Newsletters 2014


Newsletter No 307 30 December 2014
Rated a very quiet night but it was soon kick started by KAMRAN who blasted off with AVALON BLUE and PAUL who chimed in with STAGOLEE. In classical vein EDDIE, bestride his cello, treated us to JOY TO THE WORLD and SOLDIERS JOY before Poet DAVID told us of THE WHITE PRINCESS and THE LIGHTHEARTED MAIDEN and JO told us THE CARNIVAL IS OVER. Next COLIN RUDD was a welcome sight as he asked WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY and LESLIE also returned for her second visit to sing MY BONNY LIGHTHORSEMAN before MICK clouded the issue with his own MISTY MORNING ON ALBERT BRIDGE. Another welcome sight was our friend JEAN who gave us A WASSAIL and KEN who told us YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND and ANN who sang THE TROUT. The second round saw PAUL boasting about his TWO DOLLAR BILL and KAMRAN giving us his Christmas drinks list of ONE SCOTCH, ONE BOURBON, ONE BEER but LESLIE soon compensated with A SONG OF REPENTANCE. Going Dylanesque JO had us BLOWING IN THE WIND but EDDIE was still classical with HANDEL'S WATER MUSIC while MICK stuck with his own great song TAKE ME TO THE BRIDGE. On the other hand JEAN was traditional with THE WIDOW MAKER and COLIN was equally serious with YANKEE LADY as was ANN with her nice version of SUMMERTIME. Then we had a nice surprise when Poet David's neighbour ALISON sang COLD AIR IN THE CITY (J Denver) and KEN took us to THE STREETS OF LONDON and up to the break and raffle.
A top value raffle saw Alan win a bottle of wine, Ann win another bottle of wine, Paul win a Jameson's miniature and Brian take hoe some ramekins, before MICK kicked off with AUTUMN LEAVES. In anticipation of New Year LESLIE sang the original version of AULD LANG SANG followed by PAUL who continued to develop his solo career by nicking another one from the Free Spirits songbook PIPER TO THE END. Then it was confession time from JEAN with CAN'T HELP LOVING THAT MAN OF MINE and KAMRAN confessing he had the RICHLAND WOMAN BLUES. Back on an even keel ANN wanted TO BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY, MISTER, as KEN was contemplating the EMPTY CHAIRS (D Mclean) and EDDIE raised A PARTING GLASS to every one and the old year. Building to a great climax JEAN told us IT RAINS AND HAILS whereas MICK sang of his SWISS COTTAGE MANOEUVRES and LESLIE would have us all up in MY BONNY GLEN SHEE. Still with Don Mclean KEN next sang CROSSROADS and EDDIE played the Irish tune PLANXTY BRABAZON. Keeping things on the boil ANN then led us to WIDECOMBE FAIR, with Uncle Tom Cobley and all, to which KAMRAN confessed I WANNA BE LIKE YOU but PAUL seemed to be determined to go home with those HOW LONG BLUES.
Newsletter No 306 23 December 2014

A surprisingly brilliant mince pie and mulled wine evening with hosts JAN & MICK which MICK got off to a great start with NOTHING RHYMED after which BANJO JOHN with the RED RIVER VALLEY and DON & HEATHER with FAREWELL TO THE GOLD sought to prove him wrong. Then we welcomed back JEAN gave us part of the WIND IN THE WILLOWS and a SONG while CARL was out LOOKING FOR THE SUN and SIMON was unveiling another of his own songs AS FAR AS I KNOW IT. From a different world SUE gave us MELE KALIKIMATA before ED dedicated his song TO RAMONA whereas JO & ANN paid tribute to AMAZING GRACE. This prompted poet DAVID to comment on Ireland FROM A DISTANCE as PAUL remembered Joe Cocker with WITH A LTTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS and ARTHUR departed from the sublime with his FAL LA LA LA CAROL. In a surprising declaration GEOFF then confessed to no one in particular it was ONLY YOU but in true festive spirit RICHARD GRAY sang his own hot off the press FOLK CAROL just leaving time for ROBIN to sing his LAST FAREWELL. The first round completed MICK then returned to reclaimed one of his greatest hits I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER and BANJO JOHN kept the Christmas theme with JINGLE BELLS & RUDOLPH to which CARL was forced to admit IT’S A CHAMPION LIFE.

After the mulled wine and raffle break ARTHUR claimed you are alright if you've got SKIN or come from LIVERPOOL TOWN thought ROB or the STREETS OF LONDON sang JO & ANN leaving DON & HEATHER to keep the chorus singing going with the LITTLE POT STOVE. Then SUE gave us a rest by singing about A ROSE TATTOO before PAUL took us all off to MORNINGTOWN and JEAN had us to the NORMANDY ORCHARDS. Returning with the Pete Seeger songbook SIMON went all satirical with LITTLE BOXES whereas ED was more basic with his ANTI-SOCIAL PROBLEM and DAVID went metaphorical with THE WHISPERING SANDS. A cappella ROB then had us FATHOM THE BOWL in harmony to which GEOFF responded HE’LL HAVE TO GO and RICHARD GRAYreplied he must have the NON-PHENOMENAL BLUES. No wonder MICK declared YOU’VE GOT YOUR TROUBLES and ED retorted he's a COMICAL GENIUS but fortunately ARTHUR returned us to sanity with BIRD ON A WIRE. Feeling a big finish coming on the crowd begged CARL for Jake Thackray's ON AGAIN, with the anniversart of his death on Christmas Eve, as GEOFF swore he was the URBAN SPACEMAN and DON & HEATHER sang us into the street with ROLLING HOME to conclude a very satisfying Christmas evening.

Newsletter No 305 16 December 2014 

A great night with Kath, Ruth & Stan aka FAIR PLAY who coaxed the very best out of the assembled throng starting themselves with Nancy Kerr's SANTA GEORGIA quickly followed by CHRIS declaring YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND. Not seaonal enough so far so BANJO JOHN rolled in a WHITE CHRISTMAS for us all but KEVIN still sailed off on THE GREY FUNNEL LINE but JIM & LYNN returned with RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER to which ARTHUR replied with his ironic JINGLE BELLS from Rudolph's point of view. Enough of this reckoned KAMRAN who then had us PUTTIN' ON THE STYLE just as DON, HEATHER & PAUL were over in Oz with the DIAMANTINA DROVER with JOHN CHILCOTT telling us that WALTZING'S FOR DREAMERS in love. In response to a comment that all his songs were sad IAN then confessed YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU but ED hit a contraversial note with his parody of Scarlet ribbons, SCARLET RAYGUNS, to which PAUL replied GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN. Back to mainstream FAIR PLAY recalled JOHN LOVER and ARTHUR confessed that LATELY I'VE BEEN DREAMING as JIM & LYNN went off in search of some RARE OULD MOUNTAIN DEW. Also serious IAN became very philosophical with THE RIVER MAN but BANJO JOHN wasn't having it as he went looking for his WINTER WONDERLAND and KAMRAN backed him up with SILENT NIGHT. Still in the season JOHN CHILCOTT was out in the FOUR STRONG WINDS but Ed decided to inject some humour with MYRTLE THE TURTLE which DON, HEATHER & PAUL reckoned was a LESSON TOO LATE FOR THE LEARNING and KEVIN agreed with the real SCARLET RIBBONS.

Loads of craic and the raffle came next with the prizes being Wine - Chris; Jack Daniels - Sue Bentham; Biscuits - Kamran; Black Cherries in Kirsch - Barry; Sunjay signed Poster - Jim & Lynn. Then we were soon under way with CHRIS wishing us THE THINGS YOU WISH YOURSELF to which PAUL indicated he would like to be off to SWEET CAROLINA to which FAIR PLAY replied BEAUTIFUL. Flying solo JIM told us the FAIRY TALE OF NEW YORK which ARTHUR pleading PASS ME ANOTHER BOTTLE SWEET LANDLORD and KEVIN swearing to take the KING'S SHILLING. Still giving us full value from his borrowed banjo KAMRAN had us all lively with YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE and ED was also cheerful with JOHNNY DEAREST JOHNNY but DON, HEATHER & PAUL were still heading ACROSS THE BORDERLINE where PAUL had everyone banding up for his CORN BREAD AND BUTTER BEANS. More gently FAIR PLAY had us tilting at WINDMILLS but KAMRAN wanted to know what happens WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS but JIM & LYNN were too busy with the SPANISH LADY before DON & HEATHER had us all having a good sing with Kieren Halpin's NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT ALL to send us all home on a high note in anticipation of next weeks
's Mince Pies and Mulled Wine.

Newsletter No 304 9 December 2014
Possibly the best Christmas Party Night was brilliantly stewarded by KAMRAN & PETE as the room filled to the gunnels and PETE set the tone with LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH jusr as BANJO JOHN boarded THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. Next GEOFF was that FOTHERINGAY to which BRIAN replied  I TOLD YOU SO before JO had us carolling to IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER. The saddest song ever then came from CARL & JOHN as newcomer COLIN blew us away with COPPERHEAD ROAD but FAIR PLAY said they would rather see EL CONDOR PASA. Recovered from his injury EDDIE told us THE MOON SHINES BRIGHT just as GRASSROOTS chose A WINTER SONG and DAVID COWE was climbing CADER IDRIS. This was the lull before the storm which blew up when KAMRAN invited ARTHUR MARSHALL to join him with Trombone for YOU RASCAL YOU to which IM & LYNN replied I'LL TELL MY MA. For JUDE it was T STANDS FOR THOMAS time as PHIL sang about Jesus with THE OUTLAW and PAUL followed with MARY'S BOY CHILD. For ROBIN the SNOWS OF NEW YORK seemed relevant but ROB stayed local with THE RAWTENSTALL ANNUAL FAIR, however, RICHARD said I MUST FLY AWAY. Next JAN treated to a song in Welsh, HWIANGERDD MAIR, before daughter KATHIE played a seasonal selection of FLUTE TUNES leaving JOHN to rise to the occasion with MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY by Slade.

