAT MAKES YOU TREAT ME SO? This took us to a climax which DON & HEATHER capitalised on with a McCalmans’ special ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD which had us singing into the street at the end of an excellent evening. 

Newsletter No 544 1 October 2019 

A select group gathered this week hosted by DON & HEATHER who set the tone with bottles of SPANISH BURGUNDY before KATH & STAN went off singing a NIGHT VISITING SONG whereas HELEN had the TEXAS BLUES and for PAUL it was DARK AS A DUNGEON way down in the mine. On his return and in a positive frame of mind BRIAN told his woman you have ACES UP YOUR SLEEVE and JAMES was equally positive up a LAZY RIVER which for HEATHER, in National Poetry Week, was a case of DEJA VU. Next DON & HEATHER took us all down to the RED ROSE CAFE and KATH & STAN had us KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE before HELEN sang I WISH IT WOULD RAIN. NO wonder PAUL decided to change the mood down COUNTRY ROADS and BRIAN reckoned YOU’LL NEVER KNOW and JAMES showed his sensitive side with TILL THERE WAS YOU and consummation had already taken place in KATH & STAN’s DINK’S SONG so HELEN concluded ALL OF HIS SONGS WERE LOVE SONGS (Zoe Mulford). Then PAUL promised to be better on THE NEXT GO ROUND and BRIAN asked us to HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME before JAMES summed it all up with SWEET LORRAINE as we reached the interval.
In the half time raffle Chris & Barry won the Bottle of Red Wine, Vic won the Box of Tea, Andy won the Roses Chocolates and Brian won the Hand Wash before DON & HEATHER kicked off with NO HOPERS, JOKERS AND ROGUES. Straight away HEATHER KENYON took us BACK IN THE DAY and HELEN confessed I WISH I HAD A RIVER (Joni Mitchell) before PAUL reminded us of the WRECK OF THE OLD 97 and JAMES gave us THE STORY OF LOVE. A request then had DON & HEATHER lead the singing in I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER which continued as KATH & STAN celebrated the BANJO PICKING GIRL so no wonder HEATHER KENYON thought we should know the PC WAYS TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN. With a sad song HELEN gave us NO NAMES (K Rusby) but more cheerfully PAUL was ROLLING IN MY BABY’S ARMS and JAMES was lucky to have a BUCKET OF RAIN (DYLAN).


Newsletter No 543 24 September 2019

A superb evening well stewarded by Kamran & Pete saw James return to the field of play after a good few weeks so it was appropriate that PETE sang his own BEAT THE DRUM in welcome and PETER BRIDGE proclaimed it a GRANDE AFFAIRE, a big deal to us folk. HELEN then had the URGE FOR GOING (Joni Mitchell) but newcomer STEVE was WATERBOUND and ALLEN was stuck back in time with Mc PHERSON’S LAMENT which KAMRAN summed up nicely with EVERYBODY KNOWS (Leonard Cohen) and PAUL McD replied with WHEELS, take this boy away (Gram Parsons). Still in a heavy mood ED sang his favourite BOB DYLAN’S DREAM and JAMES was still GOING DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BAD and when Simon joined him as RACING DEMON life wasn’t much better with CARMELITA. As we headed for the break CARL was ALL AT SEA with his lady mariner and with HEATHER life was unheralded for SPOT OF THE ANTARCTIC before together DON & HEATHER related how tough it was for Greek migrants to SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

In the interval raffle the bunch of Roses was won by Paul McD, the Bottle of Red Wine went home with Kate and the Chocolate Orange went to Peter before we got going with PETE in his BIG YELLOW TAXI. Then newcomer STEVE sang a SONG FOR MANCHESTER which was totally new to everyone before PETER headed for SIN CITY and ED dealt out some ROUGH JUSTICE (Dave Boulton). On the other hand HELEN was just a WAYFARING STRANGER before ALLEN introduced JOSIE (Donovan) and KAMRAN parodied I FOUGHT THE LAW in his Prorogation version. Thank goodness JAMES was TRAVELLING LIGHT before as RACING DEMON Simon & James questioned HOW CAN YOU KEEP ON MOVING unless you migrate too and CARL looked back and said THANKS FOR THE DAY when rail travel was king. For PAUL McD it was a question of getting lost in the rock and roll to DRIFT AWAY before DON & HEATHER went back in time to THE CONQUISTADORES and HELEN flew off in the EARLY MORNING RAIN (Gordon Lightfoot). PETER BRIDGE preferred to get away to ABILENE (George Hamilton IV) whereas ALLEN mused over PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE and STEVE went falling down drunk with BILLY O’SHEA. Coming to a climax which is always useful RACING DEMON confessed that SOMETIMES SHE FORGETS before PAUL McD had us singing into the street with a PEACEFUL EASY FEELING. Top Night again!!

