Harvey Andrews - Another huge success

Another full house greeted folk legend Harvey Andrews who responded by first taking us back to the days of his childhood when kids could actualy walk to school and go out to play. Then he moved on to his formative years as he developed his interest in music through that of his hero Buddy Holly whose tragic death urged Harvey to write a song pleading with him not to get on that plane with the others who died. Later he took us through his experiences of losing friends and family in the wars, growing older, having children himself and all with a lightness of touch and a wonderful sense of humour. Still going strong after receiving his never to be used Bus Pass, I bet he spends his heating allowance, he will be back with us again sometime next year.


Bernard Wrigley - A Smash Hit

Bernard WrigleyA full house was soon joining in the choruses of old favourites Lesson Too Late For The Learning, The Galway Shawl and San Francisco Bay Blues led by Don & Heather who also sang their own Dances for Dollars. Pepper Street then took over with the traditional North Country Maid, Cruel and then Blues Stay Away From Me with brilliant guitar and harmonica solos from John before closing with Carole King's You've Got A Friend sung by Bernice.

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