A really big raffle saw Alan win a CD, Kath win a CD, Janice take the Shortbread biscuits, Helen win the Black Tower wine, Heather Kenyon win the White wine, Pete win the red wine, Dave win the Bah Humbug Beer, Ann win the Chocolates and Richard win the Thermal insoles. Phew!
The second half started with FREE SPIRITS saying COME ALL YOU NO HOPERS, JOKERS AND ROGUES which just about covered everyone. ED then told us A SPACEMAN CAME TRAVELLING to which ARTHUR retorted OH, GOODY IT'S CHRISTMAS and DAVE BOULTON telling us how SANTA WAS DEPRESSED. So it was lucky that cloggers SUE & LIN were on hand with BAZ, ARTHUR & EDDIE  to cheer him up with a nice HORNPIPE followed by UKELELE SUE singing DEAD FLOWERS by the Rolling Stones. Teaming people up for the second round saw COLIN play STATEN ISLAND HORNPIPE & HARVEST HOME followed by EDDIE playing a CHRISTMAS MEDLEY and JAN sang LAWR AR LAN Y MOR. KATHIE then rose with JOHN CONDY for the FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK followed appropriately by BRIAN with his own AMERICAN TRILOGY and FAIR PLAY with HEDGER AND DITCHER. For some reason PHIL was out on the ISLANDS which made ROB think of FRED THE SLUG and GEOFF & SUE to think of WALTZING FOR DREAMERS. This put us in the frame for a climax started by JUDE's CHERRY TREE CAROL and continued by JIM & LYNN'S NIGHT VISITING SONG and rounded off by GRASSROOTS pleading LET IT SNOW with the rest of us shouting No!!!


Newsletter No 303 2 December 2014

It was a great night with a full house for ED's surprise Birthday Bash which DON & HEATHER were invited to kick off with the flourish of a GALWAY GIRL which had everyone singing full throttle from the off. Slowing it a little ROBIN had ONLY THE HEARTACHES to think about while PAUL had the DRIFTIN' BLUES. Then we were chortling with CHRIS and his IKEA SONG, a parody of the wild rover, but IAN & GARY were serious with HURT by Johnny Cash as was Poet DAVID with his BOX CALLED WAR and PETE who found himself in ST JAMES' INFIRMARY. Back to silly with ED who went to see the Queen in MONDAY 'ER DOES ALL 'ER WESHIN' but it was the THE LAST THING ON MY MIND for GEOFF as it was for ROB who was more concerned about them knocking down THE OLD PUBS. Off across the Atlantic went JIM & LYNN on the THE IRISH ROVER until they were called back by ARTHUR tellin them IT'S CHRISTMAS but KAMRAN was still GOING DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BAD as were SUE & GEOFF on the SLOOP JOHN B. They could have done with PHIL and the HANOVA NAVIGATOR and even ROGER KING with THE WORKING MAN before PETE KING warned that the BLUE SKIES TURN GREY. Undaunted MARIAN was chasing the BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN to which DAVE BOULTON replied YOU'RE GONE.
In the interval SUE had arranged the buffet and a bumper raffle saw some big prizes find new homes before the second half was started by ROBIN and JOCK O' HAZELDENE to which ROGER added his own FOR VALOUR as JIM & LYNN chased after the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN. Not convinced PHIL reckoned it was all an OPTICAL ILLUSION and GEOFF exclaimed I WANT TO SEE THE BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT to which ED replied with SUE'S LOVE SONG to which IAN & GARY reckoned it was all the same in the SUMMERTIME. This prompted PAUL to warn PEOPLE GET READY and KAMRAN to demand SALLY WHERE D'YA GET YOUR LIQUOR FROM as CHRIS was busy flying round with EROS. On a more basic note of consolation to Ed, DAVE BOULTON reminded him YOU'RE ONLY AS OLD AS THE WOMAN YOU FEEL which to PETE were nothing but PASSING DREAMS and PETE KING said just wait for 10 YEARS ON, with his own song. Still in work mode ROB came up with THE CHEMICAL WORKER before a big finish was guaranteed by FREE SPIRITS with WAGON WHEEL and ARTHUR MARSHALL who had us laughing into the street with his BLESS ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED to end a stunning night of music, verse and  plenty of craic.


Newsletter No 302 25 November 2014

It was a bright, lively evening to the end of November with ROBIN & PAUL ensuring a great time for everyone. ROBIN got the ball rolling on to DENVER and JIM & LYNN were soon on their travels with the LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL as IAN shot over to the Wirral for WHISKY ON A SUNDAY. Next PAUL invited us to WALK RIGHT IN because as GRASSROOTS said we are STANDING ON THE EDGE OF ETERNITY but as far as SUE was concerned she was off with BLACK JACK DAVY. On a different level PETE said he wanted to MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE but again JO was off with a WAYFARING STRANGER but CHRIS was at least steadfast in being a PIPER TO THE END. Another lady a bit wayward was MARIAN who claimed to be THE FEMALE SMUGGLER but GEOFF was more testosterone fuelled with ARTHUR McBRIDE as DON & HEATHER settled it all down with permission from Arthur Marshall to sing his FENCES. Describing how some of us felt ED gave us the details of his BRONCHIOLE DILATOR BLUES but ARTHUR just kept his eye on the HORIZON, another of his sensitive songs, before JIM & LYNN razzed it up with THE WILD ROVER. After this it was no wonder JO fancied THE SOUND OF SILENCE but KAMRAN wasn't sure with the HESITATION BLUES, however, CHRIS said get on with it 'cos YOU WON'T MAKE OLD BONES. Singing another version of a great song SUE hit us with Dylan's WAGON WHEEL just as GEOFF went off after a LADY OF PLEASURE to take us nicely to the interval.

The Raffle saw Sue return for the Wine, Rosalyn take Nuts & nut crackers, Marian wisely fancy the winter Wind Screen Cover and Ian go home with the Christmas Pudding before GRASSROOTS get us restarted with I WISH I KNEW HOW TO BE FREE. Going solo JIM sang the very romantic PLAY ME as IAN was equally sentimental about trains with the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS and ARTHUR was in similar mood HOW I LOVE THE LITTLE CHILDREN until we realised he liked them in a stew. No wonder PETE then came up with WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT but KAMRAN immediately thought Beatles with I'VE JUST SEEN HIS FACE and MARIAN saw the funny side with WHAT SHALL I WEAR TO THE WEDDING. Thinking of migrant workers DON & HEATHER reckoned they are always thinking of when they will be ROLLING HOME and on a similar tack PAUL gave us THIS LAND IS MY LAND and ROBIN was in the same mood with IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN. It must have been catching because GRASSROOTS insisted on BRINGING ON BACK THE GOOD TIMES before CHRIS broke the spell with Mark Knopfler's THE TRAWLERMAN'S SONG. Getting towards that time GEOFF asked, of no one in particular, SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME to which SUE replied that she was an URBAN SPACEMAN and KAMRAN exclaimed OH GLORY HALLELUJAH. Finally PETE confessed he had a HEART LIKE A WHEEL before DON, HEATHER, PAUL & ROBIN told us ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PAST AND GONE so we needed to hit the road and return next week when it will be December and a month of non-stop partying in Sale folk Club!!

Newsletter No 301 18 November 2014

A quieter start but 40 songs later everyone was rolling home with FREE SPIRITS. Our hosts were DON & HEATHER who set the tempo with GALWAY GIRL followed in fine style by GRASSROOTS with a brilliant version of AUTUMN LEAVES sung by JANICE BELL accompanied by MICK HARE with some excellent guitar work. JIM & LYNN were then after the HIGHWAYMAN as JO was looking for the BEALE STREET PAPA and PHIL was catching up with remembrance day in THE GREEN LEAVES OF FRANCE. On the subject of war POET DAVE commemorated the SHIFTING WHISPERING SANDS in Kuwait while ROBIN told us how he sang SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH for up to a thousand people on his cruise to Oslo to which DAVID COWE replied with a A NONSENSE POEM. Delighted to see him on the mend EDDIE was a cappella with NED OF THE HILL until his wrist is back in use and FAIR PLAY gave WAGON WHEEL the full band treatment. JIM with LYNN then claimed to being the KING OF THE ROAD to which JO invited them with BABY WONT YOU PLEASE COME HOME (Bessie Smith) and PHIL commented IF (only). All DAVID COWE could say was NOW WHAT and DON & HEATHER reckoned it was the DIMMING OF THE DAY after all with EDDIE saying there was plenty of FOGGY DEW about. Being a bit political POET DAVE gave us LONDONDERRY, his parody on London Danny, while ROBIN simply wanted to be a COUNTRY BOY again and not, as FAIR PLAY sang, a LAZY JOHN who was in the middle of KAMRAN's LAZY DAYS. Still on his feet KAMRAN continued with the BIG ROAD BLUES as GRASSROOTS (Janice & Mick) were having TROUBLE IN THE FIELDS as the interval loomed.