Newsletter No 542 17 September 2019

On this auspicious evening KATH & STAN opened up by tilting at WINDMILLS before just when we thought there was one big birthday for Brian there was two as BANJO JOHN owned up to one as he sneaked in to entertain us with SOMEBODY STOLE MY GAL, however, PAUL McD soon put it all right with YOU’RE STILL THE ONE? Back on track PAUL RILEY insisted PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN and HELEN sang it FOR A DANCER before ALLEN went north for YE JACOBITES. On the other hand ANN still had her eye on MR PUNCH AND JUDY MAN and PETER had a shine for THE GIRL FROM THE HIRING FAIR whereas ED was admired the THE GAMBLER and SIMON told us the story of JOE BOWERS. Fortunately, HILARY was next on hand with some TRADITIONAL WORDS OF WISDOM before BEN gave us some GRAVE WORDS. Returning to the front KATH & STAN went the extra 900 MILES which gave BANJO JOHN the TISHAMINGO BLUES before PAUL McD asked us to TAKE ME AS I AM. Next HELEN reminded us of the old days with the SMUGGLERS SONG before ALLEN challenged WHAT’S IT TO YOU and ANN went for a trip in the SHABBY OLD CABBIE. As we reached out to the interval PETER told us THIS TRAIN IS BOUND FOR GLORY and ED confessed I MISS MY BRAIN THE MOST before out of the blue ROB, a snooker player from the next room, reckoned we are all LIVING ON A PRAYER.
The birthday buffet provided by Ann for husband Brian was greatly enjoyed before the bumper raffle saw the Wine won by Rose, the Chocolates won by Kath and the Toiletries won by Ann. The second half was well started by SIMON and the BAR ROOM GIRLS before BEN introduced his SISTER to which PAUL responded DON’T THINK TWICE. On the other hand HILARY had some MORE WORDS OF WISDOM and KATH & STAN played us 2 TUNES - TWIGLET & BODMIN RIDING before PAUL McD confessed I USED TO LOVE HER. More worryingly HELEN insisted there is a GHOST IN THIS HOUSE to which ALLEN replied that’s LIFE, DON’T YOU KNOW as PETER got the DEEP RIVER BLUES. With a true story ED sung of the GRESFORD DISASTER before SIMON went off DOWN THE ROAD and BEN sang the STRAY AND THE MOON. This nicely allowed KATH & STAN to cheer every up with the BRIGHT MORNING STAR before PAUL RILEY had us all sit DOWN IN THE EASY CHAIR to end a great birthday night.

Newsletter No 541 10 September 2019

A very pleasant evening was hosted with alacrity by Ed & Sue who invited PAUL McD to open with a Chas & Dave number, BILLY TYLER which made IAN to DREAN A LITTLE DREAM and ANDY to turn to CHOCOLATE JESUS by Tom Waits. Then HELEN sang the equally tragic ELLEN VANNIN followed by ED with the BRONCHIO-DILATOR BLUES and ANN who insisted on DEFYING GRAVITY. With an eye on the date ALLEN decided the time was right for a song composed in Autumn, NOW WESTLIN’ WINDS, whereas PETE chose to live in the present with BIG GIRL NOW by Bob Dylan and finally PAUL RILEY, who had reached Sea Shanties in his song book, sang ROLL THE OLD CHARIOT ALONG in which we all joined with gusto to end round 1. A second lap saw PAUL McD to comment HEY! NOW YOUR DREAM IS OVER to which IAN replied TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS (Hoagie Carmichael) followed by ANDY with FOOLISH YOU, which he directed at Ed! Wisely HELEN responded with Joni Mitchell's CIRCLE GAME as inevitably everything comes round again. Not too often hopefully for ED as he sang about the legendary pub crawl in Bradford known as THE MANCHE and with LUCY JORDAN as sung by ANN. Coming to the interval ALLEN played and sang THE GOLD WATCH BLUES and PETE sang ST PAUL’S SONG which left PAUL RILEY with another shanty, BULLY IN ALLEY, to end the round.

