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TUESDAY EVENING at 8.00pm for


We encourage the sharing of all music, song, verse and humour performed acoustically or with absolute minimum amplification and the evenings are held in the round to achieve the maximum interaction, or craic if you are Irish, between the listeners and the performers. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to give a solo performance being supported only in choruses or when they invite the others to join in. This may be changed slightly only if some world famous celebrity walks in when we may spoil them a little but this only happens occasionally. During the evening the hosts endeavour to coordinate the performers' contributions into a fluent and coherent whole to maximise the entertainment value for both the listeners and the performers.

In practice we have modern and traditional Folk Songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, America. Rhythm & Blues features as does Country and Western and many people perform their own excellent material. The mixture is very eclectic with the likes of Dylan, Guthrie, The Beatles, Fats Waller, Jez Lowe, Allan Taylor, Richard Thompson, Jake Thackray and many more being represented.

Party time


PAUL R & ALLEN                  
ED & SUE                                             

MARK & JAN                                       

KATH & STAN                                     
PAUL & MARG                                                

KAM & PETE                             

DON & HEATHER                                               

KAM & PAUL R                       


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