The raffle saw Wine go to Joan; Fruit cake to David Cowe; Coasters to Mick; and Baz get the Tambourine until his wife and carer took it off him for persistent overuse, however, not before he stayed on his feet to play with DON & HEATHER for RARE OULD TIMES. The delightful I WILL next came from GRASSROOTS followed by DAVID COWE hoping for a kind WINTER before things got serious with PHIL singing ROCKS IN THE OCEAN about a failed relationship. POET DAVE then confessed to being MR ANOMALY as PAUL uncorked a BOTTLE WINE and from G & S EDDIE told us about A POLICEMAN'S LOT before ROBIN waxed lyrical about the STREETS OF BALTIMORE. Critically FAIR PLAY reckoned he AIN'T NO SWEET MAN as KAMRAN told us about the SWEET DIABETES BLUES while on a sad note GRASSROOTS said THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER SUNSET. In a turn about EDDIE sang the NYMPHS REPLY TO THE SHEPHERDS but PAUL was concerned about his CORN BREAD AND BUTTER BEANS just as ROBIN was interested in the lady in the LONG BLACK VEIL. Coming to the end of a great evening EDDIE offered us a PARTING GLASS to which PHIL responded with LUCKY MAN as Stan with Kath & Ruth aka FAIR PLAY were LEAVING ON A JET PLANE which prompted KAMRAN to come up with DAYDREAM BELIEVER. Suitably performed and entertained to a standstill DON & HEATHER with ROBIN & PAUL finally had everyone singing into the street with yet another ROLLING HOME, this one by none other than Status Quo. Top night.

Newsletter No 300 11 November 2014

A superb evening of remembrance and celebrating Diane's birthday was hosted by JAN & MARK who started the ball rolling with 2 minutes silence of Remembrance followed by ROUT OF THE BLUES from MARK. Bouncing back and forth between remembrance and not JIM & LYNN next introduced us to the GYPSY ROVER before PETE flicked back with his own song BEAT THE DRUM. That old romantic BRIAN then came out with THREE TIMES A LADY before we went back to it with JAN singing MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES as ANDY went off to the GREEN FIELD OF FRANCE. Amusing us with UKELELE, a parody of Hallelujah, came SUE before BAZ bid a fond FAREWELL TO CARLINGFORD and ROBIN had us singing WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Then PHIL came up with an instrumental JESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING as KAMRAN sang us a WHISKY LULLABY and GEOFF told us that ROY ROGERS IS RIDING TONIGHT. Livening things up with an interactive GALWAY GIRL then came DON & HEATHER before RICHARD more seriously told us about THE LAST GREAT WAR to which MARIAN said they are ONLY REMEMBERED as JUDE celebrated the end of war with CARRY ME BACK TO BLIGHTY.

A rousing "Happy Birthday" greeted Diane as she treated us to a great buffet with fresh chips and lots of chat, craic and a bumper raffle of wine, chocolates, duplicate playing cards, oven glove and a vanity case. All of this had PETE out KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR while the still romantic BRIAN admitted THERE I'VE SAID IT AGAIN as JAN & MARK asked DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE and by the fire CARL & JOHN admired the NORWEGIAN WOOD. With another of his own PETER KING sang FOOL'S PARADISE as MARIAN was walking THROUGH GREEN FIELDS AND MEADOWS and PAUL was down to his last TWO DOLLAR BILL. Back with love ANDY confessed I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING I OWN but SUE & GEOFF were off on the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS while JUDE returned to war with THE PARTISAN. Espousing faith RICHARD said it makes him SOLID AS A ROCK as PHIL went back in time to THE COLDEST WINTER IN HISTORY and KAMRAN sang about WILLIE MAE. For JIM & LYNN they had the FOLSOM PRISON BLUES before FREE SPIRITS told that after war there is always a VACANT CHAIR and JOHN  commented on the carnage of war with SCARECROW. Finally JAN & MARK rounded it off with NO USE CRYING which lifted spirits for the homeward journey.

Newsletter No 299 4 November 2014

It quickly developed into a very good evening as KAMRAN & PETE were greeted by a large audience as performers rolled up in a steady stream. PETE kicked off with a joke and SUNNY AFTERNOON followed by DON & HEATHER who explained what happens when she wears BLACK CLOTHES which were suitable attire for BANJO JOHN'S tribute to Acker Bilk with STRANGER ON THE SHORE. As far as JO was concerned via Iris Dement YOU'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG as newcomer SUE exclaimed FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE (Cure) and CHRIS with DON & HEATHER sang THE TRAWLERMAN'S SONG. In good form FAIR PLAY then played and sang WHERE RAVENS FEED as KAMRAN asked WHAT DID YOU LEARN AT SCHOOL TODAY (Paxton) and MARIAN demanded WHAT SHALL WE DO? No answer came from ARTHUR who had got a WRONG NUMBER but CARL was more certain as he was SINGING THE AGES DOWN as was JOHN CONDY reported that the CAVES OF JERICHO were collapsing. JO next sang Blackmore's Knight's GHOST OF A ROSE followed by a request for FLOWERS ON THE WATER from DON & HEATHER and then RICHARD GRAY singing a new song NO PLACE LIKE HOME before another new song from PETE KING took us up to the interval with his latest song NEVER IN MY LIFE.

A bumper raffle saw Jackie win the wine, Linda win the Christmas Pudding, Kamran take the scarf home, John Condy win the car CD holder, Kath win the chocolates and Barry win the Hand wash.

PETE then started us again with his own SUNSETS before FAIR PLAY sang us a BLACK MOUNTAIN LULLABY and SUE came back with BACK AGAIN (Allan Taylor). On his feet again CHRIS went for NANA'S SONG (McTell) and MARIAN introduced us to THE RECRUITED COLLIER and KAMRAN was warning a friend away from his wife with YOU RASCAL YOU. From way back GEOFF was FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN and indeed RICHARD agreed with his own DON'T BE AFRAID OF LOVE as JOHN CONDY gave us one of his favourites BROTHERS IN ARMS. Rising to a climax PETE KING sang another of his own BEATING TIME as CHRIS sang FIRST SONG and GEOFF with SUE sang LABELLED WITH LOVE and FAIR PLAY bid a LAST GOODBYE before DON & HEATHER had us singing into the street with STEEL AWAY to end a sublime evening.

OCTOBER - 2014

Newsletter No 298 28 October 2014

A brilliant party night to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Sale Folk Club was well stewarded by Kath, Ruth & Stan aka FAIR PLAY who got things rolling with WILDWOOD FLOWER followed by BRIAN who was down in Pete Abbott's WINDY HARBOUR while ROB was off to SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Also travelling JAN & MARK were GOING TO JACKSON while PAUL wanted to RAISE A RUCKUS but JO was concerned about her FAIR AND TENDER LADIES. Next JOHN CONDY came up with a great song from The Band, CAVES OF JERICHO, and ZOE MULFORD told us about the SAUSALITO FIRE (Malvina Reynolds) but KAMRAN was off with a TICKET TO RIDE. Celebrating  Raphael Ravenscroft's sax solo in BAKER STREET were CARL & JOHN as DON & HEATHER told of the hard life of the DIAMANTINA DROVER which sent PHIL scurrying to Cream's WHITE ROOM and PETE ROBERTS off OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY. Not seen for a long time PAUL BAINES then stepped up with his HARMONICA MEDLEY of RULE BRITANNIA & THE PRINCESS ROYAL after which CHARLES took us DANCING AT WHITSUN before PAUL DEARDEN went classical with PRELUDE No 1 (Villa Lobos) and MARIAN sang of the BAILIFF'S DAUGHTER OF ISLINGTON to take us to the interval.

A big raffle saw prizes go to Baz - Wine; Sue - Blanket; Heather - Chocolates; Joyce - Biscuits; Joe - Tea bags; Janet - Toiletries; Peter - Millar Make-up and Rosemary - Novel.

Kicking off with the entries to the Songwriting contest won by no one in particular PAUL had us singing away with DRILL YE TARRIERS DRILL before FAIR PLAY pointed out the BRIGHT MORNING STAR which Poet DAVE could see FROM A DISTANCE. Commenting on the clash in the USA between creationists and science JAN & MARK explained the pursuit of CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN and as PETE observed THE WAR DRAGS ON before ZOE MULFORD rose to say her goodbyes as she sets off back across the "Pond" to continue her transatlantic lifestyle with THE PARTING GLASS. Fortunately we shall be seeing her when she returns. BRIAN made his feelings known with EMBRACEABLE YOU and CHARLES dreamed a dream for LOWLANDS AWAY as KAMRAN raced to catch the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. Returning, PAUL BAINES then played his own GUITAR COMPOSITION as JOHN CONDY & KATHY went the formula 1 route with THE CHAIN but MARIAN stayed traditional with THE BLACKSMITH. Next PHIL polished up the GENIE ON THE TABLE TOP with ROB trying to put out the RING OF FIRE leaving CARL & JOHN CONDY to admit we're STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU. Another famous classical piece from PAUL DEARDEN came in the form of SCHERZINA MEXICANA (Ponce) before DON & HEATHER had us all banding up for the SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES. Coming to a climax FAIR PLAY asked us WHAT'LL WE DO WITH THE BABY and PAUL had the BROWN FERRY BLUES but JAN, KATHY & MARK took the biscuit as they all ran off crying I'LL TELL MY MA to end a fantastic evening. 