The raffle was great fun for Rosalyn and Joyce who both won the first two prizes a bottle of French Red Wine and the bottle of Caramels. Then Ann won the enormous bag of baking apples that Ed and Sue had taken in from their son Kristian's garden before Kevin won the last prize, a bottle of Bucks Fizz, which he seemed very pleased about. He has now gone away on holiday to Germany for a month to stay with his daughter but he will surely be back on his return. Finally we played a trick on Andy made some 'jokingly acid' remarks about the BBQ Kit prize that Ed won! So we wrapped it up again last night and offered it as a booby prize, which of course we fixed for Andy to win!! We also put his happy retirement card in the parcel so he was quite bewildered but saw the funny side when he opened it up.

PAUL McD opened up the second half with I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND followed by ANDY with DARLING GIRL, directed at Sue for a change she said, before HELEN sang to the DESPERADO. For PAUL and everyone else THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING while IAN had the MISSISSIPPI BLUES and PETE sang Woody Guthrie’s AIN’T GOT NO HOME. Coming to the end of the round ALLEN sang Donovan’s I’M GONNA FOLLOW THE SUN before ED wrapped it up with RED-HEADED ANN.
After a top quality night a big finish loomed and was delivered by PAUL McD singing WHEN WILL I BE LOVED and PEACEFUL EASY FEELING followed by a lovely piece by IAN the name of which we missed and PAUL RILEY with LEAVE HER JOHNNY LEAVE HER. Great stuff!

Newsletter No 540 3 September 2019

The feeling of the imminent onset of Autumn didn’t dissuade a good few folk turning up for what was a very varied and entertaining evening. Mark and Jan kicked off the night with Rotterdam and Paul Riley was next with Two Dollar Bill and Andy was Waltzing for Dreamers. Helen lamented her love lost to High Germany and Ian’s first instrumental was Scarborough Fair.
Pete Miners was next with a selection of his “flutter byes”, an art form which can affect people in many ways but mostly resulting in a sea of shaken heads, faces hidden by hands and groans but despite this a good few laughs! Following a short discussion on the merits of champagne flavoured dog toothpaste, Simon gave us a Jimmie Rodgers medley, Hobo’s Meditation and Waiting for a Train and also promised to pass on our best wishes to James for a speedy recover from his crippling prolapsed disc. Chris was next with Ralph McTell’s First Song. Paul McD was here at the Wrong Time, Ed was complaining about the Backleg Miner, Peter Bridge sang the dark song Black Girl, Leadbelly’s interpretation of In the Pines from John before he went sailing on the Sloop John B leaving Pete Roberts to round off the first session with Make You Feel My Love. 
Mark, in recognition of Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon half a century ago sang Donovan’s Intergalactic Laxative whilst Ed was on the Verdigris with Tom Paxton and sometimes Iris Dement. Next Peter Bridge was Somewhere Along the Road whilst Helen was in Pastures of Plenty before Andy sang Sunday Morning Coming Down and Jan popped over the border with Ar Lan y Mor (Beside the Sea) complete with subtitles! Ian’s next instrumental was The Nearness of You, then Pete Miners kicked us out with more of his Flutter Byes before Paul Riley took us up to the interval with Wild Bill Jones.

First up after the raffle was Pete Roberts with Knocking on Heavens Door then Chris with Summer Lightening before late arrivals (due to work commitments) Roy and Kim sang a beautiful version of Over My Mountain. Next, in contrast, was Simon with Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot, John was a Poor Fool and Paul McD lamented that Boys Cry Too. Helen then sang Dance a Little Closer before more Flutter Byes from Pete Miners, Tequila Sunset from Peter Bridge and Andy who revealed The Beast In Me. Pete Roberts, who should have rounded off the “Pete fest” before Andy but was noticeably absent at the time, then followed on with Goodbye to The Old. Ian’s final contribution was Here There and Everywhere before John modestly sang Oh Lord Its Hard to be Humble followed by Paul Riley with The Cuckoo. Welcome newbies Roy and Kim were next with Deportees followed by Chris with Jez Lowe’s You Won’t Make Old Bones before Simon had us all joining in with Gillian Welch’s By The Mark. Coming to a climax Ed asked us to Treat Me Daughter Decent and Mark and Jan rounded off a brilliant evening by coming to The End Of The Line before wishing everyone a safe journey home. A top night!

