Johnny Silvo

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Johnny provided us with a night to remember or rather to never forget. We had a really good audience in cabaret style and he was MAGNIFICENT!!!! He was enjoyed so much that we begged him to continue longer so for the first time ever he took a short break and come back to play a third set. He said it was unique in his experience too but that he was delighted. Five minutes later he said he would sing until 11.30pm but finally reached a great climax at 11.45pm blowing everyone away with his mixture of folk, jazz, blues, comic songs etc but most of all because he is such a lovely man. He did it for the love of the people who so much appreciated him. What a man! What a night!



If you want to form a great band then you take a rock, like rhythm guitarist Steve Ritchie, and lean it against another, like bass player Al Parrish, and then you add a great singer, multi-instrumentalist like Terry Young and if you are lucky a brilliant violinist and singer like Sandra Swannell and back it up with a keyboard player such as Robert Graham. In time you find that they all play brilliantly, write songs and sing harmonies. Then you have TANGLEFOOT. Furthermore, you invite them to your folk club for a knockout, sell out gig on their last ever tour when a sudden flash of inspiration comes on hearing that Rob is a Stoke City fan and since they avoided relegation and are still in the Premiership you realise that they may have to come back next year after all so he can see a game and you get in quick with a request for a gig on their reunion tour when it comes about because you cannot believe that such a talented bunch of people do not want to continue playing together.

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Other Roads



Some said the best yet. Certainly a capacity audience were enthralled by OTHER ROADS the brilliant band which arose from the demise of THE JOHN WRIGHT BAND. From the singing of Pete Abbott to the wonderful musicanship of Gregor Borland and Dave Walmisley they were in great form with a wide range of instruments coupled to perfect harmonies. Old Favourites like Black Clothes, The Queen of Old Argyll and Other Roads were mixed with new songs like the famous Steve Knightley's The Galway Farmer and more of Pete's and Dave's own compositions.

Anthony John Clarke - A lovely gentle evening

Anthony John ClarkeAJC came on for his first spot and he commented on how quiet we all were as an audience and how far away we seemed. However he soon got us all to participate in his songs by joining in the chorus or the girls singing without the men and vice versa and it certainly worked a treat. AJC was his usual enjoyable self and he soon established a friendly relationship with the "now not so quiet" audience. With all his own songs AJ couldn't fail to absolutely delight the audience. A true professional.

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Garva - What other Irish Band can deliver like this

garvaGARVA were another sell-out making it THREE IN A ROW on ST PATRICK'S NIGHT - 17 March. GARVA had a very successful 10 year spell at the top of the British Folk Scene and even made several very rewarding sorties into Europe being extremely popular in Holland and recording a CD there. The reformed GARVA, were led as usual by Tony Gibbons who treated us to some old favourites like Taglione and gave a masterly display on the cittern. John Murphy, a legendary Uilean piper, banjo and mandolin player, had recently returned from Ireland where he was playing four nights a week but only on banjo so it was a delight to hear the full range of his talents not least his great singing like on Wichita.

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