Newsletter No 297 21 October 2014

Fortunately the wind did not deter many as JANICE BELL & MICK HARE aka GRASSROOTS started us off with FACTORY GIRL swiftly followed by MARK TAYLOR playing his sweet sounding banjo for SADDLE THE PONY & BARNEY PILGRIM and then JO who was down IN THE GHETTO which DON & HEATHER thought was ACROSS THE BORDERLINE. Turning to the spoken word POET DAVID told us YES KNOWS NO HIDING PLACE as BANJO JOHN went back in time with AIN'T SHE SWEET and JAN TAYLOR went even deeper into the tradition to meet THE BLACKSMITH. Next ED brought us up to the present with THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER as did DAVE COWE with the ROCKING GRAN BLUES and CARL with FATHER'S SONG before MICK explored the seedy side of American healthcare with his BREAKFAST IN MEXICO. He was followed by JANICE who told it was NOT 'COS I WANTED TO before JAN & MARK were off ROLLIN' IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS as it was back to nature with ANN singing THE TROUT which has BANJO JOHN celebrating with WHEN YOU'RE SMILING. Late arrival MARIAN then lamented the loss of her BUNCH OF THYME just as POET DAVID told us about THE WHITE PRINCESS and THE LIGHTHEARTED MAIDEN. Realising an earlier mistake DON & HEATHER confessed they had washed their hands in MUDDY WATER as JO sang about her BROTHER and DAVE COWE was off RIDING IN A RAILWAY TRAIN. On earlies CARL then told us CURSED BE THE CALLER with his knock, knock, knock as ED was off on his VINCENT BLACK LIGHTENING but BANJO JOHN went back to Fats Waller for a medley highlighted by I'M GONNA SIT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER. ANN, however, asked us to let her be A LADY FOR TODAY and MARIAN celebrated with LORD OF ALL as we approached the break.
The raffle in the interval saw Mick win the wine, Rhonda win the box of tea, Alan take the biscuits and newly announced writer David win the novel before JANICE took us all off to the GREENFIELDS OF FRANCE. More humorously ED had us laughing at the LITTLE GROCER MAN as JAN & MARK settled DOWN IN THE EASY CHAIR and DAVID told us it was all FOR THE LOVE OF A BEAUTIFL MAID. However, love flies out of the window when POVERTY KNOCKS reckoned DON & HEATHER even in SUMMERTIME sang ANN and even down in MARTHA'S VINEYARD said DAVE COWE. Next on the agenda was MARIAN with ROGER THE MILLER just in time to catch CARL'S 17.10 and JAN TAYLOR singing AR LAN Y MOR bilingually. MARK than managed not to forget THE REMEMBER SONG as MICK remembered all the ORSON STREET GIRLS from his past but ED concentrated on giving words of wisdom to the ladies with THE LIFE IN YOUR MEN. After a great night of music, song and verse DON & HEATHER were requested to lead us with THE BORROWED GUITAR and GRASSROOTS reached a fitting climax with BRINGING ON BACK THE GOOD TIMES which they certainly had.

Newsletter No 296 14 October 2014

Hosts ED & SUE organised the many performers in to a great show for a great audience who were rapt from the first minute when they had everyone involved with GOODNIGHT IRENE. This fooled late arrival ROB who thought his watch had stopped. BANJO JOHN then picked things up with WHISTLING RUFUS as JIM & LYNN shot off with the URBAN SPACEMAN and KEVIN sung about THE PLAINSMAN. With one of his own ARTHUR then told of MR FAULKS and ROBIN sung about OLD DOGS AND CHILDREN AND
HELEN shouldered her concertina to play a RUSSIAN FANTASY. On his feet at last ROB told of the ELLEN VANNIN to which JAN responded IF IT'S TRUE (Anais Mitchell) with CARL recalling that THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATHILDA. Next PAUL jumped up with JACKAROO followed by GRASS ROOTS aka Janice & Mick with MA GHILE MA, DAVE COWE with A WITCH'S TALE and DON & HEATHER with their own STREET CHILD. Coming back BANJO JOHN took us all down the ROCK ISLAND LINE as JIM took us all down the mine with A WORKING MAN AM I before HELEN went all French with
CHANSON D'AMOUR. All philosophical 
ARTHUR told us about his THE CLOCK ON THE WALL while YAN went back to his youth in Italy with QUE SERA and KEVIN was off ringing the BELLS OF RUMNEY. Coming up to the interval ROBIN asked us to ROCK MY CRADLE as ROB celebrated the CHEERLY MAN and ED had us all drunk doing THE MANCHE.

The usual bumper raffle saw prizes go home with Arthur, a rose bush, Heather Kenyon, chocolates, Mick, wine, and Dolan, the CDs.
Then FRANK HIVES was a wonderful surprise guest with IF I WERE A CARPENTER and 
CARL rolled back the years with his own MAGICAL SKY before DAVE told us WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS - SOONER OR LATER. After this PAUL swore he had the KEYS TO THE HIGHWAY while DON & HEATHER quickly recruited him for their trip on the WESTERN PLAINS leaving GRASS ROOTS to sing out LOVE YOU FOREVER (Beatles). Again in band form ROBIN with PAUL, DON & HEATHER for WAGON WHEEL that had everyone singing along as did JIM & LYNN with A MON LIKE THEE leaving them to marvel at ARTHUR singing WHEN THE SACRED GIN MILL CLOSES (Dick van Ronk). ED then got to sing his favourite Dylan, DREAM, as CARL did the same with one of his Jez Lowe favourites I'VE NEVER BEEN NEARER TO NETTLES and PAUL with JUG BAND MUSIC. This left GRASS ROOTS to only get STRONGER with Janice's composition as DON, HEATHER, ROBIN & PAUL shot off with the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS and FRANK as his OKLAHOMA HOME get blown away before ROB had us all ROLLING HOME. A great night! 

Newsletter No 295 7 October 2014

They came from near they came from far to give a warm welcome to STEVE from Bath as DON & HEATHER kicked off by confessing they may not have ALL THE ANSWERS to which ARTHUR MARSHALL replied IF YOU HOLD MY FALSE TEETH I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO DANCE. Undaunted STEVE then rose to respond to the challenge brilliantly with Huw Williams' favourite ROSEMARY'S SISTER followed by JIM & LYNN who told us BLACK IS THE COLOUR just as JO was LEAVING ON A JET PLANE. Next ROBIN came up with a new one in MEET ME TONIGHT IN LAREDO to which PHIL replied with a couple of tunes WELCOME and THE CLOWN as JOHN CONDY donned the gear of THE HIGHWAYMAN. A work in progress saw PAUL sing GOOD MORNING BLUES before KATH & STAN told us that there is NO TELLING WHAT A LOVE SONG CAN DO prompting ED to tell us the story of the insatiable WIDOW ON THE MOOR. Slightly late but ever welcome CARL treated us to BLACK DIAMONDS before STEVE returned with the SONG FOR THE BOWDOIN, a tribute to the Arctic exploration schooner by Larry Kaplin. ARTHUR'S only response was that IT'S AFTER MIDNIGHT as JO embarked on the traditional COME KISS ME LOVE while JOHN had BOATS TO BUILD. MARIAN then told us ALL THINGS ARE QUITE SILENT and JIM & LYNN said YELLOW IS THE COLOUR but ROBIN was off to DURHAM TOWN as CARL responded to the request for Jake Thackray's ON AGAIN ON AGAIN. Winding up a great half PETE KING sang his own love song COME OUT OF THE RAIN.

In the interval there was the usual bumper raffle with Carl winning the tin of Chocolates and immediately passing them round, John Condy won the wine, Jim took the virgin olive oil and Kath left with Philomena the novel. PAUL then started us with EVER YOUNG, dedicated to birthday girl HEATHER KENYON just as PHIL set out for THE FIELDS OF FRANCE (Al Stewart) and ED challenged us with the BALLAD OF A CRYSTAL MAN (Donovan). Next KATH & STAN told us there was a TRAIN ON THE ISLAND and MARIAN sang of THE SWAN before PETE KING suggested LET THERE BE LIGHT. With a very old song STEVE invited us to COME OVER THE WATER TO CHARLIE just as JIM & LYNN suggested we go NIGHT VISITING but ROBIN would have us on THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE and PHIL would have us meet the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN. However, JOHN threatened his harmonica with KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, as it gradually moved away from him in its harness, but CARL helped us regain our composure with another request I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR just as KATH & STAN were off into the SLEEPY DESERT. Building to a climax ARTHUR sang his own tribute to Seamus O'Hendricks with HEY CLANCY just before ED was sat on by THE FAT LADY'S BUM and no wonder PAUL responded with DON'T GET TROUBLE ON YOUR MIND. Fortunately, we had PETE KING to bring back a touch of class with his own thoughts on the BLUE BEDROOM of a young lady across the street. Magic!!


Newsletter No 294 30 September 2014

A completely different mix of people with guests even from Perth in Western Australia and several locals threatening to return with instruments and songs to sing as PAUL & ROBIN hosted in great style. First PAUL conducted us all in MAMA DON'T ALLOW followed by PETER who sang ST PAUL'S SONG and BANJO JOHN who shouted out HEY MR TAMBOURINE MAN! Then JO led us all in singing AMAZING GRACE before ROBIN celebrated the anniversary of Sir Walter Scott with JOCK O'HAZELDEAN while JIM & LYNN had those FULSOME PRISON BLUES. Taking centre stage after a few weeks ANN again delighted us with LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY MISTER which for some reason gave ED some CHILDHOOD MEMORIES to which DON & HEATHER replied he's obviously PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE. Not so PETE who explained how a young lady brought out the BEST IN ME and BANJO JOHN went off on one with ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN leaving JO to coyly announce I LIVE NOT WHERE I LOVE. No doubting where JIM & LYNN got to with I GOT STRIPES or PAUL who was eulogising over STEWBALL the racehorse but for ROBIN the BATTLE IS OVER. Coming up to half time DON & HEATHER reckoned we're all SAINTS AND SINNERS even ANN'S UNCLE TOM COBLEY and definitely ED'S FLUSHERS down in the country's sewers.