AUGUST - 2019

Newsletter No 539 27 August 2019

The new Hosting combination of Paul McDermott & Margaret Carroll greeted a good crowd, keeping them in good spirits and delivering a really good night of music and mirth started off by PAUL warning HE'LL HAVE TO GO while for BANJO JOHN everything is alright WHEN YOU'RE SMILING and KATH & STAN were well lively with SHAKE SHUGAREE. Next for PETE ROBERTS she’s got everything she needs she’s an artist she don’t look back, SHE BELONGS TO ME and for JAN & MARK it was a question of don’t she make my BROWN EYES BLUE before LONG JOHN decided to sing about BIG JIM. With a blast of Ewan McColl HELEN sang about the ELFIN KNIGHT whereas ALLEN was with SALLY FREE AND EASY leaving ANN to tell the story of HARPER VALLEY PTA. On another plane ANDY asked Gordon Lightfoot IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND which we needed to do with TWIDDLE by PETE MINERS but we didn’t believe it when ED sang that he was ALL USED UP. With a question PAUL McD asked HAVE YOU SEEN THE RAIN but it was all the same to BANJO JOHN who was that LITTLE OL' WINE DRINKER ME and it didn’t matter to KATH & STAN who said WE COULD FLY. It was enough for PETE ROBERTS to last a WHOLE LIFE THROUGH and a bit the same for MARK who was LAZING ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON and LONG JOHN who was up KILGARY MOUNTAIN. As we headed to the break HELEN sang I HOPE YOU DANCE which for reason sent ALLEN all WILD EYED.
In the Raffle Kath won the Bottle of Wine, Chris won the Toilet Bag and Long John won the Box of Chocolates before ED went subterranean when he sang I'LL SING OF THE FLUSHERS. This time JAN was alone with MY LAGAN LOVE and ANDY was THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY before DOUGLAS finally rose to his feet with RANTERS WHARF followed by ANN who was after THE PUNCH AND JUDY MAN. With a bit of a fib PETE MINERS next told us he had TOTAL RECALL (own composition) and KATH & STAN went all of 10,000 MILES before PETE ROBERTS claimed MY LADY'S A WILD FLYING DOVE. A bit early yet but MARK & JAN were longing for the DIMMING OF THE DAY whereas LONG JOHN was looking for the BELLE OF BELFAST CITY leaving HELEN to retort HEY! THAT'S NO WAY TO SAY GOODBYE. Next DOUGLAS came back as CAPTAIN KIDD as ALLEN contemplated PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE and ANDY wanted us to TALK TO ME OF MENDOCINO. After a splendid evening PETE MINERS played his own PLUCK FLOYDD and DOUGLAS guaranteed a big finish as we all sang LOWLANDS AWAY leaving ED to close the evening with THE BOX. Top class from Paul & Margaret.

Newsletter No 538 20 August 2019

A select but jovial turnout first heard PETE take us ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER where PAUL RILEY was adamant YOU CAN’T BUY ME LOVE before JOHN pitied the POOR FOOL written by Simon Eales, a good song. Somehow it made ED remember some CHILDHOOD MEMORIES whereas PAUL McD takes EVERY DAY, Buddy Holly, as it comes and KAMRAN commented SO RELAX. This left HEATHER Kenyon to remember some AMUSING GRAVE ENGRAVINGS before PETE sang Alexander’s MORNING LIGHT and JOHN had us all singing with ME AND BOBBIE McGEE. Then the first PAUL Riley was back on his Beatles kick with NOWHERE MAN and PAUL McD pleaded TAKE ME AS I AM which left ED to tell us about ALBERT. Coming up to the interval HEATHER Kenyon told us some DAFT THINGS KIDS SAY and KAMRAN was IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW before PETE told another BUNCH OF FLUTTERBYS.
The Bumper Raffle saw the Picture frame won by Pete, the Bottle of Red Wine won by Linda, the Box of Chocolates won by Margaret, the Novel won by Kevin and the Barbecue Scheduler won by Ed before PETE started the second half with a HEART OF GOLD. Then up jumped PAUL McD to tell us I USE TA LOVE HER (Saw Doctors) followed by PAUL Riley who had the BOLLINDER BOATMAN BLUES and JOHN who topped the lot as SUPERMAN. The first PETE then told us some MORE FLUTTERBYS followed by PETE Roberts with SUNSETS and HEATHER Kenyon with a POEM and KAMRAN who swore I’M NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP. Setting us up for a big finish ED asked WILL THE TURTLE (Circle) BE UNBROKEN by Les Barker which made PAUL McD feel absolutely WONDERFUL TONIGHT and JOHN head for COUNTRY ROADS. Finally PAUL nailed his BEATLES’ MEDLEY which gave PETE even MORE FLUTTERBYS before KAMRAN sent us all home to bed with rockabye SWEET BABY JAMES, Top stuff!

