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The Brilliant new Irish Band


Ildanach are an exciting new band based in Liverpool/St Helens. All the members come from a background steeped in Irish traditional music and have all spent years learning their craft on their chosen instruments.


John Murphy is a vocalist and multi instrumentalist, playing uilleann pipes, banjo, mandolin and guitar.

Liam Murphy, John's son, is also a gifted uilleann piper and cittern player, who has played with some of the finest pipers at gatherings and festivals around Ireland.

Kevin Webster is a legendary All Ireland Champion button accordion player who has progressed to be one of the truly outstanding players of his generation.

Fiona Mc Connell, who hails from county Cavan, is the band's lead vocalist - her stunning voice is a joy to hear. Added to this is her musical ability on flute and whistle.

Ildanach go from strength to strength - with each appearance, whether it be folk club or concert, they gather goodwill from new friends, who sense their passion and commitment for their music.