A bumper raffle saw Chris win the Olive Oil, Jackie won the Cadbury's Roses, Pete had the wine, Alan got the Dairy Milk Chocolate and Rosalyn took the biscuit(s) before PAUL swore that THE SINGING WILL NEVER END as HELEN played with THE MARVELLOUS TOY and JIM & LYNN were off to Ireland to see the FORTY SHADES OF GREEN. In a bluesy frame of mind PETE then shot off to KANSAS CITY and to welcome our Antipodean friends DON & HEATHER went down to SOUTH AUSTRALIA while ED remained on the farm with TREAT MY DAUGHTER DECENT. Meanwhile ROBIN nipped over to the US of A for FRAULEIN as JIM & LYNN were tasting that RARE OLD MOUNTAIN DEW and PETE was celebrating his HEART OF GOLD. Not so ROBIN, PAUL, DON & HEATHER who were down DARK AS A DUNGEON and ED was saying we should FLOG 'EM, FLAY 'EM AND HANG 'EM to which DON & HEATHER replied just like in the RARE OULD TIMES then. Seeking to reach a climax PAUL, ROBIN, DON & HEATHER first had us all rueing the presence of FENCES courtesy of Arthur Marshall and then ED joined PAUL, ROBIN, DON & HEATHER tell us that ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PAST AND GONE so we all hit the road home after a very satisfying evening.

Newsletter No 293 23 September 2014

An almost full house came in out of the rain to have a great night of top class music hosted by JAN & MARK who lit the fuse with their excellent version of THE BLUE COCKADE. Swiftly ROBIN bade us all a LAST FAREWELL before JOHN CHILCOTT told us a foxy story with REYNARDINE and in sinister vein MIKE DIXON told us SOME MAY CALL IT RUE. Next CARL CORBETT sang John Gorka's great song I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR before DAVE CINNAMOND confounded some of us with is YES KNOWS NO HIDING PLACE which led DON & HEATHER to think of the SMUGGLER'S SONG. Eager to shore John Tams' SCARECROW, JOHN CONDY took to the floor followed by PAUL RILEY with HARD TRAVELLING and DAVE HOWARD & MIKE COSGRAVE telling about how another FOX WENT OUT ON A WINDY NIGHT. A welcome back for YAN presented us with A LOVE SONG by Dave Evans before JIM, who was Lynn-less, sang COME BACK PADDY RILEY and STEVE HIGGINSON had us all grafting with a sea shanty LIBERTY'S SWEET SHORE. Not satisfied skipper ROB WHITE gave us more work with another sea shanty ROLL ALABAMA ROLL, KAMRAN giving his opinion with CHUMP MAN BLUES as MICHELLE HOLDING unveiled a great version of ANNABELLE. Racing toward the break MIKE COSGRAVE was PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE as were most of the convicts aboard THE LADY PENRHYN sung by LAWRENCE HALL and it took longer to reach Australia than the 15 DAYS in the song by ESTHER BRENNAN & IAN BUCHANON.

A bumper raffle saw Andy win the wine, Joan take the Chocolate Bar, Alan win the Celebration Chocolates, Mark walk off with the scarf, Ann snaffle the Thorntons, Joan take the After Eights and Jim go home with the Room Perfuser.

Opening up DON & HEATHER told how she DANCES FOR DOLLARS with MARION declaring I'm LANG AWA' TO THE HIGHLAND HILLS just as KATHIE TAYLOR & JOHN CONDY were getting all TANGLED UP IN BLUE. Undaunted STEVE HIGGINSON was away with to war with the LANCASHIRE LADS while CARL gave us a SONG OF JOY DOWN THE RIVER TO THE SEA and JIM sang the song his dad used to sing to his mum, I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN KATHLEEN. All heavy PAUL then came out with the LONG BLACK VEIL but ESTHER & IAN were more cheerful remembering school days with YOGURT POTS before LAWRENCE had us all singing again with 12 GOOD MEN AND TRUE. Still in "L" plates ROB was again COURTING TOO SLOW but YAN was soon off to BUDAPEST and MICHELLE was back in the last century with THE ELEPHANT SABU BOY as KAMRAN & KATHIE celebrated JELLY ROLL. Coming up to a grand finale ROBIN with HEATHER, PAUL & DON sang his new song PIPER TO THE END and MIKE COSGRAVE again recruited DAVE HOWARD for THIS LOVE WILL CARRY before JAN & MARK closed a great night of music and craic by having us all RUNNING LIKE A TURKEY. Magic!!

Newsletter No 292 16 September 2014

Another surprising evening as many friends old and new came to enjoy a JANICE & DAVE hosting a lot of top talent. They invited BANJO JOHN to tell about MY BABY and KATH & STAN to sing DINKS SONG followed by ROBIN wishing he was BACK HOME. With their own story DON & HEATHER sang about the failed love life of ROMANY JACK before DAVE COWE recited Mike Harding's LOST EMPIRES and PAUL RILEY threatened to TELL OLD BILL. Then JANICE also sang her own EAGLE WING quickly followed by IAN & GARRY with HURT and ED explaining why the LOGGER LOVER stirred his coffee with his thumb. Unimpressed JIM & LYNN were off after the STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN as CARL gave us the story of the BATTLE TRAFALGAR. In country mood JAN & MARK were then off to JACKSON TOWN as JO was over in Ireland with the GALWAY SHAWL and ARTHUR mused on THE DEATH OF REV. IAN PAISLEY. A new departure then saw KAMRAN telling about 10 FINGER JOHNNY as BANJO JOHN returned to show us the CAROLINA MOON and IAN & GARRY returned with DAVE who sang SUMMERTIME. Rising to a climax IAN< GARRY & DAVE did a great version of THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE before JO went a cappella with ONCE I HAD A SWEETHEART as DON & HEATHER marvelled at the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS, DAVE COWE celebrated the DRUNKARD and JANICE sang about her WONDERWALL to take us to the break.

ROBIN opened the second half with a PEACEFUL EASY FEELING before KAMRAN told us it was NO ONES DIRTY BUSINESS as KATH & STAN went off with the WAYFARING STRANGER. This led ED to give us all a laugh with SHUT UP before JAN & MARK sailed off on the BONNIE SHIP THE DIAMOND and ARTHUR asked us ANYTHING FOR AN OLD ? JM & LYNN then shot of to California for MUIRSHEEN DURKIN and PAUL RILEY stayed in the USA for NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU'RE DOWN AND OUT as did KAMRAN with the DEAD SHRIMP BLUES and DON & HEATHER at the ROSEVILLE FAIR. Back home DAVE COWE gave us another Mike Harding in ODDS AND SODS but ED went back to that great singer AL BOWLY before ROBIN, PAUL, HEATHER & DON jumped up as FREE SPIRITS to sing WAGON WHEEL. Coming to a great finish JAN, MARK & KATHY got up together for at long last to play and sing I'LL TELL ME MA as IAN & GARRY & DAVE returned to sing LOVE POTION NO 9 leaving KATH & STAN to get GOING ROUND THE WORLD BABY MINE to end a fine evening. 

Newsletter No 291 9 September 2014

BAZ'S BIG BIRTHDAY BASH was celebrated in fine style with some very talented performers sharing their wares with a full house. DON & HEATHER set the tone by greeting all the SAINT AND SINNERS (David Francey) before PAUL got down and dirty with the BLACK BOTTOM BLUES which set up FAIR PLAY ethereal MOONSHADOW. Then ED tried to calm everyone down with the LIVERPOOL LULLABY, first sung by Kate's Mum, and BANJO JOHN responded by admitting I GET THE BLUES WHEN IT RAINS (1929) all of which had JO off BLOWING IN THE WIND which had us all singing along. JAN & MARK were in no doubt that it was the END OF THE LINE as probably did the BOYS OF BELLY ROW as sung by CARL and it was certainly true for THE GYPSY ROVER from JIM & LYNN. Fortunately STEVE found himself in NOT SUCH A BAD PLACE as MICHAEL BURNS sang his own song about his grandfather surviving WW2 with PEASE PUDDING & DAHL and MARION admitted she was SORRY THE DAY I WAS MARRIED, we don't think so! Also with his own composition PETE told us how FRIENDS sometimes aren't what they seem before COLIN gave us his great rendition of MR BOJANGLES, new strings and all, and KAMRAN celebrated our latest bit of SUMMERTIME. Surely not being serious BANJO JOHN then told us you're MEAN TO ME which we didn't believe as DON & HEATHER revealed some of the paradoxes of the illegal immigrant with ACROSS THE BORDERLINE. Coming to a climax PETER KING gave a brilliant performance of DESPERADO (Eagles) and JO went Beatles with ALL MY TRIALS before JIM & LYNN returned to the tradition for the SPANISH LADY.

Then after a hearty "Happy Birthday" we were treated to an excellent buffet by Lin and Baz and in the Raffle the wine went home with Peter, the Chocs disappeared with Simon, the Toiletries went off with Heather Kenyon, the Handcream took to Paul and the Ouzo hit the spot for Chris & Barry.

The second stretch was set off by MARK & JAN with their rousing version of CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN before FAIR PLAY told us how to deal with a NAUGHTY BABY and ED introduced us to GEORGINA BAILEY. A bi of anti-social behaviour turned up in PAUL's version of STAGGER LEE and in a similar way STEVE's own song HAD ENOUGH involved a bit of contumely whereas MARION reminded us that there is no glory in war with ONLY REMEMBERED. Any way up KAMRAN had got the FISHING BLUES while CARL was happy to be SAFE IN THE HARBOUR at last and PETE was also looking for peace in his anti-war song BEAT THE DRUM. A couple of his lovely tunes, MISS JOAN SHORROCKS & BARBARA AND BILL, were the played by MICHAEL BURNS as PETER KING treated us to his own THE BEAT RAN WILD and PAUL had us all singing away with CORRINA CORRINA. Coming to the end of a great night FAIR PLAY told us it a all PIE IN THE SKY before ED, PAUL, DON & HEATHER banded together to tell us ALL THE GOOD TIMES ARE PASSED AND GONE.