Newsletter No 537 13 August 2019
Like the professionals they are KATH & STAN were completely un-phased as the multitude rolled into Sale Folk Club this week and began a great night with their version of MONDAY MORNING. No wonder CHRIS came out with I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT before IAN WHITE found himself on the STREETS OF LONDON where for PHIL it was all RUSSIANS AND AMERICANS (Al Stewart). Next newcomer JOHN LONG covered Kristofferson’s LOVING HER WAS EASIER THAN ANYTHING I’LL EVER DO AGAIN to which HILARY retorted with a blast of her ONE-LINERS and SIMON recalled one from DILLARD CHANDLER. Still in the bin marked class A IAN played HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, a Clive Gregson tune, whereas for ALLEN it was a case of WAR DRAGS ON with HELEN advising PACK UP YOUR SORROWS. Traditionally PETER was then off to YARMOUTH TOWN before PAUL McD introduced LUKA and CHRIS returned with HERE COMES THE SUN. Then temporarily off the gig circuit BEN sang about his SISTER just as KATH & PETE were GONE TO AMERICA and ANDY encountered the OLD 55. In all this movement ED celebrated THE PILGRIM and KATH & STAN sniffed out a crescendo toward the break with two tunes THREE AROUND THREE & COME TO THE CEILIDH which IAN WHITE followed with SETH DAVY and ALLEN nearly went poetic with his NEARLY SONNET 18.
In the bumper interval raffle Hilary and Pete won Bottles of Wine, Kate won a Box of Chocolates and Pete won a Box of Biscuits before PAUL McD got us rolling again with BABY CAN I HOLD YOU and newcomers ROY& KIM gave us traditionally REUNION HILL. Classically PHIL then gave us BALLETTO before JOHN LONG told us his AIM IN LIFE with his own song which left SIMON to go back to LOUISIANA 1927 and IAN to do a Theresa May with a run in some FIELDS OF GOLD. No wonder HELEN suddenly became OUTWARD BOUND and PETER go the DYIN’ CRAPSHOOTER’S BLUES and BEN turned to one of his best songs TWEEDLEDEE. Then definitely began the big finish with KATH & PETE giving us BROTHERS IN ARMS and a GOSPEL MEDLEY followed by ANDY who was in SWEET CAROLINA and ED was in terrible trouble ON MY WAY TO WORK. This left ROY & KIM to send us home happy with the BROKEN DOWN SQUATTER and singing our heads off with FAREWELL TO THE GOLD. Top class from start to finish; wow!!

Newsletter No 536 6 August 2019

A highly select gathering and BANJO JOHN started the evening and we remembered to give him the envelope Mark & Jan left in the box for him before he showed his loyalty to Man City by singing their favourite BLUE MOON by Rodgers & Hart (1934). KATH & STAN then followed with THE MAN IN THE MOON before ALLEN, who had brought his lovely wife JEN to boost the numbers, and he sang the 1960's workers’ song, POUND A WEEK RISE. Since PAUL had forgotten his song book he was unable to sing the Beatles’ numbers promised last week so he struck up with GOOD MORNING BLUES instead and luckily PETER was back in full swing this week and treated us to Dylan’s BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER before HILARY told us some more of her usual hysterical ONE-LINERS. Finally we encouraged Helen to spend hours tuning her guitar to pad out the time before singing Zoë Mulford's ALL OF HIS SONGS WERE LOVE SONGS which left ED to complete the round with SILVER TONGUED DEVIL before BANJO JOHN returned sing SOMEBODY STOLE MY GAL, which nobody believed and KATH & STAN were WATERBOUND. By this time TONY had arrived so he unsheathed his guitar and sang IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY, which is never true in Sale Folk Club, before HELEN was quickly up again to sing MAKE ME AN ANGEL THAT FLIES FROM MONTGOMERY. Now we can spell the title, ALLEN sang one of his favourites ERIN GO BRAGH' to which PETER replied TAKE IT EASY and HILARY replied, “You cannot be serious” with some more hilarious ONE-LINERS and had everyone in stitches. This left PAUL to sing CORRINA, CORRINA and ED to recite his monologue, SHURRUP YA BLOODY LIAR and, before leaving, BANJO JOHN to perform again with PAUL on harmonica for James Fuller's SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES.

In the Break the interval Raffle saw Kath & Stan win the Bottle of French Red Wine, Heather win a Candle in a lidded jar and Helen win the Cactus Garden before TONY re-started proceedings with a sing along LEAVING ON A JET PLANE and KATH & STAN sang their CENSUS SONG before ALLEN sang his own moving song ROAD TO PASSCHENDAELE. No wonder PETER next sang I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT and fortunately HILARY managed to find some more ONE-LINERS from the depths of her notes and ED sang his funny ‘AD ME. On a serious note PAUL decided to sing HANG ME from the Diary of Llewellyn Jones before HELEN cheered us up by singing I’M GOING TO TRY FOR THE SUN which took us to the final stretch. Going for a big finish TONY sang WHEN I’M 64; KATH & STAN sang HEDGES AND DITCHES; PAUL reminded us AS GOD AS I’VE BEEN TO YOU; PETER was LAZING ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON; HEN sang a beautiful NO NAMES (K Rusby); and ALLEN finished the night with IT ALL SEEMS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO to end a top night. More next week!

JULY - 2019

Newsletter No 535 30 July 2019
With some great regulars and some esteemed newcomers DON & HEATHER threw down the challenge with NO HOPERS, JOKERS & ROGUES quickly followed by KATH, BRIAN & JOHN PAUL aka SETENTA who picked up the baton with A-ROVING HECKLER & KESH JIG followed by BRIGHT BLUE ROSE. Without hesitation PAUL RILEY was fired up on the MOBILE LINE before IAN had us singing with the WAYFARING STRANGER before ANDY cautioned I HOPE THAT I DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU (Tom Wait). Next HILARY treated us to AN ODE before another newcomer CAROLE ISIS sang two of her own songs YOU ARE THE DIAMOND and ONE MILLION RISING and ED went UP TO LONDON to see the Queen. ANN next was traditional with THE SKYE BOAT SONG which we all sang and HEATHER tried to find her CAMOUFLAGE NET before RICHARD found one of his own songs LAY DOWN EAS. Back from France PETE ROBERTS turned to Dylan’s GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY whereas PAUL had his BLUES IN A BOTTLE and ED had just STARTED TO LEARN THE GUITAR. This left SETANTA with WISHING CHAIR & 2 tunes, MAPLE LEAF & MAN OF ARRAN, and CAROLE ISIS, with FOREVER YOUNG, to take us up to the break. In the interval raffle Richard won the bottle of Red Wine, Carole won the Bumper Box of Tea and Joyce won the Super Shower Gel before IAN took us HALF WAY HOME followed by ANDY for who his HEART NEEDS A HOME. For PETE there were NO REGRETS followed by RICHARD with his life history as a LINCOLNSHIRE ROVER and ANN with the deadly dangerous LORELEI. We were again singing along with DON & HEATHER and their DANCES FOR DOLLARS followed by CAROLE with IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FIFFERENCE WOULD IT MAKE and THIS IS THE TIME FOR REMEMBERING before PETE called for A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS. Rising to a crescendo PAUL kicked off at the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN but ED confessed I LOVE MY WIFE before SETANTA razzed it all up with THE DUTCHMAN, YE JACOBITES and THE MAN FROM CONNEMARA for a rousing finish to end a terrific night.

Newsletter No 534 23 July
We blinked and in no time at all it kicked off with MARK celebrating a SUNNY AFTERNOON and JAN asking don’t it make my BROWN EYES BLUE but for PAUL McD it was all about CORRINA, CORRINA before he asked ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME? Out in the countryside ED was up OLD PENDLE before exploring the MASTERS OF WAR (Dylan) whereas KATH & STAN caught the TRAIN ON THE ISLAND before concluding YOU’VE JUST SAID YOUR LAST. In good voice ANN sang like the SWEET NIGHTINGALE followed by HEATHER with AMNESIA from Les Barker before joining DON who was PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE before following the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN. Next HELEN asked IF IT BE YOUR WILL (Cohen) and then rejoined SOME DAY SOON before CARL was at his very best with his own MAGICAL SKY and his own odyssey THANKS FOR THE DAY. Coming to the break JAN sang about MY LAGAN LOVE and ED was IN MY LIVERPOOL HOME before KATH & STAN sang THE BALLAD OF DAN MOODY.
In the interval raffle Lin won the Bottle of Red Wine, Kevin won the Box of Thornton’s Chocolates and Margaret won the Hand wash before MARK sung about SAM THE SKULL the GLASGOW CAT and PAUL McD told us TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Off on their travels DON & HEATHER were at the ROSEVILLE FAIR while CARL sang PAPER SUN and ANN sang of THE TROUT. Philosophically, HELEN sang I’VE GOT NOTHING BUT TIME while MARK & JAN were off on LUKEY’S BOAT before ED went topical with THE POLITICIAN’S SONG before PAUL McD struck off with MY GIRL and HELEN urged DON’T THINK TWICE IT’S ALRIGHT. With a Jez Lowe favourite CARL then dug for BLACK DIAMONDS before HEATHER did some HOME IMPROVEMENTS with Les Barker before DON & HEATHER hit a sombre note with their FLOWERS ON THE WATER. Finally, building to a climax ANN led us with LOWLANDS AWAY followed by KATH & STAN with DINK’S SONG and ED with RICKETY TICKETY TIN before PAUL McD, tongue in cheek, warned of a soon to arrive WHITE CHRISTMAS. Then DON & HEATHER suggested we lay down the borrowed guitar for ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD before MARK AND JAN chased after Charles Robert Darwin singing WE’LL HUNT HIM DOWN to end a great time. A great night.