Newsletter No 291 2 September 2014

Another excellent Acoustic Folk Night was started off in his own inimitable style by PETE with a "seasoned veteran" joke followed by BIG GIRL NOW (Dylan) which nicely set up FOR EMILY from JOHN CHILCOTT and ELLE VANNIN from ALLAN. By way of a change JOHN CONDY gave us A MODERN MAN, a monologue by Carlin, which suitably introduced TERRY GODSEN, who was visiting us from Cornwall, to sing THE MINSTREL (Pratt) in his lovely deep, resonant voice followed by a big welcome back for ARTHUR and his own CLOSING TIME. Also after a short break we were delighted to see ROBIN even though he brought us THE SNOWS OF NEW YORK (De Burgh) and also just as welcome was RICHARD KNOTT with his suggestion LET'S GET DRUNK AGAIN which immediately made PAUL think of THE OLD '97. Next up was ED with the ROYAL CHARTER and another interesting suggestion from KAMRAN who said LET'S ALL TALK DIRTY IN HAWAIIAN (Prine) and it was a relief when GILLIAN, a new singer from Bolton with a lovely haunting voice, and her friend STEVE, who played the bodhran, got up to sing THE WAYFARING STRANGER. It was equally good to see and hear JIM & LYNN who pronounced I'M ALWAYS GLAD TO SEE A MON LIKE THEE before COLIN was inspired by Terry to sing one of his best songs THE COAST IS MY COMMANDER as JOHN CHILCOTT rose to sing THE PONY MAN which left TERRY GODSEN to take us to the interval with GO TO SLEEP AND DREAM, written for his son.

A bumper raffle break saw the White wine go home with Barry, the Red wine depart with Jen who was with Terry, the Teapot taken away by Lynn, the Bracelet find a home with Anne and the CDs disappear with Allan before PETE kicked us into action again with WHOLE LIFE THROUGH. This prompted ROBIN to think of a nice song about a nice place, DENVER, and ARTHUR to think of his funny song about his life, ASS, before JIM & LYNN went chasing after THE BLACK VELVET BAND. All this led ED to sing out IT'S GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS with JOHN CONDY finding himself in a BLACK MUDDY RIVER and ALLAN finding himself in OLD BOSNIA to which KAMRAN could only suggest AIN'T WE CRAZY. That is THE QUESTION sang RICHARD KNOTT as we all joined in the refrain which definitely gave PAUL some TROUBLE IN MIND before GILLIAN, a cappella, told us THE WATER IS WIDE. Enough of the sentimental stuff reckoned ARTHUR who then gave us his own HEY, CLANCY claiming its inspiration from Hendrix with much loud chorusing. Well done Arthur. Back to his youth JOHN CONDY pleaded (let me be your) TEDDY BEAR with us all singing along as did ALLAN with YE JACOBITES BY NAME and JIM & LYNN with PEGGY GORDON. Going for the big climax TERRY GODSEN had us all going with SALLY FREE AND EASY as did RICHARD KNOTT with SUGAR FOR SUGAR before GILLIAN had us all singing away with THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN.
Both Gillian and Terry commented on the friendliness of the club & their warm welcome, and said that they would return, which would be a good thing!!


August - 2014

Newsletter No 291 26 August 2014

With a delightful evening in store BANJO JOHN opened with WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN and since many qualified it encouraged plenty of audience participation leaving JIM & LYNN to do a cover version of THE GALWAY SHAWL just as JO decided that SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR. The Irish theme prompted a very moving version of THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE from COLIN followed by IAN who took off to THE STREETS OF LONDON with great audience support before ED caused some merriment with his MORRIS DANCER sung with an appropriate accent. Swiftly borrowing Ed's guitar before it had cooled down KAMRAN instructed us to TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL followed by BARRIE, with his own guitar this week, who sang MICHAEL ROW THE BOAT ASHORE before the up and coming FAIR PLAY demonstrated their versatility and range of instruments by doubling up with THE WEAVER'S DAUGHTER and OWENSBORO. Next CARL gave us a surprise with Eric Bogle's THE DEMON which was a new one for us followed by returnee PETE, this time from Tenby, who sang RABBIT HILLS. Finally, MARIAN finished the first round with her unaccompanied song WHAT SHALL WE DO? COLIN started the second round by announcing that he was singing the 5th track of his latest album, ha ha! THE THINGS THAT REMAIN to which BANJO JOHN replied I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE (1929ish) and JO rose from the ashes to sing THE the Pennine Folk. JIM & LYNN were then next with more fun when they sang THE IRISH ROVER before IAN sang about the fate of the Isle of Man ELLEN VANNIN and singing something 1929ish became catching with Kamran singing WALK RIGHT IN written by Gus Cannon in 1929. Despite its age, we could all remember the words and joined in the singing with great enthusiasm! BARRIE then volunteered again to come up with his guitar and sing a lovely FOUR STRONG WINDS before CARL took us to the break with another new one for him INVISIBLE SUN by Police.

Luckily we had a glut of Raffle Prizes including donations from Jo, Kate and also Diane, so we saved a couple for next week with the winners taking away a bottle of genuine French red wine, brought back by Ed, a bottle of white, brought back from Morrisons, a gift box containing foot scrub and a pair of ladies’ slippers, a guitar capo, and 2 CD’s, one being from our travelling guest last week.

Then ED continued on the second round after the break and as requested from the floor, he unusually sang THE FUNERAL SONG a cappella. Then we enjoyed the delightful surprise of the evening from Jackie’s friend ELLA who has been to the club on many occasions but only as audience and she was coerced into showing her amazing hidden talent and playing the obsolete piano behind us. It was in perfect tune as she played Beethoven’s FUR ELISE. Her performance was absolutely fantastic and she received a standing ovation from the audience, quite right too. FAIR PLAY then had to follow this and chose BLACK WATER and MARIAN chose an a cappella BARBARA ALLEN before PETE completed the round with his own STORM RISING. With plenty of time for a third round KAMRAN started off with LEWIS COLLINS followed by IAN with NEW YORK GIRLS so we could all join in before Sue distributed a printed chorus so everyone could sing along with ED’S country song GREASY GRIT GRAVY which they did with gusto. However, those vain members of the audience who would not don their reading glasses found this task particularly difficult! PETE was then encouraged to preface his version of DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL with a joke and he was followed by CARL with an absolutely superb version of Pete Morton's song THANKSGIVING which knocked everybody sideways leaving MARIAN to sing one of Ann Cojeen’s favourites HIGHLAND LULLABY. To bring a great evening to a close FAIR PLAY had us all going with BYKER HILL and JIM & LYNN rounded everything off beautifully with ORDINARY MAN. Marvellous!

Newsletter No 290 19 August 2014

The night began with PAUL starting to ROLL IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS which made BANJO JOHN think about FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE who then danced to EDDY'S two WALTZES FIR CLASSICAL GUITAR. KAMRAN was on with his FISHING BLUES and JO was with her RAMBLIN' BOY all of which put the wind up COLIN who sang about THE GHOST. ED brought us back to earthly things with his TINKERMAN'S DAUGHTER while DAVID mused on THE WHISPERING SANDS and ROB was sailing on THE GREY FUNNEL LINE. JOHN CONDY was being very democratic with THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE and GUITAR JOHN wondered IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND. A new young duo, GUY & EDWARD, suggested MAYBE YOU SHOULD LOVE HER which wasn’t a problem for CARL who sang FURTHER. Then PHIL gave us the legend of BOLD REYNARD and MIKE, successfully recovering from his bullfighting experience, took us from GALWAY TO GRACELAND which proved too much for our visiting troubadour from Kendal, BRENDAN LEWIS, who sang about his POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD). It was great to see ZOE MULFORD who, very wisely, recommended ONE DAMN THING AT A TIME. For CHARLES, the answer lay with HOME, WHERE YOUR HEART IS which didn’t stop BANJO JOHN, with Harmonica John, from rocking out with JOHNNY B GOODE. ERIC brought the first half to a close by singing THE MANGO TREE.

To begin the second half, BRENDAN went Dylanesque in his version of GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY and 8 year old Uke player, ALICE, performed THE FOUR CHORD SONG with her big brother, GUY. Then ED got everyone singing RICKITY, TICKITY, TIN which brought our new visitors, YVONNE & STEVE, from the other side of the World even though they were only from Warrington and STEVE then thought, YOU'RE NOT THE GIRL YOU THINK YOU ARE, just as ROB was all for ROLLING HOME and JOHN CONDY was DREAMING OF THE UNICORN. Next Alice’s mum, CHARLIE, was then persuaded to give beautiful rendition of PLANXTY IRWIN on the TIN WHISTLE. CARL was then off with THE BLACKSMITH as EDDY was on a GRENADIER'S SLOW MARCH and ZOE was gazing into THIS CRYSTAL GLASS. Starting the big finish DOUG was with SALLY, FREE AND EASY and KAMRAN questioned DADDY, WHERE YOU BEEN leaving PHIL to sing about COLOURS. ERIC then sang about THE SEA and MIKE boasted WITH A MEMORY LIKE MINE as the evening came to a close with everyone singing and playing FENCES led by PAUL. The whole session showed just what a magical thing music is. Everyone agreed; a great night.

Newsletter No 289 12 August 2014 

The tail end of Hurricane Bertha that brought storms and flooding to the nation over the past weekend didn’t deter a smallish but perfectly formed select crowd from turning up in Sale Folk Club for an entertaining evening of music, songs and poetry hosted by our very own MARK & JAN.