Newsletter No 533 16 July

PAUL McD started the ball rolling with a visit to ALBERTA and HELEN went off to THE BANKS OF THE OHIO which inspired PETE MINERS to roll out his tribute to DEBRA WINGER. In need of a laugh we turned to HILARY for some of her ONE-LINERS and “Three Wise Men? You must be joking!” she scoffed as another feminist HEATHER explained DEJA VU a la Les Barker before she was joined by DON who swiftly claimed I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. Going back to the Jug Band era PAUL RILEY invited us to WALK RIGHT IN before co-host PAUL McD returned to pick WILD MOUNTAIN THYME before slightly latecomer MIKE covered the Eagles LYING EYES. Fulfilling a request HELEN then sang the beautiful FATHER’S SONG before PETE confessed I STOLE THE SONG THAT MITCH WAS WORKING ON which HILARY thought was funny but not like her ONE-LINERS and didn’t have the pathos of HEATHER’S next Les Barker special HAVE YOU ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG? Fortunately DON came up with some diddly diddly music in the GALWAY GIRL and PAUL RILEY gave us some more JUG BAND MUSIC before MIKE explained how to get rid of A PIGEON IN THE CHIMNEY to which PAUL McD replied ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME? No wonder TONY said he was LEAVING ON A JET PLANE as the break arrived.
Interval music broke out with such like as Bad Moon Rising which prompted people to run into the street to catch the eclipse as it was in progress before the raffle in which much to her delight Hilary won the Box of Yorkshire Tea, Helen won the Bottle of Red Wine and Kate won the Red Roses before HELEN began the second half philosophically by asking WHY DO THEY CALL IT FALLING followed by MIKE with his PET’S CORNER BLUES and TONY for who it was JUST ANOTHER DAY. In the same vein PAUL McD told us to TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL before HILARY rose spontaneously some more ONE-LINERS followed by DON & HEATHER who sang Robin Laing’s great song BLACK CLOTHES. Still cooking with gas PAUL R related the story of KC MOAN and HELEN didn’t mean to be unkind with LAST THING ON MY MIND and TONY was certainly reticent about WHEN I’M 64. Coming to a big finish MIKE took us to THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE and PAUL McD sang YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE before DON & HEATHER wrapped it all up by suggesting we should all LAY DOWN THE BORROWED GUITAR so
we all headed home howling at the moon which was still being eclipsed! A truly great a night with great people!