MARK opened the evening with his rendition of DON'T THINK TWICE and ED was next with Donovan’s UNIVERSAL SOLDIER followed by KAMRAN with RUNAWAY MAN BLUES but he hadn’t got very far as Victoria and Blake had both caught him up. It was great to see them both! ROBIN then sang a favourite song from his homeland, THE ROSE OF ALLENDALE, before JANICE lamented her LOST LOVE with a lovely self penned creation. BANJO JOHN then sang a contemporary song EVERYBODY LOVES MY BABY, well it was contemporary for him circa 1928, leaving DAVE CINNAMOND to regale us with his golf related poem, FROM A DISTANCE as JAN stepped up next with Burns’ NOW WESTLIN WINDS, written by Burns in 1775 it’s probably a little early even for Banjo John! COLIN was next with the salutary tale of LITTLE MUSGRAVE, showing that not all Lords follow the due process of law, and DOREEN followed with her WW1 poem, AT THE WHISTLES BLOW, a haunting narrative of the moments before leaving for an attack from the trenches a century ago. We were then entertained by newcomer, KEVIN, with a fine rendition of THE PLAINSMAN and DAVE COWE who recited a poem MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES after which it should have been ROB, whose absence from the room was untimely as he had made one of his many and characteristic visits to the bar which left MARK filling in the silence with his version of ALBATROSS. On his return ROB sang I WISH I WAS BACK IN LIVERPOOL followed by Marion ending the first round with LORD OF ALL. ROBIN then crossed over to Eire for THE STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN just as COLIN was a DESPERADO and BANJO JOHN was FALLING FOR NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU. The current MRS TAYLOR then bemoaned her LAGGAN LOVE and KAMRAN, borrowing Mark’s guitar, was asking SALLY WHERE D'YOU GET YOUR LIQUOR before DOREEN had the assembly scratching themselves after reading her poem about nits, THE DUTCH BONNET, leaving ROB to take us up to the interval with his rarely seen playing of a guitar (Mark’s) and RING OF FIRE.

After the raffle, with prizes going to Kate, Wendy and Christine, latecomer CARL with another borrowed  guitar (Colin’s) gave us NORWEGIAN WOOD and then JANICE was STROLLING BY THE RIVER before another newcomer, ARCHIE, was persuaded to borrow a guitar (Mark’s) and sing a fine version of Mark Knoppfler’s GET LUCKY. Then DAVE COWE followed with another oration of a poem, MURDOCH'S GHOST, and ED sang the amusing song I MISS MY MIND THE MOST to which MARION responded with ONLY REMEMBERED to leave KEVIN singing TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND. Working towards a climax KAMRAN told us
OUT as CARL again borrowed a guitar (Mark’s this time) for WE GO ONWARDS. Currently enjoying a good spell MARION gave us POLLY PARKER and DOREEN sh
owed her maritime side with her poem OCEANS before ROBIN went Country with THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE. With another of her own JANICE sang DON'T EXPLAIN followed by ARCHIE with another and well known Knoppfler song ROMEO AND JULIET. A big finish beckoned and a big favourites of COLIN'S started it when he asked WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY and ED was BEING A WINNER (a lesson, amongst other things, in how to keep your teeth intact) as ROB then recited Trevor Morton’s GRANDDAD'S ATTIC and MARK & JAN rounded off a magnificent night with THE END OF THE LINE. Well done everyone!

Newsletter No 288 5 August 2014

A quiet-ish night but top quality with hosts MICK HARE & JANICE BELL who made a great start with SILVERSCREEN quickly followed by ED with TO RAMONA and JO who was CALLING MY CHILDREN HOME. They could have been with PAUL on his BOATS UP THE RIVER or with LYNN & JIM who were saying goodbye to MUIRSHEEN DURKIN or even coming from DAVID COWE'S BEE MEETING (S. Plath). On a cheerful note COLIN told us I THINK IT'S GONNA RAIN TODAY but BRIAN replied I'm gonna MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE as FAIR PLAY eulogised over their BROWN EYED BOY. Back from his holidays PETER sang one of his favourites YOUR SONG and CARL mused IF WISHES WERE FISHES as MICK philosophised with his own FARTHER ON. On a different plane BRIAN exclaimed I CAN DREAM, CAN'T I which had PAUL setting off GING DOWN THE ROAD FEELIN BAD only to be calmed by FAIR PLAY'S rendition of the BLACK MOUNTAIN LULLABY. Again on a different tack JANICE & MICK told us ELISABETH IS SINGING just as ED was finding it's a hard life for a hypochondriac and was SLIPPING AWAY which reminded CARL of a hard time when folks were NEARER TO NETTLES. All this had JO thinking of THE MYSTIC'S DREAM as LYNN & JIM ran off crying I'LL TELL MY MA and COLIN surprising us with his declaration I GOT YOU BABE.

Making a second welcome appearance in two weeks MARIAN came up with ALL THINGS ARE QUITE SILENT as DAVE COWE pulled out Number 36 which was IN PRAISE OF LOVE and that made PETER see the HEART LIKE A WHEEL. Another interesting idea then came from FAIR PLAY with BIRDS IN SHIPS but BRIAN'S notion of the LADY IN RED was easier to envisage as were JANICE & MICK with Janice's autobiographical STRONGER. Then COLIN can always be trusted to seize THE MOMENT as indeed LYNN & JIM did with THE BLACK VELVET BAND and ED who told about his anti-social problem, wind. CARL next came up with THANKSGIVING and PAUL was also thinking across the pond with his DRIFTIN' BLUES both of which PETER reckoned brought out THE BEST IN ME. Returning MARIAN then sang LORD ELLENWATER before JANICE & MICK finished a cracking night with I WISH I KNEW HOW IT FELT TO BE FREE.

JULY - 2014

Newsletter No 287 29 July 2014

A slightly slow start gave way to an avalanche of visitors who raised the ambience and lifted all our performers to give of their very best as DON & HEATHER first gave us a history lesson with their CONQUISTADORES. The
next with the baton was 
BANJO JOHN who took us off to the ALABAMA JUBILEE as ROBIN was singing about OLD DOGS, CHILDREN AND WATERMELON WINE and JOHN CHILCOTT was in La Mancha celebrating DON QUIJOTE. Also eulogising KAMRAN had the ORIOLE COOKIE BLUES because he reckons they are horrible and COLIN was equally unhappy with things in THE LAND THEY CALLED MAKE BELIEVE but not too sure whether JO was happy or sad with KILLING ME SOFTLY. However, ED was definitely upbeat with THE COWBOY SONG as was JAN with MARK and DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE but CARL had mixed feelings about Jez's GALLOWAYS. Also confusing was MIKE COSGRAVE'S song MICK RYAN'S LAMENT about two brothers who sought freedom in Amerikay but ended up Unionised and were slain fighting for it and HELEN & DAVE HOWARD followed with JAMIE RAEBURN who was convicted and transported to Van Diemen's land although allegedly innocent but KAMRAN, on the other hand was clear about the virtues of DOCTOR JAZZ (Jelly Roll Morton). So uplifted was BANJO JOHN he had us doing the CHARLESTON but JOHN CHILCOTT was still melancholy with SALLY DON'T YOU GRIEVE and JO was bemoaning WHEN I WAS IN MY PRIME (Pentangle). On a flying visit newcomer LESLIE was the real article with MY BONNIE LIGHT HORSEMAN as was COLIN for RAGLAN ROAD and HELEN & DAVE taking us to the interval with THE RIGS OF THE TIME.

A bumper raffle saw Sue's friend get the wine, Helen took the Roses Chocolates, Joan got the Whiskey Marmalades and Marian won the Shower Gift Set before two more newcomers from Oregon, USA, CHARITY & CALLUM, took to the floor for WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU only for CHARITY to sing her solo version of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Leaping to the challenge MIKE & DAVE then set sail on ST BRENDAN'S VOYAGE as MARIAN now having recovered her voice surprised us with ONLY REMEMBERED from the musical Warhorse. JAN & MARK then had us rattling along with their highlighting of the conflict between creationists and JAMES ROBERT DARWIN as RICHARD GRAY came up with his own THE STORIES OF MY LIFE and CARL was again on top form with I SAW A STRANGER WITH YOUR HAIR (J Gorka). Enough seriousness said ED as he embarked on MY HUSBAND'S GOT NO PORRIDGE IN HIM (L Barker) and LESLIE was also very funny with his version of MR & MRS DUNN before JAN & MARK again had us rocking with their LITTLE RED ROOSTER. Fundamentally KAMRAN suddenly claimed I WANT ONLY THINGS THAT MATTER just as COLIN was warning that we were all ON THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION, has things ever been any different, but RICHARD was claiming to have see LAND AHOY. Also more upbeat CARL reckoned there will always be ANOTHER TRAIN (P Morton) as ED told us about the exploits of is BANTAM COCK and MIKE told us what a great place is CARRICK-A-REDE. On such a high HELE & DAVE invited MIKE to join them for the finale YOU WON'T MAKE OLD BONES only to bring Carl and Colin to their feet to lead us in the forgotten last verse about the rich and powerful giving us all grief to climax a mega night. T'was ever thus!! 