Newsletter No 532 9 July 2019

A supreme evening superbly stewarded by Simon and KAMRAN who set the evening alight with a masterly version of SWEET BABY JAMES followed by ALLEN with MACPHERSON’S RANT and KATH & STAN who were WATER BOUND whereas PETER found himself with the ST JAMES INFIRMARY BLUES. Flying solo JAN TAYLOR celebrated the VERDANT BRAES OF SPRING while STEVE was DOWN IN THE SALLY GARDENS but for PAUL McD someone is ALWAYS ON MY MIND. In PAUL RILEY’S hands old STAGGER LEE got shot dead whereas in PHIL’S hands The Who enjoyed every minute of every day in BLUE, RED AND GREY so no wonder HILARY came up with some brilliant ONE-LINERS. Next SIMON rose to his feet with WEARY BLUES FROM WAITING but for MARK it was a SUNNY AFTERNOON before ED responded to Mick’s request for RAMONA (Dylan) before MICK himself sang his latest and brilliant new song MEANT TO BE. Coming to the interval MIKE & JEAN were FOREVER YOUNG before HEATHER explained the problems of DASCHUNDS WITH ERECTIONS and together DON & HEATHER warned of the dangers of SPANISH BURGUNDY.
The bumper Raffle saw the Bottle of Red Wine won by Simon. The Box of Yorkshire tea won by Peter, the Table lamp won by Heather and the Shower gel won by Jean before ALLEN opened the second half with THE WORKER’S SONG. Next STEVE came back as OLD SLEW FOOT with KATH & STAN down in OWENSBORO but for PAUL McD it was SATURDAY NIGHT and PETER had the WEEPING WILLOW BLUES whereas MARK & JAN were off for a lively time GOING TO JACKSON. Luckily a moment of quiet contemplation followed with PHIL’S guitar piece which was a STUDY IN A. Then MIKE sang his own song BELLE VIEW SUE followed by SIMON who was IN THE PINES and ED who was at the WHIP JAMBOUREE. Completing the round MICK sang HERMLESS by Michael Marra and KAMRAN had the DEAD SHRIMP BLUES before DON & HEATHER recalled a GYPSY WOMAN. Steaming into the last round ALLEN felt IT ALL SEEMED SUCH A LONG TIME AGO while KATH & STAN were off down the WILLOW GLEN and PHIL was celebrating the work of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE in the Crimea. On the other hand MIKE told us what it was like IN OUR FRIDAY NIGHT CHOIR and PETER reckoned it was a long way FROM CLARE TO HERE and JAN & MARK needed us at THE DIMMING OF THE DAY. Any way up time was as fugit-ing and for STEVE it was TIME IN A BOTTLE before DON & HEATHER urged us all to STEAL AWAY at the end of a wonderful evening. Top class!!

Newsletter No 531 2 July 2019 

Glad to be back in the club DON & HEATHER celebrated with a SONG FOR THE LIFE before, on his return BANJO JOHN treated us to a couple of Fats Waller’s songs, WRITE MYSELF A LETTER and AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ and PAUL McD took us sailing on a SHIP OF FOOLS by Bob Seeger. Still a bit nautical ALLEN found SALLY, FREE AND EASY before PAUL RILEY sang his own really good song YOU MEAN MORE THAN ANYTHING and PETE MINERS tickled our fancy with a few from his JOKE BOOK. Then HELEN told us how to make Moonshine in a COPPER KETTLE and HEATHER explained why I DON’T LIKE MY BOOMERANG before ANN pleaded LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY, MISTER by Rosie Hardman. Having just returned from Kythera, DON & HEATHER sang their song SOUTH AUSTRALIA about the migration from that Greek Island before BANJO JOHN went all emotional about MY GRANDFATHER’S CLOCK and HELEN skipped off to SCARBOROUGH FAIR. With another of his own songs PAUL RILEY sang IT’S A NOODLING LIFE FOR ME before ALLEN responded with his own NEARLY SONNET 18 and PAUL McD turned to Bill Caddick’s JOHN O’ DREAMS. This left TONY who was LEAVING ON A JET PLANE and MIKE telling us about when PART WORN TYRES LET ME DOWN as we limped round to the break.
The bumper interval raffle saw Lynn win the Bottle of Red Wine, Heather K win the Luxury Candle, Mike win the Hand Wash and Ann take home the Box of Chocolates before DON & HEATHER kicked off the second half with the lively NO HOPERS, JOKERS AND ROGUES and PETE MINERS returned with more from his JOKE BOOK. Next it was the Beatles for TONY with ELEANOR RIGBY and Bruce Springsteen for MIKE up to his neck in THE RIVER before we were all punctured by COSMO THE FAIRLY ACCURATE KNIFE THROWER by HEATHER. For HELEN it all happens at the DIMMING OF THE DAY before ALLEN asked WHAT’S IT TO YOU, Jimmy?? Before more gently ANN sang about SONNY’S DREAM and PAUL turned was out in Gordon Lightfoot’s EARLY MORNING RAIN. Next we got a choice from PAUL McD but we were greedy so he sang both LET IT BE ME and PEACEFUL EASY FEELING followed by TONY with WHEN I’M 64 and MIKE with his PET’S CORNER BLUES. With the evening coming to a close DON & HEATHER took us ACROSS THE BORDERLINE and then we lay down the borrowed guitar and headed home singing ALL THE TUNES IN THE WORLD. Magic!


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