Newsletter No 286 22 July 2014

Despite the heat a fair crowd turned out for RUTH, KATH & STAN who hosted the evening and got it off to a swinging start with WINDMILLS (Alan Bell) followed by EDDIE with STAN with the ASHOKAN FAREWELL. Despite this BANJO JOHN warned SOMEDAY YOU'LL BE SORRY as GRACE & FREYA paid us their annual visit for the famous CUP and CLAPPING song from Perfect Pitch YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE. However ALAN confessed IT ALL SEEMS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO as OMAR played MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS BY which for CARL is WHEN FATE AND CIRCUMSTANCE COLLIDE. Maybe it is how JO met a WAYFARING STRANGER to which MATHEW replied with his own DON'T TELL ME ROMANCE IS DEAD that had DAVID looking at things FROM A DISTANCE. COLIN'S view was that we all have GOD ON OUR SIDE as CHRIS danced off with the MAGINOT WALTZ (McTell) and BANJO JOHN went off to cash in his chips since THERE'S A PAWN SHOP ON THE CORNER. In relaxed mood CHARLES was ON THE BANKS OF THE NILE and OMAR found himself IN THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING but PHYLLIS admitted MY GOT UP AND GO HAS GOT UP AND WENT as FAIRPLAY gave us the THE LAST GOODBYE. Instrumentally EDDIE came up with a couple of tunes DOUBLE LEAD THROUGH and DARK GIRL DRESSED IN BLUE making COLIN pose the question WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY. Next DON & HEATHER observed how at times we all get PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE which JO interpreted as HARD TIMES leaving ALAN to ask WHAT'S IT TO YOU. Singing his own recorded song MATHEW celebrated THE CROCODILE as CARL commented on the world with BLOWING IN THE WIND and CHRIS did much the same with BARGES (McTell).

The interval brought the usual chat and raffle after which DON & HEATHER got us all singing with the GALWAY SHAWL continued by CHARLES with LONDON DANNY before EDDIE played some TUNES BY O'CAROLAN. For his sister in the audience DAVID performed THE BOX before MATHEW shot off after SUZANNE who CARL thought was floating off on a SUMMER BREEZE. Full frontally ANN suddenly burst out with a lovely rendition of LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY MISTER (Karen Carpenter) which had ALAN going all WILD EYED and COLIN chasing after MR TAMBOURINE MAN. Toward the finale FAIR PLAY captured the mood of EL CONDOR PASA as did CHRIS with the German RUDIGER (Knoppler) but still it left MATHEW to exclaim DON'T ASK WHY. Finally EDDIE who was in great form all night played the PIG ANKLE RAG as DON & HEATHER said it must be time to LAY DOWN THE BORROWED GUITAR which we did and all went happily on our way.

Newsletter No 285 15 July 2014

An evening of rare variety two dozen in the audience being entertained royally by ten excellent performers presented by the new team of SUE BENTHAM & ANN LOMAX who encouraged us all to great heights. DON & HEATHER urged us on with LET YOUR BANJO RING with CHRIS brilliantly warning us that we might not make OLD BONES and ROBIN reckoned that it might also be true on the STREETS OF BALTIMORE. This all made MICHELLE get the ELK RIVER BLUES as she set off for SAMMY'S BAR and COLIN was in praise of THE MALLARD as was ANN & DON who were fishing for THE TROUT. Back again CHRIS next sang his own song about THE TOURISTS as MICHELLE set out for KELVIN GROVE and DON & HEATHER declared that they were RARE OLD TIMES. In the same part of the world MIKE sang of the GALWAY SHAWL as ROBIN decided to sing the LAST FAREWELL and COLIN told us the story of the MIDNIGHT WATCHMAN. All traditional MICHELLE sang of THE CUCKOO and also traditional DON & HEATHER celebrated WHISKEY IN THE JAR before CHRIS exclaimed THIS IS THE PLACE. Coming up to the interval ROBIN & DON took us off to SOUTHERN SKIES as COLIN asked WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY and MIKE confidently stated YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE HARLAN ALIVE as the raffle girls got ready to circulate.

The second half started with DON & HEATHER singing their FLOWERS ON THE WATER for Kate as MICHELLE declared I AIN'T GOT NO HOME IN THIS WORLD NO MORE and MIKE celebrated the first Irish person to   migrate to America via Ellis Island with the THE BALLAD OF ANNIE MOORE. This brought out our first surprise of the evening when KATE took the floor with the BONNIE GEORGE CAMPBELL followed by ROBIN telling us he was a COUNTRY BOY again which encouraged HELEN to really surprise us with A BELL, A BOOK, AND A CANDLE to which CHRIS replied YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND and COLIN vowed I WILL WATCH YOU WHEN YOU GO. This nicely brought us into the finishing straight with DON & HEATHER adding their bit to the tribute to Scottish Pipers with CALLING DOON THE LINE which urged ROBIN to come up with JOCK O'HAZELDEAN and CHRIS to delve into the past for MICHAEL IN THE GARDEN (McTell) to complete a great night when some new performers felt able to rise to their feet and begin the journey to the stars. 

Newsletter No 284 8 July 2014

Non-football fans or true folkies as Brazil bit the Teutonic dust and several of our members hit the high lights on a rare night of variety and quality. With HEATHER & PAUL in the chair PAUL invited us all to WALK RIGHT IN as BANJO john prepared to SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL to which FAIR PLAY replied BEAUTIFUL as were THE VERDANT BRAES OF SCREEN sung beautifully by JAN. Somehow this took MIKE COSGRAVE back to his country and western days for THREADBARE ALIBI and it also stirred BAZ to unsheathe his Melodeon for MOLLY MALONE as DON & HEATHER skipped off to the ROSEVILLE FAIR. Things definitely continued on the up as ANN rose with DON to sing THE TROUT followed by KAMRAN with the AVALON BLUES and ARTHUR who reminisced with she played tambourine with a silver jingle at THE Y'ALL COME BACK SALOON. Suitably aroused this reminded BANJO JOHN of the TIN ROOF BLUES and caused PAUL to think of the JUG BAND BLUES and FAIR PLAY to decide to carry out a CENSUS. By way of a complete changed JAN transformed herself into a FIVE FOOT FLIRT as BAZ became an instrumentalist for EDELWEISS and MIKE sang his own song DANCING MOLLY. No wonder KAMRAN came up with IF YOU WANT ME TO LOVE YOU and DON & HEATHER sang the metaphorical KNEE DEEP IN A RIVER before ARTHUR took the Premier Poetry Spot with TRANSLATION by Roy Fuller leaving BANJO JOHN to take us to the break with a mega band up for MAINE'S BLUES also known as THE 219 BLUES with cracking solos from PAUL (Harmonica) and KAMRAN (Guitar).

The grand raffle sent the box of tea home with David, the Prosecco find a home with Kate, the Whisky Marmalade go home with Ros, the bunch of Roses escort Joyce to the door and their friend waltz off with the handcream. Then PAUL teased us with WHITEWASH STATION BLUES as FAIR PLAY went off with the HEDGER AND DITCHER and MIKE told us about SWEET COUNTY KERRY with his own song and shortly before she departed JAN sang out SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY. Back on the mill theme DON & HEATHER had us singing to POVERTY KNOCK as did KAMRAN who introduced the HANDY MAN and ARTHUR who told us where to find the BELLS OF HEAVEN. It's all UNCLE TOM COBLEY to me reckoned ANN as FAIR PLAY pointed out the RIDER IN THE RAIN and PAUL sang us YOU MAY SLIP. This left MIKE to take us back to his ROOTS and KAMRAN to exclaim YOU RASCAL YOU as we all realised that ALL THE GOOD TIMES WERE PASSED AND GONE as PAUL, HEATHER & DON led us singing into the street with everyone joining in a big band up. Magic.

Newsletter No 283 1 July 2014

This was a top class evening in which the star turned out to be a huge surprise. Don & Heather got the ball rolling with FREE SPIRITS truthfully saying IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU as BANJO JOHN prepared to go WAY DOWN UPON THE SWANEE RIVER and PAUL certainly had RAMBLING ON MY MIND. Then philosophically STEVE told us the only way to success is to BE MYSELF but in abstract mode JO was chasing the GHOST OF THE ROSE while JIM & LYNN were bemoaning the fate of BELFAST MILL. Down to basics ROBIN was clear that IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN as was ED in getting advice from THE GAMBLER but all ways up PHIL was clear in saying I WISH WE'D ALL BEEN READY. All this left KAMRAN tilting at WINDMILLS and BANJO JOHN back in the USA for THE SUN SHINES BRIGHT ON MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME and worse with PAUL off GOING DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BAD. This left STEVE feeling his lady friend was MISSING OUT as JO took herself off to the SCARBOROUGH FAIR to nicely set up Heather's 94 year old Mum PHYLLIS to knock everyone's socks off with a wonderful performance of A CRABBIT OLD WOMAN (Phyllis McCormack). 
Undaunted JIM & LYNN had us all singing lustily THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY as PHIL told us the truth behind THE DARK AND ROLLING SEA and ROBIN sang an old favourite, WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Coming up the break ED then told the story of WILLY THE WANDERING OUTLAW and KAMRAN confessed I NEVER GET TIRED OF YOU before latecomer PETE KING sang his latest song WE ARE THE WATER.

Another bumper raffle saw the Wine go to Lynn, the Chocolates go home with Ann, the two jars of Pate go to Robin, the Handcream and Hair Shampoo find a home with Phyllis and the Old Manchester Book with Pete.

PETE KING himself then gave us an excellent interpretation of MOON RIVER as ROBIN set off for DENVER leaving PHIL to unbelievably claim that NOTHING EVER HAPPENS which is certainly not true in Sale Folk Club. JIM & LYNN then took to the floor with the Johnny Cash favourite 40 SHADES OF GREEN as KAMRAN confessed to CARELESS LOVE and ED admitted he was still LEARNING TO PLAY THE GUITAR. Aren't we all?
Picking up the pace again 
PAUL proceeded to STEP IT UP AND GO as PETE KING went to his considerable back catalogue for CUCKOO and THAT GIRL leaving DON to point out that these were RARE OLD TIMES. Somewhat uncertain of himself KAMRAN confessed to the HESITATION BLUES and JIM told us what THIS OLD GUITAR has done for him over the years as PHIL set out after SHOALS OF HERRING all of which left FREE SPIRITS to send us skipping into the street with ME AND BOBBY McGEE to end a top class evening.



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